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5 Things you must consider before you hire exhibition stand companies in Dubai

Hire Exhibition Stand Companies In Dubai

Commissioning an exhibition stand contractor Dubai is a consequential decision that has a tremendous impact on the performance of your brand in the show you are participating in.  The exhibition stand company Dubai you hire will be majorly responsible for your presentation at the show, after all, your exhibition stand is the first thing that the visitors at the show will notice about your brand.

Distinguishing between genuine exhibition stand companies in Dubai and fly by night exhibition stand contractors is a tricky job. You do not want to risk entrusting your exhibition stand to a fly by night company. Hence, to help you make a calculative decision, in this article, we bring you 6 things you must consider before you hire exhibition stand companies in Dubai.


The easiest yet the most important thing for you to check is the credentials of your shortlisted exhibition stand companies in Dubai. Check whether your shortlisted companies are accredited. You can also check for certificates such as SSL that prove the authenticity of the website and consequently of the company as well. You can also check whether the company in question has received any awards and accolades by the exhibition industry. This is a good way to determine the authenticity of any company in question.
Nowadays, most exhibition stand design companies in Dubai have their own websites, so that potentials clients can check out their portfolio and the range of services they have to offer. The website is perhaps the easiest way to check the clientele of the company in questions. The clientele of any given company will give you an idea about the competency and also the credibility of the exhibition stand company Dubai. You can also contact the clients and ask them for a quick feedback on the exhibition stand company you have shortlisted.
Previous projects -
Another sure-shot way of gauging whether the exhibition stand company in question is best suited for your brand or not is by checking out the company’s past projects. Browsing through the exhibition stand contractor’s previous projects will give you a preview of their work and also ascertain their credibility. Exhibition stand companies in Dubai always keep their websites updated with their recent projects. You can check out their work on their website itself and determine whether or not you want to commission the company for your exhibition booth.
Reviews on the internet –
Internet and social media platforms are a powerful tool and you can use them to your advantage for many things. Be it promoting your brand and exhibition or checking out reviews on Exhibition stand companies in Dubai. There are websites like Facebook and forums like Quora that will give you access to genuine reviews. With the help of reviews you can assess the reliability of any company. There are websites specifically dedicated for exhibitions, you can browse through various websites and them come up with a calculated decision about which exhibition stand company is suitable for your line of business.
Last but not the least, if you are still not sure about which company you must entrust your exhibition booth to then you can always rely on recommendations. If an established brand is endorsing a particular stand contractor or a specific exhibition stand company is a unanimous choice of various brands, chances are the stand contractor or the stand company in question is reliable.
These tips will help you to the select the right exhibition stand company or contractor for your next show in Dubai.

Product displays and exhibitions – Few things to keep handy!

Product displays and exhibitions

An exhibition show is many things at a single point of time and place. Whether it is about showcasing your brand and its best products and services to a larger target audience, building a stronger relationship between your brand and consumer, or launching a new product with the aim to reach the targeted consumer base and generate highest sales leads. But have you ever wondered what makes your product launches a great success at an exhibition show? It is your exhibition stands and how attractive or appealing is the exhibition stands design and the way it captures the attention of the audience at the show.

It is a fact that a poor product launch can break your show and the effectiveness of the same can be hampered. In order to grasp the attention of a large number of target audience and generating maximum sales leads through a product launch can be done by making your exhibition stands worth a look. This simply means that in order to make your product launch a fruitful effort, there are a few key elements that need to be taken care of. Let’s take a look at these!

Time the launch of your product thoughtfully

Any proficient product manager will tell you that a correct time for a product launch is fundamental to a compelling launch. Therefore, when you think of having a product launch at an exhibition show, make sure that you choose the right show as well as partner with the best exhibition stands design and build company who would fabricate the best-looking and compelling exhibition stands for you.

So, if you are having a show in Dubai and looking for exhibition stands in Dubai, then ensure that you partner with a local stand contractor who can help you with a suitable stand design.

