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10 reasons why your trade show was a failure

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10 reasons why your trade show was a failure

It is not a coincidence that your trade show did not generate the kind of results you expected. Trade shows are an effective way to activate a brand’ image in the market and they deliver excellent ROI if conducted correctly. If your last event wasn’t as successful, we give you 10 reasons why it went downhill and tips on how to get it right the next time.

Picking the wrong trade show
A good way to judge whether a trade show is suitable for your brand is by analyzing the companies and brands that are participating. If you see more than a couple trade show booths selling products similar to yours, it is a good sign. Another aspect should be target audience and what is the expected foot-fall. Consider your brand’s image and pick a trade show accordingly.
Lack of predefined goals
Before participating in a trade show, have a clear objective. Once you are clear on what you need from the event, you subsequently get answers to where you should exhibit and what your marketing approach should be like.
Substandard trade show booth design
Your trade show booth is the face of your brand at the event. If your trade show booth design doesn’t live up to your brand’s reputation then you cannot expect great results. A good trade show booth is a long term investment.
Underestimating marketing and promotions
If you want visibility for your product, you need to market your event. If you do not promote or advertise about your event, you won’t get many visitors. Advertising your event will bring in the crowd and promoting your brand in the event will ensure that the audience stops by at your trade show booth.
Lack of creativity
A little bit of creativity will take you a long way and make your trade show booth stand out in the crowd; be it adding interesting elements to your trade show booth design stand or investing in engaging souvenirs, if you failed to create an impact on the audience some way or the other, the audience is more likely to forget you as well.
Failure to generate leads
Another reason to stock up on giveaways is to generate leads. Exhibitions are a great platform to generate leads and make new contacts. The leads you make at the event could be your potential client. If you do not make note of potential leads or you treat them offhandedly, you are losing out on major clients and customers. It is also crucial that you follow up on these leads.
Overwhelming audience
It is great for business when more than expected clients show up at your trade show booth and it is rather unfortunate when the company isn’t prepared for it. Firstly it is important that your trade show booth design to be spacious and roomy. Second, you need to prep your staff for such events. The staff must attend every single person that shows up at your booth.
Reckless staff
The staff at your trade show booth must be thorough professionals. Strictly prohibit eating and sitting around in the stall. Your trade show booth needs to look nothing less than a professional set up. If your staff is unprofessional and doesn’t pursue clients, your event is bound to fail.
Ignorant staff
There will be a lot of inquiry about your product at your booth. If your staff is dull or doesn’t have enough information about the brand, it will impact your sales. The staff at your booth must be well trained about your brand. A consumer has a short attention span and the salesperson needs to make the most of it.
Insufficient stock of giveaways
Get an estimate of the expected foot-fall at your trade show booth and stock up on materials like your brochures, catalogs, feedback forms or souvenirs. Always stock up on extra, the least you want is to send away clients empty handed from your trade show booth.
Failure to generate leads
Another reason to stock up on giveaways is to generate leads. Exhibitions are a great platform to generate leads and make new contacts. The leads you make at the event could be your potential client. If you do not make note of potential leads or you treat them offhandedly, you are losing out on major clients and customers. It is also crucial that you follow up on these leads.

8 Reasons Why You Must Visit Trade Shows

trade show booth

8 reasons why you must visit trade shows

Trade fairs and trade shows are a great opportunity to launch a product or re-introduce products in the market. At a trade show, your brand gets exposure and media coverage by displaying your wares at the trade show booth. Presenting in trade shows reinstates the brand’s image in the consumer’s mind.
There are many reasons why your brand needs to be a part of trade shows but today we try to explain why visiting trade shows and trade fairs is equally important to you as a brand and a company.

  1. To check out the competition:

    Since a lot of brands participate in trade shows it is a good chance to gauge your competition by dropping by at their trade show booth. You also get an opportunity to see what is popular with the consumers. You also get insightful information about your competitor’s marketing strategy and understand what USP of their product they are cashing in on.


  1. To check out new products:

    Trade shows are a thriving hub of freshly launched products. Every trade show booth goes out of the way to inform the audience about their new products or any new feature that has been added to the product. By analyzing the new products in the market you get a good idea what improvements you need to make and also how you must market your product.


  1. To gather information:

    Most trade shows have celebrated businessmen as chief guests to give speeches. This data is valuable because these businessmen know the market in and out and they do give some informative tips which you can use to your benefit. It is also a great opportunity to meet these influential people and form alliances.


  1. To check new trade show booth designs:

    A good trade show booth accentuates the brand image and what better way to check out the latest trade show booth designs than at a trade fair. You also get a thorough brand experience by visiting the trade show booth yourself. Analyze what’s new in the market and select what suits your brand the best.


  1. To observe new technology:

    Companies use the latest technology in the market to enhance and amp up their trade show booth design. Latest LED lighting, digital graphics, augmented reality take any trade show booth design to the next level. When you visit trade fairs you get a good idea about what new technology is available and you can use this information while planning your own event.


  1. To increase client base:

    Even though you are not participating in the trade show you can still communicate with your audience. In fact, this is a better opportunity to enquire with willing consumers about their preferences, without being perceived as a biased brand representative. