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Exhibition Stands – A Key Ingredient in Building Successful Marketing Strategy

Exhibition Stands – A Key Ingredient in Building Successful Marketing Strategy

In today’s fast-paced world where communication has reached the new level of expediency, Exhibitions still works as a great medium to market your brand and connect with your potential customers efficiently. Even the top market leaders in the market choose this mode of marketing. So, if your company is planning to participate in an exhibition then you need to understand the certain factors that will determine whether your event would be a great success or not. Before participating in the exhibition, identifying the objective is a must. Most likely, companies have a clear goal of obtaining qualified leads that will convert into payable customers along with generating brand awareness.

Exhibition stands play a vital role in marketing your brand. As it is rightly said, the first impression is the last impression. Exhibition stands are the first thing that will attract your customers towards your brand. You definitely can’t lose on this one because, within the first few glances, the attendees will decide upon whether to visit your booth or not. Various exhibition stands agencies in Dubai help in creating the perfect exhibition stands. There are few things that you would need to note down which will guide you to create the right exhibition stands for your event.

Let your Design do the Talking

One of the important element in the exhibition stands is the exhibition stands design. It is essential that your exhibition stands design portray your brand value and at the same time convey the right marketing message that is aimed directly at your target audience. Having alluring exhibition stands design will directly attract more traffic towards your booth. Your design should be able to depict your brand’s ideology of what your customers will benefit after visiting your stall. In consideration of having attractive exhibition stands, you need to come up with new innovative stand ideas that will match your company’s values. There are professional exhibition stand builders who design customizable exhibition stands in Dubai.

Keep it Simple yet Innovative

The design of your stand will include the text and graphics which together will contribute in making your design stand out. The secret to this is saying more with fewer words. Your customers won’t take out time to read paragraphs about your brand so it is necessary, to sum up, your message in small catchy phrases. Along with the message, you need to have an enticing graphic for your exhibition stands. Don’t use colours and images that will distract instead of attracting. Eye pleasing graphics will definitely help in making your show a hit. To add to its charisma, make use of proper lighting thus enhancing the beauty of your exhibition stand.

Quality is never a Compromise

Quality is of utmost importance since your exhibition stand will represent the face of the company. You need to make sure to use high-quality materials and construction while building it. With the growing trends, the market now also provides superior quality portable exhibition stands that have quick and easy installation process. This portable exhibition stands will help in creating a strong brand presence at cost-effective rates.

Along with designing the perfect exhibition stands for your show, your Staff approach towards your potential customers will also count in making an exhibition successful. Since they also represent the face of the company. It is always advisable to appoint courteous employees who have a rich knowledge about your brand in order to answer all the queries that arise in your customer’s mind.

An Exhibition can truly deliver great result if done the right way. For this, you must have experienced Exhibition stands designers who have a proper understanding of your brand and industry. Adhering to all these factors, you will definitely be able to steal the show.

5 Common misconceptions people have about exhibitions

5 Common misconceptions people have about exhibitions

Have you ever considered participating in exhibitions and later held back because you weren’t sure about this BTL marketing platform? When it comes to offbeat marketing platforms such as exhibitions, there are prejudices and misconceptions in the market. More often than not these misconceptions are just that – misconceptions!
Off late the marketing arena is abuzz with the fact that exhibiting can actually help your business tremendously. Still, to clear the air, in this article we decode 5 common misconceptions people have about exhibitions.

Misconception Number 1 – Exhibitions are only for global brands

It is true that global brands invest heavily in exhibitions and why not? They receive surplus return on their investments but it does not mean that exhibitions are not the platform for small businesses and start-ups. On the contrary, exhibitions provide an ideal stage for start-ups to officially introduce their brand and product in the market. Showcasing alongside seasoned exhibitors in fact will put your brand on the map and increase brand credibility. This is why more and more small companies are investing in distinctive exhibition stands to create an ideal setting for their brand at the show they are participating in.