Product positioning is of utmost importance

When it comes to a product launch, one of the most fundamental things is building up the trust in the market before you step ahead for a product launch. Therefore, positioning your product well is the necessity of the moment so that your target audience finds the right answer for their needs and demands in your product.

Moreover, product positioning in your exhibition stand is also important. Whether you are exhibiting in portable exhibition stands or modular ones, placing the product well during the show is also crucial. It is vital that your visitors can easily find the product they are looking for at the launch. So, place it thoughtfully.

Consider the Market Opportunity

Having a one of a kind product launch is an essential first stage; nonetheless you should in like manner consider the market opportunity for your potential product. There are various essentials that are to be considered while evaluating the market opportunity, yet here are three of the most basic and vital things that needs special focus.

  • The target audience

Understanding your customer will empower you to pick if your product deals with an issue of your target audience or not. Make a point to fixate on giving an answer for the audience’s issue.

  • Your immediate competition

Get familiar with your competition so that you know their products in the market. This will help you plan and strategize accordingly and have a product that truly matters to your target audience. Be a step ahead of your competition by knowing what they are up to.

  • Budget plan

Knowing the cost of your product will help you make a decision for the future product launches and short and long-term goals.

The Important Facets of Exhibition Booth Design Ideas

The Important Facets of Exhibition Booth Design Ideas

When you start working on exhibition booth design ideas, what is the first thing that you think of? Of course, the various design elements that will contribute to a great exhibition booth design. Generally, we don’t have a specific mind-set for a design; they’re prudently crafted based on your marketing strategy for the event. For this, it is essential to have a clear objective for participating in an exhibition. Whether you want to promote your brand or generate qualified leads for your business, a strong marketing strategy will help you meet your desired goal.
There are an almost infinite number of exhibition booth design ideas for reaching your event goal line. By using the services of a proficient exhibition booth designer you will be ensured that your booth appears alluring and functions well in order to successfully grab the attention of visitors. There are many agencies who offer these services of exhibition booth design in Dubai. They take the responsibility to effectively incorporate spotless graphics to make your booth stand out from the crowd. Have you ever visited a restaurant and felt different? What made that restaurant stand apart from its competitors? Apart from its food; the colour, layouts, and lighting altogether add towards the success of the restaurant. These elements together build a pleasing ambience. Just like that, booth designs also contribute towards influencing attendees about your brand.
The best exhibition booth design is the one that has amazing graphics that conveys the right message and guides attendees to your booth. In order to be effortlessly spotted in an exhibition hall from every corner, you could make use of some signage that would be put up at a height. This hanging signs from the ceiling will serve as an effective technique to increase visibility. One of the remarkable exhibition booth design ideas is to have your booth walls covered with large-scale graphics or mount free-standing signs around your booth. These signs are available in various sizes and shapes and can also be double-sided which enriches the visibility arena.
A design that looks amazing on an office screen or on the brochure cover may not necessarily look great in your exhibition space. It is essential to wisely consider the visual composition of the entire booth in prior to build the signs at the right scale and angle them accurately for maximum visibility of your exhibition booth design. Your in-house graphic designers won’t have enough knowledge about the exhibition industry unless they worked for exhibition booths before. That is why it is always advisable to hire professional exhibition booth designer who has hands-on experience in the exhibition industry.
Creativity is a key when you are working on exhibition booth design ideas. You need to lure your attendees with something unique and unexpected. You could design your booth around a clever theme or incorporate interactive elements and create buzz around your brand that encourages interest and stays fresh in the memory long after the show. To have the best exhibition booth design, it is important to note that your booth should not only be decorative but it needs to be functional as well. Suppose, you have onsite deals signed at you booth then you need to incorporate a private meeting area in your booth.
Allow the people see what you are offering them through your exhibition booth design. Let them visualize, hear, and feel your product or service. This will enable you to imprint information on their mind and ultimately they would come back to make a purchase later. All of this requires vigilant planning well in advance to avoid any last minute confusions. Do share with us the various exhibition booth design ideas that will help in making a long-lasting impression on the target audience.

