Exhibition Stand in Dubai

Get your hands on iconic exhibition stands Dubai

The Middle East is a booming market and companies and brands from all over the world want to reap the maximum benefits of the untapped resources of UAE. Exhibitions are a great way to introduce your brand to the market.

The prime exhibiting location in UAE is Dubai. Every year, it hosts a large number of shows, in which brands from Europe and America participate actively and in huge numbers.

You can be assured, whichever show you pick, to showcase your brand in, there will be a huge number of exhibitors participating alongside you. Standing out in the crowd is very important and a good way to accomplish this is by investing for a creative and unique exhibition stand Dubai.

Not only does your booth need to be exclusive, but it also needs to embody your brand image and reflect your marketing strategy. Only then will your booth serve its due purpose.

Selecting an exhibition stand design company is a crucial task. You need to select among the best companies that will understand your marketing requirement and brand personality and creates the finest stand that gives a high return on investment.

Exhibition Stand in Dubai
Exhibition Stand in Dubai

EDS Middle East supplies a wide range of rental exhibition stand in Dubai

EDS Middle East has been dominating the exhibition stands industry since 2008. We are known for our iconic booths in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

It is very important you opt for reliable display stand suppliers in Dubai that do not outsource. We have an in-house state of the art manufacturing facility, to ensure that the quality of your booth is top notch. After they are manufactured, they go through strict quality checks before they are shipped off to the fairground.

As an act of assurance, we offer 100% pre built guarantee to all its clients. As per this policy, weeks before the actual delivery date your display is assembled, complete with graphics, in our premises. Images of the same are sent to the respective clients. This not only provides assurance but also enables the clients to preview their booths and avoid last minute surprises.

With us by your side, you can be assured that additional services with regards to your exhibition stand Dubai along with designing and production will be taken care of, without any additional cost.

Offering a Smooth and Stress-free Exhibiting Experience

Being one of the professional display stand suppliers in Dubai, we have been helping in designing high-quality booth designs that are par excellence. Our company shines out from the rest of the manufacturing companies because of the reliable & cost-efficient service and quick turnaround time. We offer high-tech solutions for the design of any format.

With over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience, we provide you an exhibiting service that you can bank upon. We have a proven record of working with some of the leading brands worldwide, thus enabling us to design some of the unique display pieces for our clients. Our team of dedicated and proficient designers works meticulously to ensure that your brand is distinct and prominent in every event.

Our expert services range from design and build to logistics and storage management of your booth. Our wealth of experience is combined with innovation to ensure that we surpass your expectations at all times.