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6 Tips to Have a Noticeable & Engaging Exhibition Stand

6 Tips to Have a Noticeable & Engaging Exhibition Stand

6 Tips to Have a Noticeable & Engaging Exhibition Stand

It goes without saying that, exhibitions and conferences are one of the most cost-effective mediums for many exhibitors to market their products or services to their target audience. Moreover, it has been a real game-changer for many companies. No wonder why, a lot of fortune 500 companies as well as the SME’s are investing a great deal of money in creative display stand design

and make every effort to have a noticeable stand appearance. Nevertheless, in this digital era, it is very crucial to stay trendy at exhibitions, so as to stand out from your competitors. Here are a few handy tips to bear in mind that will help you to create a show-stopping exhibition stand design.

Keeping it clear, consistent, concise

Colours & Images will Work Wonders

A confusing exhibition display is never successful. Ensure that every element on your display such as your leaflets and printouts or the way that you brief your sales staff is consistent, concise and clear. If you have had a recent rebrand, ensure that your booth display reflects this change. Using your old ones can appear unprofessional and will project mixed messages to your consumers. Keep your marketing message clear and concise, leaving the finer details to be explained on your handouts and additional literature.

Whether it’s a cityscape exhibition or any other exhibition in the Middle East, using vibrant colours at your exhibition stand will instantly bring a sense of vibrancy to your overall stand space. Moreover, colours help in influencing our mood and boosting our memory retention. Along with colours, your exhibition graphics are equally important. People remember what they see and images process much faster than texts. Your images should be sharp, intriguing and relevant to your target group.

Analyze Your Brand

Use Latest Technologies

While creating your marketing plan, you should always analyze your brand image and keep in mind your target group. Just having bold and eye-catching exhibition graphics is not enough. In order to be prominent and invite more visitors to your stand display, your exhibition marketing activities should portray compelling words that will emotionally connect with your target group.

In this digital era, if you are not using the most modern gadgets & technologies, then you are inevitably giving your competitors a straight win. Why? Because your competitors are!  Using virtual reality or artificial intelligence like Alexa and Siri will instantly make your display look trendy, attention-grabbing and youth-centric.

Be Prominent for the Right Intention

Create a Theme-Centric Booth

Every exhibitor desires of staying ahead of the game from their competitors, and just having a creative display stand design is not enough. Standing out for the right purpose is essential. You need to keep an eye on what’s trending in the exhibition industry and accordingly plan & execute your exhibition ideas. Moreover, your booth graphics should resonate with your marketing campaigns and explain clearly what you and your business is all about.

While selecting a theme for your stand, you should have a branding or a marketing objective. For instance, if you are participating in exhibitions for a new product launch for the automobile industry, then you should select a theme at your exhibition stand accordingly. Make sure your theme is appealing, engaging as well as professional.

All in all, these are just a few valuable tips, but they can go a long way in improving the effectiveness of your display stand.

By keeping in mind these simple yet effective ways you will not only keep your visitors engaged at your display stand space but also boost your brand appeal.

How to select the Best Exhibition Location on the Fairground

How To Select The Best Exhibition

How to select the Best Exhibition Location on the Fairground

In today’s age, exhibiting has become one of the powerful marketing medium for marketers to promote their product or services directly to your target audience. This face-to-face marketing enables you to achieve brand awareness and lead generation objectives. It is observed that the major percentage of your exhibition budget comes under your exhibit space.  Just like in real estate, site is everything in an exhibition. It is a crucial element that will help you yield the result you aim for.  Moreover, not all exhibition spaces are created equal for customize exhibition stand in Dubai. Therefore, it is vital to finance sensibly in your stand space.

Here’s how you can choose the right exhibition location at your next event

Reserve the Exhibition Spot Early

Look out for your Competitors

The key to selecting the right exhibition space for your next year exhibition in Dubai is to book as early as possible. Several organisers offer the succeeding year’s bookings after the current show ends. So, once the show is over, you can inquire about the opening of next year’s booking. This will enable you to have the liberty to choose among various stand positions, and sizes but would also be budget-friendly as you can avail early bird discounts. So, plan ahead and be prepare for the exhibition show participation calendar for the following year. Get in touch with the organisers, ask for the floor plan, and reserved the best spot.

