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modular and custom exhibition stands

Modular And Custom Exhibition Stands

The battle between modular and custom exhibition stands

If you are an exhibitor, chances are, at some point you have faced the predicament of choosing between a custom and a modular exhibition stand. Most exhibitors often find themselves overwhelmed with choices. Choosing between custom and modular exhibition stands is not easy especially when you do not have clarity on the different concepts.

Before you pick sides or worse make an uninformed purchase, in this blog post we break down the concepts of modular and custom exhibition stands. Once you have clarity on the concepts you can make an informed buying decision.

Advantages of modular exhibition stands

  • High ROI – Although modular exhibition stands are comparatively expensive they offer high return on investment especially in the long run. Modular exhibition stands are reusable hence they are a one-time investment. Once purchased, any given modular booth can be reused for several years with minimal maintenance. Hence in the long run modular booths are cost effective.
  • Eco friendly – Modular booths are made with sustainable raw materials. Neither wood nor harmful paints are used in the construction of modular booths. This is why many companies that take up the green initiative opt for modular exhibition stands for their trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle – Since modular booths are pre-engineered structures they are extremely easy to assemble and dismantle. A small crew with or without technical background can easily finish the installation process in relatively less time.

Advantages of custom exhibition booths

  • Complete customization- For brands and companies that have specific exhibition stand design requirements, custom booths are the best bet. Custom exhibition stands will help you to materialize your imagination and even the most eccentric booth design concepts.
  • Cost effective – When compared to modular booths, especially for one trade fair or exhibition, custom booths are surely cost effective. However only a few exhibition stand manufacturers in Dubai offer custom booths.
  • No hassle of installation and dismantling – Custom booths need to be installed and dismantled by a professional team. The drilling, painting, polishing etc requires the skill and expertise of a professional team hence you can leave the assembly and dismantling process to the experts.

Custom Exhibition Stands

Seasoned exhibitors are already acquainted with the concept of custom exhibition stands.  Custom booths are bespoke stands that are primarily made using wood. As the name suggests, custom exhibition stands can be completely customized. To create an experiential space, custom exhibition stands are an ideal option. Many exhibitors often have a theme for their exhibition. To create a booth that provides an optimal environment for their promotional activity, exhibition stand design companies recommend custom exhibition booths.

Modular exhibition stands

Modular exhibition stands are relatively newer alternatives to custom exhibition stands. Modular booths are pre-engineered booths created mostly of aluminum. They are created to be reused hence they are a one-time investment. Modular exhibition stands are designed in such a way that they can be installed and dismantled swiftly. Many show organizers in Europe and Middle East only allow the usage of modular exhibition stand in their premises and for good reason.

Disadvantages of modular exhibition stands

  • Customization is restricted – Customization is quite restricted with modular booths. You can add elements to your pre-engineered booth to give it a whole new look but you cannot make alterations to the core structure.
  • Requires storage space/facility -  Custom exhibition stands cannot be stored but if you purchase a modular booth you need adequate space to store it between shows.

Disadvantages of custom exhibition stands

  • One time use only – Custom exhibition stands are primarily made of wood. The wood used for the creation of custom booth is painted on; polished and cut hence it is practically impossible to use the same custom booth again.
  • Installation and dismantling process is a mess – The assembly and dismantling process of a custom booth is a messy affair. Since the drilling, painting will pollute the fairground.
  • Installation is time consuming – Installation process of a custom booth takes much more time than that of a modular booth.

10 tips to project a powerful image at exhibitions

10 Tips To Project A Powerful Image At Exhibitions

10 tips to project a powerful image at exhibitions

Exhibitions are not just a medium to generate sales and leads. It is arena where you can build a positive brand image and refine your brand personality. Imagine all the important people that matter (with regards to your business) under roof! Exhibitions are exactly that! This is why it is extremely important that you project a powerful image at the show.

