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Product displays and exhibitions – Few things to keep handy!

Product displays and exhibitions

An exhibition show is many things at a single point of time and place. Whether it is about showcasing your brand and its best products and services to a larger target audience, building a stronger relationship between your brand and consumer, or launching a new product with the aim to reach the targeted consumer base and generate highest sales leads. But have you ever wondered what makes your product launches a great success at an exhibition show? It is your exhibition stands and how attractive or appealing is the exhibition stands design and the way it captures the attention of the audience at the show.

It is a fact that a poor product launch can break your show and the effectiveness of the same can be hampered. In order to grasp the attention of a large number of target audience and generating maximum sales leads through a product launch can be done by making your exhibition stands worth a look. This simply means that in order to make your product launch a fruitful effort, there are a few key elements that need to be taken care of. Let’s take a look at these!

Time the launch of your product thoughtfully

Any proficient product manager will tell you that a correct time for a product launch is fundamental to a compelling launch. Therefore, when you think of having a product launch at an exhibition show, make sure that you choose the right show as well as partner with the best exhibition stands design and build company who would fabricate the best-looking and compelling exhibition stands for you.

So, if you are having a show in Dubai and looking for exhibition stands in Dubai, then ensure that you partner with a local stand contractor who can help you with a suitable stand design.

Product positioning is of utmost importance

When it comes to a product launch, one of the most fundamental things is building up the trust in the market before you step ahead for a product launch. Therefore, positioning your product well is the necessity of the moment so that your target audience finds the right answer for their needs and demands in your product.

Moreover, product positioning in your exhibition stand is also important. Whether you are exhibiting in portable exhibition stands or modular ones, placing the product well during the show is also crucial. It is vital that your visitors can easily find the product they are looking for at the launch. So, place it thoughtfully.

Consider the Market Opportunity

Having a one of a kind product launch is an essential first stage; nonetheless you should in like manner consider the market opportunity for your potential product. There are various essentials that are to be considered while evaluating the market opportunity, yet here are three of the most basic and vital things that needs special focus.

  • The target audience

Understanding your customer will empower you to pick if your product deals with an issue of your target audience or not. Make a point to fixate on giving an answer for the audience’s issue.

  • Your immediate competition

Get familiar with your competition so that you know their products in the market. This will help you plan and strategize accordingly and have a product that truly matters to your target audience. Be a step ahead of your competition by knowing what they are up to.

  • Budget plan

Knowing the cost of your product will help you make a decision for the future product launches and short and long-term goals.

Common Mistakes at Exhibitions and How to Avoid Them

Common Mistakes at Exhibitions and How to Avoid Them

Have a show? Partnered with one of the leading exhibition stand design companies and got the best exhibition stand on board? Trained the staff for effectively communicating with the target audience? All set and done. But hey, have you overlooked on some trivial mistakes, which are a common dos’ during the whole exhibition chaos. Once you figure these common exhibition mistakes, then it’s not a big deal to dodge the same. But understanding these takes a whole lot of time and consideration.
Your brand image and equity are of prime importance. So, it is a sensible step to avoid silly exhibition mistakes that are often overlooked pre, during and post shows. So, here we are focusing on three main mistakes that are persistent during the show but can be largely avoided with prior planning.

Overlooking the plan to plan

Failing to plan and strategize for your show may land you up in trouble. We all agree that planning and devising a plan for an exhibition show plays a crucial role in establishing the ground for a great show.
An exhibition show should be managed with precision and perfection. Just like any other department or district of your business, it too needs substantial goals, a system for achieving these goals, a solid game-plan and a substitute strategy to have a successful and worthwhile show. While you plan out to partner with one of the best exhibition stand design companies to have your next show’s exhibition stand, there should be enough planning beforehand to grab every possible sales leads at the show. Without a solid and strategized plan, your show won’t have a benchmark for evaluating accomplishment. You plan when you want the most stunning exhibition stand design. You plan ahead, in case you have a show in another country or city. You plan to get the best exhibition stand Dubai from the most exhibition stand companies in Dubai. There’s planning in everything and one should not avoid the same.

