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5 ways you can make the best use of technology at your booths

5 ways you can make the best use of technology at your booths

Innovation is imperative; be it in the production sector or marketing. Below the line marketing channels such as exhibitions are highly competitive. In order to make your brand stand out from the rest you need to bring something new to the table. Exhibitors invest a great deal in new and innovative exhibition stand designs and hire top of line exhibition stand builders to make certain that your exhibition booth is better than the rest. Yet many of them fail to beat their competitors.

Often at shows, you must have witnessed the booths that are technological advance in presentations do better than others. In this article we show you 5 ways you can adopt technology to make your exhibition booths the star of the show.

Artificial intelligence – Probably the easiest way to make your exhibition booth look futuristic and technologically advance is by incorporating artificial intelligence in your presentation. Even though artificial intelligence isn’t a new concept in the market it still manages to spike the curiosity of the masses. You can be certain that at any given point of time, there will be visitors at your booth exploring and engaging with the artificial intelligence. You can customize artificial intelligence to suit your brand and marketing requirements. This will further help you to achieve a strong foothold at the show.

Online polls – Off late many social media platforms offer the feature of polls. With Instagram and Twitter leading in this area, you as a brand can easily conduct polls on an interactive screen at your exhibition booths. You can also display the results live on an LED screen at your exhibition. Such activities help to increase user engagement while at the same time elevate the look of your exhibition stand design. Polls will offer you insights on the psyche of the target audience and help to expand your business in the long run as well.

Interactive displays – Many exhibition stand design companies offer booths that provide provisions for interactive screens and displays. An interactive display helps you to engage the audience via a touch-screen. Once again you can leverage the curiosity of the visitors and make interactive touch-screen part of your exhibition stand design. You can educate the audience about your brand and product at these displays and they can help you create an unforgettable impression on the crowd.

Vending machines – Vending machines are a relatively old concept but they still work wonders. Instead of installing a beverage or snack vending machine you can install machines that sell your products. The concept of vending machine itself will attract a large range of buyers and help you to increase sales and foot fall at your exhibition stands.

Live mockups – Since years companies have been installing mockups of their machines and products at their exhibition stalls. It gives insight on the working of your company and boosts the interest level of the audience. Off late many companies have been installing a working mockup of their machines at their exhibition stalls. For example – In Fruitlogistica many companies selling post production machines in the agricultural sector had machine mockups that showed the working of their machines and also gave the visitors a quick snack or beverage. The booths indulging in such activities were the star of the show in the true sense of the word.


Technology necessarily doesn’t mean a high-tech gadget or an enormously expensive installation. Depending on your budget and requirements you can adopt any form of technology that suits your line of business and helps you yield maximum benefits off your investment.

5 reasons why need to exhibit in Dubai


5 reasons why need to exhibit in Dubai

The European continent and the United States of America has been the business hub for brands for many years but over the past couple of decades Middle East has outdone the infrastructure and facilities provided by the latter and emerged as a clear choice of global brands to showcase their brands and products. Every year zillions of companies arrive in the Middle East to showcase their brand, products and services to the visitors. Not just exhibitors but visitors from various companies too, come to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to attend exhibitions and trade shows.

In the Middle East, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are among the prime locations for exhibitions. Though exhibitions are held in Doha, Oman, Qatar etc; Dubai has always remained a favorite of show organizers. If you haven’t already exhibited in Dubai, here’s why you should!

Plays host to various exhibitions –A substantial number of exhibitions are held in Dubai every year. The Dubai World Trade Center alone hosts more than 150 exhibitions in a year. Ranging from automobile, textile, food and beverage to lifestyle Dubai has an exhibition for almost every sector. Since Dubai hosts a considerable number of exhibitions per year, it attracts a tremendous amount of visitors as well. From investors to industry professionals and experts; you can expect the footfall at any given show to be the crème de la crème. Putting up the best exhibition stands at a show in Dubai itself will ensure a good amount of brand exposure. Just ensure you commission your exhibition booth to a reliable exhibition stand manufacturer and witness the boost in sales consequently.

Stable exchange rate - The currency rate in the Middle East is quite stable especially with USD. Stable currency makes it easier for companies to conduct transactions without fearing a dip in the currency rate. This eases the flow of cash and helps the businesses to gain tremendous profit.

Along with great infrastructure, resources Dubai welcomes visitors and brands of various ethnicities to conduct fare trade in the Middle East. It is a Metropolitan and home of the global citizen this is why in the Middle East, Dubai is the most preferred emirate for exhibitions and trade shows.