Just like other marketing platforms, it is important to keep a tab on your competitors at exhibitions. For this, you could get in touch with your show organisers to get a clear picture of where exactly your direct competitors are located. You might avoid an exhibition location close to your major contenders. But, being close to your competitors would guarantee more traffic as your target audience would be nearby. If you have designed a dynamic stand and successfully market it pre-show, then you should not be afraid of being next to your competitors.

Understanding the Traffic Flow

Know your Neighbours

Exposure and visibility depend directly on the location of your customize exhibition stand in Dubai show. Therefore, before you begin searching for an appropriate space, it is extremely vital to study the traffic arrangement in the hall entrances and departures for stands in exhibition management.

It is observed that there is a steady flow of traffic in areas such as canteen areas, corporate lounges, conferences, etc. so, it is recommended to study the floor plan to choose the best spot. Generally, exhibitors choose spots near the entrance for foot traffic, but several visitors tend to by-pass these positions. Also, organisers demand a high price for exhibition stand design space at the entrance.

Your neighbours will have an influence on your brand. Suppose all of your neighbours are from the similar industry this might affect stands in exhibition management and result in industry marsh. Setting an exhibition stand near a business leader can help entice attendees to visit your stand. Also, being next to a corresponding stand will profit you as you can refer visitors to each other’s exhibition stands.

Focusing on your Objectives

What are your goals for participating in an exhibition? Whether you want to schedule meetings with existing and potential clients or want to create a buzz about your brand and drive traffic; your goals are a support to your booth selection. If you’re planning to conduct meetings, then you would require a separate area for meeting in your booth.

In contrast, if you need to create buzz, then you need to be in front or centre, which is a high traffic area that draws visitors into your booth space. Picking the right spot at an exhibition involves major investment while participation at an event apart from your exhibition stand design price.

So, never settle for any space the organiser randomly offers. Choose a space that you find comfy because you don’t want your efforts to go in vain. We hope you have a successful exhibiting experience at your next show in Dubai!

6 Ways to Attract Crowds to Your Stall Design in Dubai

6 Innovative Ways To Attract Crowds To Your Stall Design In Dubai
How to select the Best Exhibition Location on the Fairground

6 Innovative Ways to Attract Crowds to Your Stall Design in Dubai

Exhibiting in a dog-eat-dog competition at an exhibition can be daunting and at the same time challenging too. Many creative activities take place at every stall. At a ground where each one is striving hard to be their best; a slight error in your graphics, lights, or your overall booth presentation can distract your attendees from visiting your exhibition stand.

The best way to shine out from your competitors is by partnering with an experienced stand builder Dubai. They can provide you with unique and award-winning exhibition stand ideas that will assist you to have a powerful impression on your audience. To help you further, here are a few proven tips that will help you in attracting attendees to your display stall in Dubai.

  • Do Pre-Show Promotions A great way to enhance your presence is to tell people beforehand that you will be attending the show. Take to social media and let your current network know when and where your business will be attending the show. Share your booth number so people can easily find you in the show and list a few exciting activities that you will carry out at your stand space.
  • Focus on Your Booth Design It is imperative that your display design in Dubai is attractive as well as presentable. Use of attractive colours and graphics are some ways to make your booth sleek and visually appealing. The best way to achieve this is by seeking the expertise of experienced exhibition companies in Dubai. A skilled stand builder will incorporate your input in the best possible way, keeping in mind the target audience.
  • QR Codes Would Come in Handy You should tell your exhibition stand contractor UAE to put a QR code on the design of your display booth. By incorporating this visitors can quickly scan the code on their phones and end up on a website of your choice. You can lead to your website or a helpful YouTube video. Whatever you do, you need to make sure that you direct them to a page that provides valuable business information.
  • Have a Separate Meeting Room Integrating a separate meeting area into your stall space will allow you to do business peacefully. While exhibiting, attendees will always be bombarded with plenty of elevator pitches, various booth designs, and exhibition graphics and in this busy trade show hall, it is not easy for you to make a deal. You should have a separate meeting room in your stall space with a welcoming environment where you can sit and talk over a cup of coffee.
  • Have Some Interactions at Your Booth When going over creative ideas for display stands, plan to have some interaction area. This is an excellent strategy to not only bring people over but to give them a hands-on experience with your products. The more familiar people are with your products and business, the higher the chances are that your sales team will be able to sign them on.
  • Play with Lights Fairy lights or light boxes can surely be a game changer and can give an instant face-lift to your display stand design. It not only enlightens your exhibiting space area but emphasizes your products and brings them to life. Beautifying your stall space with colourful LED lights allow your products to be the star of the show and invites many attendees to your display booth for a closer look.

Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Attract Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

Sure-Fire Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

The common motive of any company participating in an exhibition is to sell their product or services to their potential customers by promoting or creating brand awareness.

While planning for an exhibition, you’ll want to ensure that a significant number of people visit your exhibition stand as well as engage with your brand.  For this, here are some of the few exhibition stand ideas that will not only help in grabbing the visitor’s attention but also help them turning into qualified leads.

  • Who doesn’t love free stuff? ‘Free’ word excites us all. Giving away promotional items for free is a great way to attract customers to your exhibition stand To ensure that your branding is done the right way, give away free prizes that reflect your brand. This way, your potential customer will happily take home something valuable and at the same time, you will promote your brand by leaving a lasting impression in your customer’s mind.
  • Integrating digital elements into your booth space is one of the great exhibition stand ideas that will make a lasting impression on your audience. This will help your brand be updated with the latest trends. There are different types of exhibition displays which have touch screens incorporated along with interactive effects or graffiti walls that enable writing or drawing on digital screens.
  • In order to make your exhibition booth appealing, you need to interact with your target audience either through social media walls or games and quizzes that actually involves visitors in an activity and indirectly gets them involved in your brand.

So, the next time you plan for your exhibition remember these effective exhibition stand ideas that will make your exhibition stand more memorable and help you engage with new prospects efficiently.

Backed by an experience of over three decades, Expo Display Services is one of the illustrious exhibition stand design contractor in Europe that offers awe-inspiring ideas for your exhibition stand  that surely make a difference. With quality being our prime concern, we strive to deliver the best turnkey solutions for all your exhibition requirements.

8 important factors you must consider before participating in an exhibition

What Is 8 Important Factors Before Participating in Exhibition

We Will Help you in Participating In Exhibition

Ask yourself the right questions

Exhibitions are a profitable venture, especially when you have a definite marketing objective. Without a definite objective you end up not making the expected ROI.

You may ask how do I determine my marketing or exhibition objective.Exhibitors must contemplate the purpose behind their decision to participate in the exhibition. Whom do they want to reach out to? Detailed discussions internally about what are the objectives behind their decision to participate in an exhibition with complete clarity helps in gearing up properly for a show and lays out the guidelines whereby they can tangibly calculate their ROI.

  • Do your homework first : Before embarking on participating in an exhibition participation , exhibitors must first evaluate the shows they plan to be in. Attending the exhibitions as visitors can get you a lot of information about the exhibition. Studying the visitor patterns, the current participants, past reviews of the exhibition, studying the buying trends.
  • Now identify the exhibitions : Once your homework is in place, it becomes easier for you to pick and choose the ones you feel are the right ones for you to be a part of. You now know the exhibitions attended by your target customers and what they are interested in. If you have evaluated the exhibitions properly during your homework, you will also know what products to display and which new products you must demonstrate.

