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Staying Relevant and Trendy at Exhibitions

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Staying Relevant and Trendy at Exhibitions

Just like other media platforms, exhibitions have gotten a makeover too. From being downright simple and to the point, exhibition presentations have improved tremendously over the period of years. Now, when an exhibitor resorts to old means and tricks, his exhibition booth looks like a total misfit especially when compared to other trendy exhibition stand designs at the fair ground.
Sure, standing out in the crowd at an exhibition is extremely important but your exhibition booth must stand out for all the right reasons otherwise it defeats the purpose of participating in events and exhibitions. To show your audience that you’re on par with your competitors and keeping up with changing times you need to think of creative ideas for your exhibition stands.
Analyze your brand image and determine your target group before formulating a plan. Your marketing plan must appeal to your target audience or else all your efforts are in vain. For example if your brand caters to kids then your exhibition stand design must reflect that. Incorporate bright colors and striking exhibition graphics that will help to engage your target audience, which in this scenario are kids.
A good way to project an image that your brand is ‘trendy’ is to use latest gadgets and technology. Be it artificial intelligence like Alexia and Siri or virtual reality; this will instantly make your exhibition booth look way more appealing and youth centric. Another easy way to stay relevant is to hire the right sales team; hiring smart confident and charismatic people to represent your brand will help your company in the long run. Your sales team ultimately acts as your company representatives and hence selection of a good sales people is crucial.
Keeping up with the changing times and remodeling your marketing strategy accordingly will help you stay on top of your game and help to bring more business.

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Exhibition stand design ideas and why choosing the correct ones are important

exhibition stand design ideas

Exhibition stand design ideas and why choosing the correct ones are important

Let us first understand what design means when speaking about exhibition stands.
Many think that an exhibition design plan is limited to the colours and graphics of a booth. But, that’s not true. An exhibition stand’s design and build has to even consider features such as booth shape, how the exhibition booth displays to space constraints and what type of utilities or giveaways will increase brand engagement.
To choose an exhibition design that suits your brand image and marketing goals can be quite a conundrum. Unless, you’re acquainted with an exhibition designer it can be frustrating to feel satisfied with any design you choose. We often use our intuition, when picking a good booth design. But the reality is that there is a clear process behind choosing the correct ideas for your stand design. Prior to using our own intuition and business experience to list all the exhibition stand ideas our brand needs. We need to follow certain steps to achieve clarity for the kind of designs suitable of our exhibition stand.
Firstly, it’s necessary to have clear objectives. You need to be clear about what is it that you aim to achieve at the exhibition. This should be the first pillar that influences your exhibition design. Objectives allow you to filter out any ideas that don’t promote or match your business targets. An additional benefit that comes with having clear goals is that you can track whether or not these are being met by your marketing strategy.
Secondly, it is crucial to know the target group that is likely to visit your exhibition stand. Their preferences should be the second pillar that will influence your booth design. The age, gender, job title, influence of the company that they work for, and the jargon used by their industry will all help you to determine a bullet proof marketing plan and even aid in selecting the perfect design for your audience.
Matching your exhibition design to meet the needs and preferences of your target audience will give your exhibition booth an edge over the competition.
The third most important pillar would be your budget and operations cost. These will definitely affect the scope of your stand design. Many exhibitors fall into the trap of planning their exhibition booth design, before finding out the costs for utilising props and devices that would match their booth design. Good design isn’t cheap or easy to build. Even reputed exhibition stand design companies in Dubai know that having an in-house team of designers is a more profitable investment for the long term than outsourcing.
But the good news is that some excellent exhibition stand ideas can be pulled off without resorting to more expensive gimmicks. Cost effective tricks such as use of seats for visitors or giving a carry bag as a giveaway, result in an effective level of brand engagement. Even if budget is not a constraint, you should only utilise new-age exhibition tricks, if they match your business objectives. An exhibition stand that is about food will benefit less from an hour-long AV presentation then it would from giving fresh packaged samples for promoting its brand.
The above information should serve as good road-map to guide your exhibition stand design ideas. This will ensure that you save time and money when you communicate with exhibition stand contractors in Dubai.