Home to top exhibition stand design companies – Dubai is home to some of the best exhibition stand companies. To cater to global exhibitors seeking to exhibit in Dubai, many reputed exhibition stand contractors and designers have an office in Dubai. Whatever your requirement, be it a small exhibition booth a magnanimous structure, you will find an exhibition stand builder Dubai to cater to your requirements. Dubai has a specific design aesthetic; a company based in Dubai will not only deliver your exhibition booth on time but also make sure that your exhibition stand reflects the Middle Eastern design aesthetics.

Has the infrastructure – Dubai has the infrastructure and resources to organize and host events on a large scale. The fairgrounds in Dubai are fully air-conditioned. The safety precautions at any given fairground in Dubai are faultless. Until, last year Dubai was a tax-free which is another reason it was popular destination for exhibitions. Dubai offers the best experiential space for brands to exhibit and; comfortable, if not luxurious facilities for the visitors as well.

Easy commute – Dubai has a good network of roads and metro. Metro trains connect a good number of towns to one another making it easy to travel. The road network in Dubai too makes it easy for exhibitors to organize show efficiently and also makes it easy for exhibition stand contractors Dubai to deliver the exhibition stands to exhibiting location swiftly.

Exhibitions – A powerful platform of the B2B sector

Exhibitions - A Powerful Platform Of The B2B Sector

Exhibitions - A powerful platform of the B2B sector

A few years ago, every brand under the sun, was running in the rat-race of creating the most engaging and memorable advertising campaign. The mantra of the day was giving your brand as much publicity as possible and saturating the marketing mediums with your brand name, tagline or jingle.

Sure, this tactic worked well for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. Mainstream advertising, or as professionals call it ‘Above-the-line marketing’ (ATL) did bring business to B2C companies but for business-to- business (B2B) companies ATL marketing mediums have never proven to be exceptionally profitable. Where ATL marketing failed, below-the-line marketing platform worked wonders.

Exhibitions emerged as one of the most popular and lucrative mediums for B2B companies. Exhibitions offered more than just blatant publicity. It provided a platform to truly engage the audience.

Here’s how exhibitions can be a tremendous opportunity for B2B brands and companies to expand their business exponentially.

A stage to showcase your brand – Exhibitions provide companies with a golden opportunity to showcase their brand and products. Many brands wait until the exhibition season to launch their latest product in the market so that the exhibition can be a medium to launch their product and their exhibition stands an ideal stage to do so. Start-ups often prefer to launch their brand, product, services at their exhibition stands. It is a relatively cheaper medium but twice as much effective and engaging.

A chance to engage relevant audience - As discussed in the previous point, exhibitions are a more effective medium when compared to mainstream advertising. This is because, a AV broadcast reaches out a million people, irrespective of their demograph, whereas at an exhibition you get a chance to engage audience that is actually interested in what you are selling. Every industry has at least one dedicated exhibition; the visitor’s demograph includes industry professionals, experts, buyers and investors of the dedicated industry. Hence commissioning an exhibition booth at an exhibition, gives you a platform to showcase to your relevant audience.

An opportunity to engage visitors live – Unlike in any other marketing platform, exhibitions offer an opportunity to engage with your visitors. At the convenience and comfort of your exhibition stands you can conduct one-on-one communication with your visitors. Direct communication with your target group will give you great insight on the psyche of your consumers. Be it feedback on your product, service or marketing strategy. Exhibiting once itself will give you valuable reviews and feedback which are organic and unadulterated.

A chance to build a relationship with your audience - Last but not the least, exhibition provides you ideal grounds to build a relationship with your target group at your exhibition stands By the means of one-on-one communication, seminars, live demonstrations and Q and As you can develop a solid relationship with your audience. This goes a long way in building a healthy brand image.

Exhibition provides a strong foundation on which you can build your business empire. From networking to cultivating inter-personal relationship with your clients, exhibitions are a valuable asset especially for B2B brands.

A platform to network – An exhibition brings retailers, suppliers, industry professionals, marketing executives and even investors under one roof! By conducting discussion panels, conferences and seminars at your exhibition booths you can attract the crème-de-la-crème and leverage this opportunity to network. You can interact and conduct private discussions as well in your exhibition stands with interested professionals. Networking at your exhibition booths can help you increase your client base and expand your business tremendously.

3 Reasons Small Businesses Pick Trade Show Display Rentals


3 Reasons Small Businesses Pick Trade Show Display Rentals

A trade fair or trade show is an exhibition that invites businesses to demonstrate and promote their latest products or services. The main purpose of such Custom trade show exhibits is to allow big and small companies to connect with prospects as well as bring together members of the same trade. This can directly affect the growth of your brand and bring it the adulation it deserves, as trade shows are often held in big cities and usually last several days.