Exhibition Participation

  • Geographical location of the exhibition is very important : Prior research has shown that a majority of visitors to any major exhibition comes from around 400 kms radius of the exhibition. This helps you to focus quite accurately on what to expect, the kind of market that the exhibition attracts, the industries that lie around the exhibition city, so you are well prepared to cater to your target market with products and solutions that work in that particular market.
  • Watch out for rival/competing exhibitions : You must make sure that no other similar exhibitions are coincidentally taking place at the same time as the exhibition you plan to participate in. If similar exhibitions take place during or very close to the dates of your exhibition, it may affect the numbers of visitors negatively and may impact your marketing and sales plans.
  • Try To Avoid First Time Exhibitions : It is better to avoid exhibitions that are being launched for the first time. The exhibition organizers may be very persuasive with great statistics, attractive advertising, and low prices, but you can never be sure of the kind of attendees and companies that will ultimately come to the show. good and long track record is always the clever thing to do and quite risk-free. Participate in exhibitions that are well known and attract a good number of visitors.
  • Choose your exhibition stand space carefully : Before booking your exhibition stand space, you must study the floor plan carefully. Depending upon what you want to achieve in the exhibition, you must see the flow of the traffic, whether you want to be near the entrance or exit of the hall, or do you want to be near the food court or other facilities or do you want to be near a major competitor. Avoiding pillars, blind spots, dead ends and ill-lit areas is always a good thing.

Participating In Exhibition

  • Take the help of an experienced exhibition stand contractor : Getting the services of a good stand contractor Dubai with a proven track record can be a very clever move. A good exhibition stand contractor will help you in designing your exhibition stand and the graphics. They will also advise you on the kind of shows to attend and will also execute your whole project, right from designing, printing, manufacturing, transporting and installing and dismantling your exhibition stand. A reputed exhibition stand contractor will make sure that you have a completely stress free and at the same time successful,

Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Design Stands

5 Benefits Of Hiring Professionals To Design Your Exhibition Stand In Dubai

5 Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Design Your Exhibition Stand in Dubai

An exhibition provides a massive platform for your company to promote your latest inventions to customers, investors, and a range of other interested parties. Since exhibitions are such crucial and impactful events, having an attractive and engaging exhibition stand design is a must. So it is better to design your booth from an experienced exhibition stand contractor in Dubai.

Hiring veteran exhibition stand design companies in Dubai is one of the key success factors of your event. Apart from providing extraordinary booth design ideas, there are numerous other benefits of hiring an expert to create your exhibition stand design.

We have listed a few reasons as to why you should consider hiring a professional booth partner for designing your exhibition stand in the most attractive manner.

Concept Development
Developing a concept can be one of the services that an exhibition stand professional can offer. They will be having years of experience in designing exhibition stands for a numerous companies from a wide range of industries. Also, they will be having a better understanding of what type and size of exhibition stand will be ideal for your company. Based on that information, they will create an attention-grabbing exhibition stand design within your budget.
Creating an extraordinary exhibition stand design
Every brand exhibiting in the exhibition fairground wants to stand out from its competitors and in such a dog-eat-dog environment standing out from the competition can be a daunting task. In such cases, hiring an exhibition stand contractor Dubai is always beneficial. The exhibition stand company you hire will assist you with creative booth design ideas that will help you in generating maximum leads at your exhibition stand.
Comprehensive Services
Hiring an exhibition stand professional can be time-saving. Nowadays, many exhibition stand design companies in Dubai provide a dedicated project management team who looks after the paperwork as well as handles every aspect of exhibition stand design. So during your exhibition, they will do all the legwork, while you can focus on your exhibition stand marketing. Moreover, if the exhibition stand partner you hire is backed-up with a vast experience, then you will eventually have a smooth work process. Also, they will have sufficient brand knowledge and knows what you want to achieve from that exhibition.
Creating a Good First Impression during your event
With an amazing and robust exhibition stand, exhibitors can create a good impression on clients during the exhibition. It is essential since some clients also evaluate how owners present their products. So, by having an eye-catching exhibition stand design, you can impress your existing clients and potential leads.
Meet deadlines
Generally, when you are shipping your exhibition stand to the show, you typically have a limited amount of time to get your booth delivered. Also, for large events, there might be a window of a few hours. Having years of experience in packing and shipping exhibition stands, booth contractors understand the importance of prompt delivery and are familiar with what it takes to guarantee the timely delivery of your shipments. Investing in a team of good exhibition stand designers is the biggest and the best move you can do. It is not only cost-effective and time-saving but also helps in lead generation and brand reinforcement. Therefore, while planning for your next exhibition stand make sure you are investing in a team of experienced exhibition stand design companies in Dubai so as to be prominent and earn excellent returns from your next exhibition.