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Choosing between modular or custom exhibition stand for your first show

exhibition stand design

Choosing between modular or custom exhibition stand for your first show

When deciding to go the route of utilizing exhibition stands for promoting your brand, you must first decide the level of investment you intend to place for your exhibition stand. Your budget and marketing goals will decide on the type exhibition stand designs that will be appropriate for your brand. Usually these designs are available in modular or custom variations. You could even pick rental options if needed. So here are some things to consider.
Let’s start with modular exhibition stands first. You can create some of the most versatile solutions with modular exhibition stands. Modular stand allow you a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing the stand’s shape and size, you can pull a lot of variety with your exhibition stand designs in modular. They’re not cheap but they’re also not as costly as a custom exhibition stand. They are effectively a cost-optimal choice for companies. If you want to maintain a conservative budget without compromising on presentation, then modular stand types are a good option.
Within modular stands there are vast categories of different types of stand systems to use. There are several levels of customization available with different builds. The higher-end ones come equipped with better design solutions such curved walls, product display shelves, support for LCD screens, and even with custom lighting fixtures.
At the highest price point, a modular stand can allow you to create wide exhibition stand designs, which can match the aesthetics and scalability of custom stands. Modular stand designs have the additional benefit of being engineered to be compacted into a manageable bundle for easy transportation and installation.
The best part about modular exhibition stands is that they can be reused and reconfigured for later exhibition shows are per the needs of your show space.
So, a modular stand is a good option to consider, since it offers you distinctive advantages.
Now we move on to custom exhibition stand designs, these types of stands are built for maximizing the presence and impact of a brand at an exhibition show. They are designed with a very specific theme in mind and with no possibility for any future modification.
Custom exhibition stands are usually used to launch a new product or service for big brands looking to make a massive impact, reinforce their brand value, and generate a massive footfall with occasionally some hefty sales. At any show, you’ll find custom exhibition stand designs that will always be built tall, wide, and imposing. They are made to utilise all the available, exhibition space. They are meant be a dominating presence at any show. They can have a spacious lounge, even a complete stage for demonstrations. The possibilities for engaging attendees are limitless.
But the shortcoming is that they are very expensive and can usually be afforded by big brands that have the capital to handle such an endeavour. Furthermore, don’t expect any future use from custom exhibition stand designs once they are made, the only thing they are useful for after the show is to be broken down or recycled.
Naturally, custom exhibition stands are an expensive solution since they are one-time deal. Investing in a custom stand is guaranteed to cost you more that the amount of sale you expect to make, but the long-term brand impact you make can be an intangible asset for you brand.
To conclude, we hope that this article has given you some knowledge on the difference between two of the most popular exhibition stand types. Also, we hope that it further facilitates a more fruitful discussion when you approach any exhibition stand design companies in Dubai.

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Why fusing a TV in your Display Stand is a Great Idea?

Why Fusing A TV In Your Display Stand Is A Great Idea

Why fusing a TV in your Display Stand is a Great Idea


If you take into consideration the exhibitors all across the world, then you would notice that you end up spending around 35 to 40% of your yearly promoting spending at such worldwide stages, along these lines you search for fitting quantifiable benefit. It seems like a sensible arrangement to influence your display stand and booth design as connecting method with your target audience to accomplish your primary goals of exhibiting. In any case, are TVs the right choice to make them go? Well, you might have thought of a number of things to invest in while having a display stand design or booth design ideas, but what is more important is to know which one works for you the most. In that case, having a television screen fused in your display stand is a great idea or not, let us take that into notice!

  • Uncommon for exposure

TVs are uncommon for a few reasons. To begin with, having videos on your display stand or at expo booth displays is a better than average technique to pull in people inside your display stands and it is additionally a portion of the best booth exhibition design ideas. Screens get people's thought (tolerating, clearly, that your items and administrations are appealing).

Moreover, TVs are a respectable alternative for your booth staff. It is an extraordinary method for speaking with the intended interest group. Right when your display stand is swarmed, and you essentially don't have space plan savvy to draw in everyone, having a video running will help visitors holding up rather than leaving your little expo display booths

  • Hard to regulate

Setting up a TV sounds basic. Be that as it may, it can be a champion among the most complex things you should engineer in your booth design!