Importance of Trade Shows for Small Businesses

Trade shows are an excellent platform for small businesses to reap the same benefits as large-scale businesses. This is mainly because such industry events provide small or local businesses with the excellent opportunity to be seen and recognised by the who’s who of the business world. Some trade shows are conducted in popular convention centres that permit only industry members and professionals to attend. This gives your business the exclusive opportunity to interact and engage with like-minded people and learn more about your competitors.

Trade Show Display Rentals

It is fair for start-ups or even small businesses to feel sceptical about investing a large amount in something that’s new. After all, purchasing trade show displays and managing accompanying expenses may stretch your bottom line to the limit.

However, with the introduction of trade show rental displays, it is now possible for small businesses to actually participate in such events, as opposed to simply attending them. This is mainly because rental booths are available at affordable prices and definitely qualify as a solid investment, giving newcomers a chance to make it big.

Advantages of Trade Show Display Rentals

While the most attractive advantage of renting a booth is related to finances, there are many other benefits you can reap by opting for trade show display rentals:

No Maintenance Cost:

Besides saving you from making a big capital investment, trade show display rentals also relieve you from spending a huge amount on refurbishing and repairing.

Range of Options:

If you ever decide to participate in another expo, you won’t have to be stuck with the same booth. Instead, you can choose from a whole bunch of other options without having to pay for maintenance, upgrades, or storage.


The best way to gain more traction on your booth is by adding interesting elements to it. This is possible to implement only in a rented space, which gives you the freedom to make your exhibit unique and creative. Trade show display rentals give you the flexibility to update and experiment with their look and appeal every time.

However, if you want to garner as many benefits as possible, it is important that you consult an expert who has the necessary knowledge and experience of dealing with trade shows. Doing so will give you the results you desire and save you a lot of money in the long run.

How We Can Help

Our extensive inventory comprises of everything from small display items to large custom designs that can impact your trade show display rental positively and boost the awareness level of your brand. If you work with us, here are some of the services you will enjoy:

Full Service:

We understand the importance of participating in an expo. Therefore, our skilful team will actively assist you at every step and take charge of all things time-consuming. Right from designing the booth to delivering it, installing the booth to dismantling it, we’ll make sure everything is done to your satisfaction.

On Budget:

The whole appeal of trade show display rentals is that they are cost-effective. That’s why we have the concept of open-ended pricing, so that you can design your dream booth without worrying about the cost of each configuration. Just tell us your budget and we will give you our best deal.

Peace-of-mind Booth Builds:

It’s natural to worry about the final look of your booth. To help you rest easy, we will give you the opportunity to preview your stall before delivering it to the show. This will present a clear picture of the final product and raise your level of confidence for the big day.

Why Choose Us

We take pride in being associated with coveted brands and delivering award-winning services to them. Aside from working hand-in-hand with our clients, we fabricate and design spaces that enhance the image of your brand and attract the kind of customers you need. Another feature that sets us apart is our 100% pre-build promise, which gives you a chance to make any changes before the final output is ready. After all, we wouldn’t want to you to be dissatisfied with your own booth.

So, if you think your brand is ready to meet the world, we think it’s time you meet us!

7 Ways to Scale Digital Content at Trade Shows


7 Ways to Scale Digital Content at Trade Shows

While every business might be aiming to make its booth the most crowded one, very few achieve this goal at a trade show successfully. That is because there are various exhibit booth rentals around which can make it extremely easy for customers to get distracted. Therefore, to capture the attention of the audience, you will have to incorporate marketing tactics that help your custom exhibit booth stand out from your competitors.

Thanks to technology, you can now use content in an appealing and exciting way. Yes, that’s right; the same content that you use on your blogs and on different social media platforms to lead you to conversions, you can use it at the trade show as well.

In this article, we will discuss seven ways in which you can use digital content to maximize your ROI.

Trade show Booth Ideas

There are many ways in which you can make your booth speak for your brand. Using high definition videos or images will not only help your trade show display stand out in the crowd but will also give the entire area a uniform appeal. By giving the trade show exhibits an ambiance that resonates with the ideas and values of your brand, you will be able to bring personalization to your booth as well. You can also find out more about the different ways in which you can display visual content and use one that is unique and appealing.

Make it Interactive

Out of all the trade show booth ideas, this one is going to be one of the most effective. Introducing interactive features to your booth can increase the level of engagement of the audience significantly. Rather than using your content in conventional ways, try taking help from a touchscreen that can deliver digital content. By incorporating a touch screen, you will give visitors a chance to interact with your brand in a way that makes them feel in control. You can deliver quality content to the audience during their experience and make information delivery much more convenient.

Bottom Line

Customization and personalization of trade show display rentals can be achieved easily with the help of digital content. Without this, you will find it challenging to attract audience since there will be nothing that sets you apart from the competitors.