Four factors to consider when participating in trade show


Four factors to consider when participating in a trade show

To participate in a trade show is a large undertaking. There are so many steps to take before you can end up on the show floor; it becomes hard to prioritise which ones are crucial for the health of your ROI. So here are the five factors we consider as important for your trade show participation.

The best time to book your exhibition space this year, was last year. Booking your exhibition stand design well in advance is crucial, if you want extract the most benefit out of your exhibition stand design. Booking your space well in advance, allows you a variety of choices when deciding how you want your stand to be positioned and where you would want it to be placed. Some trade show organisers provide their spaces at discounted rates to exhibitors who book early. So don’t wait to get in touch with the trade show organisers. It will give you more breathing room for planning your exhibition stand ideas.
Trade Show
Your budget determines the size of your stand space and the show you can afford to participate in. So it’s a better idea to wait until you can participate in the most popular trade show within your industry. Why? So that you are more likely to get high-quality leads and get a better ROI on the time and effort you have invested. So how do you know if the trade show you plan to attend is popular? Well, there are several ways; you can ask feedback from peers within your industry on which trade shows are good. Several trade shows themselves publish statistics about their event, which includes number of visitors, footfalls, and number of registrations. You can use these as a point of reference to judge if a particular trade show is the right fit for you.
Your objectives define the type of exhibition stand you need. For example, if you are looking to meet more prospects then you would have to consider seating arrangements, refreshments, and reception counters. You will also need to allocate space for meeting rooms and private rooms to interact with clients. In the case of product demonstrations, you would need to account for space to accommodate product shelves and product demonstration tables. You will also need to create audio and video presentations of your products to pull in the crowds. So, depending on your objectives you will need to design your exhibition stand in a manner that focuses on branding or lead generating. The exhibition stand ideas you decide to go with will also depend on your trade show objectives.
If you had taken our advice and booked your exhibition stand early, then it is quite likely that you would have gotten several choices for picking your location at the trade show. In such a case, you need to evaluate various factors before choosing an option. You will need to estimate the traffic patterns, the position of entries, exits, traffic flow, and lounge areas. All of this affects the flow of visitor traffic. It might be tempting to always choose the entrance, but often visitors end up passing the entrance without paying any attention to exhibition stands near them. Instead depending on your stand type you could choose a spot that is close the cafeteria or conference stage, this will ensure that you will have a steady flow of visitors passing your exhibition stand.

modular and custom exhibition stands

Modular And Custom Exhibition Stands

The battle between modular and custom exhibition stands

If you are an exhibitor, chances are, at some point you have faced the predicament of choosing between a custom and a modular exhibition stand. Most exhibitors often find themselves overwhelmed with choices. Choosing between custom and modular exhibition stands is not easy especially when you do not have clarity on the different concepts.

Before you pick sides or worse make an uninformed purchase, in this blog post we break down the concepts of modular and custom exhibition stands. Once you have clarity on the concepts you can make an informed buying decision.

Advantages of modular exhibition stands

  • High ROI – Although modular exhibition stands are comparatively expensive they offer high return on investment especially in the long run. Modular exhibition stands are reusable hence they are a one-time investment. Once purchased, any given modular booth can be reused for several years with minimal maintenance. Hence in the long run modular booths are cost effective.
  • Eco friendly – Modular booths are made with sustainable raw materials. Neither wood nor harmful paints are used in the construction of modular booths. This is why many companies that take up the green initiative opt for modular exhibition stands for their trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle – Since modular booths are pre-engineered structures they are extremely easy to assemble and dismantle. A small crew with or without technical background can easily finish the installation process in relatively less time.

