Pop Up Display Stands

Expo star is an amazingly functional and economical Pop Up stand or also know as Stand Pop Up, especially perfect for indoor applications at venues with height restrictions. In high demand at shopping malls, stores,showrooms, offices, conferences and events.

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How to set up a Pop Up Display Stand

Expostar is quick and easy to set up. The structure becomes upright into a wall in minutes and the magnetic bars are hinged together reducing the hassle of too many complex parts. The panels are magnetically fixed to the structure. The lights can be easily hooked onto the structure at the top.


pop up display stand


Pop Up Display Stand

Remarkable features

Sturdy and lightweight

Expostar Pop Up stands are manufactured from lightweight aluminum, built to last long

Extremely cost efficient

Expostar is very economical and cost efficient

Excellent ROI

The low cost attribute of Expostar gives excellent returns on investment


Easy to pack and carry

Can be dismantled into convenient compact easy to carry size

Maintenance free hardware

Hardware built to last long without any maintenance issues

Convenient wheeled carrying case counter

Easy to use carry case which converts into smart wood top counter, adding value



Magnetic locks for mounting graphics

Magnetic struts make sure the frame is invisible behind the graphics

LED lights included

Attractive LED arm lights add glamour to the structure

Seamless interchangeable laminated Vinyl graphics

Graphics with magnetic strips that are completely seamless when mounted

Multiple use of our Pop up Displays Stand

Expostar can be used as a portable backdrop for a variety of applications. Be it brand activation, showroom units or a stage backdrop for a conference,
Expostar pop up display is the best solution for a fast, hassle free show.

Pop Up display stand for Brand Activation

Pop Up display stands

Pop Up display stands for Dealer Activation

Pop Up stands

Pop Up Display for Conference

Pop Up Display Stands

Pop Up display stands for Product Launch

Pop Up Display Stands

Range of Accessories available with Expostar

Expostar contains an extended program of elements and accessories that allow you to adjust your 
stand to your wishes and requirements.

Viper Light -option for Pop Up display stand

Light -option for Pop Up display stand

AV Screen mounting for Pop Up display

Screen mounting for Pop Up display stand

Arm Lights- Option for Pop Up display stand

Lights Pop Up stand

Packaging for Pop Up display stand

Packaging for Pop Up stand

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us right away and let us help you with Pop Up Display Stands