In any case, you need to find a spot to settle the TV. If you don't hang it on a divider, you ought to find a place where it will be adequately unfaltering, and so it wouldn't fall if visitors are careful.

By then, you need to bring power, which implies possibly driving connections over the sorts of display stands you possess. Additionally, when you get display stands, you would realize that you can look over a broad scope of alternatives.

  • Expensive, find elective plans

TVs are incomprehensibly expensive at most of the expos. It is frequently more expensive to rent a second-hand TV for 3 days than buy a new one! Regardless of whether you get display stands and expo display stands on enlist realize that you get the best one to suit your requirements and preferences.In case you have a magnificent video, that does not require sound, that attracts people's thought, with a broad spending intend to get a considerable TV, by then it may be supported paying little respect to the hypothesis. Along these lines, fusing TVs to your display stand designs would be awesome, considering that you know the pros and cons of the same.

Keep these effective tips in mind while considering fusing in televisions to your display stand designs or booth designs.

  • Plan to shock the world

We are not living in the 90s and people are never again awed by TVs. If you have to use that misdirect you need to go all the way and turn out to be uncontrollably effective.

Make an effort not to consent to a minor screen – visitors are used to HD, they require quality and clarity. Keep running with a far reaching screen that will get people's thought or don't do it by any extend of the creative ability.

Make sense of how to join the TV in your display booth design. A TV sitting on a rack does not look incredible: it should by some methods serve your publicizing message.

  • Consider the sound

One critical issue with TVs at exhibitions and trade shows is that you can't rely upon sound.

The show will be uproarious, and if it isn't, it is horrendous news since it infers there's no business there! You ought to expect that no one will hear your video's sound, so either make it in a way that does not require any voice or make usage of sub-titles.

How is lighting an effective tool in Exhibition Booth Design

exhibition booth design

How is lighting an effective tool in Exhibition Booth Design


The lighting of your booth for your next expo ought to be one of your essential worries as that would either make or break the shine of your exhibition booth displays. From your Exhibition Booth Designer to grasping maximum public attention to taking care of minute details of your exhibition booth displays, everything should be done meticulously to highlight your booth.

  • Various exhibitors don't consider booth lighting ideas as a fundamental element and in splendidly lit up settings, including extra light sources may feel dull. Regardless, with mindful use and organizing, coordinated light sources truly upgrade visuals, for instance, exhibition booth designs and graphics are highlighted to their best. Research recommends that using lighting on your exhibition booth displays can fabricate nature with your exhibition products and services by 30%. You ought to view it as an intense method to include and advance the key brand messages.
  • Highlighting certain domains of your booth infers that the intended interest group's eye will normally be pulled in to particular things on your booth. It will consistently be the primary concern they see, which implies your displaying messages will be passed on to your group essentially at a faster pace. In the event that you're moving another thing, or have an intriguing exhibition booth display or customized exhibition booth designs, correct exhibition booth lighting particularly onto it to show it off. This is the reason adequately brilliant, clear checking is basic and will empower you to build up that staggering first association.
  • Your exhibition booth design lighting should have the ability to adequately merge a lighting strategy into your custom exhibition booth displays without greatly extending the whole cost. It's important that you pick a booth contractor who will empower you to save imperativeness and decrease the carbon dioxide release. Utilizing the best booth displays lighting is vital. In this way, LEDs empower you to diminish carbon impression and use 90% less imperativeness than standard lights. For instance, if you are looking for Exhibition Booths in Dubai, then you should know which contractor to contact in order to get the best exhibition booth designs as per the needs of your brand. Also, this is essential to know the right lighting system that would suit your booth displays.
  • Driven lights use little power, so their temperature remains significantly cooler than splendid handles or radiant light, which get extraordinarily hot, quickly.
  • LEDs can be safely dealt with even after they've been being utilized for the entire day. This is generously more secure in an exhibition area. The danger of members accidently touching and devouring themselves while on your booth is completely wiped out. It furthermore suggests that the lights are significantly more versatile – they can be put close to your booth’s representations or things. (Be greatly careful while using lights that can get astoundingly hot, for instance, halogen lighting. In case you do use this sort of booth lighting ideas, guarantee it is fortunate the most common way to go of customers).
  • LEDs and CMH lights draw less impact, and empower you to save money. One connection can run 10 LED lights at low warmth, which implies you won't have to purchase different connections from the show organizers, which can consistently be exorbitant and out and out thump up the expenses of your booth lighting.
  • Another favored point of view of LEDs is that you get the full sparkle in a brief moment.
  • Exhibition booth displays lighting serve numerous focal points in exhibition shows. They grow the impact of your show giving you the edge over your rivals, build up a flawless first association on potential customer and help you unmistakably pass on your key displaying messages. You can likewise feature the expo products and messages of your showing through intense lighting.

