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9 Reasons why you are missing out by not participating in exhibitions


9 Reasons why you are missing out by not participating in exhibitions

What do global brands such as P&G, BMW, Nestle, Unilever have in common? These brands among many others actively participate in exhibitions despite their cult status and global brand reach? If such mega brands participate in exhibitions every year, surely exhibitions are offering these brands quantifiable results in return.
Despite the fact that exhibitions have gained such huge prominence, there are still quite a few companies that abstain from exhibiting. If you are one among them, then here are 9 things you are missing out on by not participating in exhibitions.

1. Testing your marketing strategy live –

As a brand, you are most definitely coming up with new marketing strategies, often. Exhibitions provides you with a great opportunity to test run your marketing strategy before you invest handsomely in media promotions. With a suitable exhibition stand design and appropriate exhibition graphics, your exhibition stand can be a powerful tool for you to test your latest marketing strategy. The feedback will be instantaneous and adulterated through live audience response.

2. A stage to launch your product –

Although there a handful of mediums wherein you could launch your products, exhibitions are among the most popular, tried and tested, platform. An attention grabbing exhibition stand, press-kit is all you need to launch your product at your show. With media, industry experts in attendance you can be assured that your product and exhibition stand will get the desired attention and recognition.

3. Access to concentrated set of visitors -

Where else can you get coveted access to a concentrated of audience than at exhibitions? Traditional media platforms like television and broadcasts communicate your marketing message to a large set of audience, including your target group and irrelevant demograph but at exhibitions, you get access to a specific group. For example at an exhibition for IT industry, you can be certain that the visitors from the IT sector more than any other industry will be present at that particular show.

4. The chance to meet and interact with your audience –

Exhibitions provide a golden opportunity for companies to conduct one on one interaction with their target audience. At your exhibition stands you can create an environment to stimulate communication between you and your visitors. Direct communication helps to develop a strong relationship between the brand and the consumer.

5. Opportunity to meet new clients and prospective buyers –

Exhibitions attract a host of visitors and the range of the visitors is quite diverse as well; exhibitions are more than just a point of purchase; it is the ideal grounds for networking and building your client base. You can build a separate meeting area in your exhibition booths to entertain guests at the show. Interacting with a wide range of audience will help to expand your business exponentially.

6. Bridging the gap between the buyer and seller –

Interpersonal communication with your audience will not only help you to form and strengthen your relation with your target group but it will also help you to bridge the gap with you and your consumer. Exhibitions act as an effective point of purchase platform eliminating the middle men such as dealers and retailer and hence incredibly reducing the final cost of your product for a good cause.

7. Chance to give live demonstrations –

Many a times, consumers need to touch and feel the product before buying it. At your exhibition booths, you can conduct live demonstration and actually give the visitors a taste of your product. Live demonstration will help you to explain the features of the product and also give special instructions to your visitors. Live demonstrations are proven to generate quantifiable leads.

8. Increasing brand awareness –

Exhibitions helps brands to gain exposure. You can showcase your brand at your exhibition stands along with banners and posters to increase brand awareness in the market. Exhibitions help brands to gain visibility and aid in making your brand a household name.

9. Boosting brand credibility –

Lastly, with increased brand exposure you can be assured that your brand credibility too has increased tremendously. Watching your exhibition stands alongside reputed names subconsciously makes the visitors to trust your brand. This is among the main reasons why start-ups too participate in exhibitions.

How to select the right exhibition for your business


How to select the right exhibition for your business


Going by trade show magazines and exhibition websites there hundreds of exhibitions held every year across the globe. Over the years, companies have begun to realize the potential of exhibitions and are going out of the way to participate in one. To cater to them, investors and organizers arrange shows and exhibitions for various sectors and industries.

With too many options to choose from, exhibitors tend to get overwhelmed with the choices. Obviously you cannot participate in every show of the industry. As a brand you need to be selective and choose the right show that will help you to yield maximum return off your investment. In this article, we show you what is the criteria on which you should select a show for your business.

Your budget–If you don’t already know, exhibitions are an expensive affair. From booking exhibition space, to hiring a good exhibition stand builder for your exhibition booth there a lot of expenses you have to incur. Before you shortlist a show, analyze your budget. The idea is to earn much more than your actual investment. Hence set aside a realistic budget and then begin your hunt for the right show, exhibition stand design company, sales team etc. There is an exhibition for every budget. Depending your budget you can hunt for a show that fits in your budget along with other criterion.

