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Product displays and exhibitions – Few things to keep handy!

Product displays and exhibitions – Few things to keep handy!

An exhibition show is many things at a single point of time and place. Whether it is about showcasing your brand and its best products and services to a larger target audience, building a stronger relationship between your brand and consumer, or launching a new product with the aim to reach the targeted consumer base and generate highest sales leads. But have you ever wondered what makes your product launches a great success at an exhibition show? It is your exhibition stands and how attractive or appealing is the exhibition stands design and the way it captures the attention of the audience at the show.
It is a fact that a poor product launch can break your show and the effectiveness of the same can be hampered. In order to grasp the attention of a large number of target audience and generating maximum sales leads through a product launch can be done by making your exhibition stands worth a look. This simply means that in order to make your product launch a fruitful effort, there are a few key elements that need to be taken care of. Let’s take a look at these!

Time the launch of your product thoughtfully

Any proficient product manager will tell you that a correct time for a product launch is fundamental to a compelling launch. Therefore, when you think of having a product launch at an exhibition show, make sure that you choose the right show as well as partner with the best exhibition stands design and build company who would fabricate the best-looking and compelling exhibition stands for you.
So, if you are having a show in Dubai and looking for exhibition stands in Dubai, then ensure that you partner with a local stand contractor who can help you with a suitable stand design.

Product positioning is of utmost importance

When it comes to a product launch, one of the most fundamental things is building up the trust in the market before you step ahead for a product launch. Therefore, positioning your product well is the necessity of the moment so that your target audience finds the right answer for their needs and demands in your product.
Moreover, product positioning in your exhibition stand is also important. Whether you are exhibiting in portable exhibition stands or modular ones, placing the product well during the show is also crucial. It is vital that your visitors can easily find the product they are looking for at the launch. So, place it thoughtfully.

Consider the market opportunity

Having a one of a kind product launch is an essential first stage; nonetheless you should in like manner consider the market opportunity for your potential product. There are various essentials that are to be considered while evaluating the market opportunity, yet here are three of the most basic and vital things that needs special focus.

  • The target audience

Understanding your customer will empower you to pick if your product deals with an issue of your target audience or not. Make a point to fixate on giving an answer for the audience’s issue.

  • Your immediate competition

Get familiar with your competition so that you know their products in the market. This will help you plan and strategize accordingly and have a product that truly matters to your target audience. Be a step ahead of your competition by knowing what they are up to.

  • Budget plan

Knowing the cost of your product will help you make a decision for the future product launches and short and long-term goals.

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Cost-Effective Exhibition Stands That Can Boost Brand Presence

Cost-Effective Exhibition Stands

Cost-Effective Exhibition Stands That Can Boost Brand Presence

There are thousands of exhibitions happening every year at various locations based on specific industry type to showcase the products or services at their best. Exhibiting in an exhibition is like introducing your brand in a new way to your target audience. Good quality exhibition stands make sure that this first impression is a lasting one. The exhibition process might appear daunting for exhibitors who are participating first time in an exhibition. Companies who are new to the exhibition industry and the ones who are very peculiar about their marketing budget will often try to look for cheap exhibition stands for their exhibition.
It is understandable that these newbies want to make sure that their investment cost is worth it before venturing into the exhibition industry. It is necessary to remember that exhibiting is a marketing activity and hence, as a company, you are required to follow certain marketing principles and practices based on your budget. But looking out for cheap exhibition stands doesn’t mean that one needs to compromise on their quality.  Exhibitors often get confused in selecting the right exhibition stands design for their show while focusing more on their budget constraint and neglecting the quality significance. It is essential to note that there are several stand designs ideas which are competent as well as cost-effective too.
Exhibition stands design that is pocket-friendly and highly functional focuses more on practicality and highlighting the key message of your brand. Such stands massively reduce the overall price of the exhibition stand saving money in logistics, installing and dismantling. These stand ideas enable you to participate in an exhibition without burning a hole in your pocket. Start-ups or companies who do not wish to invest more into exhibitions depend on these cheap exhibition stands options instead of spending on intricate exhibition stands.
One of the cheap exhibition stands type to choose is the pop-up stands which will make an ideal choice for your show. They are highly preferred due to their versatility and ease of use. Pop up stands are portable in nature, light weighted and easy to assemble too. Choosing pop up stands for an exhibition will ensure you a robust framework and pristine finish portable exhibition stands at budget-friendly rates. There are various types of pop up stand designs and styles available in the market. You could choose the right one that fits your requirement.
Promoting your business to create brand awareness can be done through brand activation kits. For getting cheap exhibition stands for your exhibition stand, you could opt for brand activation kits which are reusable and serves as a great source of one-time investment. These display kits effectively influence your target audience and turns them into buyers. There are several exhibition stands agencies which provide brand activation kits which contain a wholesome package at an affordable price. With the right choice of activation kits that encourages promotional displays and customer engagement, your business can reach out to the right set of audience.
An exhibition is truly a great medium to build strong brand image and bring credibility to your business. Companies that participate in exhibitions are successful in making their brand stand out and adding value to your business through effective networking. Portable exhibition stands are constantly developing as a lucrative approach to mark your presence in an exhibition. Being easy to assemble, these exhibition stands delivers unmatched visual impact thus enabling the creation of elegant, eye-catching displays and counters. These stands are easy to re-configure and can be used to re-brand thus, making your exhibition stand more flexible and economical.

