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Tips for an Eco-friendly Exhibition

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Tips for an Eco-friendly Exhibition

As a brand is has become a moral obligation for companies to think about ways to expand their business without harming the environment. Off late more and more companies are becoming socially conscious and making eco-friendly choices in their ventures. It helps to project their brand as a socially responsible company. In exhibitions too, ‘Green’ is the way to go! Many exhibitors are taking steps to participate in exhibitions by opting for an eco friendly exhibition

If you too are looking to ‘go green’ for your next show, we bring you some helpful tips

Go For Exhibition Stand Rentals
Most rental exhibition stand designs available in the market nowadays are modular. Modular exhibition stands have a high return on investment and when you opt for rental modular stands it is even cheaper. It is not only cost effective but also eco-friendly. When you opt for modular booths you are automatically selecting eco friendly exhibition stands.
Opt For Reusable Furniture
Not only the exhibition stand but also the furniture you use at exhibitions can be environment friendly. Instead for going for wooden furniture opt for fiber, be it shelves or even seating arrangements at your exhibition stall, you can switch wooden furniture with fiber. Not only is it eco-safe but it will also give you good return on investment.
Use Eco-Friendly Paint And Adhesive
The materials used in the manufacturing and assembly process of your exhibition stand design matter too. Instead of opting for normal paint and adhesives for your stand construction go for non toxic and eco safe paint and adhesive. It could be on a slightly expensive side but it is absolutely safe and help you to exhibit using eco friendly stands for exhibitions .
Use Eco-Friendly Lights
Most exhibition stands in Dubai are equipped with LED lights because unlike incandescent they don’t heat up. They are cost efficient and energy efficient as well. There are many other ways as well, to have a ‘green’ exhibition, but the above listed tips are some of the most adopted methods by brands and companies to have an eco-friendly show.
Say No To Paper And Yes To Technology
From posters to your marketing literature, paper is used offhandedly everywhere during exhibitions. To portray your brand as a socially conscious one, reduce the usage of paper to bare minimum. Instead of printing out several brochures, catalogues and reading material for your visitors, email it to them. This will not only prove cost effective but you can also use their email address for further correspondence.
Avoid Wood Flooring
Just like your wooden furniture and other booth design ideas and elements you can replace your wooden flooring with sustainable materials. Carpets made out of fiber or titles can be recycled later and put to better use after the show.

Tips to Attract Maximum Visitors at Exhibitions

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Tips to attract maximum visitors at exhibitions

It goes without saying that an exhibition is a very competitive place, especially when you are new exhibitor. With premium brands putting their best foot forward with outstanding exhibition stand designs, it is rather tricky to win over the crowd.
In order to gain maximum attention from the visitors you too need to step up your game. Listed below are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve your target.

Finalize a theme

Before you even pick out your exhibition stand designs, you need to lock down a theme. A theme that unifies your marketing objective, key message and your brand guidelines will help you connect with your target audience. People relate to your brand when you put a concept on the table. Tell a story with your exhibition stand design ideas to attract people towards your stand.

Get the most appropriate exhibition stands design

Your stand design plays an important role. When picked the most appropriate design for your stand, it can work wonders for your brand even attract maximum visitors. Many exhibition stand design company in Dubai create customized exhibition stand design that is well suited to the marketing campaign and the brand message of the brand. A good exhibition stand will help you pull more visitors than you can imagine.

Hire a good sales team

Your sales team is majorly responsible for the business exhibitions can bring. A good stand design can attract the visitors but a good sales team will help them turn into customers. Hence hire the right people for the job and train them well.

Select the right graphics

Your exhibition graphics not only add color to your exhibition stand design but also convey your marketing message effectively to your visitors. Effective graphics can help your exhibition stand in many ways. It can grab eyeballs, communicate your message and make your stand look inviting as well.

Conduct user engagement activities

Use engagement activities are a real crowd pleaser.  Not only the customers participating in the activities enjoy the event but so do the passerbys. Games and quizzes might be basic but they pull a lot of crowd to your exhibition stand.

Make use of technology

Incorporating touch screens and virtual reality in your exhibition stand design can instantly make your stand look futuristic. Tech savvy visitors, kids and young adults are easily attracted to stands like these. You can display information about your products, indirectly educating your visitors about your brand.
Attracting the crowd towards your exhibition stand requires tact. With proper planning and execution of these tips you are sure to attract maximum visitors at any given exhibition or show.

