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5 mistakes people make while participating in exhibitions


5 mistakes people make while participating in exhibitions

Not every company that participates in exhibitions ends up with the desired results. Despite spending a huge sum of money on their exhibition stands and presentations, many companies wonder why aren’t they doing well at exhibitions, while other brands that spend half the amount of money, do exceptionally well.

The trick is to play smartly; be it at exhibitions or other marketing platforms.  Planning an exhibition is a huge undertaking but if done smartly it can prove to be highly beneficial for your business, especially in the long run. There are plenty of things that if not done correctly and smartly can hamper your performance at the show.  Listed below are 5 common mistakes that people make while participating in exhibitions.

Starting preparation last minute

One of the most common mistakes, exhibitors make is to leave things for the last minute. If you are participating in exhibitions then you need to start preparations at the earliest. This will help you in more ways than one. First, checking off things from your to do list will give you plenty of time to concentrate on other aspects of the show.

Second, booking early will give you the advantage of choosing from the best exhibition stand design companies Dubai before they all get booked. It will also give them plenty of time to come up with engaging exhibition stand designs. Third, prices of exhibition stands and props and even fairground bookings tend to go up as you get nearer to ‘D-Day’, hence booking early will also help you to save your finances.

Underestimating your competitors

Brands and companies participating in exhibitions, put their best foot forward. If you think that simply putting up an exhibition booth will help you amass the attention of the visitors then you are wrong. You need to thoroughly research and study your competitor’s game plan by flipping through their previous year’s marketing plan and come up with something that is exclusive yet engaging, only then will you be able to successful outdo your allies.

Compromising on your exhibition booth

Your exhibition booth is perhaps the most important investment. We call it an investment because, if done smartly your exhibition stand will help your brand to outshine your competitors, helps to increase brand recall value and give your brand a deserving platform. Some brand, undermine the power of a good exhibition stand design and settle for a run-of-the-mill booth that doesn’t do much for their brand image. Hire skilled exhibition stand suppliers and come up with amazing show stand ideas and then observe the difference it makes to your presentation at the show.

Undermining the visitors

If you doubt, even for a second, that the visitors at the show are not observant enough, then you are doomed. At large scale exhibitions, the visitors are a talented and highly knowledgeable group of industry professionals. The visitors are not impressed by mediocre marketing gimmicks and have an eye for detail. If you bypass something as irrelevant, think twice. Pay attention to every detail because your visitor will too.

Not maintaining cleanliness

Last but not the least, small things such as maintaining cleanliness around your exhibition booth as well, matters a lot. If you create an extravagant exhibition stand but fail to keep it clean, then the look of your exhibition booth will not be up to the mark. Visitors tend to visit and even linger in booths longer when they are neat and tidy. Maintain decorum around your booth and keep it spick and span, you will surely attract a lot of visitors.

Why you should choose modular booths over custom booths


Why you should choose modular booths over custom booths

In the exhibition industry, there is constant debate and speculation about what kind of exhibition stands are better – custom exhibition stands or modular exhibition stands. While a sizable chunk of the industry is inclined towards either renting or buying a modular exhibition stand, the rest are still in doubts about the technologically advance modular booths.

To make a calculative decision, you must first understand what exactly modular exhibition stands are and what sets them apart from their custom counterparts. In this blog, we shed light on both –modular and custom exhibition stands and help you pick an exhibition stand that is best suited for your marketing strategy.

What are custom exhibition stands?

Custom stands are those booths can be completely personalized. 100% customization is possible with custom exhibition stands since they are majorly made out of wood. Custom booths cannot be reused. If you are looking for a stand design with various non-linear elements then custom exhibitions are the perfect option for you. Custom exhibition stands require a professional crew with technical knowledge for the assembly and the dismantling process.

Best suited for

If you want an elaborate exhibition stand design with non-linear design elements such as circular and abstract structures then you can opt for custom exhibition stands. Also if you do not participate in exhibitions regularly then you can request your exhibition stand contractor for a custom exhibition stand since these exhibition booths are made for one-time use only.

