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7 Ways to Scale Digital Content at Trade Shows


7 Ways to Scale Digital Content at Trade Shows

While every business might be aiming to make its booth the most crowded one, very few achieve this goal at a trade show successfully. That is because there are various exhibit booth rentals around which can make it extremely easy for customers to get distracted. Therefore, to capture the attention of the audience, you will have to incorporate marketing tactics that help your custom exhibit booth stand out from your competitors.

Thanks to technology, you can now use content in an appealing and exciting way. Yes, that’s right; the same content that you use on your blogs and on different social media platforms to lead you to conversions, you can use it at the trade show as well.

In this article, we will discuss seven ways in which you can use digital content to maximize your ROI.

Trade show Booth Ideas

There are many ways in which you can make your booth speak for your brand. Using high definition videos or images will not only help your trade show display stand out in the crowd but will also give the entire area a uniform appeal. By giving the trade show exhibits an ambiance that resonates with the ideas and values of your brand, you will be able to bring personalization to your booth as well. You can also find out more about the different ways in which you can display visual content and use one that is unique and appealing.

Make it Interactive

Out of all the trade show booth ideas, this one is going to be one of the most effective. Introducing interactive features to your booth can increase the level of engagement of the audience significantly. Rather than using your content in conventional ways, try taking help from a touchscreen that can deliver digital content. By incorporating a touch screen, you will give visitors a chance to interact with your brand in a way that makes them feel in control. You can deliver quality content to the audience during their experience and make information delivery much more convenient.

Bottom Line

Customization and personalization of trade show display rentals can be achieved easily with the help of digital content. Without this, you will find it challenging to attract audience since there will be nothing that sets you apart from the competitors.

Customize Your Display Content

If you know the intended audience, you can use digital content that can attract their attention to the display. By doing this, you will be able to attract the right customer and create increased awareness. Customizing your digital content is an excellent way of amplifying the response that you get at the trade show.

Social Media Updates

By displaying regular social media updates on different screens, you can make the audience feel like a part of something bigger. The online engagement level of the visitors will increase significantly by using techniques such as coming up with a special hashtag or integrating live feeds. Doing this will also make the audience perceive your brand as being technologically advanced and will encourage them to follow your brand.

Testimonial Videos

You can also display testimonial reviews or videos within your custom exhibit booth so that the visitors are aware of what your brand is known for delivering. Testimonial videos can prove to be extremely effective when trying to build credibility amongst the audience. By being able to hear and read what other customers say about your brand, customers are more likely to feel positive about your brand.


If you have set up a competition or a contest for your custom exhibit booth you can display the leaderboard on a screen. Doing this will create interest amongst the audience and will make the participants feel like being a part of something important. However, make sure that the competition that you come up with resonates with the overall values of the brand, and the participants do not have a problem linking it to your brand.


With the help of technology, you can also communicate more about how the customers can use your product or services. Displaying product demonstration videos or tutorial videos is one of the best ways to show what problem your product solves and how. Furthermore, it helps make the process of using your products and services easier for the customers.

Bottom Line

Customization and personalization of trade show display rentals can be achieved easily with the help of digital content. Without this, you will find it challenging to attract audience since there will be nothing that sets you apart from the competitors.

6 Must-Haves to Developing a Successful 20 x 20 Trade Show Rental Display

20 x 20 Trade Show rental display

6 Tips to Developing a Successful 20 X 20 Trade Show Rental Display

As you make preparations for your next trade show booth, you will have to ensure that you are doing all you can to properly accessorize the booth properly. As per trade show experts, it is vital to draw attention to the booth without alienating any of your audience. There is something as too many bells and whistles on trade show booths; that being said, there is always some room for an effective 20 x 20 trade show booth rental display.

It is likely that your 20 x 20 trade show booth has modern looking display pedestals and illuminated signs and both are essential to look professional and get just the right amount of attention. However, in case you don’t have a well-designed and adequately placed 20 x20 trade show displays rental, it can be hard for attendees to locate your booth.