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Budget-friendly Booth Design Tips

Budget-friendly Booth Design Tips

Even in the age of global connectivity, businesses participate in trade shows. The benefit of connecting face-to-face with interested customers is still valid and works exclusively for trade shows. But the price for exhibiting at trade shows is never cheap.
Between commissioning your exhibition booth design to a reliable builder and accounting for overhead costs such as hotel stay, travel expenses, staff expenses and booth fee. It can seem like you’re spending a lot more than you are getting in return.
This does feel discouraging in the short term, but the truth is that exhibition booth displays provide visibility to your products and services on a professional platform, while also giving you the opportunity to network with like-minded peers and potential clients.
Cost is a huge deterrent for any fledgling business looking to make an appearance at a trade show, but can’t justify the exhibiting expense. But, with a bit of creativity and networking, you can discover several cost-saving measures that can ensure your exhibition booth design is not only a success but is also does so without giving you severe financial crunch.
We have listed below some areas you can reduce your expenses and save money for you next trade show:


Printing out pamphlets and flyers costs a lot of money, considering the well-documented fact that attendees dislike being burdened with brochures to carry when they are walking around the show. Most of this end in the trash can, any ways.
So, for most of time there is no need to invest heavily in print marketing to promote your booth, when there are several paperless alternatives. You can simple set up a staff member to collect email address and business cards from leads to send them relevant information about your business. By taking the onus of collecting contact details from your leads, not only do you avoid the chance of losing information, but it’s also lets you follow up after the show. There are several budget booths such as pop up exhibition displays, which don’t come with a flyer stand, making them a cheaper option to opt for.


By cleverly using social media, you can advertise about your upcoming exhibition booth design easily. Even trade shows understand the importance of social media and run campaigns to promote their shows. You can run a social media campaign to do the same, since sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin allow you to register for free. The added benefit is that you can connect with other professionals attending the show and get your name out there.


At any trade show, giveaways and freebies end up costing you pretty penny. To avoid this there are two things that you do. Firstly, store your giveaways at the back in small batches and only have one batch out at anytime. Secondly, don’t simply hand them out to anyone that walks past your booth. A good way to ensure that is by making the potential visitor fill a contact form. Only hand your giveaways to potential leads that are interested in your products and services.
To conclude, these tips should trim some load of your exhibiting budget, we are sure you’ll find other areas to reduce expenses, but one area we would advice against doing so would be your exhibition booth design. Your booth will be the face of your company during the show. So, we recommend you to avoid skimming on the build and design of your booth. Since this will directly determine your exhibiting success. Good luck and happy exhibiting.

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Here’s what you need to know about effective lead follow-up

exhibition stand

Here’s what you need to know about effective lead follow-up

Exhibitions are exorbitant, time consuming and surely take a lot of effort.