Unappealing exhibition stand design

The exhibition stand design is one such element that the show visitors will closely take a look at and decide whether or not to visit your stand. So, as an exhibitor be sure to have a striking exhibition stand design that would attract the visitors instantly. Most of the time, due to the fear of overshooting the show budget, companies partner with inexperienced exhibition stand contractors who would successfully offer you a stand design at a cheaper rate but would not put in enough effort to prepare a design suiting the specific brand needs and image. Hence, if you have a show in Dubai then avoid the mistake of going ahead with an inexperienced exhibition stand contractors in Dubai and partner with the one that has a heavy work portfolio and clientele that you can rely upon.

Cost cutting is a must but not on the right things

Brands across the globe indulge in cost cutting to stick to the budget plan. But it is a fact that cutting costs on the right things might spoil your show. You might invest in an inexpensive exhibition stand, but the same might land you up with a shoddy stand design. Similarly, if you’re partnering with best exhibition stand contractors in Dubai or exhibition stand design companies in Dubai will let you spend a bit, but it will surely give you a better return on investment.

Some of the other crucial exhibition mistakes include:


  • Common and uncreative giveaways
  • Untrained stand staff
  • Fading brand presence at the show
  • Failing to follow up

Shun the worries of exhibiting mistakes and stun the world with the best exhibition stand. Keep these trivial exhibition mistakes away and have a successful show.

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The Important Facets of Exhibition Booth Design Ideas

The Important Facets of Exhibition Booth Design Ideas

When you start working on exhibition booth design ideas, what is the first thing that you think of? Of course, the various design elements that will contribute to a great exhibition booth design. Generally, we don’t have a specific mind-set for a design; they’re prudently crafted based on your marketing strategy for the event. For this, it is essential to have a clear objective for participating in an exhibition. Whether you want to promote your brand or generate qualified leads for your business, a strong marketing strategy will help you meet your desired goal.
There are an almost infinite number of exhibition booth design ideas for reaching your event goal line. By using the services of a proficient exhibition booth designer you will be ensured that your booth appears alluring and functions well in order to successfully grab the attention of visitors. There are many agencies who offer these services of exhibition booth design in Dubai. They take the responsibility to effectively incorporate spotless graphics to make your booth stand out from the crowd. Have you ever visited a restaurant and felt different? What made that restaurant stand apart from its competitors? Apart from its food; the colour, layouts, and lighting altogether add towards the success of the restaurant. These elements together build a pleasing ambience. Just like that, booth designs also contribute towards influencing attendees about your brand.
The best exhibition booth design is the one that has amazing graphics that conveys the right message and guides attendees to your booth. In order to be effortlessly spotted in an exhibition hall from every corner, you could make use of some signage that would be put up at a height. This hanging signs from the ceiling will serve as an effective technique to increase visibility. One of the remarkable exhibition booth design ideas is to have your booth walls covered with large-scale graphics or mount free-standing signs around your booth. These signs are available in various sizes and shapes and can also be double-sided which enriches the visibility arena.
A design that looks amazing on an office screen or on the brochure cover may not necessarily look great in your exhibition space. It is essential to wisely consider the visual composition of the entire booth in prior to build the signs at the right scale and angle them accurately for maximum visibility of your exhibition booth design. Your in-house graphic designers won’t have enough knowledge about the exhibition industry unless they worked for exhibition booths before. That is why it is always advisable to hire professional exhibition booth designer who has hands-on experience in the exhibition industry.
Creativity is a key when you are working on exhibition booth design ideas. You need to lure your attendees with something unique and unexpected. You could design your booth around a clever theme or incorporate interactive elements and create buzz around your brand that encourages interest and stays fresh in the memory long after the show. To have the best exhibition booth design, it is important to note that your booth should not only be decorative but it needs to be functional as well. Suppose, you have onsite deals signed at you booth then you need to incorporate a private meeting area in your booth.
Allow the people see what you are offering them through your exhibition booth design. Let them visualize, hear, and feel your product or service. This will enable you to imprint information on their mind and ultimately they would come back to make a purchase later. All of this requires vigilant planning well in advance to avoid any last minute confusions. Do share with us the various exhibition booth design ideas that will help in making a long-lasting impression on the target audience.

