Faqs on Exhibitions and Exhibition Stands

Does EDS Middle East have its own design studio with professional designers who can help me design my exhibition stand?
What should I look for when designing my exhibition stand or modular exhibition stand?
Does EDS Middle East have its own image/photo bank? Can I use these pictures in my exhibition stand design?
Can EDS Middle East create the design and layout of my exhibition stand?
What is the normal turnaround time between finalizing a design and getting the delivery of an exhibition stand?
Can EDS Middle East prepare a detailed 3D presentation of my exhibition stand before I place the final order? What will be the fee charged for this?
If I posses an existing display graphic which I want to change, can I get a new set of graphics with a new design?
Is it possible to reprint a few graphic panels after an exhibition without changing the design and colours that were there on the original panels?
Can we get flooring, carpets, lights, AV equipment, furniture and other accessories from EDS Middle East for my exhibition stand?
Does EDS Middle East have a presence abroad? Can they help us install and dismantle our exhibition stands at foreign venues?
If my modular exhibition stand gets damaged, can EDS Middle East help me with replacement parts?
Does EDS Middle East have adequate stocks of modular exhibition stands?
Can EDS Middle East give me a presentation and advise me on the modular exhibition stand most suitable for my purpose?
Can we get training on how to install and dismantle our modular exhibition stand?
Where are your modular exhibition stands manufactured?
What are custom modular exhibition stands?
What are shell scheme exhibition stands?
What are Modular Exhibition Stands?
What are exhibition brief forms?
Are any documents required from the client before starting the exhibition stand fabrication work at the exhibition site?
What is the dimension of a video wall in an exhibition stand?
In what format is the video input required to play it on the video wall in an exhibition stand?
How is the video wall mounted in an exhibition stand?
Is the laptop required to run the visuals on a video wall provided by the vendor during exhibitions?
What is the usefulness of Auto Cad designs in exhibition stand design process?
How are 3D designs used in exhibitions?
What are pillars in an exhibition stand? What can be done to them?
What is a truss