Advantages of custom exhibition booths

  • Complete customization- For brands and companies that have specific exhibition stand design requirements, custom booths are the best bet. Custom exhibition stands will help you to materialize your imagination and even the most eccentric booth design concepts.
  • Cost effective – When compared to modular booths, especially for one trade fair or exhibition, custom booths are surely cost effective. However only a few exhibition stand manufacturers in Dubai offer custom booths.
  • No hassle of installation and dismantling – Custom booths need to be installed and dismantled by a professional team. The drilling, painting, polishing etc requires the skill and expertise of a professional team hence you can leave the assembly and dismantling process to the experts.

Custom Exhibition Stands

Seasoned exhibitors are already acquainted with the concept of custom exhibition stands.  Custom booths are bespoke stands that are primarily made using wood. As the name suggests, custom exhibition stands can be completely customized. To create an experiential space, custom exhibition stands are an ideal option. Many exhibitors often have a theme for their exhibition. To create a booth that provides an optimal environment for their promotional activity, exhibition stand design companies recommend custom exhibition booths.

Modular exhibition stands

Modular exhibition stands are relatively newer alternatives to custom exhibition stands. Modular booths are pre-engineered booths created mostly of aluminum. They are created to be reused hence they are a one-time investment. Modular exhibition stands are designed in such a way that they can be installed and dismantled swiftly. Many show organizers in Europe and Middle East only allow the usage of modular exhibition stand in their premises and for good reason.

Disadvantages of modular exhibition stands

  • Customization is restricted – Customization is quite restricted with modular booths. You can add elements to your pre-engineered booth to give it a whole new look but you cannot make alterations to the core structure.
  • Requires storage space/facility -  Custom exhibition stands cannot be stored but if you purchase a modular booth you need adequate space to store it between shows.

Disadvantages of custom exhibition stands

  • One time use only – Custom exhibition stands are primarily made of wood. The wood used for the creation of custom booth is painted on; polished and cut hence it is practically impossible to use the same custom booth again.
  • Installation and dismantling process is a mess – The assembly and dismantling process of a custom booth is a messy affair. Since the drilling, painting will pollute the fairground.
  • Installation is time consuming – Installation process of a custom booth takes much more time than that of a modular booth.

10 tips to project a powerful image at exhibitions

10 Tips To Project A Powerful Image At Exhibitions

10 tips to project a powerful image at exhibitions

Exhibitions are not just a medium to generate sales and leads. It is arena where you can build a positive brand image and refine your brand personality. Imagine all the important people that matter (with regards to your business) under roof! Exhibitions are exactly that! This is why it is extremely important that you project a powerful image at the show.

To help you out, in this blog post we bring you 10 tips and tricks that will help you pack a punch at the next exhibition you are participating in