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Selecting and hiring a good Exhibition Stand Builder in Dubai for your show

Exhibition stand builder

Selecting and hiring a good exhibition stand builder in Dubai for your show

The Middle East is a popular destination for trade shows and events all year round. From automobiles to lifestyle, every brand wants to mark its territory in the ever growing and accommodating Middle Eastern market. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are among the prime exhibiting venues in the Middle East, with the latter being the preferred choice of venue for many shows. Participating in an exhibition requires a lot of planning and research especially if you are exhibiting in Dubai. The Middle East exhibition industry has a peculiar set of aesthetics that reflects their culture and extravagance of the region and any brand failing to please and comply with the Middle Eastern design aesthetics is at risk.
If you are planning to exhibit in Dubai, then you need to be extra careful while picking out an exhibition stand contractor in Dubai. Your selected contractor or exhibition stand builder must not only have exemplary skill and required resources but he or she must also understand the trends and aesthetics of the exhibition market in the MENA region. An exhibition stand that doesn’t comply with the Middle Eastern standard will do more harm than good for your business. You do need to stand out in the pool of exhibitors but you also need to look on par with your competitors and only an outstanding exhibition stand design will help you to accomplish this feat.
Creating a distinctive identity for yourselves with your exhibition stands at a show requires tact. You need to hire an exhibition stand builder from Dubai that is known to create eclectic exhibition stand designs while retaining the Middle Eastern designing standards. Evidently there is glut of exhibition stand builders in the Middle East  and sorting out the good from the bad is quite a task. Not every exhibition stand builder can cater to every type of business and brand hence you need to make a calculative decision before short listing and exhibition stand builder for your show in the Middle East.

Benchmark to select the perfect stand contractor for your show

Before you hire your contractor, you need to do some background research. Search the internet for iconic exhibition stand designs and enquire around about reliable and talented exhibition contractors and exhibition stand builders in Dubai. Before you shortlist your stand designer or contractor you need to enquire what kind of services they will provide you with apart from designing and creating your exhibition stand. Most exhibition stand builders in Dubai provide complete range of services such as designing the exhibition stand, manufacturing it, handling the logistics (to and from the exhibition venue), installation and dismantling of the exhibition stand. It is recommended that you opt for an exhibition design company in Dubai that provides you with all around services such as the ones listed above, rather than going for an exhibition stand builder that will only supply you with an exhibition stand for your show. This will not only reduce the overall cost remarkably but also save you the time and effort to look around for agencies that will handle the additional services. Also, hiring one exhibition stand builder or contractor that will handle every aspect of your exhibition stand will ensure that your stand is built and delivered to you on schedule. You needn’t worry or waste time on other aspects of your exhibition stand. Your selected exhibition stand company will take care of additional ad hoc requirements by you, leaving you with ample time to concentrate on the other aspects of your exhibition presentation.
One of the main criteria, while selecting an exhibition company is the variety of stand designs they have to offer. Off late, most exhibition stand design companies in Dubai have their websites, wherein you can browse through their exhibition stand designs and get information about the kind of services they offer. You need to watch out for hidden and additional costs which they might or might not mention on their websites. Go for websites that boldly mention all inclusive rates of exhibition stands or transparent pricing on their website. Not only these companies offer transparent cost but they can also be trusted to deliver on their promises.
It is also suggested, that you go for an exhibition company that doesn’t outsource exhibition stands but instead manufactures them in-house. Exhibition stand builders equipped with their own manufacturing facility will ensure that the quality of your exhibition stand is not compromised under any circumstance. They can also be trusted to stick to the schedule. Incase, of last minute changes, they might be able accommodate your requirements; however such requests often incur additional costs.
A company with in-house designing team will be able to accommodate your requests and requirements with regards to your exhibition stand design and even provide valuable suggestion. Hence, it is crucial that the exhibition stand design company you select have in-house and a full time designing team.
Your exhibition stand is going to represent your brand at the show hence you need to make sure that it embodies your brand values and helps to attract visitors, only skilled and experienced designers can help you with this. With the help of a suitable designed exhibition stand your brand can easily become the star of the show and get the desired exposure. A good exhibition stand gives you high return on your investment as well, making sure you make the most of your exhibition participation.
This is why selecting a good exhibition stand builder is a crucial decision; one that cannot be taken lightly under any circumstances.

