Backdrops for Brand Activation and events

backdrop display stand is easy way to lift a promotional design and attract crowd to your brand. A booth design is never complete without a striking backdrop. Backdrop not only acts as a wall but also helps you convey your key message. There are various types of backdrops available in the market. To help you select the perfect backdrop that matches your brand image and enhance your booth design, we bring you a list of various backdrops available in the market.




Pop up Backdrop

Pop up backdrops are easy to install and are generally made for compact spaces and smaller stands. They are easy to dismantle as well. The major benefit of opting for pop backdrops is that they don’t take too much man power either. They give an attractive look to the stand. Expo Prestige is a revolutionary design in pop up display stand backdrop, check it out here. It can also be accessorized as per your needs such as provisions for product display, screen mounting and high branding.

Fabric Pop up

Fabric pop ups are very similar to vinyl pop up backdrops with fabric; the only difference is that they use fabric substrate for printing instead of vinyl. Fabric pop ups are lighter in weight, when compared to vinyl. Off late with UV printing machines and advanced printing technology fabric pop display are giving vinyl backdrops a tough competition. Backdrops printed on these machines are high resolution and are very sharp.



Backdrop with TV screen

Backdrops with screens are gaining a lot of popularity these days. If you want to showcase your various products, product features or any other information related to your product then you need a backdrop with led screen or a TV screen. Led screen are slightly more expensive than conventional LCD screens but are lighter to carry and assemble at your booth. Backdrops with TV screens make your stall, stand-out in the crowd and even help to deliver your key message to your audience in a dynamic display.

Outdoor Backdrop Display

Outdoor backdrop displays, as the name suggests are used for outdoor activities. The displays and backdrops made specifically for indoors are lighter in weight; outdoor backdrops are heavier and made to withstand the weather. They are made of sturdy material and hence are heavier. Outdoor backdrop display can be made either with vinyl or good quality fabric. Highline is specifically created for outdoor displays. It is not only stable and robust but it is sleek and classy as well.