The attendees will quickly decide with a cursory glance at your trade show rental display whether or not they would like to visit your trade show booth. As a result, the wording and design of the board display can directly affect whether people would hear your message. These tips will make your 20 x 20 trade show rental display stand out from competitors.

Use Images And Color Wisely
You would like images and color to attract rather than distract your audience. So, do not use more than three or four contrasting colors for creating an eye-catching and attractive scheme that is not too dizzying or busy. All images you use should be vivid and clear.
It always pays to have your trade show rental displays professionally printed, as you do not want them to look homemade and unprofessional in the middle of savvy competitors.
Communicate Your Message In A Glance
Trade show displays could answer your audiences’ question or pose one; however, in order to capture the attention of the attendees you should give them a brief idea of what they actually stand to gain if they visit your trade show booth. This is why it is vital to develop a concise and clear theme and allow your message to dictate or control the rest of the design.
Keep It Simple
It can be tempting to deliver everyone your whole message on the display. However, keep in mind that people milling about in a busy room with plenty to do and see will not have much time to read. Rather, give them a few core points that can easily and quickly introduce your service or product.
Do Not Get Overly Technical
Even when you are attending a technical trade show, do not assume that the folks attending the show are knowledgeable or interested in highly technical things. A lot of companies usually send a non-tech representative or manager to attend the trade shows. So, it is vital to craft the message in a way that a layperson could understand it; and do not create a display that can intimidate non-techies.
Presentation Is Crucial
If you plan on putting your trade show poster on the side of your trade show booths 20 x20 , there are not too many details you have to get concerned with. On the other hand, if you plan to hang your poster over the booth, it is likely that you would need a good frame and it is better to have the poster printed on each side
Every Poster Should Have A Clear Purpose
Experts usually recommend having one trade show booth poster that has your company’s logo on it, and at least another poster that has the name of the product or service you are launching at that specific show. It is also ideal to consider an effective poster with your website address as well as a poster that shows off the big product which made your business popular. Just like every marketing campaign requires a focused and succinct message in order to be successful, the same is the case with your trade show displays. Keep in mind that nothing confuses a prospective customer more than a booth poster that attempts to talk about everything, but ends up talking about nothing. Do not make that mistake.

Here’s what you need to know about effective lead follow-up

exhibition stand

Here’s what you need to know about effective lead follow-up

Exhibitions are exorbitant, time consuming and surely take a lot of effort.

Effective follow up is one of the best ways to qualify your potential customers and generate maximum leads. The reality of the matter is that you have to strategize the exhibition stand for conveying the key message of your organization. However, it is similarly obvious that there are some other essential things that should be taken care of. Right from exhibition stand designs, picking a compelling modular exhibition stand or portable exhibition stand and getting the best rental exhibition stand, you would need to get the best of everything before you plan out the lead follow up.
Many exhibition shows tumble down with respect to lead improvement. Some of the reasons are weak capacity by exhibition stand staff individuals, nonappearance of individual information about the lead’s authentic essential and a considerable measure of time between the event and the lead follow up.
Along these lines, on the off chance that you’re placing assets into an exhibition stand or trade shows, here are our 5 simple yet effective procedures that would help you with development and empower you to profit through your venture.

  1. It is essential to anticipate your lead capture

Portray how you will assemble leads and what data you’ll collect. Recognizable proof check? Lead outline? Portray what qualifies as a ‘respectable’ lead, so you’ll know which ones to compose. Finally, endeavor and make several notes after the talk with your prospective customer who visits your exhibition stand. This will empower your visitors to tweak the follow up – which will be esteemed.

  1. Never pass up a major opportunity for a signed-up follow up strategy

In case you’ve gotten phone, email and office address, you can use them all as a part of a multi-station follow up approach. Use particular information and advancing security, so your leads see something past the flyer they got on your exhibition stand. If you got information about a specific need, make a point to address it. We realize that you more likely than not join a considerable measure of reasoning and arranging into exhibition stand design, however it is similarly critical to get this right atleast.

  1. Help through your brand’s key message

In the occasion that you’ve had a one of a kind offer, maxim or theme running as a segment of your exhibition stand design and strategy, it’s important that you help it through into your improvement. Phenomenal offers can be extended to your leads post-event also, so your leads will understand you’re coming to them and affecting them to feel novel.