In this way, next time when you are searching for best booth design lighting ideas, keep these helpful.

Step by step guide – Cut cost and get a Captivating Exhibition Stand

Modular exhibition stand designs

Step by step guide – Cut cost and get a Captivating Exhibition Stand

The inspiration of customized exhibition stands at exhibitions and events is to pull in as extensive different people as possible to your exhibition stand. Everything considered, a productive show doesn't come easily, which implies you should outfit yourself with information about how to display your brand with best exhibition stands and exhibition stand design. We realize that customized exhibition stands for your shows are an awesome method to draw in most number of potential customers to your exhibition stand. In the meantime, we additionally realize that personalized and custom-made exhibition stands are costly and might hurt your pockets too. Along these lines, here are some ways that would enable you to get custom exhibition stand design and that too at an affordable price.

Supervising the use and extending benefits is a key factor for most associations and it can be difficult to achieve this from time to time. Purchasing a custom exhibition stand is one way to deal with this thought of you searching for the best exhibition stands.

It has been seen that the amount of money an organization may make from using a custom modular exhibition stand can be eaten up by the setting up the stand and other show costs. In this way, impacting these affects profitability as well. Subsequently, it is fundamental to scan for ways to deal with restrain overheads as associations endeavor to get the most out of using these features.

Here are some ways you can save your budget arrangement without surrendering how you will look to the target audience on the show day.

Purchase or rent lightweight modular exhibition stands

When you rent or buy lightweight, modular exhibition stands, you won't simply diminish the hidden cost of your show yet, you will in like manner reduce the costs of transportation and logistics as well. Again, these introductions don't infer that you desert the stamping. These modular exhibition stands come in different sizes and are portable, a comparative exhibition stand design too. With these sorts of exhibition booths and stands, it's possible to show up with the help of modular exhibition stands using one versatile unit. There are various exhibition stands that are modular and can be best for your particular needs. Modular exhibition stand designs are attractive as well, and you can contact the reliable exhibition stand contractors to get the best way out.

you require and moreover scan for some free upgrades

We do see that a large number of exhibitors habitually get exhibitors enlisting, just to wipe out a few days before the show. With this data, you can plan exhibition stands with your record administrator. If there are any cancelations, it's possible there will be some empty exhibition space close to yours. The organization of exhibitions would ideally empower you to use the space rather than have their show floor look empty. Modular exhibition stand designs or portable exhibition stand designs can help you with some upgrades from the last exhibition stand that you have used. Therefore, never lose an opportunity to get your exhibition space and match up your exhibition stand.

Reusing the exhibition materials

You can similarly reuse some of your customized exhibition stands by reusing them for your next exhibition, so guarantee you store them safely. With everything taken into account, using a custom exhibition stand that is exciting and prepared to overhaul profit realizes a productive show. These decisions are expected to empower you to administer costs while moreover gaining more ground in your next show. Therefore, using exhibition stands and exhibition stand designs over and over again is not a bad idea. It can cut cost and offer you a reliable customized exhibition stand design as well.