To help you out, in this blog post we bring you 10 tips and tricks that will help you pack a punch at the next exhibition you are participating in

  • Originality counts - Be it any front, business or otherwise, originality always earns you brownie points. A novel concept or idea, be it small scale or large, always attracts the attention of the audience. At exhibitions, any brand that comes up with out-of-the-box ideas, either for their exhibition stand designs or even their marketing plan, unfailingly steals the spotlight.
  • Invest in an appropriate exhibition stand design – Your exhibition stand is by far the most important investment you will make for the show. It is literally the face of your brand at the exhibition hence selecting a suitably designed booth is a must. Incorporate design elements that are synonymous with your brand image and that help to reinforce your brand image at the show.
  • Focus on your key features – What is it that your brand stands for? What are your core brand values? Acknowledging and embracing your brand image will help you create a niche in the market. Understand what are your strengths and characteristic brand features and let them be the highlight of your exhibition presentation.
  • Prop your exhibition stand suitably- Your task does not end with selecting the right exhibition stand design for your brand. Once the exhibition booth is ready you need to prop it well. Ask your exhibition stand contractors Dubai no to cramp up your booth with unnecessary elements and props. A roomy and spacious booth any day looks more inviting and gives you the perfect stage to entertain more than anticipated visitors.
  • Make your exhibition booth visitor friendly – Your guests of honor at the show are obviously your visitors. While designing your exhibition booth, make sure your booth is visitor friendly. Small things that ensuring an open entrance to the booth and seating arrangement for the visitors go a long way in impressing the visitors.
  • Have an enthusiastic sales team – After your exhibition stand, your sales team plays a pivotal role in making or breaking your performance at the show. A charismatic and enthusiastic sales team will ensure that the visitors turn into quantifiable leads. A lethargic team will dampen the spirit of the booth and portray a negative image of the brand.
  • Hospitality – Hospitality is never outdated. Welcoming your guests with a beverage and offering snacks will help to build a positive brand image. Off late many exhibitors have a lounge area in their exhibition booth for their guests where they can rest their feet, charge their gadgets and catch a quick break.
  • Listen to your visitors – Exhibitions are an ideal opportunity for brands to accumulate feedback from their consumers. The reviews and feedback you receive from your visitors at exhibitions is crucial information which you can use to better your product and marketing strategies.
  • Give back to your visitors – A small token of appreciation in the form of giveaways and souvenirs helps to create a powerful impression on the visitors. Souvenirs are also a good way to remind the visitors of your brand long after the show is over.
  • Crisis management – It is always good to be prepared for crisis and emergencies. You never know what could go wrong, from absent sales person to short supply on beverages. Hence it is always recommended that you have a back-up.

5 tips to get your exhibition booth trending at exhibitions

5 Tips To Get Your Exhibition Booth Trending At Exhibitions

5 tips to get your exhibition booth trending at exhibitions

In this fast paced world, if you are not keeping up with the latest trends and fads then you are barely getting noticed. Be it your projected brand image or marketing strategies you need understand the pulse of the audience and come up with strategies that are trending to stay relevant with the crowd.

Even at shows and exhibitions, it is crucial that you formulate a marketing plan that is in sync with the current trends in marketing. A good way to begin is by amping up your exhibition stands. In this article we bring you 5 tips to get your exhibition booth trending at trade shows, events and exhibitions.

Incorporate the latest technology – Probably one of the easiest and most effective strategies to amp up your exhibition stand design and to stay relevant with the crowd is by incorporating the latest technology in your booth design ideas. Luckily, innovative gadgets are easily accessible nowadays and most exhibition stand companies in Dubai and even in rest of the world are well equipped to put up such installations. Be it interactive touch screens, artificial intelligence, 3D projections or even virtual reality there is plenty to choose from. Select gadgets that reflect well with your brand personality and make it part of your exhibition presentation.

Create a lounge area in your booth – Often exhibitors underestimate the power of a plush lounge area. A lounge area will instantly put your exhibition booth under the spotlight. Visiting exhibitions can often be a tiring process. A comfortable lounge area with provisions to charge laptop and phone batteries will pull in more than anticipated crowds. To add a personal touch you can offer then beverages and other refreshments too and make your exhibition stand a hub for visitors at the show.

