Graphic Design

Graphics designed to bring your brand and products to the forefront

Graphics not only add a personalized look to the exhibition stand but they also help to highlight your marketing message. They tie various elements of your exhibition presentation together. We at EDS Middle East understand the importance of graphic design and have a dedicated team to take care of your graphics for you.

exhibition graphic design
graphic designers

A skilled team of graphic designers

We have a qualified team of graphic designers with a cumulative experience of 10 years. They understand colors scheme and placement and create the most suitable graphic designs for your brand. Our experienced designers work with your team to create stunning visuals that increase the visibility of your brand at any exhibition.

Professionally designed large format graphics

With appropriate placement of the graphics, you can emphasize your marketing message and attract a lot of visitors as well. Placement of graphic elements is crucial since it is very easy for your message to get lost in the various visual elements. Our designers create large format graphic designs using the latest designing software and tools that bring maximum attention to your exhibition stand. Similarly, graphics are created for hanging banners, signage and posters as well.
We are equipped -

  • With the Latest design software and tools
  • To print Graphic designs for portable displays
  • To print Graphic designs for custom-modular exhibition stands
  • To print Smaller graphic designs for hanging banners, signage and posters
  • To print Very large format graphic designs
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