Plan and framework amazing customized exhibition stand designs

The key parts that your target audience will find in the underlying couple of minutes are the exhibition stand designs. Persistently ensure that your shows have not so much substance but instead more alluring exhibition stand designs. Your delineations should, in like manner, be anything besides hard to comprehend, especially to your target customers. If you have to incorporate a couple of lines of substance, ensure that the message is concise and clear.

Grasp better Opportunities by Personalizing your Exhibition Stand Rental

exhibition stand rental

Grasp better Opportunities by Personalizing your Exhibition Stand Rental

Exhibitions shows are huge platforms that bring together people from different businesses, customer bases, etc. There are a lot of opportunities available at exhibitions and trade shows. Therefore, it is important to make the best use of these opportunities through the exhibition stands and other exhibiting materials that you come across. We know that exhibition stand rental options are a great way to modify your exhibition space as per your brand needs and requirements.
Here, we will take a look at a couple of the most vital elements that would help you to know that are the best ways to get better opportunities at the exhibition show. Although we all know that exhibition stands and exhibition stand designs play crucial roles to bring out the best from a brand; it is also true that there are a few basic things that do get overshadowed. Let us take a look at how you can personalize some of the elements and make sure that your exhibition stand and rental stands suits your brand’s personal style and demands.

Let your audience feel comfortable

Your target audience at the exhibition show would help you to get in more sales leads and thereby offer you more business and profits. Therefore, as an exhibitor you need to make sure that your audience feels comfortable at your exhibition booth. Hence, there are a number of exhibition stand deigns that would let you have best seating arrangements that would make your audience comfortable. In case you have a show in Dubai and looking for exhibition stand rental Dubai, make sure to talk to your exhibition stand design and build company about the same and keep the seating arrangements ready and keep some room for refreshments as well.

Give a lift to your display area

It is your exhibition stand and exhibition stand design that would make the best impact on the show audience and would let your brand outshine at the show. Therefore, it is important to get the best exhibition designer on board and let them pen down some of the most appealing exhibition stand designs that would appeal to the target audience at the show. Once you do your bit of marketing and advertising, it is through your exhibition stand design and exhibition booth staff that your audience would be pulled towards your display area. Thus, make sure to boost your display area well with awe-inspiring exhibition stand graphics, look for best exhibition stands in UAE (when you are exhibiting in the region), do your bit of research to get the most reliable exhibition stand designers and contractors to work with you.
If you are choosing exhibition stand rental, then it is best to look for more customization that would make the exhibition stand specific to your brand needs and demands.

A couple of closing notes

These are just two or three ways that would demonstrate you how you can scale up or customize your exhibition stand rental, if you are looking for one in Dubai. The reality of the matter is that the exhibition stand design of your exhibition stand rental is the main factor for your brand proximity at the show. As an exhibitor, you should realize that having a great looking exhibition stand would help you in making more brand scope. Accordingly, when you are displaying with custom exhibition stands that have stunning exhibition stand designs you get more chances to grandstand your brand and its products on the exhibition stand.
Keep these valuable tips to scale up your exhibition stand rental in Dubai and make the most of your opportunities.
At EDS Middle East, you would partner with the best exhibition designers and exhibition service providers. Contact us today to get the right opportunities with best exhibition stand rental Dubai and UAE.

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Three ways to make your Exhibition Stand look Appealing

exhibition stand

Three ways to make your Exhibition Stand look Appealing

An enticing exhibition design will draw visitors during the show. But, to win over customers, you need to make your stand worth paying attention. And, to do that there are clear techniques you can utilize so that your stand will prominently stand out from the all the other exhibition stands in the show.
Here are three ways you can do that:

1. Plan and make notes

When you sit down with your team to plan the design of your stand, break it down into different steps. Create lists for each step to include the different elements your stand will need. This could include the design ideas you have. The logistical, physical and design components that you need to take in account for creating your stand. This would also include a list of exhibition stand design companies that have the experience and knowledge to achieve your design. There will be several steps intermediate steps to complete before you finalize on your design. These steps will vary from one organization to another.
But the final step would to turn all your plans and notes into a design brief, which should be agreed upon with all the relevant stakeholders. Then it’s simply a matter of choosing any suitable exhibition stand design companies in Dubai, we recommend looking for companies in Dubai because this will remove any logistical hassle that might trouble you in case you choose a company which doesn’t have a local presence in Dubai.