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Cost-Effective Exhibition Stands That Can Boost Brand Presence

Cost-Effective Exhibition Stands

Cost-Effective Exhibition Stands That Can Boost Brand Presence

There are thousands of exhibitions happening every year at various locations based on specific industry type to showcase the products or services at their best. Exhibiting in an exhibition is like introducing your brand in a new way to your target audience. Good quality exhibition stands make sure that this first impression is a lasting one. The exhibition process might appear daunting for exhibitors who are participating first time in an exhibition. Companies who are new to the exhibition industry and the ones who are very peculiar about their marketing budget will often try to look for cheap exhibition stands for their exhibition.
It is understandable that these newbies want to make sure that their investment cost is worth it before venturing into the exhibition industry. It is necessary to remember that exhibiting is a marketing activity and hence, as a company, you are required to follow certain marketing principles and practices based on your budget. But looking out for cheap exhibition stands doesn’t mean that one needs to compromise on their quality.  Exhibitors often get confused in selecting the right exhibition stands design for their show while focusing more on their budget constraint and neglecting the quality significance. It is essential to note that there are several stand designs ideas which are competent as well as cost-effective too.
Exhibition stands design that is pocket-friendly and highly functional focuses more on practicality and highlighting the key message of your brand. Such stands massively reduce the overall price of the exhibition stand saving money in logistics, installing and dismantling. These stand ideas enable you to participate in an exhibition without burning a hole in your pocket. Start-ups or companies who do not wish to invest more into exhibitions depend on these cheap exhibition stands options instead of spending on intricate exhibition stands.
One of the cheap exhibition stands type to choose is the pop-up stands which will make an ideal choice for your show. They are highly preferred due to their versatility and ease of use. Pop up stands are portable in nature, light weighted and easy to assemble too. Choosing pop up stands for an exhibition will ensure you a robust framework and pristine finish portable exhibition stands at budget-friendly rates. There are various types of pop up stand designs and styles available in the market. You could choose the right one that fits your requirement.
Promoting your business to create brand awareness can be done through brand activation kits. For getting cheap exhibition stands for your exhibition stand, you could opt for brand activation kits which are reusable and serves as a great source of one-time investment. These display kits effectively influence your target audience and turns them into buyers. There are several exhibition stands agencies which provide brand activation kits which contain a wholesome package at an affordable price. With the right choice of activation kits that encourages promotional displays and customer engagement, your business can reach out to the right set of audience.
An exhibition is truly a great medium to build strong brand image and bring credibility to your business. Companies that participate in exhibitions are successful in making their brand stand out and adding value to your business through effective networking. Portable exhibition stands are constantly developing as a lucrative approach to mark your presence in an exhibition. Being easy to assemble, these exhibition stands delivers unmatched visual impact thus enabling the creation of elegant, eye-catching displays and counters. These stands are easy to re-configure and can be used to re-brand thus, making your exhibition stand more flexible and economical.

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Exhibition Stands as Brand Boosters

Brand-Boosters of exhibition stands in UAE

Exhibition Stands as Brand Boosters


Exhibitions stands are expensive, for attendees, exhibitors, and organizers. Then why are they still relevant? Simply put, it’s because people consider face to face interaction authentic, unlike the perfectly lit photos or correctly composited videos that companies and exhibition shows often promote on their social media feeds.

Furthermore, attendees often attend the exhibitions for the experience. Exhibition shows are often hubs of novelty and innovation. Walk into any show in Dubai, exhibition stands all around you will be employing the latest marketing methods to command attention and attract visitors. Exhibition shows are also a great place for businesses and professionals to stay active within their industry and keep up with the latest developments. So there are some clear benefits that exhibition stands provide businesses that are looking to increase their business and brand presence.

