Exhibition stand Companies in Dubai

Exhibition Stand Companies In Dubai


If you are planning to exhibit in Dubai and seeking to make a powerful impact on your audience then you need to hire a reliable and competent exhibition stand company. Since, Dubai is one among the popular exhibition hubs of the world, there are a hundreds of exhibition stand management companies Dubai.

You many think, this makes your job easier but on the contrary filtering out good exhibition stand companies in Dubai is quite a tasksince there are way too many exhibition stand manufacturers in Dubai. This is where EDS Middle East comes to your aid.

EDS Middle East is considered one of the trusted and reliable exhibition stand companies in Dubai. Operational since 2008, EDS Middle East has been providing its clients with exceptional exhibition booths with turnkey solutions in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.


Exhibition Stand Management Companies Dubai

A good booth design can help you gain exposure at a show and even aid in achieving your marketing results. EDS Middle East understands this and offers an exemplary collection of exhibition stands in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, this is one reason we are among the most preferred exhibition stand design companies in Dubai. Our in-house exhibition stand designing team comprises of some of the most talented and highly experienced professionals in the Middle East.

They are well versed with the minute nuances of the stand designing and create unique and exclusive designs that are not only on trend but also embody your brand image.To make certain that your selected design is realized as it is; we manufacture your exhibition stands in our highly sophisticated and advance manufacturing facility in Dubai.

Our exhibition stands are created with Swiss-quality raw materials, giving your stand a European look and feel, in terms of design and quality. Only few exhibition stand design companies in Dubai manufacture stands in-house, not only do we have an in-house production facility but we also offer 100% pre built guarantee to our clients.

This service has proves highly beneficial to our clients as it provides quality and delivery assurance. As per this service, your stand is assembled in our premises weeks prior to the delivery date. Images of the same are sent to you in advance so that you can inspect and curate your exhibition stand and know exactly what and when to expect on the fairground.

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EDS Middle East is known as one of the best exhibition stand management companies Dubai because we not only provide distinctive stand designs and world-class stands to our clients but also turnkey solutions. Our wholesome price package includes services such as designing, manufacturing, logistics, assembly and dismantling of the exhibition stand.
With EDS Middle East as your exhibiting partner you can be assured to have a smooth and successful show in the Middle East. Every aspect of your exhibition stand will be taken care of by the best exhibition stand manufacturers in the Middle East, so that you can solely concentrate on your presentation.