Engaging Custom-Modular Exhibition Stands to create a Lasting Impression

The custom-modular exhibition stands from EDS Middle East is a lucrative combination of custom stand design and modular stands. It brings together the best of both the worlds to create a proficient exhibition stand that ensures maximum exposure at any show you participate in.This hybrid model is manufactured using premium quality materials to ensure top quality exhibition stand Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

We seamlessly integrate high-quality graphics with pre-engineered modular parts, building Swiss-quality custom-modular exhibition stands for your brand.Hire exhibition stands build to create a lasting impression and make your brand the star of the show at the exhibition you are participating in.

Benefits of opting for a custom-modular exhibition stand

Custom-modular exhibition stands are gradually taking over the market and more and more brands are opting for custom-modular exhibition stands instead of a custom exhibition stand or modular stand on rent in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Here’s why you must opt for a custom-modular exhibition stand design Abu Dhabi.

  • Custom-modular exhibition stands offer complete design flexibility

Modular stands restrict design customization. When you opt for a custom- modular exhibition stand, you can customize the booth according to your preference, without any restrictions whatsoever.You get the versatility of modular exhibition stands and design flexibility of custom exhibition stands when you commission a custom-modular exhibition stand from the best exhibition stand companies in Abu Dhabi

  • Custom-modular stands provides consistency in design, if required

For brands looking to project a consistent image at various shows, modular stands are the perfect option. Modular systems ensure that your exhibition stand design is unique but also that the design stays consistent in the numerous shows you participate in.Custom-modular exhibition booths are scalable in size and can be reconfigured to a certain extent as well. Hence you can easily get a slight variation in design while maintaining the overall look and theme.

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Why our Custom-modular Exhibition Stand are the best?

  • Largest catalog of Custom designed exhibition stand with Swiss-modular Technology
  • Scalable and can be easily remodeled to suit varying exhibition space
  • Re-design and reconfigure for a brand new stand
  • Offers a high Return On Investment
  • Consistent branding for future stands


Exhibition stand design

Stand build and manufacture

Graphics production

Raised flooring and carpet

Furniture, lighting, cabinets and counters

Experienced project managers for handling show services

Fixed price rental service with no hidden costs

Our Personalized Custom-Modular Exhibition Stands Rental

If you are not interested in buying a custom-modular stand for your show, we have you covered for that as well. Our experienced team has crafted an all-inclusive rental program especially for your shows in Dubai. Our customized modular exhibition stand rental package includes:


Enables participation in Numerous shows all year round

Custom-modular exhibition stands are highly versatile and can be reconfigured to various styles and designs. Investing in one custom-modular stand gives access to various exhibition stand designs, ensuring you have a unique booth for every show you participate in.

Adaptable to various booth sizes and floor spaces

Custom–modular exhibition stands can be configured to various booth sizes. They can metamorph to suit any kind of floor space, be it an island booth, corner or row stand. Whether you have a raw space or a shell scheme booth, custom-modular exhibition stand is suitable for both.



Perfect for Medium and Large Scale Exhibitions

With varying designs and layouts, the custom modular exhibition stand is an ideal option for medium and large scale exhibitions.

Facilitates Multi-City Exhibitions

If you exhibit in multiple cities or exhibit all year round, then our custom modular exhibition stand with its reusable and portable features is the perfect pick for you.Our modular exhibition stands are portable and come in handy yet sturdy packaging, which makes them perfect for multi-city exhibitions

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