Effective follow up is one of the best ways to qualify your potential customers and generate maximum leads. The reality of the matter is that you have to strategize the exhibition stand for conveying the key message of your organization. However, it is similarly obvious that there are some other essential things that should be taken care of. Right from exhibition stand designs, picking a compelling modular exhibition stand or portable exhibition stand and getting the best rental exhibition stand, you would need to get the best of everything before you plan out the lead follow up.
Many exhibition shows tumble down with respect to lead improvement. Some of the reasons are weak capacity by exhibition stand staff individuals, nonappearance of individual information about the lead’s authentic essential and a considerable measure of time between the event and the lead follow up.
Along these lines, on the off chance that you’re placing assets into an exhibition stand or trade shows, here are our 5 simple yet effective procedures that would help you with development and empower you to profit through your venture.

  1. It is essential to anticipate your lead capture

Portray how you will assemble leads and what data you’ll collect. Recognizable proof check? Lead outline? Portray what qualifies as a ‘respectable’ lead, so you’ll know which ones to compose. Finally, endeavor and make several notes after the talk with your prospective customer who visits your exhibition stand. This will empower your visitors to tweak the follow up – which will be esteemed.

  1. Never pass up a major opportunity for a signed-up follow up strategy

In case you’ve gotten phone, email and office address, you can use them all as a part of a multi-station follow up approach. Use particular information and advancing security, so your leads see something past the flyer they got on your exhibition stand. If you got information about a specific need, make a point to address it. We realize that you more likely than not join a considerable measure of reasoning and arranging into exhibition stand design, however it is similarly critical to get this right atleast.

  1. Help through your brand’s key message

In the occasion that you’ve had a one of a kind offer, maxim or theme running as a segment of your exhibition stand design and strategy, it’s important that you help it through into your improvement. Phenomenal offers can be extended to your leads post-event also, so your leads will understand you’re coming to them and affecting them to feel novel.

  1. Try not to be in the confusion that your leads will approach you

The way that your leads stopped by your exhibition stand for a discussion and got a gift and a free pen doesn’t mean they’ll call you when they come back to the working environment. Remember your potential customer isn’t visiting only your exhibition stand. So, make sure that you approach to your visitors well in advance that you would be exhibiting.

  1. Maintain a personal relationship

In case you have to give your business an edge over others, make it individual, particular and extraordinary. Thank your leads for stopping by the exhibition stand, reveal to them you understand what they were getting some data about and insinuate something critical about them, for instance, the part they’re in or the area of your business. Moreover, guarantee that if they decided how they should be contacted, use that channel. Therefore, when your visitors comes to the exhibition stand or exhibition booth, be sure that you do not forget to take their contact details.

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Exhibitions – The perfect platform to market your Brand

exhibition stand design

Exhibitions – The perfect platform to market your Brand

An exhibition show is a great platform that helps you to exhibit your products and services along with communicating the key message of your brand. Exhibitions bring in a large number of business opportunities, potential customers, new doors of brand commitments and so on. It is dependent upon you how you bring your brand the acknowledgment in a genuine situation. Different factors, for example, your exhibition stands, exhibition stand design, the striking new exhibition stand design ideas, etc. are essential as they give early introduction of your brand and says a lot about your organization. It characterizes the potential new leads. Showcasing your company through creative exhibition stands can have a considerable measure of effect in increasing new business.
Let us take a look at some of the things that make it a great point as to what makes exhibitions a great platform for showcasing your brand efficiently:

  • Know that your brand image is vital

One should be aware that the brand image of the company is important, and the exhibitor should promote the same in the most appropriate manner. The exhibition stand design and the promotional ideas are a few of the important elements that would help to make your brand the highlight of the show. Make sure to put for the compelling exhibition stand design ideas and bring the same in the exhibition stand design to get the most out of your exhibition stands. The platform of exhibition shows can make your brand the center of attraction, if you do the things right.

  • Get an exhibition stand that speaks for your brand

Your exhibition stand says a lot about your brand or organization. To communicate well with your target customers and give a bespoke administration to them through your brand, have an exhibition stand that itself welcomes the visitors and appreciate your brand. Offer your visitors the right seating arrangements and let them feel comfortable. Get some information about their needs and ask how your brand can help them with the same. An exhibition stand, whatever the size may be should be identical to your brand image and your company values.