Improved brand presence

An exhibition stand’s design is like the portfolio of the company condensed into an elevator pitch. Not only is the design suppose to attract attendees and present the company image in a positive light. If the company is relatively new it is suppose to convey to the onlooker exactly what the company is all about.

Exhibition stands that are able to achieve this will manage to not only get a large footfall of attendees that know about the brand. But also, leave the stand with definite brand recall that will last long after they have left the show.

Furthermore, having exhibition stands in UAE, Europe, or the United States of America are still considered a popular form of networking among businesses. Big companies like to discover innovative start-ups that bring something new to their industry. So, by participating in an exhibition show you let your industry known about your brand and by extension your customers.

Acquire new leads

Digital marketing has its place in lead generation. But, when it comes to acquiring a sizeable amount of high-quality leads, exhibitions still remain effective choice. Exhibition stands in a Dubai show or any other show in any other region are going to attract more relevant leads than e-mail marketing or the outdated door to door marketing.

This is simply because exhibition shows are attended by professionals and businesses that are already interested to see what the show has to offer. They are interested in the show because, it is relevant to their industry.

This instantly helps businesses that have exhibition stands at the relevant exhibition show, because they get access to attendees that are looking to strike partnerships with new companies. And see what their exhibition stands have to offer.

Gain exclusive insights

Exhibition shows are ideal hubs for gaining new information, new innovations, and new interactions. The lazy way that start-up businesses tend to create keep themselves updated is through social media and the blog posts. It might seem like a safe way to test the waters before your business is ready for the spotlight. But that perception is wrong. Most of the action happens at exhibition shows itself, behind the polish of social media and politically correct blog posts. Businesses that participate in shows with their Exhibition Stand Builders in Dubai or any major show in world benefit in twofold:

  • They are able to gain the latest information from guest speakers and key influencers. Even further interaction becomes possible
  •  They are able to connect with businesses that can offer services, which compliment their own and come to an immediate business arrangement

So, business participating in shows with their exhibition stands, gain a decisive edge in terms of knowledge and networking.

In conclusion, these three benefits leads, brand presence, and industry insight make exhibition stands a powerful marketing tool. Since they can help businesses get a solid foothold in their industry and by extension their customers.

6 Must-Haves to Developing a Successful 20 x 20 Trade Show Rental Display

20 x 20 Trade Show rental display

6 Tips to Developing a Successful 20 X 20 Trade Show Rental Display

As you make preparations for your next trade show booth, you will have to ensure that you are doing all you can to properly accessorize the booth properly. As per trade show experts, it is vital to draw attention to the booth without alienating any of your audience. There is something as too many bells and whistles on trade show booths; that being said, there is always some room for an effective 20 x 20 trade show booth rental display.

It is likely that your 20 x 20 trade show booth has modern looking display pedestals and illuminated signs and both are essential to look professional and get just the right amount of attention. However, in case you don’t have a well-designed and adequately placed 20 x20 trade show displays rental, it can be hard for attendees to locate your booth.

The attendees will quickly decide with a cursory glance at your trade show rental display whether or not they would like to visit your trade show booth. As a result, the wording and design of the board display can directly affect whether people would hear your message. These tips will make your 20 x 20 trade show rental display stand out from competitors.

