Brand Activation Ideas

Innovative brand activation ideas that leave a powerful impression

If you aren’t engaging in below the line marketing activities such as exhibitions and brand activation, then you are not using your marketing potential to its full capacity. Exhibitions and brand activation activities bring your brand into the spotlight and give you access to reach and engage untapped market.
Off late, many brands and companies are engaging in brand activation in full swing. Brand activation is merely activating your brand presence in the market and imprinting your brand image on the psyche of your customer. The main goal is to achieve effective customer engagement, market penetration and increasing brand recall value, which hard-hitting brand activation ideas are known to achieve. There are various kinds of brand activation activities a brand can indulge in; be it mall activation, society activation or corporate activation.
If you are looking for a skilled company to provide you with innovative brand activation ideas then your search ends here.

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Partner with EDS Middle East for cutting edge brand activation ideas

In the MENA region, if there is one name you can totally rely on for out of the box brand activation solution, then it is EDS Middle East. We at EDS Middle East offer a host of brand activation solutions especially crafted for varied experiential spaces. Our tailored solutions will help you engage maximum visitors be it corporate activation or mall activation. Depending on your preferred location, budget and marketing requirement you can choose from a variety of brand activation ideas that we have to offer.
Established in 2008, EDS Middle East has provided exhaustive brand activation solutions to come of the biggest brands and companies. Our solutions are customized so that they resonate with your brand image and help to increase your brand recall value in the market.

We believe in providing our clients with top quality stands and kits and that is why we manufacture them in our in-house highly advance manufacturing plant in Dubai. Our Swiss-quality stands and kits help you make a powerful statement and gain high return on investment.
We provide complete range of services to our clients ranging from designing, production, graphic printing, logistics, assembly and dismantling of the brand activation kit as well.
Once you partner with EDS Middle East, you can be assured of original and creative brand activation ideas that are guaranteed to make your brand a force to reckon with.