  1. Try not to be in the confusion that your leads will approach you

The way that your leads stopped by your exhibition stand for a discussion and got a gift and a free pen doesn’t mean they’ll call you when they come back to the working environment. Remember your potential customer isn’t visiting only your exhibition stand. So, make sure that you approach to your visitors well in advance that you would be exhibiting.

  1. Maintain a personal relationship

In case you have to give your business an edge over others, make it individual, particular and extraordinary. Thank your leads for stopping by the exhibition stand, reveal to them you understand what they were getting some data about and insinuate something critical about them, for instance, the part they’re in or the area of your business. Moreover, guarantee that if they decided how they should be contacted, use that channel. Therefore, when your visitors comes to the exhibition stand or exhibition booth, be sure that you do not forget to take their contact details.

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Step by step guide – Cut cost and get a Captivating Exhibition Stand

Modular exhibition stand designs

Step by step guide – Cut cost and get a Captivating Exhibition Stand

The inspiration of customized exhibition stands at exhibitions and events is to pull in as extensive different people as possible to your exhibition stand. Everything considered, a productive show doesn't come easily, which implies you should outfit yourself with information about how to display your brand with best exhibition stands and exhibition stand design. We realize that customized exhibition stands for your shows are an awesome method to draw in most number of potential customers to your exhibition stand. In the meantime, we additionally realize that personalized and custom-made exhibition stands are costly and might hurt your pockets too. Along these lines, here are some ways that would enable you to get custom exhibition stand design and that too at an affordable price.

Supervising the use and extending benefits is a key factor for most associations and it can be difficult to achieve this from time to time. Purchasing a custom exhibition stand is one way to deal with this thought of you searching for the best exhibition stands.

It has been seen that the amount of money an organization may make from using a custom modular exhibition stand can be eaten up by the setting up the stand and other show costs. In this way, impacting these affects profitability as well. Subsequently, it is fundamental to scan for ways to deal with restrain overheads as associations endeavor to get the most out of using these features.

Here are some ways you can save your budget arrangement without surrendering how you will look to the target audience on the show day.

Purchase or rent lightweight modular exhibition stands

When you rent or buy lightweight, modular exhibition stands, you won't simply diminish the hidden cost of your show yet, you will in like manner reduce the costs of transportation and logistics as well. Again, these introductions don't infer that you desert the stamping. These modular exhibition stands come in different sizes and are portable, a comparative exhibition stand design too. With these sorts of exhibition booths and stands, it's possible to show up with the help of modular exhibition stands using one versatile unit. There are various exhibition stands that are modular and can be best for your particular needs. Modular exhibition stand designs are attractive as well, and you can contact the reliable exhibition stand contractors to get the best way out.

you require and moreover scan for some free upgrades

We do see that a large number of exhibitors habitually get exhibitors enlisting, just to wipe out a few days before the show. With this data, you can plan exhibition stands with your record administrator. If there are any cancelations, it's possible there will be some empty exhibition space close to yours. The organization of exhibitions would ideally empower you to use the space rather than have their show floor look empty. Modular exhibition stand designs or portable exhibition stand designs can help you with some upgrades from the last exhibition stand that you have used. Therefore, never lose an opportunity to get your exhibition space and match up your exhibition stand.

Reusing the exhibition materials

You can similarly reuse some of your customized exhibition stands by reusing them for your next exhibition, so guarantee you store them safely. With everything taken into account, using a custom exhibition stand that is exciting and prepared to overhaul profit realizes a productive show. These decisions are expected to empower you to administer costs while moreover gaining more ground in your next show. Therefore, using exhibition stands and exhibition stand designs over and over again is not a bad idea. It can cut cost and offer you a reliable customized exhibition stand design as well.

Plan and framework amazing customized exhibition stand designs

The key parts that your target audience will find in the underlying couple of minutes are the exhibition stand designs. Persistently ensure that your shows have not so much substance but instead more alluring exhibition stand designs. Your delineations should, in like manner, be anything besides hard to comprehend, especially to your target customers. If you have to incorporate a couple of lines of substance, ensure that the message is concise and clear.