Use Images And Color Wisely
You would like images and color to attract rather than distract your audience. So, do not use more than three or four contrasting colors for creating an eye-catching and attractive scheme that is not too dizzying or busy. All images you use should be vivid and clear.
It always pays to have your trade show rental displays professionally printed, as you do not want them to look homemade and unprofessional in the middle of savvy competitors.
Communicate Your Message In A Glance
Trade show displays could answer your audiences’ question or pose one; however, in order to capture the attention of the attendees you should give them a brief idea of what they actually stand to gain if they visit your trade show booth. This is why it is vital to develop a concise and clear theme and allow your message to dictate or control the rest of the design.
Keep It Simple
It can be tempting to deliver everyone your whole message on the display. However, keep in mind that people milling about in a busy room with plenty to do and see will not have much time to read. Rather, give them a few core points that can easily and quickly introduce your service or product.
Do Not Get Overly Technical
Even when you are attending a technical trade show, do not assume that the folks attending the show are knowledgeable or interested in highly technical things. A lot of companies usually send a non-tech representative or manager to attend the trade shows. So, it is vital to craft the message in a way that a layperson could understand it; and do not create a display that can intimidate non-techies.
Presentation Is Crucial
If you plan on putting your trade show poster on the side of your trade show booths 20 x20 , there are not too many details you have to get concerned with. On the other hand, if you plan to hang your poster over the booth, it is likely that you would need a good frame and it is better to have the poster printed on each side
Every Poster Should Have A Clear Purpose
Experts usually recommend having one trade show booth poster that has your company’s logo on it, and at least another poster that has the name of the product or service you are launching at that specific show. It is also ideal to consider an effective poster with your website address as well as a poster that shows off the big product which made your business popular. Just like every marketing campaign requires a focused and succinct message in order to be successful, the same is the case with your trade show displays. Keep in mind that nothing confuses a prospective customer more than a booth poster that attempts to talk about everything, but ends up talking about nothing. Do not make that mistake.

Must have things to keep in mind for your next exhibition stand in Dubai

exhibition stand Dubai

Must have things to keep in mind for your next exhibition stand in Dubai

Exhibition shows are conducted all-round the year. With numerous brands from widespread industries, business experts and consumers at one platform, exhibitions have become one such ground where you can meet both your business partners and prospective buyers and consumers. Not to forget, ab exhibition show would also welcome your competitors and help you gauge their branding and marketing activities from a close proximity.
Showing at an exhibition demands for numerous dos and don’ts, depending on the location your show is at. Every country or city has its own set of rules when it comes to exhibition shows. Right from an exhibition stand design to taking care of the entire project execution and partnering with a reliable exhibition stand contractor, every small detail needs to be addressed specifically. If your show is at Dubai, then you must get your hands on the best exhibition stand Dubai from the most trusted exhibition stand design companies in Dubai. The task to get the most appealing exhibition stand Dubai is a simple one; read on to find out the easy tricks.

Exhibition stand ideas that stand out

One of the most important factors about getting the most appealing exhibition stand Dubai is to get unique and distinct exhibition stand ideas that will help your brand stand out. Exhibition stand ideas must showcase the specific brand message communicate the key message of the brand effectively. As an exhibitor, you must contact a reliable exhibition stand design companies in Dubai so that you can get nothing less than a striking stand idea.
There are numerous exhibition stand companies in Dubai but to fix on the best one might seem like a daunting task. First of all, make sure to go through the list of popular exhibition stand companies in Dubai and fix on the one that suits your specific brand needs and exhibiting demands.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai

Although there might be a lot of stand contractors in Dubai, you must partner with the one who has a reliable history of working with global clients and can provide you with a stand design portfolio to skim through. It is necessary to go through the work portfolio of the exhibition stand contractors Dubai so that you exactly know what is waiting for you.
It is best not to rely simply on the work portfolio but also take a look at different brand that the stand contractor has worked with. A complete project execution of your stand will help you experience a hassle-free show.
Right from getting the best exhibition stand Dubai to partnering with one of the most popular exhibition stand design companies in Dubai, you need to get your things right.

Exhibition stand design companies

If you have your show in Dubai, it is best to partner with the best exhibition stand design companies in Dubai in order to get stunning stand designs for your next showcase. Having a professional and highly experienced team of exhibition stand designers would help you with compelling stand designs to help you make a unique brand presence at the show. Moreover, it is always best to help the designers understand your brand needs so that they can pen down some stunning designs for your exhibition stand Dubai.
Preparing for an exhibition show is not a tough task as it seems like, only if you know what the important things are to take care of. With correct planning and ideation, you can get the best exhibition stand Dubai for your next show. Keep these vital and must-have factors in mind for your next Dubai show.

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