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What are modular exhibition stands?

Modular exhibition stands are self-build booths built especially for convenience and ease of use. The major component of modular booths is aluminum hence not only are modular booths sustainable but also reusable. The pre-engineered parts of a modular exhibition stands cannot be altered but despite this fact, a certain amount of customization is possible with modular exhibition stands.

Best suited for

Modular exhibition stands are sustainable and reusable hence they are best suited for seasoned exhibitors. If you participate in exhibitions all year round or even quite often, it is recommended that you invest in a modular exhibition booth. In the long run, a modular exhibition stand will not only help you save tremendously but also give your brand a reputation of a socially conscious company in the brand because, modular booth are made with sustainable material, you do not require harmful paints with modular booths also the assembly and dismantling of the booth is a pollution-free process.

Custom-Modular Exhibition Stands

Not many exhibitors are aware of this, but there is a hybrid model available as well. Custom-modular exhibition stands are a combination of both custom and modular exhibition stands. They combine the best of both the world and give exhibitors the freedom to explore various design possibilities while using the modular technology to create semi-sustainable and reusable exhibition booths. Not only are custom-modular exhibition stands reusable but they are eco-friendly a well. Unlike custom exhibition stands and similar to modular exhibition stands, custom-modular exhibition stands do not require post production maintenance. The pre-engineered structure of a custom-modular enables a hassle-free installation, one that can be done relatively quickly when compared to custom exhibition stands as well.

Every exhibition stand, be it custom, modular or custom-modular serves a distinct purpose. They all have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It solely depends on the buyer’s/ exhibitor’s requirements and budget which stand he or she should opt for. Off late, many exhibition stand design companies in Dubai offer modular exhibition stands on rent. There are plenty of options to choose from in terms of design and budget. Before you pick a stand, just make sure you have analyzed the pros and cons of each and then make a calculative decision.

Checklist for your next exhibition

Checklist For Your Next Exhibition

Checklist for your next exhibition


Exhibitions are very much unlike other marketing platforms you might have explored. There is a lot of preparations involved and lot of things that need to be considered while you are planning your exhibition presentation. If you do not have a checklist and fail to plan your event effectively chances are you might end up running helter-skelter at the last might and spend more than you anticipated on your show.

To make the most of your investment, make sure you plan your show to the T and to help you with this tedious task we bring you the ultimate checklist for exhibition participation.


Before venturing into anything, it is crucial that you have some background knowledge. If you are a first-time exhibitor, do thorough research on which exhibition to participate in and how your Exhibition Booth should look like. Depending on your marketing goal, plan a strategy that will help you to achieve your objectives. Research about shows and locations and select one that’s most favorable and ensures visitations by your target group.

Competitor analysis

It is always good to know what your competition is up to. Be it marketing tactics or exhibitions, check out their exhibition strategy before formulating yours. You can always look up your competitor’s exhibition booths online or even pay a visit to their Exhibition Stands at the show they are participating in. This will give you a good idea of their marketing approach and help you to formulate an effective one.

Booking exhibition space

Waste no time in booking an exhibition space. The fairground registration starts months in advance and the earlier you book your space, reasonable the charges. If you delay booking your exhibition space then you might end up paying much more later.

Hiring agencies

To handle transportation of your exhibition stand to and from the venue and also for installation and dismantling the booth you need agencies. It is recommended you hire an exhibition stand supplier that will handle it all for you. If you cannot find a stand company that does it all, you will need to hire agencies.

Readying up your marketing literature

Last but not the least, make a kit of important documents for your visitors. Your marketing literature may include brochures, catalogs and more information about your products and services. Print them in good quantity and distribute them freely to the visitors at the show.

Employing a good sales team

After you are done booking your space and exhibition booth, you need a good sales team to represent you and your brand at show. Hire a charismatic and charming team and train them thoroughly about your brand and product, days in advance.