Five Awesome Reasons to Exhibit


Five awesome reasons to exhibit

Despite the size of your organization, the occasion, exhibitions and trade shows give a magnificent chance to gather qualified leads, influence deals, to manufacture connections and substantially more to brand your organization.

Live marketing of the exhibition can help in a number of ways. The exhibitions are a grand stage to market your brand in the best possible way. You can showcase your brand, products and services to a large audience base and help to gather maximum potential customers. Apart from this, you should get in the best pop up booths for trade shows, if you have been given a smaller exhibiting space. It is sometimes upon you to get the exhibit space but on the other hand, at times when you do not get a bigger space to exhibit, you can then get modular exhibition stands that can fit in best. Right from getting portable exhibition display stands, portable exhibition booth, popup banner stands, or modular exhibition stands, you should get the best to exhibit your brand.

Be it by means of displaying, indicate sponsorship or association bundles, exhibitions offer organizations genuine 'consent' advertising, dissimilar to the 'interruptive' options. Here are five awesome reasons why you ought to put resources into promoting your exhibition.

1. Less work, all the more satisfying

Potential customers accumulated at occasions require less push to close. Research says that exhibitions that lone 0.8 calls are expected to close a qualified exhibition lead, as compared with 3.7 calls to bring a run of the mill business deal to a close. Additionally, 54% of all requests put because of an exhibition lead require no individual follow-up visit, as indicated by other surveys and researches. All the more, it is important to see that the portable exhibition stand design or modular exhibition stand design do bring in more number of customers when the exhibition stand design is right.

2. Focused edge

Exhibitions offer your organization another chance to emerge from the group. You can eclipse the opposition with all around prepared exhibition stand staff, awesome pre-demonstrate advancement, compelling exhibition stand design, and reliable follow-up after the show. Likewise, exhibition show participants utilize the chance to 'examination shop'. So this is your opening to call attention to where your brand is prevalent - in execution, valuing, benefit, and so on.

3. Crisp appearances

The bustling surveys say that exclusive 12% of the normal exhibitor's exhibition stand activity has been reached by that business in the past a year - the staying 88% are new prospects. Moreover, B2B exhibitions bring in larger number of visitors. 82% have more purchasing impact for your products or administrations, and 49% are currently looking to purchase.

4. All the more value for your money

Displaying at an exhibition is a standout amongst the most practical routes for your organization to achieve qualified crowds. As indicated by a popular survey it is seen that the normal cost per guest came to at a public exhibition is $166, while the normal cost of a field deals call is $269. You can do the math.

5. Exposure

You can achieve more prospects in three days at an exhibition than your business power can in three months. Meeting prospects and drawing in close and personal connection is additionally the speediest method to assemble network.

So, you might be in a dilemma whether or not to participate in an exhibition show. You might be planning a lot for your next show that you have fixed. You might get the exhibition stand and exhibition stand design plan ready but if you are wondering what makes exhibitions so special, then keep these handy to know awesome reasons that exhibitions are made u of.

Exhibitions – The perfect platform to market your Brand

exhibition stand design

Exhibitions – The perfect platform to market your Brand

An exhibition show is a great platform that helps you to exhibit your products and services along with communicating the key message of your brand. Exhibitions bring in a large number of business opportunities, potential customers, new doors of brand commitments and so on. It is dependent upon you how you bring your brand the acknowledgment in a genuine situation. Different factors, for example, your exhibition stands, exhibition stand design, the striking new exhibition stand design ideas, etc. are essential as they give early introduction of your brand and says a lot about your organization. It characterizes the potential new leads. Showcasing your company through creative exhibition stands can have a considerable measure of effect in increasing new business.
Let us take a look at some of the things that make it a great point as to what makes exhibitions a great platform for showcasing your brand efficiently:

  • Know that your brand image is vital

One should be aware that the brand image of the company is important, and the exhibitor should promote the same in the most appropriate manner. The exhibition stand design and the promotional ideas are a few of the important elements that would help to make your brand the highlight of the show. Make sure to put for the compelling exhibition stand design ideas and bring the same in the exhibition stand design to get the most out of your exhibition stands. The platform of exhibition shows can make your brand the center of attraction, if you do the things right.

