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Why Pop Up Display Stand is your Best Bet?

Pop Up Display Stand

Why Pop Up Display Stand is your Best Bet?

There are various tools available in the market that help you promote and market your brand and products to a concentrated set of audience especially at exhibitions and trade shows. One such tool is a pop up stand. Pop up display stands help you to communicate your key marketing message to your audience.
They are certain characteristics of pop up exhibition stands that make it user friendly and of one the most popular variety in the market.

  1. Light weight and portable

    The reason pop up stands are named that way is because they ‘pop’ open swiftly. Pop up stands are built to ease the assembly and dismantling process. Hence they are built with light weight and sustainable materials, which also makes them easy to transport. The innovative mechanism used to build pop up exhibition stands requires minimum manpower to transport the stand and even to assemble and dismantle.

  2. Scalable and Customizable

    pop up display stands are scalable in size which makes them extremely versatile. You can even customize these stands according to your needs and preference. With changeable graphics and other elements you can make your stands look brand new at every show you participate in.

  3. Cost effective

    The best part about pop up exhibition stands is that they are extremely affordable. Unlike a full fledged exhibition stand or a trade show booth a pop up booth for trade shows won’t be too heavy on the pocket.

  4. Durable

    Most pop up exhibition stands have aluminum and PVC as their core component. They are created with the best quality of materials to undergo the wear and tear of the installation and dismantling process. Especially built to be used for several show, pop up displays are highly durable and will last you for a long period of time.

A pop up stand is a highly versatile stand. Even though these stands are mostly the first choice of exhibitors for brand activation activities such as mall activation and corporate activation, they can even use be used instead of booths and stands at exhibitions. Since these stands are reusable, you can use them for various other purposes. These light weight stands that are scalable in size can be used after the event at your showroom and stores as point of sale displays. Be it an office lobby, store, restaurant, clinic or a theatre, you can use these stands whenever and wherever you require.

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Tips to Enhance your Pop Up Display Stands

pop up stand

Tips to enhance your pop up display stands

Marketing now, is not just limited to the traditional mediums. Confirming marketing to pre determined tools and strategies will bring no profitable results. Many brands understand this and have embraced below-the-line marketing activities like exhibitions and brand activation.

While there is a lot of information readily available about exhibitions and how you can make the most of them, brand activation is a relatively new territory. It is the technique to ‘activate’ consumer reaction. Effective brand activation can help you engage your audience, reach untapped market and strengthen brand-consumer relationship to a great extent.

Most brand activation activities involve pop up exhibition stand. To gain maximum profit from your brand activation activities you need to make sure that your pop up stand is top notch. Listed below are some tips to help you enhance the look of your pop up display stand.

Your pop up stand must look like a part of your marketing campaign

It is important their all your promotional and marketing activities have a common goal. Depending on what your marketing objective is you need to form a campaign. Your pop display ideation must heavily draw from this campaign. It must look a part of your overall marketing campaign. Every campaign has a key message and your pop up stand design and graphics must underline this message. This will reinforce your brand image in the market and help you to leave a powerful impression on your audience.

Invest in good graphics

Graphics play a very important role in the presentation of your pop up banner stands. Graphics consciously and even subconsciously help to imprint on the audience’ mind. Hence you need to invest in good graphics for your pop up stands. Do not compromise on quality. Bold and striking graphics will help you to bring more crowds towards your stand and increase brand recall value in the long run. Remember that your graphic must highlight your marketing message.

Add a shock or surprise element

Consumers are tired of seeing the same old stuff – Brands praising their products and talking about its features. You need to think out of the box if you want to create a stir in the market. Witty one-liners or sensational campaigns will help you to get maximum attention from the crowd. You can even use relevant get bold graphics on your pop up banners to grab eyeballs. Adding a hint of surprise element or shock value either to your campaign or graphics will not only help you get the desired attention but also put your brand in the spotlight.

Don’t cramp up your pop up display stand

Unlike pop up booths for trade shows, brand activation pop up stands are smaller. For the sake of aesthetics you must be cautious and use the space in your pop up stand carefully. Cramping up the stand with too many elements will discourage users to approach the stand. A clean and roomy pop up stand is way more inviting that a cramped up and crowded one. Hence use the space in your stand optimally and retain things are extremely necessary, only.

Good lighting is crucial

When it comes to pop up stands and even exhibition stands lighting is of utmost importance. A well lit pop up stand, any day looks more inviting and ends up attracting a lot more crowd than a dimly lit stand. You could also use fancy lights and LED lights to make your stand look more attractive. Lighting is one of the most easiest and cost effective way to enhance the look of your stand and even attract maximum attention.

These tips will help you to a great extent to enhance the look of your pop up stand for brand activation activities.