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Tips to prepare a strong sales team for your next show

Exhibition stands

Tips to prepare a strong sales team for your next show

A successful exhibition show is the result of great team work and the amalgamation of various factors. Many exhibitors concentrate solely on the presentation of their exhibition stands. They will go out of the way to hire the best exhibition design companies for their exhibition stand design and not pay much needed attention to other factors.
Sure, exhibition stands do play a very crucial role in getting your brand noticed at the show and even attracting the majority of the crowd towards your booth, but there are various other factors as well that play an important role in making your exhibition investment a profitable one. Chief among them is your sales staff.
The staff that you hire for your exhibition stands can either help you to achieve your marketing goals or it could even be responsible for your below average performance at the show. A good sales team will help you achieve more than just your marketing goals. It will help to build a positive brand image and strengthen consumer- brand relationship.
In this article, we give some helpful tips to build and prepare a strong sales team for your next show.

  1. Recruiting mustn’t be taken lightly

    Hiring is a very important aspect. If you hire the right people for your exhibition stands then you have already accomplished a great deal. You will easily get sales persons for cheap but shelling out more money to hire good salesperson will help you in the long run. Also you need to be clear about your brand personality while hiring your staff. If you brand is in the cosmetic department it is advisable that you hire young female staff. If your sales people look like credible source, more and more visitors will seek advice from them which could be highly profitable for your brand.

  2. Product training is crucial

    Before you send off your sales staff to the exhibitions stands you need to thoroughly train them about your brand and product. Unlike your showroom staff your sales team doesn’t get enough time and hands on experience to learn about your brand and products hence it is very important to provide them with intensive training. This will prepare them for the questions throw at them at the fair ground.

  3. Don’t avoid staff briefing

    Staff briefing is not like the intensive training you need to give your staff. It is more like last minute instructions. You need to give strict instructions to your staff to be professional and courteous to the visitors at all times. Long hours can be taxing and it is likely that during the final hours the sales staff may get lethargic and irresponsible. Hence you need to brief them before in order to avoid such instances.

  4. A strict dress code is important

    Uniforms are an easy way to make your sales team look professional and presentable. Just make sure that the uniform goes well with your exhibition stand design and matches your brand colors. Matching the uniforms of your sales team to the colour of your exhibition stands will help you present a coherent image that is visually pleasing as well.

  5. Reward your team

    Mostly importantly pay your sales team well. A good allowance and salary will keep your staff motivated to work harder. You can also give them incentives for every deal they crack; this will build a competitive atmosphere in your exhibition stand and even boost sales.

Ultimately your sales team at exhibitions, represents your brand, hence make sure that they are well trained and competent enough to handle your clients.

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Importance of a Good Booth Design

Importance of a good booth design

Representing your company or brand at any show or exhibition, is not as easy as it may seem. Most shows and exhibitions are thronged with various brands competing neck to neck to win over the visitors. Exhibitors adopt innovative techniques to grab the attention of the audience in every show they participate in. Attracting the visitors towards your exhibition booth in a very short window of time is a rather difficult task to accomplish.
There are more than a hundred exhibitors at any given exhibition and due to the time crunch and short attention span, an average visitors doesn’t visit every single exhibition booth at every show. This makes the competition even tougher and makes it even more important to impress your visitor from the word go. An effective and smart way to impress your visitors at first sight is by creating a unique and interesting booth design. Your exhibition stand is the first thing the visitors notice about you and if your booth design ideas fails to impress the visitors, there is a good chance that the visitor might skip your booth altogether.
This is one reason why exhibitors and exhibition design companies put so much effort, time and money in booth design and booth design ideas when it comes to their exhibition presentation. Your booth design must not just be eccentric and noteworthy it must also reflect your brand image. Sure, an exclusive stand design will be remembered long after the show is over, but it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. There is no point in being remembered for the shock value unless it does something for your brand image. In the end, you want your brand image to be imprinted on your visitor’s mind more than anything else. If your booth design ideas don’t help you to achieve your marketing goals then your investment is down the drain.
A good booth design must be an advantageous combination of eccentric elements and elements that reflect core brand values. Create a design that suits your brand image and mirrors your marketing campaign. You need your audience to remember your exhibition booth and associate it with your marketing message. Incorporating important elements synonymous with your brand can help too. Be it installing your brand mascot or highlighting your tag line, small efforts like these can help your brand tremendously as well. Subconsciously it will help your visitors to connect the pleasant experience they that at your exhibition stand with your brand.
Your booth design is an integral part of your exhibition and if done correctly it can help to create a massive impact on the visitors and strengthen your brand position in the market.

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