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Eco friendly exhibitions


Eco friendly exhibitions – Why and how

Major brands across the globe are the flag bearers of the ‘Green initiative’. With global warming knocking on the door, it is only fair that companies take responsible actions when it comes to production and even promotion of their brands and products. The consumer now, as well, is smarter than ever. Companies that are actively going green get major spotlight and are applauded for their eco-friendly initiatives by contemporaries and consumers as well.

If you are planning to go green at the next exhibition you are participating in, then here are some ways you can adapt eco-friendly ways for your show.

  • Switch your modular exhibition stands – The most common way to go green, that several companies adopt is switching from custom exhibition booths to modular exhibition stands. Custom exhibition stands involve woodwork, polishing, painting that pollutes the environment. This is why seasoned exhibitors switch to modular exhibition stands. Modular booths are pre-engineered systems that are made with aluminum and other sustainable materials. Modular booths can be reused several times and hence are cost efficient in the long run. Switching to modular exhibition stands not only will project your company as socially responsible but also offer high return on investment.

Switch to LED lights – Probably one of the easiest and cost efficient ways to conserve the environment and save electricity is switching from incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent alternatives to LED lights. LED lights consume approximately 80% less energy. When you use LED lights at your exhibition booths and make them part of your exhibition presentation, you reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions. These small changes can help brands and companies to considerably reduce their carbon footprint, thus boosting the company’s reputation as environmentally conscious as well.

  • Reduce travel cost – Thousands of exhibitions are held all around the world every year. For shows and exhibitions, company executives, project managers and even visitors travel from one part of the world to another annually. Commuting is not just an added expense but is one of the major reasons for pollution. A good way to contain costs and reduce pollution is to participate in shows and exhibitions that are not far away from your home turf. It will help you to reduce cost in travel as well as transportation of your exhibition booth as well.
  • Install thermal heat storage – Exhibition organizers have the internal heating systems especially when exhibiting during the colder months of the year of chillier parts of the world. Thermal heat storage allows heat to be stored for a period of time. This enables organizers to heat up the fairground by reducing carbon dioxide emissions to a great extent and in a cost efficient manner as well. Thermal heat storages are installed at popular exhibition centers across the world. You can opt to exhibit in these centers and promote the green initiative further.
  • Replace paper with digital brochures – The exhibition industry contributes enormously in the amount of garbage accumulated per year. After the show, exhibition stands are littered with papers and brochures which is why many NGO’s are requesting show organizers to contain or restrict the use of paper. Handing out brochures and catalogs is not just contributing to paper wastage but it is also an obsolete method to increase brand recall value. Nowadays every person has a mobile phone with internet access. Instead of a physical brochure you can email digital brochures and marketing literature to your potential clients. You can later on use the same email address to communicate with your target audience directly.

These are some of the few ways you can adopt the green initiative for your next exhibition.


6 tips to engage the visitors at exhibitions


6 tips to engage the visitors at exhibitions

What is the main challenge you face as an exhibitor? One the most common answers that most exhibitors will have for this question is, ‘Attracting visitors towards their exhibition booth’.

The competition at exhibitions is quite intense. Imagine a hundred reputed brands competing neck-to-neck at a single location! Every exhibitor puts in his best to outrun the competition and attract maximum number of visitors at his exhibition stand. In this blog, we bring you 6 excellent ideas to attract and engage visitors at exhibitions.

Interactive screens and gadgets What better way to engage the visitors than to create curiosity? Latest gadgets and technology helps to spike the curiosity of the crowd. Use the advance technology to entice and engage your visitors at your exhibition stands. Once your gadgets have attracted the attention of the audience, you can reach out to them and promote your brand/product or service depending on your marketing plan. For example you can incorporate your marketing message in your interactive screens and subtly communicate your message to your target audience.

Competitions and games It is a known fact that conducting games and contests at your exhibition booths help to pull in majority of the crowds. Exhibitors have been engaging in such activities for years now and still it is one of the most cost efficient and effective ways to attract visitors. When you create a fun environment you are bound to attract the attention of many. Create games and contests that help to imprint your key marketing message in the minds on the visitors. This way you will help to create a niche for your brand in the market.

Sweepstakes and giveawaysSweepstakes and giveaways are another tried and tested means to engage visitors at exhibitions and tradeshows. If you are not up for conducting contests and games, (since it requires a bigger sales team and preparation) you can conduct giveaways and sweepstakes at your booth. Giving away memorabilia and souvenirs will not only bring the crowd to your exhibition booth but also act as a subtle reminder of your hospitality way after the show, as well.


Select an engaging exhibition stand design Your exhibition stand design plays a very important role in your presentation. It is the first thing that the visitors will see and hence you need to make the most of this opportunity. A stand design crafted to resonate with your brand image will help to create a powerful impact on the crowd and bring them towards your booth. This is why global brands hire the best exhibition stand design companies to create an engaging and distinct booth for their shows.

Create an experiential space It is all about creating an experience for the visitors, to engrave your brand presence in their minds. With the help of good exhibition stand designers create photo booths or recreational area in your exhibition stand. A photo booth will pull in a lot of crowd and also provide your brand free publicity. You can encourage visitors to post the images on social media in order to win gift vouchers as well.

Use social media to your benefit Social Media is all the rage these days; use it to your benefit to attract your target audience. You can make announcements of your exhibition participation or even send invites on social media platform. Conduct a live video during the show of your exhibition booth and the activities you are conducting. This way you can reach out to a larger set of audience and bring them to your exhibition booth.