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Common misconceptions people have about renting an exhibition stand

Common Misconceptions

Common misconceptions people have about renting an exhibition stand


If you are a seasoned exhibitor you already know that participating in exhibitions is quite an expensive affair. Sure, you end up making much more at the end of the show but you cannot ignore the fact that exhibiting requires a substantial investment; be it booking you space for your exhibition stall at the show or commissioning an exhibition stand.

To address this issue, many exhibition stand design companies Dubai have introduced exhibition stand rental in their stand design catalogues. Although many brands have switched to rental exhibition stands, there are still a few that are skeptical about opting for a rental booth. In this article we bust common misconceptions people have about renting an exhibition stand for their show in the Middle East.

  • Myth 1 : Rental booths cannot be customized

    Customization is absolutely possible even with rental exhibition booths. Modular rental booths have a pre-engineered structure. Without disrupting the main structure of modular rental booth you can add and remove elements to customize the booth according to your preference and your brand guidelines.  Also, once the graphics on your rental exhibition booth have been fixed, it will give your exhibition stand a whole new look.

Myth 2 : Rental booths are of standard sizes

Most rental booths offered by exhibition stand companies in Dubai are modular. Modular solutions are dynamic. A modular exhibition stand can be adjusted according to the required size. Also, a few exhibition stand companies in the Middle East like us, offer a wide range of exhibition stand designs, all available on rent. Depending on your exhibition space you can pick a booth size from 3 x 3 sq meter to 12 x 7 sq m.

Myth 3 : Rental booths do not come with furniture and props

A decade ago maybe, this might not have been a misconception. In the past decade, many exhibition stand design companies have emerged in the Middle East that offer turnkey exhibition stand solutions.There are quite a few companies in Dubai itself that offer complete setup along with the exhibition booth. The setups include counters, chairs, bar counter, display stands, hanging banners and other such things. If you have special requirements you can always ask your exhibition stand company for it. Certain exhibition stand companies offer props and furniture in an all-inclusive package while others may charge you extra for it.

These are a few common myths about rental booths, exhibitors need to bust such myths and explore options in order to have a cost efficient show in Dubai.

Myth 4 : Exhibition stand rentals are of substandard quality

This is one of the most common misconception about rental exhibition stands, especially in the Middle East. Many exhibition stand design companies in Dubai that deal with exhibition stalls on rent offer top quality exhibition booths be it rental or one for purchase. Most rental booths are modular and modular solutions are made with premium aluminum. The rental booth from a good exhibition stand builder is most likely going to be of good quality. This is why it is important to hire a trusted exhibition stand builder or contractor for your booth.

Myth 5 : You need to pay extra for additional services

You cannot tick off  exhibition stand from your to-do exhibition list only by commissioning it. There are a lot of additional services required as well. From graphic designing and printing, logistics to assembly and dismantling, you will need workforce to handle it all for you. Nowadays many exhibition stall companies offer these services even with their rental booth packages. Look for exhibition stand manufacturers Dubai that will provide you these services along with the exhibition stand rental in all inclusive price packages.


Why renting exhibition stands is a smarter move

Why renting exhibition stands is a smarter move


Yes, you heard that right! Renting an exhibition stand as opposed to buying one is an option! Numerous exhibition stand design companies Dubai and various other cities in the Middle East offer exhibition stand rental. Some of you may wonder why do I need to hire exhibition stands when I can buy them. Sure many exhibition stand designers offer their services at a nominal cost nowadays but think of it this way. When you are investing a huge sum of money in your exhibition presentation why should you have to compromise on your exhibition stand design?

Exhibition stand rentals address not one but many issues faced by exhibitors around the world. They make exhibiting experience a less complicated and cost effective process.  In this article we explore how exhibition stand rental can help your business grow manifold.

 1. You get the perks without committing to one stand - 

If you purchase a booth for a cseries of exhibitions and shows you intend to participate in a year, then chances are you will opt for a modular booth. A modular booth however versatile cannot be fully altered hence you end up using the same booth for the line-up of shows you have planned. With rental exhibition stands you can get a new booth every single time! You needn’t commit to one exhibition stand and are free to experiment with new exhibition stand ideas and designs at every show you participate in.

2. You have a wide range of options to choose from without shelling extra bucks

Since numerous shows are held in the Middle East many exhibition stand building companies are coming up with rental services. The competition is fierce and the exhibitors get to reap the advantages off it. There are hundreds of stand designs to choose from now! Most of them are available on rent. Gone are the days when you had to select your rental booth from a concise list. There are companies that will customize your rental booth too for you while offering with best possible services.

3. The exhibition stand rental company will handle stand related services 

Every seasoned exhibitor knows that with buying an exhibition stand comes additional responsibilities. You need to hire a logistics company to handle the transportation and agency that will handle installation and dismantling services of your exhibition stand. With rental booths you needn’t worry about any of those things. There are exhibition stand contractors Dubai that handle every single service related to your exhibition stands rentals. With companies that offer rental stands at all-inclusive prices, you needn’t worry about hidden costs as well.

4. Modular rental booths up the company’s image – Exhibition stand companies now, offer an extensive range of modular exhibition stands on rental basis. Modular exhibition stands are a progressive and eco friendly counter part of exhibition stands. Unlike custom exhibition stands, modular booths are made using sustainable materials. Usage of eco-friendly and sustainable products projects the company as socially conscious. It also helps to boost the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of the company as well. This a prime reason modular rental exhibition booths are gaining more and more popularity in the market.

Rental exhibition booths help you to plan a cost efficient exhibiting plan without compromising on the quality and design of your exhibition booth. With changeable graphics and modular capabilities a rental booth will give a fully customized look and help you make the most of your investment.