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Making your Exhibition Success Count through Effective Tools – Part 1

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Making your Exhibition Success Count through Effective Tools – Part 1

Have you ever wondered of measuring your after-show success? While we are sure that you would be investing a lot of time, effort, money and labour into exhibition booth designs, various exhibition booths, and so on. But what if these are not the only elements that would get you your prospective clients? Did you ever think that you can measure the success of your exhibition through some of the budget-friendly tools?
There are various things that should be on your need list with regards to exhibitions and trade shows. While you will be looking at picking the best exhibition booth design Dubai to getting the prospective clients through alluring and engaging exhibition booth design ideas, you have to ensure that nothing remains an alien to your show success. We know and understand that exhibitions and trade shows require a huge amount of work and call for a great deal of energy to out across a stunning exhibition booth design that leaves an enduring impact on your intended interest group.
You would always be interested to join hands with the best of the industry who would offer you nothing less than a stunning booth designs and the exhibition booth design and build company that would offer you unique exhibition booth design ideas. In that case, you do a lot of research into bringing out who the best in the industry is. But what one forgets as an exhibitor is to measure the show success, which is not only crucial but should form an integral and core part of the entire exhibition business.
Your booth designers would think of varied range of exhibition booth design ideas and bring across turnkey exhibition booth. However, what is the utilization on the off chance that you can’t quantify the achievement of your show adequately! With a specific end goal to gauge the accomplishment of your exhibition or trade show, it is imperative to deliberately analyze each of the angles that incorporate exhibition booth design, crafted by your booth designers, contractors, etc
Therefore, keeping all the above mentioned criteria in mind, we understand that it is necessary to build a tool that would effectively measure the success of your exhibition show. The well-trained booth staff does play an important role here because some of the tools can be installed right at your exhibition booth and still not take any of the booth space! Well, isn’t that surprising? Yes, it is! Let us take a look at which are the basic and simple tools that you should keep handy!

  1. Invest in lead management software

    It is a face that exhibitors around the globe invest in a great looking exhibition booth design that helps to make the brand shine. On the other hand, a lot of effort and planning also goes into picking an engaging exhibition stand such as modular exhibition stands, portable exhibition stands or a portable exhibition booth, but hardly any thought into lead management software. Get your hands on some of the popular lead management software such as Marketo, ActOn, to name a few. These software create emails, follow up with the sales leads, etc.


  1. As simple as a spreadsheet can work wonders for you

    We know that spreadsheets are simple software or tools that can effectively take into account and keep a track of all the leads that come in during the exhibition show to your booth. You can train one of the booth staff to make a record of every prospective client and follow up on them after the show ends. Just how the exhibition booth design and other elements of the show are planned, even the follow up plays a crucial role here, so that your target audience does not forget about you.

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Common Mistakes Exhibitors make while Exhibiting

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Common mistakes exhibitors make while exhibiting

For many exhibitors participating in exhibitions is a grueling task. There are so many things that need your attention that you end up making mistakes. To help you rectify your errors we bring you 7 common mistakes exhibitors make while exhibiting and how you can avoid them.

  1. Leaving things for the last minute

    When it comes to exhibitions and shows proper planning is essential. Every detail must be properly planned. From booking the exhibition spot, contractor to short listing exhibition stand designs and sales team to represent you at the exhibition. You must plan and prepare for everything in advance. Leaving things for the last minute has many disadvantages. Booking exhibition space at the last minute will be expensive. It will be difficult to find the right contractor and you will have to settle for a stand design that can be created at a short notice. Hence planning is essential.

  1. Haste makes waste

    While planning and preparation is important, it is also important that you don’t make any decision hastily and under pressure. Chalking out your marketing plan, exhibition stand design ideas etc needs be done carefully. Brainstorming sessions with your team and thorough research will help you make advantageous decisions. If you begin your planning early then you will not have to rush while making decisions like selecting a good contractor or locking down exhibition stand designs for your stand.

  1. Hiring a cheap exhibition company

    Good and reputed exhibition stand design companies in Dubai are mostly quite expensive and for good reason. If you want a great stand and good results then you need to invest in good exhibition stand designers in Dubai. Good doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. You need to research about various stand designers and companies and select one that has a good clientele and reputation in the market. Hiring a cheap exhibition company will cost you in the long run. You might have to compromise on the stand quality, exhibition stand designs, and other services such as prompt delivery, logistics etc.

  1. Investing in sub standard exhibition stand designs

    There are many exhibition stand designers in Dubai that design good stands. A good exhibition stand design must not only be unique and attractive, it needs to be in sync with the brand image and marketing plan of the company. The key to select the most suitable stand design to pick a design that is exclusive but doesn’t distract the audience from the brand and the product that you are showcasing at the exhibition. Selecting a stand solely on the basis of cost, will hamper your performance and won’t create a positive impact on your audience.

  1. Underestimating your competitors

    Many exhibitors make the grave mistake of underestimating their competitors at exhibitions. The market is very competitive right now and brands are adopting innovative techniques to beat the competition. Hence, don’t settle for substandard exhibition stand designs or adopt old marketing tactics. Think out-of-the-box while planning your marketing strategy, stand design and even user engagement activities for your show.

  2. Taking audience for granted

    Audience nowadays is smarter than you think. It is not wise or even easy to fool them. Thinking that half-baked marketing will lure them or they won’t notice the substandard exhibition stand designs is a grave mistake some exhibitors make. If you really want to create an unforgettable impression on the audience then make sure you go out of the way to impress them. Incorporate smarter ideas and make genuine efforts to get notice. A sincere effort will never go unnoticed and will help bring more people to your stand.

  3. Slacking during the show

    Many exhibitors think that when they are at the show, their job is over. The preparation stage can be overwhelming but that doesn’t mean you slack during the show. Constantly pump the morale of the team. Visit other exhibition stands and observe and understand their marketing gimmicks and tactics. You can incorporate ideas you liked or you think that may help in promoting your brand. Giving your 100% during the show will yield amazing results.

The above listed tips and tricks will help you to avoid making mistakes and have a great show.

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Latest Trends at Exhibitions


5 Latest Trends at Exhibitions

Innovation is the key to success be it in marketing strategies or exhibitions. When the competition is tough, you need to think out-of-the-box and stay relevant in the market. It is difficult to keep up with every trend in the market and to help you with this we bring 5 big trends at exhibitions, right now!

1.Data Accumulation

The latest trend in the exhibiting world that is proving to be highly beneficial for exhibitors is on-site date capture. Data accumulation gives vital information to exhibitors about what exhibition stand

Dubai are keenly participating in understanding on site data accumulation process and using it to reap maximum benefits during exhibitions.

2. Modular Exhibition Stands

With changing times, exhibitors are rapidly switching from custom exhibition stands to modular stands. Over the years modular stands have got a drastic makeover and many modular stands look more appealing than their custom counterparts.Exhibition stand contractors in Dubai highly recommend modular stands over customs. Modular stands are not only easy to install and dismantle but they instantly make the stall look classier. A modular stand is a feasible option when you want a stand at a short notice. Also it gives high return on investment since you can use a modular stand several times for various shows. Due to its practicality, sleek looks and functionality modular exhibition stands are most definitely the future of the exhibition industry.

3. New Technology

More and more brands and companies are trying to incorporate the latest technology in their exhibition stand design. This is not only the easiest way to make your stand look futuristic but also it is a real crowd pleaser. One of the many exhibition stand ideas that are popular right not is installation of touch screens. Touch screens tend to attract a lot of crowd from age groups. You can feed informative data on the system and let users access it. Virtual reality is also trending at exhibitions. It appeals to the younger age group and helps to retain customers as well. You can seek help of exhibition planners and incorporate suitable technology at your exhibition stands that will resonate with your brand image

4. Lounging Areas

Another popular trend in exhibitions right now is to have a dedicated recreational space or lounge in the exhibition stands. The idea is to create an informal environment wherein your customers can spend some quality time. This will help you to retain the audience and turn them into customers. It also leaves a positive impression on the audience’s mind. exhibition stand builders recommend this idea as well. You can have recharging ports so that that your customer’s can charge their phones and tablets, you can also serve refreshments to create a positive environment. Off late, exhibitors are going out of the way to make their lounge areas more comfortable and welcoming than their competitors. This is definitely a trending concept at exhibitions lately.

5. Social Media Engagement

Social Media Marketing is hot right now. From established companies to start –ups everyone is making the most of social media. Many exhibitors have now started installing photo booths with hashtag banners in their exhibition stands.This encourages users to click pictures in your booth and post them on their social media profiles. You can also ask customers to tag the location of your show, indirectly spreading awareness about your show. A good way to promote your brand and also get some valuable organic feedback is to ask your visitors to write a quick review about the show and brand on their social media platforms. Social media engagement can help your brand in more ways than one and exhibitors are now beginning to use this to their benefit.

