Maximise the potential of your modular stand

If you are thinking of buying or renting a modular exhibition stand and don’t know where to start from? You have arrived at the right place. Here’re a few reasons that might be on the top of your mind to buy or rent a modular exhibition stand

  • You want your stand to be flexible and easy to assemble
  • Your stand size requirement is between 6 to 100 sqm

  • You want a modular system which is customisable to your requirement
  • You want to be eco-friendly and looking for a sustainable system

  • You want a cost-effective stand with the look and feel of a custom stand

Let’s understand in detail what exactly modular exhibition stands are

Modular exhibition stands come from modular construction system that allows you to design, assemble or configure your stand in multiple combinations. Modular systems are the most popular means of materialising a stand that a lot of exhibitors and sales managers opt for owing to their flexibility and ease.

One of the biggest advantages of modular stands is that they are either self-build stands or need professional builders; either ways they are quick and need no tools.  Modular stands size ranging from 6 to 30 sqm come in self-build stand category and you can built your stand on your own if you choose to buy one.

Why buy or rent your modular stand from Expo Display Service

100% pre-built guarantee

Coming across a major glitch is less likely in case of modular stands but things can take an ugly turn at the fairground. You never know, right? Therefore, we provide 100% pre-built guarantee for your modular stand. This means

  • We pre-build your stand weeks before the show at our warehouse in Dubai with your graphics, shelves, lights, accessories and customisations
  • We will send you the pictures and videos of your stand for quality assurance

Graphics and accessories
We have our in-house graphics printing units where we manufacture and print Swiss quality graphics to give your stand a premium look. We also provide you with accessories like lights, shelves, screens, podiums, table, chair and so on. With graphics and accessories in place, modular stands look visually impressive, as good as custom stand.

Training and support

If you rent an exhibition stand from us, we provide end to end service, right from designing, logistic, installation and dismantle service. Our onsite success manager ensures that your stand construction on the show day goes seamless. However, if you choose buy a modular stand, we encourage you to attend one-to-one training and instruction session at one of our warehouses.

Our expert will set up a stand in front of you, which will give an assurance as to how easy it is to install and dismantle your modular stand. The training session will include assembling the stand, mounting the graphics, setting up the counter and lights. In case you are not able to come for training, we will provide you with set up tutorials and guides which will help you install and dismantle your stand on your own.

Setting up of self-build exhibition stands is not rocket science, but there are times when you plan to add some complex design layout for your next event which might require an expert help onsite. In such scenario, the Expo Display Service is always at your rescue! We will provide additional help onsite in installing or dismantling of your exhibition stand to ensure that everything works efficiently.

Advantages of buying or renting a modular exhibition stand

Choose to self-build or professional build

If your booth requirement is within 30 sqm, you can go for self-build modular stand. You don’t need industry experts to set up a modular exhibition stand for you. If you can attend training session at one of our ware houses in the UAE and you will be able to set up a stand for yourself. Yes, it’s that easy!

However, if you choose to rent a modular stand, we can assist you with building your stand, right from design and installation irrespective of the size you choose. Modular stand sizes ranging from 30 to 120 sqm require professional builders and our modular systems are optimised to cater to stands between 6 to 100 sqm.

Reusable and sustainable

If you have planned three or more than three shows, events or conferences in a year, buying a modular stand up to 30 sqm sizes totally makes sense for you. Here’s why

  • No dependency on stand contractors every time you participate
  • Reconfigure your stand for different floor sizes at different events
  • Change graphics and accessories and you have a new stand ready for every show

We were totally impressed on how our exhibition stand turned out. It was totally ‘Fantastic’! We were delighted and willing to work with EDS Middle East in future too. Well Done!
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Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd
We really appreciate EDS Middle East and its team for their diligent support. With limited time given to them, EDS Middle East had completed both the designing and execution part of our exhibition stand for Arab Health.
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Moshaveran Teb Ofogh Negar (MOTON) Ltd.
EDS Middle East was very professional and cordial in the client management process. There was a small issue in printing which was fixed immediately. Most importantly the stand and graphics were delivered on the promised time. So good job guys!
We appreciate the help and support of EDS Middle East for Hannover Messe stand. We really liked the stand design and were again very much satisfied with similar response for Automechanika
Government of Ras Al Khaimah
We would like to thank EDS Middle East for the work they delivered. It was amazing to see their professionalism, quick response and timely delivery of exhibition stands.
C. Cretors General Trading LLC
EDS Middle East supported us with great passion and they were there whenever we need them. Excellent Services! Thanks for your wonderful support.
GenX eSolutions Pvt Ltd
EDS Middle East has been exceptional in assisting us with their exhibition solution. Any need during the show, they were always there. The support team is very approachable and great in follow-ups. We strongly recommend EDS Middle East to other companies.
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Seha Pharmaceuticals
Our exhibition stand was really good. The staff members were very co-operative and assisted us in all possible aspects for a smooth and a hassle free exhibiting experience.
I would take this opportunity to thank the entire team of EDS Middle East for the great efforts in bringing it all together. We are extremely happy with the quick service, world-class solutions and a hassle-free experience.
Australian Trade Commission
EDS Middle East is among the best my company has ever worked with. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to work with EDS Middle East in the near future too.
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