Misconception numbers 2 – Exhibitions only help to make sales!

Participating in exhibitions does help to boost sales but they can help you achieve much more than just that. The reason BTL activity like exhibitions have come to the forefront is because they help brands to reach untapped target groups. With the right exhibition stand, you can help to increase your brand visibility. Not only exhibitions provides a solid ground to launch your product but it also helps to increase brand credibility. Your exhibition stand itself can become an ideal platform to communicate and directly interact with your target audience.

Misconception Number 3 – Participating in exhibitions is an expensive affair

In the past decade or two, the exhibition industry has evolved for the better. Initially only the big players invested in exhibitions because they could afford to. Now, the industry is accommodating and in fact encourages small businesses to exhibit. To cater to these exhibitors exhibition stand contractors Dubai offer a wide range of booths and display stands that are budget-friendly. From booking an exhibition stand to hiring an exhibition stand contractor Dubai that provides turnkey solution, everything is cost-effective and hassle-free.

Misconception Number 4 – Participating in exhibition is a hassle

Participating in exhibitions does involve a lot of prep hence you need to play smartly. Nowadays exhibition stand builders in Dubai provide complete range of services along with their exhibition stands Dubai. Once you book your exhibition space and hire the right stand builder, you needn’t worry about a single thing. Your stand builder will provide you with turnkey solutions taking care of every aspect be it designing, production, graphics, logistics and installation and dismantling.

Misconception Number 5 – Personalization of exhibition stands is pricey

It is imperitive that you invest in a good exhibition stand. Afterall, it is going to present your brand at the show. Customization of the stand is the most impactful way to make your brand stand out in the crowd. Many people are under the assumption that personalization of exhibition booth is pricey. This is not true. Many exhibition stand builder provide their booths at a nominal rate. Now, even rental stands can be personalized according to the brand requirements. Modular stands too can be customized to some extent so that the booth embraces the brand personality.
Exhibitions are considered one of the most impactful and powerful marketing platform. Don’t let prejudice and misconceptions stop you from exploring this avenue. With thorough research, participating in exhibitions can be a problem-free and cost efficient process.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind before Choosing a Theme for your next Exhibition in Dubai

5 Things to Keep in Mind before Choosing a Theme for your next Exhibition in Dubai


Dubai is one of the prime exhibiting locations for different buyers & sellers from various parts of the world. Every year, there are several exhibitions held in Dubai and more than thousands of exhibitors participate from every corner of the world.

Themes are imperative, impactful and exciting part of every exhibition and they should not be overlooked. It is the first thing that visitors notice at your exhibition stand design and if it is attention-grabbing it will certainly drive them to your exhibition stand.

When it comes to selecting the right themes for your next display stand Dubai based, you have to be very peculiar. These following points will help you in selecting the right theme for your next exhibition.

1. You should have a good understanding of your target group

Before finalizing your exhibition theme, you have to consider the age, demographics, industry of your target audience. You have to analyze who will be attending the event, what is the age group they are falling into. There will be plenty of exhibitors in Dubai from various industries like IT, medical, entertainment, or electronics. In order to connect well with your target group, you have to decide which theme suits best for that particular industry.

2. Your theme should be in sync with your exhibition content at your exhibition stand

While selecting the theme for your exhibition you should have a branding or a marketing objective. For instance, if you are participating in exhibitions for a new product launch for the automobile industry, then you should select a theme at your exhibition stand accordingly. Make sure your theme is appealing, engaging as well as professional.

Choosing a good team of exhibition stand designers will help you get excellent themes ideas for your next exhibitions in Dubai. You have to ensure that the message of the exhibition should be easily incorporated into whatever theme you select.

3. You have to keep an eye on the latest trends

Checking out the latest trends in the exhibition industry can be a basic and excellent theme design idea. Some of the popular themes in Dubai are masquerade, aviation theme, workshop theme, seafood theme, under the sea. Choosing a trendy theme at your exhibition stand will give a cutting edge over your competitors.