With the help of these tips and trends you can create a huge impact on the audience. Incorporating these concepts will help you shine out any show and exhibition.

Things to Remember While Planning an Exhibition

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10 Things to Remember While Planning an Exhibition

For many exhibitors, planning an exhibition is quite an overwhelming task. Too many things need your attention and without proper planning it is very likely that things may fall apart.
To make sure that you have a successful show, we bring you 10 things you must remember while planning an exhibition.

  1. Defining your objective

    Before you begin your other preparations for the exhibition, you must first define your marketing objectives. When you are clear about what you want to achieve you can plan out your marketing strategy accordingly. Every planning detail will revolve around your marketing objective and hence defining your objectives before hand is crucial.

  1. Know your audience

    Every product caters to a set of audience. It is important for you to know and understand your target audience, before you participate in exhibitions. Understanding your audience and learning about their preferences will help you pick out the perfect exhibition stand design and form an effective marketing plan for the show as well.

  1. Selecting the right show

    Once you know your audience and your marketing objective, selecting the right show is the next crucial step. There are many shows and exhibitions held across the world. Select one that has good footfall and is guaranteed to be visited by your audience. Accordingly you can book the space for your stand and even chalk out an appropriate exhibition stand design for the show.

  1. Budget

    After you have shortlisted the show you want to participate in, you must lock down a budget. Consider all factors while finalizing the budget like exhibition space cost, exhibition designer fee, booth design and display stand charges, additional services required etc. Locking down the budget will ensure that you don’t end up shelling out more money than you originally intended.

  1. Exhibition Designer

    Go for a stand designer that has served good clients in the past and has a good collection of booth designs. Many exhibition stand builders in Dubai provide an amazing range of modular and custom exhibition stand designs. Select a stand designer that is known for prompt delivery and good quality products.

  2. Exhibition Stand design

    Your stand design is very crucial. Select a design that resonated with your brand image. If you intend to conduct interactive activities you will need extra space, likewise pre decide what you intend to do in your stand apart from entertaining visitors and select a suitable design accordingly.

  3. Logistics and other services

    When it comes to exhibition and your exhibition stand, you will require additional services such as logistics, a team for installation and dismantling of the stall, electricians etc. Opt for an exhibition designer or builder that will provide end-to-end services so that your exhibiting experience is hassle-free.

  4. Underline the key message

    Your marketing strategy and your exhibition stand design must highlight the key message of your marketing plan. The focus must always be on the key message during the show. This will help you to reap maximum benefits of participating in the exhibition.

  5. Promotional Activities

    Promotions will help you and your exhibition stand design to get maximum attention at any show. Pre- promotional activities will spread awareness about your show and brand and attract more people towards your stand. Indulging in the right promotional activities can help you ascertain your position in the market and increase visibility of the brand.

  6. Paint a coherent picture

    Always remember that every element, be it your exhibition stand, banners, graphics, promotional activities etc must seamlessly come together. An underlying theme must paint a coherent picture that highlights your key message and helps your marketing plan. This will help to imprint the brand image in the audience’ mind and increase brand recall value.

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Selecting The Perfect Size of Exhibition Stand Designs

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Selecting the perfect size of exhibition stand designs for your next show

Just like selecting the perfect exhibition stand design is a crucial decision so is selecting the perfect size of your booth. Selecting the appropriate size of your exhibition stand depends on several factors. Some of these we have listed down for you so that you can make a wise decision.

  1. Brand image and guidelines

    Your exhibition stand design, booth size and booth design ideas depend on your brand image and guidelines. The person or team you are hiring to supervise the exhibition must know and understand your brand and brand image thoroughly. If you are a premium brand, opting for a smaller booth can severely harm your reputation in the market and it can affect your brand image. Understand your market position and then decide on the booth size for your show.


  1. The show premises

    The show you are participating in is a major criterion while determining the size and even the style of your exhibition stand designs. There are various shows held throughout the world for various types of product categories and brands. There are shows featuring premium brands and shows for FMCG products and household items as well. If you are participating in a show featuring premium brands then your booth size needs to match up to the level of the show. If the show is on a grand scale we suggest you invest in a medium to big size stand to beat the competition.


  1. Competitors

    Another important criterion while selecting your stand design is your competitor’s and fellow exhibitor’s booth design ideas. To have some knowledge about the exhibitor’s participating in the same show as yours helps tremendously. Studying their marketing plan and browsing through their previous show’s images will give you a good idea of what to expect. If you competitor’s opt for elaborate and robust exhibition stands then it is very likely they will repeat the pattern. If you truly want to stand-out in the crowd you need a booth that is better than your competitor’s.