  • Exhibitions helps in increasing brand nearness

Exhibition stands allow an organization to make a physical nearness of their image that they plan to advertise. One of the best preferred standpoint of displaying your brand through an exhibition stand is that you’re not obliged to the visual feeling of a site. A decent exhibition stand design and assemble can have a ton of effect in making your brand the feature of a show. A renowned exhibition stand designer and contractor can enable you to accomplish this. The message your brand wishes to pass on need not be the most powerful one, but it ought to have the capacity to convey about your brand that can be effortlessly prepared by the group of visitors.
An amazing exhibition stand design can transform the show visitors into potential customers. An exhibition stand ought to have the capacity to make your kin to work easily and market the brand. This gives them the certainty of taking care of your business. An exhibition stand ought to be with the end goal that the organizers feel sufficiently sure to showcase your brand and your organization.
There are a number of exhibition shows happening all around the year. As an exhibitor, you need to figure out which are the shows you would be targeting. Also, ensure that you contact the stand designer from your exhibiting location itself. For instance, if you are showcasing in Dubai, be sure to exhibit with , which will help you get the right stand design and appropriate support from the builders and contractors too.

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Staying Relevant and Trendy at Exhibitions

exhibition stand

Staying Relevant and Trendy at Exhibitions

Just like other media platforms, exhibitions have gotten a makeover too. From being downright simple and to the point, exhibition presentations have improved tremendously over the period of years. Now, when an exhibitor resorts to old means and tricks, his exhibition booth looks like a total misfit especially when compared to other trendy exhibition stand designs at the fair ground.
Sure, standing out in the crowd at an exhibition is extremely important but your exhibition booth must stand out for all the right reasons otherwise it defeats the purpose of participating in events and exhibitions. To show your audience that you’re on par with your competitors and keeping up with changing times you need to think of creative ideas for your exhibition stands.
Analyze your brand image and determine your target group before formulating a plan. Your marketing plan must appeal to your target audience or else all your efforts are in vain. For example if your brand caters to kids then your exhibition stand design must reflect that. Incorporate bright colors and striking exhibition graphics that will help to engage your target audience, which in this scenario are kids.
A good way to project an image that your brand is ‘trendy’ is to use latest gadgets and technology. Be it artificial intelligence like Alexia and Siri or virtual reality; this will instantly make your exhibition booth look way more appealing and youth centric. Another easy way to stay relevant is to hire the right sales team; hiring smart confident and charismatic people to represent your brand will help your company in the long run. Your sales team ultimately acts as your company representatives and hence selection of a good sales people is crucial.
Keeping up with the changing times and remodeling your marketing strategy accordingly will help you stay on top of your game and help to bring more business.

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Why Pop Up Display Stand is your Best Bet?

Pop Up Display Stand

Why Pop Up Display Stand is your Best Bet?

There are various tools available in the market that help you promote and market your brand and products to a concentrated set of audience especially at exhibitions and trade shows. One such tool is a pop up stand. Pop up display stands help you to communicate your key marketing message to your audience.
They are certain characteristics of pop up exhibition stands that make it user friendly and of one the most popular variety in the market.

  1. Light weight and portable

    The reason pop up stands are named that way is because they ‘pop’ open swiftly. Pop up stands are built to ease the assembly and dismantling process. Hence they are built with light weight and sustainable materials, which also makes them easy to transport. The innovative mechanism used to build pop up exhibition stands requires minimum manpower to transport the stand and even to assemble and dismantle.

  2. Scalable and Customizable

    pop up display stands are scalable in size which makes them extremely versatile. You can even customize these stands according to your needs and preference. With changeable graphics and other elements you can make your stands look brand new at every show you participate in.

  3. Cost effective

    The best part about pop up exhibition stands is that they are extremely affordable. Unlike a full fledged exhibition stand or a trade show booth a pop up booth for trade shows won’t be too heavy on the pocket.

  4. Durable

    Most pop up exhibition stands have aluminum and PVC as their core component. They are created with the best quality of materials to undergo the wear and tear of the installation and dismantling process. Especially built to be used for several show, pop up displays are highly durable and will last you for a long period of time.

