promotional stand

Get a promotional stand with a service that guarantees a hassle-free exhibiting experience for your show in Dubai

A promotional stand is a great way to promote your brand at high-profile malls and hotels. But using them absentmindedly can do more harm than good to your brand. Promotional stands that are usually intended as an after-thought for brand promotion, is just another money sinker for your marketing budget. This is not what you should aim for when you’re building your promotional stand. Promotional requires the same amount of expertise that a large exhibition stand does. The most innovative promotional stand ideas can attract customers to your promotional stand and maximise the brand impression. To do that you need to commission an exhibition company in Dubai that has a large, diverse stand design portfolio. This ensures that you’ll have no trouble coming up with promotional stand ideas that embody your brand.

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EDS Middle East offers you a reliable exhibiting service along with designing and building your promotional stand

EDS Middle East is considered as one of the more reliable exhibition services, with a diverse exhibiting experience and a wide range of stand designs to pick from. We are committed to provide a hassle-free exhibiting experience to our clients in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.
All our exhibition stands are built at our in-house manufacturing factory, engineered to last as per European standards. Swiss-made materials are incorporated in the build of our stands to ensure that its durability is unmatched. We also have printing units that use the latest technologies in dye sublimation to provide exhibition-ready graphic prints for your exhibition stand.
Being able handle every aspect of building and designing your exhibition stand allow us to provide our clients with a 100% pre-built guarantee, which ensures that you can have complete assurance with the knowledge that your stand remains safe at our warehouse in Dubai, ready to be delivered to your trade show.

Yes you heard that right! Delivered to you in Dubai! At the fairgrounds you choose. Our team of project managers at Dubai are quite familiar with the exhibiting business in Dubai. This includes getting your stand delivered through customs and any other logistical hassle.
So partner up with EDS Middle East and experience the following price-inclusive benefits when exhibiting in the Middle East:

  • On-site installation and removal of your promotional stand at the fairgrounds
  • Storage and transportation of your stand to the trade show and back
  • Team of in-house exhibition stand designers experienced in creating stands that will embody your brand
  • Well over 700+ stand designs for you to pick from