2. Look at how dimension, space, and design elements work

To start off, you should take a look and finalize the dimensions of your exhibition space, weeks before the show. So, that you can know which design ideas are feasible also this will help you visualize which components of your stand can fit. Having a clear understanding of the dimension and space of your stand will expedite the design process. You’ll be able to discard ideas and elements that clearly won’t fit your space.
During the design process, pay attention to how different stand elements complement each other rather than stick out awkwardly. For e.g. pick stand colors that enhance your brand colors and not subdue them. You can even get hold of an exhibition designer that can help you organize the elements of your stand design, so that they naturally flow in a visually appealing manner.

3. Use accessories and props within reason

Try to take the minimalistic approach, to not distract the visitor’s attention with too much stuff. This will negatively affect your visitor’s perception and give your stand a cluttered look. Even when you use lighting try to stick with warm or cool lights which blend in your stand. Since this will make your stand design look more attractive. Having multiple colored lights will only look ugly and feel unpleasant to look at. If you plan to use seating make sure that they’re placed in a manner that doesn’t block any pathways to your stand. Mark relaxation areas clearly so that visitors can discover these comfort zones while they explore your stand.
So there you have it, three tips that should work as a road map to make your stand design even more attractive.

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Using Monochrome Shades To Enrich Your Stand Design

exhibition stand

Using Monochrome Shades To Enrich Your Stand Design

Monochrome design can sound like a completely alien concept within the exhibition space. And why wouldn’t it? When people think about exhibition stands, function becomes the first criteria. Understandably, exhibitors are more worried about practical matters such presenting their products and finding ways to entice visitors.
By, opting to incorporate a monochrome colour palette in your stand can definitely make it look attractive and professional. Using a monochrome palette or at least two colours creates a visual harmony that makes your exhibition stand own the space it inhabits.
The misconception is that using one or two colours will leave your exhibition design looking drab. Then again, there is a huge possibility of variations in terms of shades, tones, or tints, within each colour to utilize. Nonetheless, we won’t get into detail about colours, since that task relies on the expertise of an exhibition designer. However, by being aware of the benefits it will bring your exhibition stand, you can add tremendous value to the overall look of your stand.
Single colours balance themselves out
Using monochrome makes it so easy to match everything within your exhibition space. It makes the brand colour and logo be the star of the exhibition. For example check out this stand from Jenoptik, which implements a similar strategy but with a neat twist using back lit walls. With a single dominant colour palette with lighting, we created an environment that not only brightened up the exhibition design but also emphasized a professional and pristine look.
Other elements get a chance to shine
It sets the scene for your products and content to get instantly noticed. Single colours create a sense of simplicity that makes contrasting elements stand out in a minimalistic manner that doesn’t burden the senses. It makes navigating through your exhibition stand becomes easy and memorable.
Monochrome simplifies a busy graphic design
Let’s suppose you’ve got an entire line of products to showcase at your exhibition stand in Dubai. The temptation might be to utilise a different colour in your exhibition graphics for each product, avoid it.
Because not only does it look messy, it kills any cohesion in terms of brand visibility. Having a single colour will create a strong visual association in your visitor’s mind about your products.
Matching décor becomes painless
Using a single colour takes out the guesswork needed when picking décor pieces to incorporate for your stand. Furthermore, you would be able to evaluate design mock ups sent by exhibition stand design companies more easily. Eliminating the hassle of speculating if the various colour samples you’ve chosen for each piece of décor would look good once it’s deployed.
As with implementing any type of style, you’ll need to figure out if using monochrome palette will work for your brand. Since not all brands can potentially benefit from it. The correct way to utilize a monochrome design palette requires a thorough understanding of your target audience.
There are several exhibition services that can help you figure this out, with in-house designers that can help you translate your brand goals into an amazing exhibition stand.

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