  1. Exhibition stand design

    If you have elaborate plans when it comes to your exhibition stand design or have some booth design ideas that will require ample space to be executed you will need a bigger stand. Depending on your vision of your booth and elements you wish to add in your booth you can select the size of your booth. Many exhibition stand design companies in Dubai specialize in this and can guide you accurately. Also if you plan on having more than required furniture or installations in your booth you will require a spacious booth. If you plan to conduct activities in your booth, you need ample space for that as well. For a simplistic booth design, a small booth will suffice but for an elaborate booth with minute detailing you will require a bigger booth.


  1. Budget and crew size

    Budget is the major deciding factor when it comes to your exhibition stand design and booth size. If your allotted budget permits you to have a robust stand, then you can go ahead with it. Remember you also need to buy a bigger space at the exhibition ground in case you want to go for a bigger booth. A smaller booth design will not require as much space but for a bigger booth you need more space, a bigger team and you will also need ample time to build and assemble the stand.

Based on these factors you can make a calculated decision about the size of your exhibition stand for your next show.

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Benefits of Modular Exhibition Stands


Benefits of Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular stands are taking the exhibition stand market by storm off late. It is the first choice of many exhibitors all across the world. If you are skeptical about opting for a modular stand for your next show, we bring you 9 benefits of modular stands that will help your decide.

Travel friendly
Modular exhibition stands are extremely compact and light weight. They are built to be portable and travel friendly. With sleek packaging modular stands can be transported easily and without much cost to any location.  Many exhibition stand contractors in Dubai deliver their modular stands in high quality and stylish packaging that is specially created to store their stands. The packaging makes the stand travel friendly and also protects the stands during transportation.
Enables Redesigning
There is a popular misconception about modular exhibition stand designs in the market that, they come in standard designs. Modular exhibition stands come is various designs and styles and what’s more you can tweak and rearrange elements of your designs to create a new stand for every show! Modular stands are built specifically so they can be reconfigured according to your liking and give you a unique look for next show.
Since custom exhibition stand designs are majorly made of wood they cannot be reused. Most stand contractors and builders will suggest you to opt for a new stand, if your previous stand was made of wood. Whereas, a modular exhibition stand is made of high quality materials that maintain their structure and can be used several times for several shows. After a couple of uses modular stand may require maintenance but, it is a quick procedure and it isn’t very expensive either.
Eco Friendly
A major component of custom stands is wood.  While creating and assembling such stands, they tend to create a lot of dust pollution. On the other hand, modular exhibition stands are eco-friendly. There is no drilling and wood cutting involved, unless you opt for a combination stand. For this reason exhibition stand design companies in Dubai are rapidly adopting modular stands and even highly recommend them to their clients.
Easy to Assemble and Dismantle
One of the best and most popular features of a modular stand is that, they are extremely easy to assemble and dismantle. Exhibition stand contractors in Dubai, give a concise manual and sometimes even audio visual aid to help you assemble the stand. It is extremely easy and requires minimum manpower to both assemble and dismantle the stand.
Cost Effective
It is common knowledge in the exhibition industry that custom stands are more expensive than modular exhibition stands. Even though a custom stand can be built according to your preference and has a lot of detailing involved it is not a budget friendly option. A modular stand is anytime cheaper than a custom stand since it can be reused several times as well.
Changeable Graphics
Many brands fear that using modular stands for every show can make their stands look monotonous and boring. To revamp your exhibition stand design you can easily change your graphics and other art work. Generally, the stand company that provided you with the stand will undertake the printing job as well. Changing graphics of your modular stand will instantly amp up your stand and give you a fresh look.
Easy to Store
Like mentioned earlier, modular exhibition stands come in compact packaging. The packing is created specifically to store the product as well. Modular stands are quite small in size once they are dismantled and neatly packed. Hence they can be stored anywhere and they do not require much space either.
Professional and classy look
Modular exhibition stands are among the most successful and in-demand product of the exhibition stand industry. Along with its other benefits and cost-effective feature, modular stands look extremely stylish and classy. They are designed to look modern, futuristic and in the mean time stress on functionality. Modular stands are not only functional but they are cost effective as well. Many brands are choosing modular over custom, not only because of their several benefits but because they look highly sophisticated as well. We suggest, you look into modular stands for your next show, instead of going for a custom exhibition stand design.