A pop up stand is a highly versatile stand. Even though these stands are mostly the first choice of exhibitors for brand activation activities such as mall activation and corporate activation, they can even use be used instead of booths and stands at exhibitions. Since these stands are reusable, you can use them for various other purposes. These light weight stands that are scalable in size can be used after the event at your showroom and stores as point of sale displays. Be it an office lobby, store, restaurant, clinic or a theatre, you can use these stands whenever and wherever you require.

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Custom Exhibition Stands versus Modular Exhibition Stands

modular exhibition stands

Custom exhibition stands versus Modular exhibition stands

Modular exhibition stands have changed the face of the exhibition stand industry. This product of the exhibition companies has revolutionized the way exhibitions work. Most novice exhibitors aren’t aware about modular exhibitions yet, due to their skepticism they blindly go for custom exhibition stands. Even some seasoned exhibitors doubt whether modular stands will deliver the anticipated ROI and therefore opt for custom exhibition stands. There is a constant debate about which one is better modular or custom stands.

When it comes to exhibition stand design, there is no such thing as right or wrong. Depending on your requirement you can choose whether you want to opt for a modular stand, custom- modular stand or custom exhibition stands. Before you jump head long into exhibitions, it is crucial that you understand the difference and the pros and cons of both – custom and modular stand, to make the right choice.

Custom exhibition stand ideas are purely for one-time use. Since they are created with biodegradable material they cannot be used more than once. These are bespoke stands or custom exhibition stands, designed specifically, according to the brief. When you opt for a custom exhibition stand, you can customize every aspect and bring your vision to life. Modular exhibition stands differ in this aspect. You cannot customize a modular stand completely according to your whims and fancies. Certain aspects of modular exhibition stands can be reconfigured and hence making modular systems dynamic in nature. Modular stands however can be used more than once. Modular stands are created using the latest technology and sustainable materials, hence boosting the CSR quotient of the company using it. In fact if they are stored and maintained well, they can be used for several shows. Changeable graphics will give your modular stand a unique look in every show you participate in.

Custom exhibition stands not only have unlimited scope for modification but they are comparatively cheaper as well, but if you are looking for something that gives high return on investment then modular exhibition stands are your best bet. Even though they are slightly expensive, they are reusable. You need not invest in a new exhibition stand for your next show or any other shows you plan to participate in. One modular stand is good enough to use for several shows.

After you analyze your brand image and marketing requirement, it is easier to decide what kind of exhibition stand is right for you.

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10 Reasons why you must Exhibit

exhibition booth

10 Reasons why you must Exhibit

Exhibitions as a marketing platform have gained enormous popularity over the period of years. Every year more and more companies and brands participate in exhibitions and reap its benefits. If you are among the few that are still skeptical about participating in exhibitions, we bring you 10 reasons why you mustn’t shy away from exhibitions.

  1. To gain the deserved brand exposure

    Marketing and promotions is one of the major reasons why many brands participate in exhibitions. Exhibitions are an ideal platform to expose your brand to a wide set of audience that too from the comfort of your exhibition booth.

  2. To educate the market about your brand and product

    Even though you have been around in the market for quite some time, it is likely that not many are aware about your brand. In such cases, exhibitions are your best bet since it gives you an opportunity to showcase your brand and products not only to your target group but also to your contemporaries and at your exhibition booth itself.

  3. To communicate with your target group

    Unlike any other marketing platform, exhibitions provide you with the golden opportunity to communicate directly and interact with your target group. Many exhibition stand builders in Dubai make required provisions in the booth design to facilitate dialogue between the brand and the consumer. It provides some valuable inputs and feedback to the brand.

  4. To expand your client base

    Not only do you get the opportunity to interact and communicate with your customers and clients but you also get the opportunity to increase your client and customer base at exhibitions. With the help of a good exhibition booth design you can attract a lot of visitors at the exhibitions.

  5. To strengthen relationship with your target group

    When your consumers get an opportunity to interact with your brand representatives at your exhibition booth, it gives them assurance about the credibility of your brand and even the quality of your products. One on one interaction with your audience helps to strengthen the bond between the brand and the consumer.

