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Three benefits for choosing Exhibition Stand Design Companies in Dubai

Three benefits for choosing exhibition stand design companies in Dubai

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned exhibitor, you will truly benefit from hiring exhibition stand design companies in Dubai that have a local presence within the region. But, let’s make a case towards why this is true.
On why, it’s better to wait till you have the budget you need to afford one. On why, you have a better chance of pulling of a successful exhibition if you commission your exhibition stands from companies that have a solid base in the exhibiting scene at Dubai.
Here are some of the primary benefits you should look forward to.

Local knowledge and expertise

Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai that have their offices in Dubai itself are familiar with all the rules and regulations that govern the exhibiting industry. The ones that have an international presence in the company are able to expedite the logistics of shipping exhibition stands in Dubai, saving you essentially time and money. These companies will also have tie-ups with trade fair organizers of the show you plan on exhibiting, saving the hassle and risk of networking yourself with the show organizers. Furthermore, you would have access to project managers who would have the expertise on how to deal with troublesome scenarios at the exhibition. And finally, they would be in touch with the exhibition design trends that are popular and relevant with audiences in Dubai.

Reliable delivery and responsive support

This can make or break your exhibiting ambitions if not handled with care. If you hire exhibition stand design companies in Dubai than you have the added assurance that your exhibition stand will reach its venue on time. Some of the more seasoned companies have the capabilities to manufacture your exhibitions stands in Dubai itself, with pre-built guarantee. This removes any chance of problems during assembly with the build itself during the show. Also having the stand design company with local presence creates the added benefit that you’re never left stranded during your show and can call up the company in case of any difficulty that might crop up with your build.

Save time and money on logistics

If the stand company you’ve hired is located outside of Dubai, then you run the risk of having to handle the logistics of shipping and transporting your exhibition stand through customs and then at the venue on your own. Even worse you’ll probably end up trying to build the stand yourself, which can be another time sink that you don’t need hours prior the show.
This in itself can end up increasing your expenses in ways you will find difficult to monitor and predict. It would be far better for you in the long term to pay more and only choose exhibition stand design companies in Dubai who are well-known and experienced enough with the exhibition industry in Dubai to handle the logistical issues of taking care, transporting, installing and dismantling of exhibition stands.
So there you have it three benefits that hiring a stand company within Dubai can give you, which are well worth considering if you even plan to exhibit.

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Grasp better Opportunities by Personalizing your Exhibition Stand Rental

exhibition stand rental

Grasp better Opportunities by Personalizing your Exhibition Stand Rental

Exhibitions shows are huge platforms that bring together people from different businesses, customer bases, etc. There are a lot of opportunities available at exhibitions and trade shows. Therefore, it is important to make the best use of these opportunities through the exhibition stands and other exhibiting materials that you come across. We know that exhibition stand rental options are a great way to modify your exhibition space as per your brand needs and requirements.
Here, we will take a look at a couple of the most vital elements that would help you to know that are the best ways to get better opportunities at the exhibition show. Although we all know that exhibition stands and exhibition stand designs play crucial roles to bring out the best from a brand; it is also true that there are a few basic things that do get overshadowed. Let us take a look at how you can personalize some of the elements and make sure that your exhibition stand and rental stands suits your brand’s personal style and demands.

Let your audience feel comfortable

Your target audience at the exhibition show would help you to get in more sales leads and thereby offer you more business and profits. Therefore, as an exhibitor you need to make sure that your audience feels comfortable at your exhibition booth. Hence, there are a number of exhibition stand deigns that would let you have best seating arrangements that would make your audience comfortable. In case you have a show in Dubai and looking for exhibition stand rental Dubai, make sure to talk to your exhibition stand design and build company about the same and keep the seating arrangements ready and keep some room for refreshments as well.

Give a lift to your display area

It is your exhibition stand and exhibition stand design that would make the best impact on the show audience and would let your brand outshine at the show. Therefore, it is important to get the best exhibition designer on board and let them pen down some of the most appealing exhibition stand designs that would appeal to the target audience at the show. Once you do your bit of marketing and advertising, it is through your exhibition stand design and exhibition booth staff that your audience would be pulled towards your display area. Thus, make sure to boost your display area well with awe-inspiring exhibition stand graphics, look for best exhibition stands in UAE (when you are exhibiting in the region), do your bit of research to get the most reliable exhibition stand designers and contractors to work with you.
If you are choosing exhibition stand rental, then it is best to look for more customization that would make the exhibition stand specific to your brand needs and demands.

A couple of closing notes

These are just two or three ways that would demonstrate you how you can scale up or customize your exhibition stand rental, if you are looking for one in Dubai. The reality of the matter is that the exhibition stand design of your exhibition stand rental is the main factor for your brand proximity at the show. As an exhibitor, you should realize that having a great looking exhibition stand would help you in making more brand scope. Accordingly, when you are displaying with custom exhibition stands that have stunning exhibition stand designs you get more chances to grandstand your brand and its products on the exhibition stand.
Keep these valuable tips to scale up your exhibition stand rental in Dubai and make the most of your opportunities.
At EDS Middle East, you would partner with the best exhibition designers and exhibition service providers. Contact us today to get the right opportunities with best exhibition stand rental Dubai and UAE.