  • Your preferred venue – Like we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of exhibitions in each continent. Once you create a list of the potential shows and exhibitions you want to participate in, you then need to bifurcate them according to the country they are conducted in. The region you exhibit in also greatly influences your budget. Like exhibiting in Europe is going to be more expensive than exhibiting in Asia. Study the currency conversion rate and available resources such as exhibition stand builders and exhibition agencies before you select a show in any country.
  • Your brand reach – Not every brand and company caters to a global audience. If the desired show and exhibition venue is in a region where your brand is completely unheard of then chances are you won’t be able to generate as many leads as anticipated. Successful brands and companies always study the brand’s reach before picking up a show and venue to exhibit in. This criteria will ensure that your exhibition booth garners tremendous footfall and helps you to gain brand exposure.
  • Your competitors – An easy way to lock down an exhibition to participate in is by studying your competition. Almost every other brand participates in exhibitions to engage their audience and reach untapped market. Analyze your competitor and gauge what exhibitions they participate in. You can also drop by their exhibition stands and study their visitors and witness their footfall. This will give you a good idea what shows and exhibitions can help your business and you can make a calculative choice.

Your demographic – Last but not the least, the selection of your show should largely depend on your demographic, more commonly known as target group. The goal of participating in exhibitions is to boost sales, increase brand exposure and brand recall value. If your target group is not a part of the visitor count at your shortlisted show than the point of participating in the exhibition is moot. Your selected exhibition, exhibition venue, exhibition stand presentation, your exhibition stand design, your marketing plan everything should be selected and created to entice and engage your audience.

Top 10 exhibitions in the Middle East

Top 10 Exhibition

Top 10 exhibitions in the Middle East


The Middle East is a popular hub for global brands and companies to exhibit their brands, products and services in the market. Good infrastructure, excellent road connectivity and world-class facilities makes Middle East the most preferred destination for exhibitions by organizers.

A good number of exhibitions are held in various locations in the UAE. Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman being the most popular hub for exhibitions attract hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors every year. From exhibitions of the automotive sector to the beauty industry; there is at least one exhibition of every sector held in the Middle East especially in Dubai.

In this article, we bring you top 10 exhibitions held in Dubai that you simply cannot miss.

  1. ME Coatings Show

The ME Coatings show is the only show in the Middle East that is dedicated to chemicals, fertilizers, dyes and allied products.  It provides a platform for industry professionals and manufacturers to explore the latest developments in the sector. If you are part of this sector, putting up an exhibition stand at ME Coatings Show will give you an opportunity to network and explore technological innovations to upscale your business.

  1. Middle East Electricity

The world’s biggest show dedicated to power generation, transmission and distribution ‘Middle East Electricity’ is held in Dubai. It attracts major key players from all around the world and brings them together under one roof. Middle East Electricity covers sourcing, installation of products for the power, lighting, renewable or nuclear sectors.

It is a must visit show for professionals working in the power industry to network with conglomerates at their exhibition booths.

  1. Paperworld Middle east

For companies dealing in stationery, office supplies and production of paper, the Paper world Middle East is a very important show. At Paper world Middle East brands and companies put up magnificent presentation at their exhibition booths and showcase their wares. Over 3000 exhibitors participate in Paper world Middle East to exhibit to approximately 60000 visitors from 115 countries.

  1. Gulfood

Gulfood is by far the biggest annual food and beverage show in the Middle East.  This show brings to light latest trends in the industry along with new brands and products. Gulfood is a great opportunity to meet new players in the market, analyze your competition and learn about new products.

  1. Arablab

Concentration on science and innovation Arablab is a  progressive show. Arablab covers Medical & Pharmaceutical, Scientific Instruments, Research & Development, Ayurvedic & Herbal, Natural & Organic. Setting up an exhibition stand at Arablab will give your brand and company tremendous exposure in the market.

  1. Beautyworld ME

Beautyworld ME is a popular exhibition of the beauty industry held in Dubai.  At Beautyworld ME hosts approximately 15000 exhibitors and over 35000 visitors from various countries. Putting up an exhibition stand at Beautyworld ME will broaden your horizon and help you expand your business.

  1. Arabian Travel Market

Travel and tourism sector’s biggest event is Arabian Travel Market, wherein leading travel and tourism companies participate in quantifiable numbers.  Arabian Travel Market covers both inbound and outbound travel. Participating in Arabian travel market can be tremendously profitable for companies dealing in the sector.

  1. Automechanika Dubai

If you are in the automotive sector, then you are already familiar with Automechanika Dubai. Automechanika Dubai specifically focuses on the aftermath and service sector. Divided into 6 categories and 13 parts : Parts & Components, Electronics & Systems, Repair & Maintenance, Tyres & Batteries, Car Wash, Care and Customizing and Accessories & Customizing; Automechanika covers it all.

  1. World Energy Congress (WEC)

Counted among the most influenctial event of the sector, World Energy Congress, as the name suggests concentrates on every aspect of the energy sector. It provides a platform to conduct dialog between industry professionals to discuss the latest innovations in the field, examine the newest products and analyze the market.

  1. CPhi Middle East and Africa region

CPhi is a world renowned show that is held is various parts of the globe. CPhi is the biggest pharma event. It brings thousands of suppliers and buyers under one roof. Having an exhibition stand at CPhi will give you a chance to expand your business exponentially.

To engage your visitors at this popular show, you need to invest in creative exhibition stand designs. EDS Middle East is a reputed exhibition stand design company in the Middle East that will provide you engaging exhibition stand designs with turnkey solutions.