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Three benefits for choosing Exhibition Stand Design Companies in Dubai

Three benefits for choosing exhibition stand design companies in Dubai

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned exhibitor, you will truly benefit from hiring exhibition stand design companies in Dubai that have a local presence within the region. But, let’s make a case towards why this is true.
On why, it’s better to wait till you have the budget you need to afford one. On why, you have a better chance of pulling of a successful exhibition if you commission your exhibition stands from companies that have a solid base in the exhibiting scene at Dubai.
Here are some of the primary benefits you should look forward to.

Local knowledge and expertise

Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai that have their offices in Dubai itself are familiar with all the rules and regulations that govern the exhibiting industry. The ones that have an international presence in the company are able to expedite the logistics of shipping exhibition stands in Dubai, saving you essentially time and money. These companies will also have tie-ups with trade fair organizers of the show you plan on exhibiting, saving the hassle and risk of networking yourself with the show organizers. Furthermore, you would have access to project managers who would have the expertise on how to deal with troublesome scenarios at the exhibition. And finally, they would be in touch with the exhibition design trends that are popular and relevant with audiences in Dubai.

Reliable delivery and responsive support

This can make or break your exhibiting ambitions if not handled with care. If you hire exhibition stand design companies in Dubai than you have the added assurance that your exhibition stand will reach its venue on time. Some of the more seasoned companies have the capabilities to manufacture your exhibitions stands in Dubai itself, with pre-built guarantee. This removes any chance of problems during assembly with the build itself during the show. Also having the stand design company with local presence creates the added benefit that you’re never left stranded during your show and can call up the company in case of any difficulty that might crop up with your build.

Save time and money on logistics

If the stand company you’ve hired is located outside of Dubai, then you run the risk of having to handle the logistics of shipping and transporting your exhibition stand through customs and then at the venue on your own. Even worse you’ll probably end up trying to build the stand yourself, which can be another time sink that you don’t need hours prior the show.
This in itself can end up increasing your expenses in ways you will find difficult to monitor and predict. It would be far better for you in the long term to pay more and only choose exhibition stand design companies in Dubai who are well-known and experienced enough with the exhibition industry in Dubai to handle the logistical issues of taking care, transporting, installing and dismantling of exhibition stands.
So there you have it three benefits that hiring a stand company within Dubai can give you, which are well worth considering if you even plan to exhibit.

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Budget-friendly Booth Design Tips

Budget-friendly Booth Design Tips

Even in the age of global connectivity, businesses participate in trade shows. The benefit of connecting face-to-face with interested customers is still valid and works exclusively for trade shows. But the price for exhibiting at trade shows is never cheap.
Between commissioning your exhibition booth design to a reliable builder and accounting for overhead costs such as hotel stay, travel expenses, staff expenses and booth fee. It can seem like you’re spending a lot more than you are getting in return.
This does feel discouraging in the short term, but the truth is that exhibition booth displays provide visibility to your products and services on a professional platform, while also giving you the opportunity to network with like-minded peers and potential clients.
Cost is a huge deterrent for any fledgling business looking to make an appearance at a trade show, but can’t justify the exhibiting expense. But, with a bit of creativity and networking, you can discover several cost-saving measures that can ensure your exhibition booth design is not only a success but is also does so without giving you severe financial crunch.
We have listed below some areas you can reduce your expenses and save money for you next trade show:


Printing out pamphlets and flyers costs a lot of money, considering the well-documented fact that attendees dislike being burdened with brochures to carry when they are walking around the show. Most of this end in the trash can, any ways.
So, for most of time there is no need to invest heavily in print marketing to promote your booth, when there are several paperless alternatives. You can simple set up a staff member to collect email address and business cards from leads to send them relevant information about your business. By taking the onus of collecting contact details from your leads, not only do you avoid the chance of losing information, but it’s also lets you follow up after the show. There are several budget booths such as pop up exhibition displays, which don’t come with a flyer stand, making them a cheaper option to opt for.


By cleverly using social media, you can advertise about your upcoming exhibition booth design easily. Even trade shows understand the importance of social media and run campaigns to promote their shows. You can run a social media campaign to do the same, since sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin allow you to register for free. The added benefit is that you can connect with other professionals attending the show and get your name out there.


At any trade show, giveaways and freebies end up costing you pretty penny. To avoid this there are two things that you do. Firstly, store your giveaways at the back in small batches and only have one batch out at anytime. Secondly, don’t simply hand them out to anyone that walks past your booth. A good way to ensure that is by making the potential visitor fill a contact form. Only hand your giveaways to potential leads that are interested in your products and services.
To conclude, these tips should trim some load of your exhibiting budget, we are sure you’ll find other areas to reduce expenses, but one area we would advice against doing so would be your exhibition booth design. Your booth will be the face of your company during the show. So, we recommend you to avoid skimming on the build and design of your booth. Since this will directly determine your exhibiting success. Good luck and happy exhibiting.

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Why fusing a TV in your Display Stand is a Great Idea?

Why Fusing A TV In Your Display Stand Is A Great Idea

Why fusing a TV in your Display Stand is a Great Idea


If you take into consideration the exhibitors all across the world, then you would notice that you end up spending around 35 to 40% of your yearly promoting spending at such worldwide stages, along these lines you search for fitting quantifiable benefit. It seems like a sensible arrangement to influence your display stand and booth design as connecting method with your target audience to accomplish your primary goals of exhibiting. In any case, are TVs the right choice to make them go? Well, you might have thought of a number of things to invest in while having a display stand design or booth design ideas, but what is more important is to know which one works for you the most. In that case, having a television screen fused in your display stand is a great idea or not, let us take that into notice!

