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3 Reasons To Pick Trade Show Display Rentals

3 Reasons Small Businesses Pick Trade Show Display Rentals

A trade fair or trade show is an exhibition that invites businesses to demonstrate and promote their latest products or services. The main purpose of such trade show exhibits is to allow big and small companies to connect with prospects as well as bring together members of the same trade. This can directly affect the growth of your brand and bring it the adulation it deserves, as trade shows are often held in big cities and usually last several days.

Importance of Trade Shows for Small Businesses

Trade shows are an excellent platform for small businesses to reap the same benefits as large-scale businesses. This is mainly because such industry events provide small or local businesses with the excellent opportunity to be seen and recognised by the who’s who of the business world. Some trade shows are conducted in popular convention centres that permit only industry members and professionals to attend. This gives your business the exclusive opportunity to interact and engage with like-minded people and learn more about your competitors.

1. No Maintenance Cost:

Besides saving you from making a big capital investment, trade show display rentals also relieve you from spending a huge amount on refurbishing and repairing.

2. Range of Options:

If you ever decide to participate in another expo, you won’t have to be stuck with the same booth. Instead, you can choose from a whole bunch of other options without having to pay for maintenance, upgrades, or storage.


3. Peace-of-mind Booth Builds:

It’s natural to worry about the final look of your booth. To help you rest easy, we will give you the opportunity to preview your stall before delivering it to the show. This will present a clear picture of the final product and raise your level of confidence for the big day.
Why Choose Us
We take pride in being associated with coveted brands and delivering award-winning services to them. Aside from working hand-in-hand with our clients, we fabricate and design spaces that enhance the image of your brand and attract the kind of customers you need. Another feature that sets us apart is our 100% pre-build promise, which gives you a chance to make any changes before the final output is ready. After all, we wouldn’t want to you to be dissatisfied with your own booth.

So, if you think your brand is ready to meet the world, we think it’s time you meet us!


Trade Show Display Rentals

It is fair for start-ups or even small businesses to feel sceptical about investing a large amount in something that’s new. After all, purchasing tradeshow displays and managing accompanying expenses may stretch your bottom line to the limit.

However, with the introduction of tradeshow rental displays, it is now possible for small businesses to actually participate in such events, as opposed to simply attending them. This is mainly because rental booths are available at affordable prices and definitely qualify as a solid investment, giving newcomers a chance to make it big.

Advantages of Trade Show Display Rentals
While the most attractive advantage of renting a booth is related to finances, there are many other benefits you can reap by opting for trade show display rentals:

How We Can Help

Our extensive inventory comprises of everything from small display items to large custom designs that can impact your tradeshow display rental positively and boost the awareness level of your brand. If you work with us, here are some of the services you will enjoy:


1. Full Service:

We understand the importance of participating in an expo. Therefore, our skilful team will actively assist you at every step and take charge of all things time-consuming. Right from designing the booth to delivering it, installing the booth to dismantling it, we’ll make sure everything is done to your satisfaction.

2. On Budget:

The whole appeal of trade show display rentals is that they are cost-effective. That’s why we have the concept of open-ended pricing, so that you can design your dream booth without worrying about the cost of each configuration. Just tell us your budget and we will give you our best deal.

3. Flexibility:

The best way to gain more traction on your booth is by adding interesting elements to it. This is possible to implement only in a rented space, which gives you the freedom to make your exhibit unique and creative. Trade show display rentals give you the flexibility to update and experiment with their look and appeal every time.
However, if you want to garner as many benefits as possible, it is important that you consult an expert who has the necessary knowledge and experience of dealing with trade shows. Doing so will give you the results you desire and save you a lot of money in the long run.


5 Things you must consider before you hire exhibition stand companies in Dubai

Hire Exhibition Stand Companies In Dubai

Commissioning an exhibition stand contractor Dubai is a consequential decision that has a tremendous impact on the performance of your brand in the show you are participating in.  The exhibition stand company Dubai you hire will be majorly responsible for your presentation at the show, after all, your exhibition stand is the first thing that the visitors at the show will notice about your brand.

Distinguishing between genuine exhibition stand companies in Dubai and fly by night exhibition stand contractors is a tricky job. You do not want to risk entrusting your exhibition stand to a fly by night company. Hence, to help you make a calculative decision, in this article, we bring you 6 things you must consider before you hire exhibition stand companies in Dubai.


The easiest yet the most important thing for you to check is the credentials of your shortlisted exhibition stand companies in Dubai. Check whether your shortlisted companies are accredited. You can also check for certificates such as SSL that prove the authenticity of the website and consequently of the company as well. You can also check whether the company in question has received any awards and accolades by the exhibition industry. This is a good way to determine the authenticity of any company in question.
Nowadays, most exhibition stand design companies in Dubai have their own websites, so that potentials clients can check out their portfolio and the range of services they have to offer. The website is perhaps the easiest way to check the clientele of the company in questions. The clientele of any given company will give you an idea about the competency and also the credibility of the exhibition stand company Dubai. You can also contact the clients and ask them for a quick feedback on the exhibition stand company you have shortlisted.
Previous projects -
Another sure-shot way of gauging whether the exhibition stand company in question is best suited for your brand or not is by checking out the company’s past projects. Browsing through the exhibition stand contractor’s previous projects will give you a preview of their work and also ascertain their credibility. Exhibition stand companies in Dubai always keep their websites updated with their recent projects. You can check out their work on their website itself and determine whether or not you want to commission the company for your exhibition booth.
Reviews on the internet –
Internet and social media platforms are a powerful tool and you can use them to your advantage for many things. Be it promoting your brand and exhibition or checking out reviews on Exhibition stand companies in Dubai. There are websites like Facebook and forums like Quora that will give you access to genuine reviews. With the help of reviews you can assess the reliability of any company. There are websites specifically dedicated for exhibitions, you can browse through various websites and them come up with a calculated decision about which exhibition stand company is suitable for your line of business.
Last but not the least, if you are still not sure about which company you must entrust your exhibition booth to then you can always rely on recommendations. If an established brand is endorsing a particular stand contractor or a specific exhibition stand company is a unanimous choice of various brands, chances are the stand contractor or the stand company in question is reliable.
These tips will help you to the select the right exhibition stand company or contractor for your next show in Dubai.