Customize Your Display Content

If you know the intended audience, you can use digital content that can attract their attention to the display. By doing this, you will be able to attract the right customer and create increased awareness. Customizing your digital content is an excellent way of amplifying the response that you get at the trade show.

Social Media Updates

By displaying regular social media updates on different screens, you can make the audience feel like a part of something bigger. The online engagement level of the visitors will increase significantly by using techniques such as coming up with a special hashtag or integrating live feeds. Doing this will also make the audience perceive your brand as being technologically advanced and will encourage them to follow your brand.

Testimonial Videos

You can also display testimonial reviews or videos within your custom exhibit booth so that the visitors are aware of what your brand is known for delivering. Testimonial videos can prove to be extremely effective when trying to build credibility amongst the audience. By being able to hear and read what other customers say about your brand, customers are more likely to feel positive about your brand.


If you have set up a competition or a contest for your custom exhibit booth you can display the leaderboard on a screen. Doing this will create interest amongst the audience and will make the participants feel like being a part of something important. However, make sure that the competition that you come up with resonates with the overall values of the brand, and the participants do not have a problem linking it to your brand.


With the help of technology, you can also communicate more about how the customers can use your product or services. Displaying product demonstration videos or tutorial videos is one of the best ways to show what problem your product solves and how. Furthermore, it helps make the process of using your products and services easier for the customers.

Bottom Line

Customization and personalization of trade show display rentals can be achieved easily with the help of digital content. Without this, you will find it challenging to attract audience since there will be nothing that sets you apart from the competitors.

difference between custom, modular and hybrid booths


The Difference Between Custom, Modular and Hybrid Booths

There is no denying the fact that exhibitions have emerged as the most popular platform for companies; be it B2B or B2C companies to promote their brand, boost sales and conduct direct communication with their target group. This why more and more companies are actively participating in exhibitions. The competition at exhibitions is so intense that most brands tend to get lost in the crowd. The only thing that makes a brand stand part from the rest is an eccentric exhibition stand design.

To cater to a wide range of exhibitors, exhibition stand design companies in Dubai have come up with a variety of exhibition stands. Depending on their marketing strategy, budget constraints and exhibition booth size requirements, exhibitors select from a range of custom exhibition stands, modular exhibition stand designs and hybrid exhibition booths

Modular exhibition stands

Modular booths are pre-built booths that are made using connectors, aluminum frames and interchangeable graphics. Modular exhibition stand designs are a sustainable, cost efficient and eco-friendly variant of exhibition stands. A certain amount of customization is possible with modular booths but you cannot alter the core structure of the booth. Modular exhibition stands are scalable in height, so can be used in various locations. Made with sustainable materials, modular booths can be reused for various shows and events. A good quality modular booth can easily be used for approximately 5 years with minimal to no maintenance. Since modular booths are prebuilt they do not require technical assistance for the assembly and dismantling process.

Since modular booths are prebuilt they do not require technical assistance for the assembly and dismantling process.

Custom-Modular Exhibition Stands are a great step towards ‘going green’. Modular booths are made with sustainable material, they can be reused several times and the installation process of modular booth is a clutter-free, pollution-free procedure.

Modular exhibition stands clearly are cost-efficient in the long run, yet many exhibitors still prefer a custom booth over modular because of design constraints. To cater to the demands of the market, exhibition stand manufacturers introduced hybrid exhibition stands.

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Custom exhibition stands

Custom exhibition stands are booths that are created to match specific requirements of the exhibitor. They can be designed and constructed to suit the exhibitor’s fancy. Build using wood, any kind of design specification can be fulfilled when you opt for a custom modular booths. Custom exhibition booths are specifically created for one-time use only. Use of wood and paint makes it practically impossible to reuse the same custom modular booth for multiple events and shows. Many major brands across the world opt for custom booths for their shows since they have specific design requirements. Custom modular booths are ideal when you want your exhibition booth to embody your marketing campaign to the T.
Off late reputed brands and companies refrain from commissioning a custom booth since it is non-ecological. The harmful chemicals used in the paint, woodwork and polishing are harmful to the environment and therefore many show organizers advice against the use of custom modular booths on the fairground.

Hybrid exhibition stands

Hybrid exhibition booths are commonly known as custom modular exhibition stands. Hybrid booths are a lucrative combination of custom and modular stands. It combines the best of both the worlds and brings the most advantageous option to the table.

Hybrid booths are pre-built structures just like modular booths but it has custom elements. Hence it offers design flexibility to exhibitors while maintaining the scalability and sustainability factor. You can commission a hybrid booth and reuse it for various shows and events.

Before you select an exhibition booth for your show, it is crucial that you analyze your requirements, consider storage space and budget before you opt for a custom booth, modular booth or a hybrid booth. Once you analyze your requirements, it is easier for you to shortlist an exhibition stand for your brand.