4. You have to select the right color combination

Choosing a color scheme can be the simplest and the most popular theme idea of what every exhibitor uses. So, whether it is using black and white color for adding a touch of sophistication, or red and green for a Christmas event. You have to select the right color combination. You can create an exciting exhibition stand design in Dubai by choosing colors that match your brand logo, which will result in a high brand recall.

5. You have to stick to the budget of your exhibition stand Dubai based

When it comes to themes, money is one of the deciding factors, while exhibiting in Dubai. Needless to say, exhibitions are expensive and so are themes.  If you are planning to do a futuristic exhibition, then your visitors might expect robots at your exhibition stand design. You have to be realistic about your budget when it comes to choosing themes in Dubai.

Creating themes at exhibitions is a powerful way to enhance your visitors’ mood and attract more audiences at your exhibition stand. Themes are highly effective when it comes to branding. Choosing the right theme at your stand design will not only attract visitors to your exhibition stand but also leaves a memorable mark on your visitors.

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Choosing between modular or custom exhibition stand for your first show

exhibition stand design

Choosing between modular or custom exhibition stand for your first show

When deciding to go the route of utilizing exhibition stands for promoting your brand, you must first decide the level of investment you intend to place for your exhibition stand. Your budget and marketing goals will decide on the type exhibition stand designs that will be appropriate for your brand. Usually these designs are available in modular or custom variations. You could even pick rental options if needed. So here are some things to consider.
Let’s start with modular exhibition stands first. You can create some of the most versatile solutions with modular exhibition stands. Modular stand allow you a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing the stand’s shape and size, you can pull a lot of variety with your exhibition stand designs in modular. They’re not cheap but they’re also not as costly as a custom exhibition stand. They are effectively a cost-optimal choice for companies. If you want to maintain a conservative budget without compromising on presentation, then modular stand types are a good option.
Within modular stands there are vast categories of different types of stand systems to use. There are several levels of customization available with different builds. The higher-end ones come equipped with better design solutions such curved walls, product display shelves, support for LCD screens, and even with custom lighting fixtures.
At the highest price point, a modular stand can allow you to create wide exhibition stand designs, which can match the aesthetics and scalability of custom stands. Modular stand designs have the additional benefit of being engineered to be compacted into a manageable bundle for easy transportation and installation.
The best part about modular exhibition stands is that they can be reused and reconfigured for later exhibition shows are per the needs of your show space.
So, a modular stand is a good option to consider, since it offers you distinctive advantages.
Now we move on to custom exhibition stand designs, these types of stands are built for maximizing the presence and impact of a brand at an exhibition show. They are designed with a very specific theme in mind and with no possibility for any future modification.
Custom exhibition stands are usually used to launch a new product or service for big brands looking to make a massive impact, reinforce their brand value, and generate a massive footfall with occasionally some hefty sales. At any show, you’ll find custom exhibition stand designs that will always be built tall, wide, and imposing. They are made to utilise all the available, exhibition space. They are meant be a dominating presence at any show. They can have a spacious lounge, even a complete stage for demonstrations. The possibilities for engaging attendees are limitless.
But the shortcoming is that they are very expensive and can usually be afforded by big brands that have the capital to handle such an endeavour. Furthermore, don’t expect any future use from custom exhibition stand designs once they are made, the only thing they are useful for after the show is to be broken down or recycled.
Naturally, custom exhibition stands are an expensive solution since they are one-time deal. Investing in a custom stand is guaranteed to cost you more that the amount of sale you expect to make, but the long-term brand impact you make can be an intangible asset for you brand.
To conclude, we hope that this article has given you some knowledge on the difference between two of the most popular exhibition stand types. Also, we hope that it further facilitates a more fruitful discussion when you approach any exhibition stand design companies in Dubai.

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