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Build Your Brand at The Trade Shows

trade show display rentals

Ways of Building Your Brand at The Trade Shows

The marketing goal of the trade show is for creating awareness of your brand, company, products, services etc. In the trade show, there are various other exhibitors who have the same goal. No one wants to be the second-best and wants to lead the industry. You want to be seen as a high-end brand, a high quality manufacturer of high tech products who is a great innovator.
Here are few ways of building brand awareness at the trade shows:

  1. Use bigger exhibit

    When you have a big booth size, the audience automatically wants to come and see the products. If you can afford it, you should go for a bigger and taller exhibit for bombarding them with your products and catching their attention. But if your key audiences don’t fit in the same trade shows, you can go for smaller booths at multiple exhibits.


  1. The power of graphic content

    When you use bright graphics with big images (illustrations and pictures) and bold colours, you are more likely to catch their attention effectively. You need to place lesser items in your booth and make them appear larger for maximum impact. You can take the help of exhibition stand contractors for making your visuals get placed at the best possible heights


  1. The impact of 3D designs

    You should create the designs which can be viewed from all the four sides. You need to place the best graphics on the exhibit side for creating maximum brand awareness. Brand logos look the best in 3D.


  1. Your messages for the exhibit should always be based on the priority level

    For your Detroit trade show display rentals, you must always make sure that your messages are places according to the level of importance. The brand should be understood clearly and there should be no confusion between the name of the company and the name of the products.


  1. Other marketing methods should be used consistently

    Social media, brochures, advertisements etc should be taken seriously for strengthening your brand position


  1. Your brand should never only be limited to your logo

    The overall experience of the audience should be more than just being limited to your logo placement. Your brand is the position that you occupy in the market, the personality and value of your company to the customers.


  1. Create an immersive environment

    This activates the brand in the psyche of the audience and makes them remember the overall experience that they had at your trade show display rentals Detroit. High-tech experience is needed for promoting the high-tech brand. You need to ask your exhibition stand contractors for help in creating such a grand experience.


  1. Don’t stick to one show

    For reaching key audiences, exhibit at as many trades shows as possible.


  1. Introduce your brand ambassadors

    This does not only include your CEO but also the people who are experts at understanding your brand. Introduce guest speakers and employ some celebs for endorsing your brand.


  1. Promote more and more

    The pre-show and post-show promotions work like a magic in creating brand awareness. Giveaways attract more people and help people in remembering your brand even once the event is over.


  1. Engage in a press meet

    Press is the best influencers who can make your brand reach the level of heights. Bloggers, industry press, analysts and social media people can give positive reviews for your brand which would make it reach the heights.

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Interactive Activities at Trade Show Booths

Trade Show Booths

The Best Examples of Interactive Activities at Trade Show Booths

Holding the attention of the visitor is not an easy task but it is imperative to do so. It is a critical component to do so to make your convention booth displays a success. For gaining maximum leads, you need to engage your visitors in your booth and hold their interest. However, this is easier said than done.
Using trade show games are one of the most interesting and effective approaches for user engagement at trade show booth displays Miami. It is also cost effective and can help in boosting performance. It also enhances brand awareness. Here are some of the game ideas that can be used in all kinds of trade show display stands for industries.

  1. The Prize Vault

The basic idea of the game is to keep a high-value product or money in the vault and make the attendees guess it. If the attendee manages to guess the code, then he/she wins the prize kept inside the vault. You can even hand out customised branded (your company’s brand) consolation prizes to the attendees who try to guess. You can collect their information and also make them get thrilled about the prospect of winning for free.

  1. The Prize Decoder

With this, you can design and print the branded tickets to various prize choices. You can hand out large print tickets to the high-value client and even use blank tickets for collecting information before the show happens. When the attendees visit your booth, they can insert their ticket into your prize decoder and this would tell them about the prize won. This method is a little expensive but manages to increase user engagement at trade show booth display rentals in Miami.

  1. Use of Interactive games

With endless varieties, interactive games vary with the variety of offered products, services and type of shows. Finding an interactive game that can basically reflect on your exhibiting presence is stimulating and important. It shows your creativity but it should not be selected solely on the basis of entertainment. It should be selected to make sure of the return it gives.

  • Golf Simulator: This game is specially tailored to the golf industry. Adding this to your trade show is a great option. Golf products can be tested out via this and even help in increasing your brand identity. It creates a buzz about your show and the product that you offer.
  • Xbox Kinetic: These vary according to the industry that you choose to represent. Choose the game according to the need and type of the industry.
  • Cornhole: This game involves tossing bean bags into the hole of your opponent’s board. This is a cost effective method and the elongated time period can give time for user engagement.


  1. The lucky drawings

Ask the visitors near your convention booth displays to drop their business cards into the bowl and give them a ticket. Tell them that during the drawing, they must be present to claim their prize at your trade show display stands. This is an inexpensive way of creating a buzz and leads to increase in sales.

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