  • Get an exhibition stand that speaks for your brand

Your exhibition stand says a lot about your brand or organization. To communicate well with your target customers and give a bespoke administration to them through your brand, have an exhibition stand that itself welcomes the visitors and appreciate your brand. Offer your visitors the right seating arrangements and let them feel comfortable. Get some information about their needs and ask how your brand can help them with the same. An exhibition stand, whatever the size may be should be identical to your brand image and your company values.


  • Exhibitions helps in increasing brand nearness

Exhibition stands allow an organization to make a physical nearness of their image that they plan to advertise. One of the best preferred standpoint of displaying your brand through an exhibition stand is that you’re not obliged to the visual feeling of a site. A decent exhibition stand design and assemble can have a ton of effect in making your brand the feature of a show. A renowned exhibition stand designer and contractor can enable you to accomplish this. The message your brand wishes to pass on need not be the most powerful one, but it ought to have the capacity to convey about your brand that can be effortlessly prepared by the group of visitors.
An amazing exhibition stand design can transform the show visitors into potential customers. An exhibition stand ought to have the capacity to make your kin to work easily and market the brand. This gives them the certainty of taking care of your business. An exhibition stand ought to be with the end goal that the organizers feel sufficiently sure to showcase your brand and your organization.
There are a number of exhibition shows happening all around the year. As an exhibitor, you need to figure out which are the shows you would be targeting. Also, ensure that you contact the stand designer from your exhibiting location itself. For instance, if you are showcasing in Dubai, be sure to exhibit with , which will help you get the right stand design and appropriate support from the builders and contractors too.

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8 Important things before Participating in an Exhibition Show

exhibition stand builders

8 Important things before Participating in an Exhibition Show

There is a lot to understand when it comes to exhibiting at an exhibition show or event. Your brand name, the products and services that you are exhibiting with, and the exhibition stand design and build, everything needs proper focus. But do you know what it takes to have a successful exhibition show.
Here are 8 things you should know before displaying a product or your brand at various shows that will presumably enable any novice or a professional exhibitor!
1. Once you make the exhibition participating plans, be sure to contact the best exhibition stand builders. Choose exhibition stand builders from the location where the show is. For instance, if your exhibition is at Dubai, contact exhibition stand builders from Dubai to get the most of your show
2. Avoid packing your exhibition stand with superfluous articles and adornments however have enough of them so it doesn’t look too much. Search for those exhibition stand designs that can pass on the message of your brand perfectly through your exhibition stand
3. Apart from having great exhibition stand designs and imaginative exhibition stand graphics ensure that you recognize everybody that strolls by. You may run over numerous exhibitors at various kinds of shows that don’t attempt to connect with the target customers. Connecting with and recognizing the exhibition guests will influence them to need to stop by your exhibition stand. Individuals like being taken note
4. When it comes to exhibition stand builders, ensure that you work with those who are best at their work and have worked with quite a few brands. This will help you to understand their portfolio as well
5. If you are showcasing at an outdoor exhibition show, then it is important to know that you should pick an exhibition stand that is designed as per the outdoor location. So, communicate to your exhibition stand builders that you are showcasing at an outdoor location, so that they can design an exhibition stand that is sturdy, water resistant and can withstand any weather. This will help you to exhibit successfully even when the weather or outdoor location does not support you
6. After the show gets over, it is totally important to keep the exhibition stand securely. The parts of exhibition stands are either broken or lost, regardless of how tired you are, ensure that you deliberately put the exhibition stands away. Exhibitions or events are exorbitant and it is important to deal with your speculation. Most exhibition stands last between 3 to 5 years, if you have taken good care of the exhibition stands
7. Everything lies in your imagination to deal with your exhibition planning. This won’t just intrigue, yet will give your stall visitors a superior comprehension about your brand
8. Touch screens are an intuitive method to show any business. Make exhibition stands and stand designs that are flawlessly done with intelligent innovation
There are a number of ways to look at the things that you should do before participating in an exhibition show. But you need to know which vital elements suit you well and what you need to do to successfully exhibit at an exhibition. Do not forget that your competitors are also working towards the same and therefore you need to be a notch ahead of your competition. So, be sure to keep these 8 powerful and successful points in mind so that you can utilize these in real life and incorporate the same to your exhibition stand and have a successful show. Connect with a reliable exhibition stand design and builder company in Dubai and other regions to get the best exhibition stand.