Offer free wifi at your exhibition booth – Free wifi is known to pull a lot of crowd, irrespective of whether it is an exhibition, a store or even a brand promotional booth. Offering wifi to your visitors is a trendy way to increase the footfall at your exhibition stands. Free wifi is like an invitation, it surely will bring in the numbers but then it’s up to you how to turn your visitors into quantifiable leads.

Invite trending influencers and bloggers to your booth – Blogging is powerful platform to spread awareness about your brand and even your exhibition participation. Inviting popular influencers, you-tubers and bloggers at your exhibition stand will bring a lot of publicity. Also you-tubers and bloggers will post about your brand and presentation in return which increases brand exposure.

Install photo ops at your exhibition stand – This is the age of Selfies so why not use this trend to your advantage by installing photo ops at your exhibition stands. A trendy photo booth or photo station inside your exhibition booths will not only enhance the look of the over all exhibition stand but also encourage visitors to come in and click pictures. You can further encourage visitors to post their images on their respective social media platforms and tag your brand. This will create hype around your exhibition booth and even your brand.

Modular booths and why are they gaining popularity

Modular Booths And Why Are They Gaining Popularity

Modular booths and why are they gaining popularity

Many exhibition agencies and marketers believe that modular exhibition booths are directly proportional to high return on investment (ROI). There is a reason why modular exhibition stands are synonymous with good ROI. Let’s explore these reasons in this blog post.

Before, we begin to list down the various advantages of switching to modular exhibition stands. Let us first, understand the concept of modular booths.

What are modular booths?

Modular exhibition stands are pre-engineered frameworks. They are designed for convenience and cost efficiency. Modular booths can be easily assembled by a small team without any technical background. The installation and the dismantling process of a modular booth is a tool-free process. It’s a small-team job that can be accomplished in minimum time frame.

The other and older alternative of exhibition stands – custom booths are traditionally made of wood. They are a good option if you seek to customize every aspect of your exhibition stand design. Over the period of years, there is a clear shift in the preference of the exhibitors, towards modular booths as compared to custom stands and here’s why

Modular exhibition stands are reusable – One of the most important reasons for the popularity of modular exhibition stands is that it is reusable. Made with aluminum, the longevity of modular exhibition stands is higher when compared to custom booths. Once you invest in a modular booth you can reuse it multiple times. The graphics on the modular booth are changeable which enables companies to use the same booth for various campaigns. With minimal maintenance, the same modular booth can be used for minimum 5-7 years without any issues.

Modular exhibition stands are eco-friendly – Unlike custom exhibition stands that are made with wood, modular booths are made with aluminum which means they can be recycled for other shows. Also, custom booths require pre and post production maintenance like carpentry, polishing, painting etc which pollutes the fairground to a great extent. This is why many show organizers across the world, refrain the usage of custom booth at their premises. There is no post production involved with modular exhibition stands whatsoever which makes the installation and dismantling of the modular booth a hassle-free process.

Modular exhibition stands are easy to install and dismantle - Like mentioned earlier, the installation process of custom exhibition stands is huge undertaking which involves drilling, wood cutting, painting and polishing. This task needs a well-trained and professional team. Whereas a modular booth is a pre-engineered structure which makes installation and dismantling process a cake-walk.  Most exhibition stand design companies provide a manual and audio visual aid along with their modular booths. With a step-by-step manual anyone can assemble and dismantle a modular booth swiftly without any technical assistance.

Modular exhibition stands are travel friendly – Modular booths are designed to provide a smooth and hassle-free exhibiting experience. Modular stands are built in such a way that they can be packed in compact cases. Modular booths are extremely lightweight and with compact packaging transporting them from one place to another is an easy and convenient task. You do not need a special logistics team to handle the transportation of the booth; your in-house team can easily handle the transportation along with installation and dismantling process of the modular booth.

For the various perks and advantages modular booths have to offer, more and more exhibitors are favoring modular booths for their brands. Although custom booths do have their own set of advantages, modular booth are a practical, cost –efficient and eco-friendly option.