Hunting for suitable Exhibition Stand Suppliers

Next step is to shortlist exhibition stand suppliers. Select one that is based in your exhibiting location to ensure swift delivery and assistance. Also select a reputed exhibition company since you cannot entrust your exhibition stand in the hands of a fly by night exhibition stand supplier.

Arrangements for exhibition stand graphics –

Next you need to have your graphics for your exhibition stand in place. Exhibition graphics are key platform to communicate your marketing message to your visitors, make sure you employ good designers to create engaging graphics for your exhibition booth.

Selecting a good exhibition stand design

Your exhibition stand is the most important element of your presentation. Browse through stand designs of various exhibitors online and exhibition stand design inspiration for your booth. Select a design that embodies your brand ideals and helps you to achieve your marketing plans.

Common misconceptions people have about renting an exhibition stand

Common Misconceptions

Common misconceptions people have about renting an exhibition stand


If you are a seasoned exhibitor you already know that participating in exhibitions is quite an expensive affair. Sure, you end up making much more at the end of the show but you cannot ignore the fact that exhibiting requires a substantial investment; be it booking you space for your exhibition stall at the show or commissioning an exhibition stand.

To address this issue, many exhibition stand design companies Dubai have introduced exhibition stand rental in their stand design catalogues. Although many brands have switched to rental exhibition stands, there are still a few that are skeptical about opting for a rental booth. In this article we bust common misconceptions people have about renting an exhibition stand for their show in the Middle East.

  • Myth 1 : Rental booths cannot be customized

    Customization is absolutely possible even with rental exhibition booths. Modular rental booths have a pre-engineered structure. Without disrupting the main structure of modular rental booth you can add and remove elements to customize the booth according to your preference and your brand guidelines.  Also, once the graphics on your rental exhibition booth have been fixed, it will give your exhibition stand a whole new look.

Myth 2 : Rental booths are of standard sizes

Most rental booths offered by exhibition stand companies in Dubai are modular. Modular solutions are dynamic. A modular exhibition stand can be adjusted according to the required size. Also, a few exhibition stand companies in the Middle East like us, offer a wide range of exhibition stand designs, all available on rent. Depending on your exhibition space you can pick a booth size from 3 x 3 sq meter to 12 x 7 sq m.

Myth 3 : Rental booths do not come with furniture and props

A decade ago maybe, this might not have been a misconception. In the past decade, many exhibition stand design companies have emerged in the Middle East that offer turnkey exhibition stand solutions.There are quite a few companies in Dubai itself that offer complete setup along with the exhibition booth. The setups include counters, chairs, bar counter, display stands, hanging banners and other such things. If you have special requirements you can always ask your exhibition stand company for it. Certain exhibition stand companies offer props and furniture in an all-inclusive package while others may charge you extra for it.

These are a few common myths about rental booths, exhibitors need to bust such myths and explore options in order to have a cost efficient show in Dubai.

Myth 4 : Exhibition stand rentals are of substandard quality

This is one of the most common misconception about rental exhibition stands, especially in the Middle East. Many exhibition stand design companies in Dubai that deal with exhibition stalls on rent offer top quality exhibition booths be it rental or one for purchase. Most rental booths are modular and modular solutions are made with premium aluminum. The rental booth from a good exhibition stand builder is most likely going to be of good quality. This is why it is important to hire a trusted exhibition stand builder or contractor for your booth.

Myth 5 : You need to pay extra for additional services

You cannot tick off  exhibition stand from your to-do exhibition list only by commissioning it. There are a lot of additional services required as well. From graphic designing and printing, logistics to assembly and dismantling, you will need workforce to handle it all for you. Nowadays many exhibition stall companies offer these services even with their rental booth packages. Look for exhibition stand manufacturers Dubai that will provide you these services along with the exhibition stand rental in all inclusive price packages.