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How Exhibitions can help to Boost Sales


How exhibitions can help to boost sales


With a few trials and errors and some experimentation, brands are beginning to understand that exhibitions can help business tremendously, irrespective of whether you are B2B or B2C company.

Exhibitions add credibility to your name and boost brand loyalty. They help you to reach untapped market and build brand awareness. Over the period of years, marketing experts have figured out ways to enhance brand image through exhibitions but let’s not forget the good old reason why companies initially participated in exhibitions. The ultimate goal of any company is to boost sales and there is no better place than exhibitions to do that. Listed below are some ways to boost sales from the convenience of your exhibition stand.

Show that you are credible

Many customers refrain from buying products mainly because they don’t trust the brand. Exhibitions enable one on one interaction and it is the best way to add credibility to your brand. Book a spot near a well known and established brand at the exhibition ground. When consumers see your exhibition stand next to reputed brands they automatically place you in the same league as theirs. Make sure your exhibition stand designs are on par with your contemporaries as well if you want to thoroughly impress your audience.

Let the customers try your products

At exhibitions, you have the liberty to meet your audience at your exhibition stand. Make use of this great opportunity and give your customers, firsthand experience of your product. Exhibition stand contractors in Dubai make special arrangements in the exhibition stand if you inform them that you intent to hold a live testing in the stand. When your customers try your products themselves they are more likely to buy them.

Give away free samples

Some products cannot be offered to try and test at the exhibition stand. You can overcome such limitations by giving away free samples to customers that drop by your stand. Free samples are a guaranteed way to ensure repeated sales. When people try your product a couple of times, they are more inclined to go out and purchase the full size of the product.

Conduct live demonstrations

Live demonstration at the exhibition stand tend to attract a lot of attention from the audience. Especially when a product is unique, curiosity gets the better of the people are they are pulled towards your stand. Many exhibition stand builders in Dubai specialize in creating booths for live demonstration of products. Live Demos are a tried and tested way to boost sales.

Offer incentives

When you give additional incentives to customers, many are inclined to buy them whether or not they need it. Discount coupons or redeemable points encourage customers to purchase and try the product.

These tips will not only help to boost sales by portray you as a trust worthy brand in the market as well.

Part 2 – How do you make engaging exhibition stand graphics for the upcoming show?

exhibition stand graphics

Part 2 – How do you make engaging exhibition stand graphics for the upcoming show?

As we have seen in the first part of this blog that it is necessary to invest in a compelling, custom-design exhibition stand; similarly it is also important to have exhibition stand designers who understand the brand needs and offer engaging stand design and exhibition stand graphics. As an exhibitor, you invest in everything good and appealing, right from the best-looking exhibition stands to leasing turnkey exhibition stand rental. But you often neglect the exhibition stand graphics that do form a crucial part of exhibition stand designs.
Let us take a look at some of the basic things that get overlooked by the exhibitors. Here are three of the simple and easy-to-execute tips for your next exhibition stand graphics designing and stand design ideas. Read on!

Do a survey

Surveys are always helpful. You can conduct a social media poll and see what kind of exhibition stand graphics your target group of consumers want to see your exhibition stand with. The poll will help you to understand the psyche of your TG and you can share the same with your exhibition stand designers who then can create engaging exhibition stand graphics suiting your specific needs and prerequisites.

Let your target audience know you exist

It is important that your target audience know that your band exists and you are going to participate in the upcoming show. If you are one of the most awaited brands in the upcoming exhibition show, then you might as well share some pictures of your exhibition stand designs and exhibition stand graphics. This will create a sense of awareness and also make the target audience get a glimpse of your exhibition stand. This idea is often not considered by most of the exhibitors as they feel it is better to showcase the exhibition stand design o the D-day. But we say, why not let your audience know about your exhibition stand graphics and stand design?

Check for the portfolio of your exhibition stand designers

Exhibition shows take up a lot of time, effort, money and labour. The time you decide to partner with your exhibition stand designers, you should always ask for the portfolio of exhibition stand designs that your designer has worked with.
It becomes important to check for the portfolio to get a fair idea about the design expertise of the designers. Portfolios of exhibition stand designs would put you in a better position to translate the same to your
exhibition stand graphics.
Partner with one of the best exhibition stand design and build companies of the region to help you with alluring range of exhibition stand graphics. Whether you are looking for rental exhibition stands, custom-designed modular exhibition stands or portable exhibition stands, one should not neglect exhibition stand graphics.
Is your next show just around the corner? If yes, then partner with the best exhibition stand design and build partner to get most appealing range of exhibition stand graphics.

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Part 1 – How do you make engaging exhibition stand graphics for the upcoming show?

exhibition stand graphics

Part 1 – How do you make engaging exhibition stand graphics for the upcoming show?

Exhibition stands are undoubtedly one of the best platforms to showcase your brand, its products and services. It is a ground that allows your brand to connect instantly with your target audience with the most appealing exhibition stands and stand design. While you are wondering how can you capture most number of exhibition show visitors into your exhibition stands, we are here to make you understand how appealing exhibition stand graphics in your exhibition stand design can make a great difference. Before that, let us tell you the importance of partnering with best exhibition stand designers and exhibition stand contractors who would bring you some appealing range of exhibition stand graphics for your next stand design.

Why partner with experienced and dedicated pool of exhibition stand designers?

First and foremost, it is not necessary that you should partner with the most expensive exhibition stand designers. As it is a myth that picking the best exhibition stand designs would make a hole in your pocket and cost you a fortune. But it is necessary that you understand that design expertise is vital.

Design expertise is important

Partner with an experienced team of exhibition stand designers and exhibition stand contractors. In that case, if your upcoming show is in Dubai region, then you should always look for a local exhibition stand designer who can understand the local exhibiting rules and brand needs.

Trusted exhibition stand design and build companies of the region

EDS Middle East is one of the most trusted and reliable exhibition stand design and build companies for your show in the Middle East region. As your exhibition stand designers and exhibition experts, EDS Middle East team has the complete understanding of brand rules and exhibition rules. The project managers carefully take care of the show management and help with the exhibition rules of the Middle East region. Looking for engaging exhibition stand graphics and do not know where to look for? No more worries as you can place your trust with the best exhibition stand design and build companies of the region – EDS Middle East.

Exhibition stand graphics and how to make an appealing stand design?

There are a number of exhibition stands companies in Dubai who carefully convert the creative brand ideas into compelling exhibition stand graphics. Here are a few things that you should be aware of when it comes to exhibition stand graphics for your stand design:

  1. Understand the target audience

    One of the main elements of creating engaging stand design and exhibition stand graphics for your next show is to know who your target audience is. Once you know this, you can infuse the same in your exhibition stand graphics. Also, your exhibition stand graphics should include the essence of your brand and effectively communicate the brand’s key message through texts and pictures.

  2. Include texts and pictures effectively

    Including eye-captivating exhibition stand graphics that has texts, font styles, alluring pictures that denote your brand is important. While you invest in custom designed modular exhibition stands designs or portable exhibition stands, you should also put in some thought in designing exhibition stand graphics that perfectly fits in your needs.

  3. Visually appealing exhibition stand graphics for long-lasting impression

    By participating in an exhibition show, you not only want to showcase your brand and its products but also want to build a brand-consumer relationship that is long-lasting. This is possible through visually attractive exhibition stand graphics that are always talked about, even after the show ends.

So, these are some of the tips that you can keep in mind while fixing your exhibition stand graphics for your stand design. But this is not it! Our series of tips for creating engaging exhibition stand graphics is yet to be discovered. Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog!

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How to select the perfect exhibition stand company in Dubai

exhibition stand company in Dubai

How to select the perfect exhibition stand company in Dubai

Selecting a good exhibition company to commission an exhibition stand for your next show is a very important decision. There are a number of factors based on which you must select a stand company to get the best stand. To help you select an ideal exhibition stand company in Dubai we bring you some helpful tips.

  1. Analyze your requirement

    Various brands participate in exhibitions for various reasons. Some want to increase their visibility in the market, some want to explore uncharted territory. Be it boosting sales or expanding the client list, exhibitions can help brands in more ways than. Hence, it is necessary that you first be clear on why you are participating and what it is that you want to achieve from your participation. Once you have a clear marketing objective, you will get clarity on what your marketing approach must be like and what kind of exhibition stand you want. The best exhibition stand company in Dubai will first understand your marketing goal and then suggest you stand designs that will help you achieve your goals.

  1. Background research on your shortlisted company

    There are many exhibition stand companies in Dubai, to select the most ideal exhibition stand company in Dubai or elsewhere you need to do thorough background research on your preferred ones. Background check will help you understand more about the company and what is their reputation in the market. A company with good reputation and known for professional conduct and services is the one you should opt for. Also enquire about their quality standards and adherence to delivery dates. Go for a stand company that has good reviews and is recommended by other brands, to have a smooth show.