  • Originality counts - Be it any front, business or otherwise, originality always earns you brownie points. A novel concept or idea, be it small scale or large, always attracts the attention of the audience. At exhibitions, any brand that comes up with out-of-the-box ideas, either for their exhibition stand designs or even their marketing plan, unfailingly steals the spotlight.
  • Invest in an appropriate exhibition stand design – Your exhibition stand is by far the most important investment you will make for the show. It is literally the face of your brand at the exhibition hence selecting a suitably designed booth is a must. Incorporate design elements that are synonymous with your brand image and that help to reinforce your brand image at the show.
  • Focus on your key features – What is it that your brand stands for? What are your core brand values? Acknowledging and embracing your brand image will help you create a niche in the market. Understand what are your strengths and characteristic brand features and let them be the highlight of your exhibition presentation.
  • Prop your exhibition stand suitably- Your task does not end with selecting the right exhibition stand design for your brand. Once the exhibition booth is ready you need to prop it well. Ask your exhibition stand contractors Dubai no to cramp up your booth with unnecessary elements and props. A roomy and spacious booth any day looks more inviting and gives you the perfect stage to entertain more than anticipated visitors.
  • Make your exhibition booth visitor friendly – Your guests of honor at the show are obviously your visitors. While designing your exhibition booth, make sure your booth is visitor friendly. Small things that ensuring an open entrance to the booth and seating arrangement for the visitors go a long way in impressing the visitors.
  • Have an enthusiastic sales team – After your exhibition stand, your sales team plays a pivotal role in making or breaking your performance at the show. A charismatic and enthusiastic sales team will ensure that the visitors turn into quantifiable leads. A lethargic team will dampen the spirit of the booth and portray a negative image of the brand.
  • Hospitality – Hospitality is never outdated. Welcoming your guests with a beverage and offering snacks will help to build a positive brand image. Off late many exhibitors have a lounge area in their exhibition booth for their guests where they can rest their feet, charge their gadgets and catch a quick break.
  • Listen to your visitors – Exhibitions are an ideal opportunity for brands to accumulate feedback from their consumers. The reviews and feedback you receive from your visitors at exhibitions is crucial information which you can use to better your product and marketing strategies.
  • Give back to your visitors – A small token of appreciation in the form of giveaways and souvenirs helps to create a powerful impression on the visitors. Souvenirs are also a good way to remind the visitors of your brand long after the show is over.
  • Crisis management – It is always good to be prepared for crisis and emergencies. You never know what could go wrong, from absent sales person to short supply on beverages. Hence it is always recommended that you have a back-up.

5 tips to get your exhibition booth trending at exhibitions

5 Tips To Get Your Exhibition Booth Trending At Exhibitions

5 tips to get your exhibition booth trending at exhibitions

In this fast paced world, if you are not keeping up with the latest trends and fads then you are barely getting noticed. Be it your projected brand image or marketing strategies you need understand the pulse of the audience and come up with strategies that are trending to stay relevant with the crowd.

Even at shows and exhibitions, it is crucial that you formulate a marketing plan that is in sync with the current trends in marketing. A good way to begin is by amping up your exhibition stands. In this article we bring you 5 tips to get your exhibition booth trending at trade shows, events and exhibitions.

Incorporate the latest technology – Probably one of the easiest and most effective strategies to amp up your exhibition stand design and to stay relevant with the crowd is by incorporating the latest technology in your booth design ideas. Luckily, innovative gadgets are easily accessible nowadays and most exhibition stand companies in Dubai and even in rest of the world are well equipped to put up such installations. Be it interactive touch screens, artificial intelligence, 3D projections or even virtual reality there is plenty to choose from. Select gadgets that reflect well with your brand personality and make it part of your exhibition presentation.

Create a lounge area in your booth – Often exhibitors underestimate the power of a plush lounge area. A lounge area will instantly put your exhibition booth under the spotlight. Visiting exhibitions can often be a tiring process. A comfortable lounge area with provisions to charge laptop and phone batteries will pull in more than anticipated crowds. To add a personal touch you can offer then beverages and other refreshments too and make your exhibition stand a hub for visitors at the show.

Offer free wifi at your exhibition booth – Free wifi is known to pull a lot of crowd, irrespective of whether it is an exhibition, a store or even a brand promotional booth. Offering wifi to your visitors is a trendy way to increase the footfall at your exhibition stands. Free wifi is like an invitation, it surely will bring in the numbers but then it’s up to you how to turn your visitors into quantifiable leads.

Invite trending influencers and bloggers to your booth – Blogging is powerful platform to spread awareness about your brand and even your exhibition participation. Inviting popular influencers, you-tubers and bloggers at your exhibition stand will bring a lot of publicity. Also you-tubers and bloggers will post about your brand and presentation in return which increases brand exposure.

Install photo ops at your exhibition stand – This is the age of Selfies so why not use this trend to your advantage by installing photo ops at your exhibition stands. A trendy photo booth or photo station inside your exhibition booths will not only enhance the look of the over all exhibition stand but also encourage visitors to come in and click pictures. You can further encourage visitors to post their images on their respective social media platforms and tag your brand. This will create hype around your exhibition booth and even your brand.