  • Uncommon for exposure

TVs are uncommon for a few reasons. To begin with, having videos on your display stand or at expo booth displays is a better than average technique to pull in people inside your display stands and it is additionally a portion of the best booth exhibition design ideas. Screens get people's thought (tolerating, clearly, that your items and administrations are appealing).

Moreover, TVs are a respectable alternative for your booth staff. It is an extraordinary method for speaking with the intended interest group. Right when your display stand is swarmed, and you essentially don't have space plan savvy to draw in everyone, having a video running will help visitors holding up rather than leaving your little expo display booths

  • Hard to regulate

Setting up a TV sounds basic. Be that as it may, it can be a champion among the most complex things you should engineer in your booth design!

In any case, you need to find a spot to settle the TV. If you don't hang it on a divider, you ought to find a place where it will be adequately unfaltering, and so it wouldn't fall if visitors are careful.

By then, you need to bring power, which implies possibly driving connections over the sorts of display stands you possess. Additionally, when you get display stands, you would realize that you can look over a broad scope of alternatives.

  • Expensive, find elective plans

TVs are incomprehensibly expensive at most of the expos. It is frequently more expensive to rent a second-hand TV for 3 days than buy a new one! Regardless of whether you get display stands and expo display stands on enlist realize that you get the best one to suit your requirements and preferences.In case you have a magnificent video, that does not require sound, that attracts people's thought, with a broad spending intend to get a considerable TV, by then it may be supported paying little respect to the hypothesis. Along these lines, fusing TVs to your display stand designs would be awesome, considering that you know the pros and cons of the same.

Keep these effective tips in mind while considering fusing in televisions to your display stand designs or booth designs.

  • Plan to shock the world

We are not living in the 90s and people are never again awed by TVs. If you have to use that misdirect you need to go all the way and turn out to be uncontrollably effective.

Make an effort not to consent to a minor screen – visitors are used to HD, they require quality and clarity. Keep running with a far reaching screen that will get people's thought or don't do it by any extend of the creative ability.

Make sense of how to join the TV in your display booth design. A TV sitting on a rack does not look incredible: it should by some methods serve your publicizing message.

  • Consider the sound

One critical issue with TVs at exhibitions and trade shows is that you can't rely upon sound.

The show will be uproarious, and if it isn't, it is horrendous news since it infers there's no business there! You ought to expect that no one will hear your video's sound, so either make it in a way that does not require any voice or make usage of sub-titles.

How is lighting an effective tool in Exhibition Booth Design

exhibition booth design

How is lighting an effective tool in Exhibition Booth Design


The lighting of your booth for your next expo ought to be one of your essential worries as that would either make or break the shine of your exhibition booth displays. From your Exhibition Booth Designer to grasping maximum public attention to taking care of minute details of your exhibition booth displays, everything should be done meticulously to highlight your booth.

  • Various exhibitors don't consider booth lighting ideas as a fundamental element and in splendidly lit up settings, including extra light sources may feel dull. Regardless, with mindful use and organizing, coordinated light sources truly upgrade visuals, for instance, exhibition booth designs and graphics are highlighted to their best. Research recommends that using lighting on your exhibition booth displays can fabricate nature with your exhibition products and services by 30%. You ought to view it as an intense method to include and advance the key brand messages.
  • Highlighting certain domains of your booth infers that the intended interest group's eye will normally be pulled in to particular things on your booth. It will consistently be the primary concern they see, which implies your displaying messages will be passed on to your group essentially at a faster pace. In the event that you're moving another thing, or have an intriguing exhibition booth display or customized exhibition booth designs, correct exhibition booth lighting particularly onto it to show it off. This is the reason adequately brilliant, clear checking is basic and will empower you to build up that staggering first association.
  • Your exhibition booth design lighting should have the ability to adequately merge a lighting strategy into your custom exhibition booth displays without greatly extending the whole cost. It's important that you pick a booth contractor who will empower you to save imperativeness and decrease the carbon dioxide release. Utilizing the best booth displays lighting is vital. In this way, LEDs empower you to diminish carbon impression and use 90% less imperativeness than standard lights. For instance, if you are looking for Exhibition Booths in Dubai, then you should know which contractor to contact in order to get the best exhibition booth designs as per the needs of your brand. Also, this is essential to know the right lighting system that would suit your booth displays.
  • Driven lights use little power, so their temperature remains significantly cooler than splendid handles or radiant light, which get extraordinarily hot, quickly.
  • LEDs can be safely dealt with even after they've been being utilized for the entire day. This is generously more secure in an exhibition area. The danger of members accidently touching and devouring themselves while on your booth is completely wiped out. It furthermore suggests that the lights are significantly more versatile – they can be put close to your booth’s representations or things. (Be greatly careful while using lights that can get astoundingly hot, for instance, halogen lighting. In case you do use this sort of booth lighting ideas, guarantee it is fortunate the most common way to go of customers).
  • LEDs and CMH lights draw less impact, and empower you to save money. One connection can run 10 LED lights at low warmth, which implies you won't have to purchase different connections from the show organizers, which can consistently be exorbitant and out and out thump up the expenses of your booth lighting.
  • Another favored point of view of LEDs is that you get the full sparkle in a brief moment.
  • Exhibition booth displays lighting serve numerous focal points in exhibition shows. They grow the impact of your show giving you the edge over your rivals, build up a flawless first association on potential customer and help you unmistakably pass on your key displaying messages. You can likewise feature the expo products and messages of your showing through intense lighting.

In this way, next time when you are searching for best booth design lighting ideas, keep these helpful.