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Tips to prepare a strong sales team for your next show

Exhibition stands

Tips to prepare a strong sales team for your next show

A successful exhibition show is the result of great team work and the amalgamation of various factors. Many exhibitors concentrate solely on the presentation of their exhibition stands. They will go out of the way to hire the best exhibition design companies for their exhibition stand design and not pay much needed attention to other factors.
Sure, exhibition stands do play a very crucial role in getting your brand noticed at the show and even attracting the majority of the crowd towards your booth, but there are various other factors as well that play an important role in making your exhibition investment a profitable one. Chief among them is your sales staff.
The staff that you hire for your exhibition stands can either help you to achieve your marketing goals or it could even be responsible for your below average performance at the show. A good sales team will help you achieve more than just your marketing goals. It will help to build a positive brand image and strengthen consumer- brand relationship.
In this article, we give some helpful tips to build and prepare a strong sales team for your next show.

  1. Recruiting mustn’t be taken lightly

    Hiring is a very important aspect. If you hire the right people for your exhibition stands then you have already accomplished a great deal. You will easily get sales persons for cheap but shelling out more money to hire good salesperson will help you in the long run. Also you need to be clear about your brand personality while hiring your staff. If you brand is in the cosmetic department it is advisable that you hire young female staff. If your sales people look like credible source, more and more visitors will seek advice from them which could be highly profitable for your brand.

  2. Product training is crucial

    Before you send off your sales staff to the exhibitions stands you need to thoroughly train them about your brand and product. Unlike your showroom staff your sales team doesn’t get enough time and hands on experience to learn about your brand and products hence it is very important to provide them with intensive training. This will prepare them for the questions throw at them at the fair ground.

  3. Don’t avoid staff briefing

    Staff briefing is not like the intensive training you need to give your staff. It is more like last minute instructions. You need to give strict instructions to your staff to be professional and courteous to the visitors at all times. Long hours can be taxing and it is likely that during the final hours the sales staff may get lethargic and irresponsible. Hence you need to brief them before in order to avoid such instances.

  4. A strict dress code is important

    Uniforms are an easy way to make your sales team look professional and presentable. Just make sure that the uniform goes well with your exhibition stand design and matches your brand colors. Matching the uniforms of your sales team to the colour of your exhibition stands will help you present a coherent image that is visually pleasing as well.

  5. Reward your team

    Mostly importantly pay your sales team well. A good allowance and salary will keep your staff motivated to work harder. You can also give them incentives for every deal they crack; this will build a competitive atmosphere in your exhibition stand and even boost sales.

Ultimately your sales team at exhibitions, represents your brand, hence make sure that they are well trained and competent enough to handle your clients.

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Build Your Brand at The Trade Shows

trade show display rentals

Ways of Building Your Brand at The Trade Shows

The marketing goal of the trade show is for creating awareness of your brand, company, products, services etc. In the trade show, there are various other exhibitors who have the same goal. No one wants to be the second-best and wants to lead the industry. You want to be seen as a high-end brand, a high quality manufacturer of high tech products who is a great innovator.
Here are few ways of building brand awareness at the trade shows:

  1. Use bigger exhibit

    When you have a big booth size, the audience automatically wants to come and see the products. If you can afford it, you should go for a bigger and taller exhibit for bombarding them with your products and catching their attention. But if your key audiences don’t fit in the same trade shows, you can go for smaller booths at multiple exhibits.