  2. Checking on clientele

    An easy way to select an ideal exhibition stand company in Dubai is by simply checking what clients they have served in the past. A company that has served well known and established brands in the past can be relied upon. On the other hand a newer company that has served brands that are unheard off must be avoided if possible. There is also the question of cost. Obviously exhibition companies in Dubai with enviable clientele are much more expensive than the ones with average client list. Select one that suits your budget and requirements.

  3. Check stand designs they have to offer

    The most important criteria to select the perfect exhibition stand company is Dubai is to check on the exhibition stand designs they have to offer. Many exhibition stand companies in Dubai have an exhaustive catalogue of stand designs to choose from. Select a company that has a variety of designs and that caters to needs of everyone. Variety is the key while hunting down a good stand design company. A company that has a various styles and models of exhibition stands can be trusted to create unique and exclusive exhibition stands.

  4. Check on the services they have to offer

    Another major factor, you need to consider while hunting for your perfect exhibition stand company in Dubai is whether or not the company offers end-to-end services and turnkey solutions. A good number of exhibitions companies in Dubai offer complete range of services that include designing of the stand, manufacturing it, logistics, assembling and dismantling of the stand. The benefit of selecting a company that does everything is many. You will not only save time looking for and in coordination with agencies that handle other services but also save money.

  5. Get quotations

    Depending on the services and stand designs that company has to offer, they will have packages. A good package deal will be a combination of various services along with the stand and it will also be cost effective. Get quotations from various exhibition stand companies in Dubai and select one that offers a variety of service, an outstanding exhibition stand design at competitive prices. Getting quotations will help you compare prices by various stand companies and help you select an ideal company for your show.

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Making your Exhibition Success Count through Effective Tools – Part 2

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Making your Exhibition Success Count through Effective Tools – Part 2

We have seen the part 1 of the article where we are talking about two of the simple and handy tools that can help you know how much are your gaining from the exhibition show. Here, we will be looking at the other two tools that are not only simple but easily available to you.
As we know that exhibitions are a great amount of work. Furthermore, you realize that there is an incentive in drawing in new customers, supporting current customers, making mindfulness for the brand and your brand’s products and services. However, “knowing” this isn’t sufficient. You have to showcase your brand and products in the best possible way to communicate the key message of your brand to the larger audience at the show. You might pick a great looking exhibition stand or modular exhibition stands or easy-to-use portable exhibition stands, but it is equally necessary to know what you are gaining after the show. While you wonder how is that possible, we know that there are some effective tools that will help you measure the success of the show.
Now that we understand that there are some effective tools that can help you gauge the success of your exhibition show. We know that as an exhibitor you must have a list of things to do before your show kicks off. Right from sticking around with the best exhibition stand design and build company of the region to getting the best exhibition stand designs for your show, you have a numerous work to finish. Whether you are a first-time exhibitor or a professional one, you need to be careful about the exhibition stand design you choose.
Discovering the expenses of your event is generally simple. When you make your financial plan, guarantee that you have a strategy to monitor what accounts genuine costs, so you can take note of the real costs that were charged after the exhibition show. There are last-moment expenses as well during the show, which cannot be eliminated. Therefore, your exhibition planning should also have some room for last-minute expenses.

Lead capturing applications

These devices, regardless of whether you are renting them from the show or a portion of the numerous choices accessible by means of sellers on the web, empower you to assemble lead data all the more viably and to have the capacity to download the information into your lead administration framework or CRM. Utilize these lead capturing applications to legitimately take hold of the key prospect data including answers to qualifying questions that will empower promoting and deals to decide whether they are a decent prospect and how intrigued they are or may be in your brand’s products and services. Ensure that you have fields in your lead administration and CRM to catch the information you get at the show. Do not forget to train your staff to get this well s that none of the prospective lead is missed out.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can make a great difference

Most of the examples in this field are given as Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sales Navigator, to name a few. These systems are frequently packaged with programs that manage leads administration. This is the database framework that permits deals colleagues to monitor which drives they reached, who made a buy and when to follow up to a lead. Be that as it may, even with these devices you, as an exhibitor, need to develop and either access this information or demand downloads from deals for each of the exhibition shows you arranged or indicates you went to. You should clarify what are you getting out of these tools. Mere availability or accessibility of this tool is not enough. One has to understand how is a tool effective from the advantage is of this information.
So, do not forget to keep these nuggets of information handy and measure the success of your exhibition show from an appealing exhibition stand and also these tools.

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