  6. To generate leads

    Of all the reasons why exhibitions are important for your business, generating leads in the most important. An exhibition is the most profitable platform to accumulate valuable leads for your business. Your exhibition booth acts as a stage for brand enquiry that you prove beneficial to the company in the long run.

  7. To network

    There is no other marketing platform that gives you an opportunity to meet so many likeminded individuals under one roof, other than exhibitions. You get the chance to meet potential partners and even buyers and sellers that will eventually help your business to grow and prosper.

  8. To launch a new product

    Your exhibition booth can act as an ideal platform for you to launch your new product in the market. With the media, your contemporaries and even your target audience present at the exhibition, there is no better time to showcase your product and even explain and demonstrate its features.

  9. To promote your brand

    You can be assured that your target group is going to visit the exhibition. With a unique booth design and appropriate booth design ideas you can attract a lot of attention at any show. You can use this opportunity to promote your brand and product.

  10. To increase brand recall value

    Many major brands and companies participate in exhibitions, promoting and showcasing your brand next to established companies not only makes your brand seem more credible but also increases brand recall value among the visitors.

Exhibitions help companies to have a strong foothold in the market, reach a wider set of audience and strengthen the position of the brand in the market. Participating in exhibitions can only be advantageous and that too in many ways for your business.

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Tips for an Eco-friendly Exhibition

exhibition stand

Tips for an Eco-friendly Exhibition

As a brand is has become a moral obligation for companies to think about ways to expand their business without harming the environment. Off late more and more companies are becoming socially conscious and making eco-friendly choices in their ventures. It helps to project their brand as a socially responsible company. In exhibitions too, ‘Green’ is the way to go! Many exhibitors are taking steps to participate in exhibitions by opting for eco-friendly methods.
If you too are looking to ‘go green’ for your next show, we bring you some helpful tips

  • Do away with custom stands, make way for modular

Generally custom stands are made of wood. Even booth design ideas for most bespoke stands suggested by stand companies are created with wood. The first step to go green is to avoid wood as much as possible. Also the creation, assembly and dismantling of the exhibition stands is not a very clean and eco-friendly process. On the other hand modular exhibition stands are made with sustainable material that can not only be reused several times but is also environment friendly, hence most exhibition stand companies in Dubai recommend modular stands to seasoned exhibitors. Also, the assembly and dismantling process of a modular stand does not pollute the environment whatsoever.

Most rental exhibition stand designs available in the market nowadays are modular. Modular exhibition stands have a high return on investment and when you opt for rental modular stands it is even cheaper. It is not only cost effective but also eco-friendly.

  • Opt for reusable furniture

Not only the exhibition stand but also the furniture you use at exhibitions can be environment friendly. Instead for going for wooden furniture opt for fiber, be it shelves or even seating arrangements at your exhibition stall, you can switch wooden furniture with fiber. Not only is it eco-safe but it will also give you good return on investment.

  • Avoid wood flooring

Just like your wooden furniture and other booth design ideas and elements you can replace your wooden flooring with sustainable materials. Carpets made out of fiber or titles can be recycled later and put to better use after the show.

  • Use eco-friendly paint and adhesive

The materials used in the manufacturing and assembly process of your exhibition stand design matter too. Instead of opting for normal paint and adhesives for your stand construction go for non toxic and eco safe paint and adhesive. It could be on a slightly expensive side but it is absolutely safe.

  • Say no to paper and yes to technology

From posters to your marketing literature, paper is used offhandedly everywhere during exhibitions. To portray your brand as a socially conscious one, reduce the usage of paper to bare minimum. Instead of printing out several brochures, catalogues and reading material for your visitors, email it to them. This will not only prove cost effective but you can also use their email address for further correspondence.

  • Use eco-friendly lights

Most exhibition stands in Dubai are equipped with LED lights because unlike incandescent they don’t heat up. They are cost efficient and energy efficient as well.
There are many other ways as well, to have a ‘green’ exhibition, but the above listed tips are some of the most adopted methods by brands and companies to have an eco-friendly show.

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