  1. The power of graphic content

    When you use bright graphics with big images (illustrations and pictures) and bold colours, you are more likely to catch their attention effectively. You need to place lesser items in your booth and make them appear larger for maximum impact. You can take the help of exhibition stand contractors for making your visuals get placed at the best possible heights


  1. The impact of 3D designs

    You should create the designs which can be viewed from all the four sides. You need to place the best graphics on the exhibit side for creating maximum brand awareness. Brand logos look the best in 3D.


  1. Your messages for the exhibit should always be based on the priority level

    For your Detroit trade show display rentals, you must always make sure that your messages are places according to the level of importance. The brand should be understood clearly and there should be no confusion between the name of the company and the name of the products.


  1. Other marketing methods should be used consistently

    Social media, brochures, advertisements etc should be taken seriously for strengthening your brand position


  1. Your brand should never only be limited to your logo

    The overall experience of the audience should be more than just being limited to your logo placement. Your brand is the position that you occupy in the market, the personality and value of your company to the customers.


  1. Create an immersive environment

    This activates the brand in the psyche of the audience and makes them remember the overall experience that they had at your trade show display rentals Detroit. High-tech experience is needed for promoting the high-tech brand. You need to ask your exhibition stand contractors for help in creating such a grand experience.


  1. Don’t stick to one show

    For reaching key audiences, exhibit at as many trades shows as possible.


  1. Introduce your brand ambassadors

    This does not only include your CEO but also the people who are experts at understanding your brand. Introduce guest speakers and employ some celebs for endorsing your brand.


  1. Promote more and more

    The pre-show and post-show promotions work like a magic in creating brand awareness. Giveaways attract more people and help people in remembering your brand even once the event is over.


  1. Engage in a press meet

    Press is the best influencers who can make your brand reach the level of heights. Bloggers, industry press, analysts and social media people can give positive reviews for your brand which would make it reach the heights.

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Interactive Activities at Trade Show Booths

Trade Show Booths

The Best Examples of Interactive Activities at Trade Show Booths

Holding the attention of the visitor is not an easy task but it is imperative to do so. It is a critical component to do so to make your convention booth displays a success. For gaining maximum leads, you need to engage your visitors in your booth and hold their interest. However, this is easier said than done.
Using trade show games are one of the most interesting and effective approaches for user engagement at trade show booth displays Miami. It is also cost effective and can help in boosting performance. It also enhances brand awareness. Here are some of the game ideas that can be used in all kinds of trade show display stands for industries.

  1. The Prize Vault

The basic idea of the game is to keep a high-value product or money in the vault and make the attendees guess it. If the attendee manages to guess the code, then he/she wins the prize kept inside the vault. You can even hand out customised branded (your company’s brand) consolation prizes to the attendees who try to guess. You can collect their information and also make them get thrilled about the prospect of winning for free.

  1. The Prize Decoder

With this, you can design and print the branded tickets to various prize choices. You can hand out large print tickets to the high-value client and even use blank tickets for collecting information before the show happens. When the attendees visit your booth, they can insert their ticket into your prize decoder and this would tell them about the prize won. This method is a little expensive but manages to increase user engagement at trade show booth display rentals in Miami.

  1. Use of Interactive games

With endless varieties, interactive games vary with the variety of offered products, services and type of shows. Finding an interactive game that can basically reflect on your exhibiting presence is stimulating and important. It shows your creativity but it should not be selected solely on the basis of entertainment. It should be selected to make sure of the return it gives.

  • Golf Simulator: This game is specially tailored to the golf industry. Adding this to your trade show is a great option. Golf products can be tested out via this and even help in increasing your brand identity. It creates a buzz about your show and the product that you offer.
  • Xbox Kinetic: These vary according to the industry that you choose to represent. Choose the game according to the need and type of the industry.
  • Cornhole: This game involves tossing bean bags into the hole of your opponent’s board. This is a cost effective method and the elongated time period can give time for user engagement.


  1. The lucky drawings

Ask the visitors near your convention booth displays to drop their business cards into the bowl and give them a ticket. Tell them that during the drawing, they must be present to claim their prize at your trade show display stands. This is an inexpensive way of creating a buzz and leads to increase in sales.

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