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With an eye catching 4x4 exhibitions stands Dubai and MENA regional expos, EDS Middle East has been one of the top exhibition stand manufacturers since the past decade that have been designing Swiss-quality exhibition stands that are bound to leave a great first impression.
Their 16 sqm exhibition stands have been popular for their reusable portable exhibition stands, which are a perfect solution for a custom modular exhibition stands for all exhibition shows held at Dubai.
We at EDS Middle East are known for their seamless blend of unique exhibition stand designs that will give your brand a lasting impression, consistent brand communication that will give high return on investment.
The 4x4 exhibition stands Dubai stand apart in terms of graphics and easy-to-build fabricated modular systems that can be personalized as per the specific brand needs.

Exhibition stand rentals – Pick your hire exhibition stand and have a stress-free show

Our exhibition stand rental services include - Top notch 4x4 exhibition stands Dubai or 16sqm exhibition stand and exhibition stand designs for all your upcoming shows. We take care of stand build, manufacture, graphics design as well as production. The exhibition stands curated by us come with pre-build guarantee that have raised flooring and carpeting. We also offer services on furniture, lighting, cabinets, and counter.
The warehousing facilities help store your branding graphics after the show. The experienced project managers are well-versed with the local exhibiting rules and offer a hassle-free show execution, enough to handle all the exhibition stands related show services.
Explore our 500+ exhibition stand ideas on our exclusive exhibition stands Configurator and choose the perfect exhibition stand design that suits your specific needs. We can also redo any existing stand design according to your exhibiting requirements.
As an exhibitor, showcasing your brand in the Middle East and North Africa can always prove to be a challenging task. This is because of their unique set of rules, and cultural sensibilities. All of these properties reflect in their exhibition stand concepts, designing, building as well as transporting.
With at least ten years of experience in exhibition stands manufacturing, EDS Middle East is completely familiar with the rules and cultural sensibilities of the MENA region that reflect in their exhibition. It is an important aspect for your brand to connect with visitors at your exhibition stand before they can be convinced and turn into potential clients. Our exhibition stands exactly offer you what you are looking for.
We ensure that your brand leaves a great impression with the top-notch exhibition stand designs and 4x4 exhibition stands Dubai. Have a major success at your next show!