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Build Your Brand at The Trade Shows

trade show display rentals

Ways of Building Your Brand at The Trade Shows

The marketing goal of the trade show is for creating awareness of your brand, company, products, services etc. In the trade show, there are various other exhibitors who have the same goal. No one wants to be the second-best and wants to lead the industry. You want to be seen as a high-end brand, a high quality manufacturer of high tech products who is a great innovator.
Here are few ways of building brand awareness at the trade shows:

  1. Use bigger exhibit

    When you have a big booth size, the audience automatically wants to come and see the products. If you can afford it, you should go for a bigger and taller exhibit for bombarding them with your products and catching their attention. But if your key audiences don’t fit in the same trade shows, you can go for smaller booths at multiple exhibits.


  1. The power of graphic content

    When you use bright graphics with big images (illustrations and pictures) and bold colours, you are more likely to catch their attention effectively. You need to place lesser items in your booth and make them appear larger for maximum impact. You can take the help of exhibition stand contractors for making your visuals get placed at the best possible heights


  1. The impact of 3D designs

    You should create the designs which can be viewed from all the four sides. You need to place the best graphics on the exhibit side for creating maximum brand awareness. Brand logos look the best in 3D.


  1. Your messages for the exhibit should always be based on the priority level

    For your Detroit trade show display rentals, you must always make sure that your messages are places according to the level of importance. The brand should be understood clearly and there should be no confusion between the name of the company and the name of the products.


  1. Other marketing methods should be used consistently

    Social media, brochures, advertisements etc should be taken seriously for strengthening your brand position


  1. Your brand should never only be limited to your logo

    The overall experience of the audience should be more than just being limited to your logo placement. Your brand is the position that you occupy in the market, the personality and value of your company to the customers.


  1. Create an immersive environment

    This activates the brand in the psyche of the audience and makes them remember the overall experience that they had at your trade show display rentals Detroit. High-tech experience is needed for promoting the high-tech brand. You need to ask your exhibition stand contractors for help in creating such a grand experience.


  1. Don’t stick to one show

    For reaching key audiences, exhibit at as many trades shows as possible.


  1. Introduce your brand ambassadors

    This does not only include your CEO but also the people who are experts at understanding your brand. Introduce guest speakers and employ some celebs for endorsing your brand.


  1. Promote more and more

    The pre-show and post-show promotions work like a magic in creating brand awareness. Giveaways attract more people and help people in remembering your brand even once the event is over.


  1. Engage in a press meet

    Press is the best influencers who can make your brand reach the level of heights. Bloggers, industry press, analysts and social media people can give positive reviews for your brand which would make it reach the heights.

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Best Location For Your Exhibition Stand

exhibition stand

What is the best location for your exhibition stand?


Worried on selecting the right exhibition stand location for your upcoming show? Get these ideas handy for a successful stand selection and unique show experience.

Choosing perfect location for your exhibition stands might sound easy but in reality it is not. Firstly picking the right exhibition show to participate in and then to get an exact stand location in the hall, everything needs to be planned. Finding the location of your exhibition stand and booking a space for the same should be the first priority before fixing on the exhibition stand design. Take a look at these tips that help you determine the strategic location for your stand. It is crucial that:

  • There is maximum visitor’s footfall at the stand location
  • Your exhibition stand is not next to your competitor
  • The exhibition stand ideas is appealing to grab more attention


Attractions at the exhibition hall

We must always be aware that special attractions at the exhibition hall are where most of the visitor’s footfall is attracted to. The organizers arrange for few special attractions to generate extra traffic to that space. One of the most important things that make the visitors look for your stand is your exhibition stand design. But if you have a space that is somewhere close by to the show’s attractions like promotional games, jugglers and an orchestra band to name a few, your exhibition stand automatically comes among the talks. You might benefit from such visitor’s traffic and hence find a place close to these show attractions.


Routing of visitors

It is crucial to anticipate the routing of the visitors. This is because if you have a corner stand then your brand invariably comes in the eyesight of the visitors when they are turning around the corner in the hall. This is a basic implication and should be considered while choosing your stand space. Even when you have worked with the best of exhibition stand designers to offer the most attractive exhibition stand designs, these tricks of stand location can win the game for you. Whether you have a custom exhibition stand or modular exhibition stand, your booth design should be complemented by the stand space.


Look for your competitor’s exhibition stand

Where is your competitor brand placed in the hall? Make sure to clutch this information. Most of the time, the organizers try to pull all the companies of the same industry in the same exhibition space or hall. Know what your opinion is? If you do not mind and prefer to be situated near your competitor then go ahead. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable for the same, request for another stand location. This does not hold true for specialist exhibitions where your exhibition stand is surrounded by your competitors but be swift to sign up as soon as possible. Or else your exhibition stand will be left with only a handful of location options.

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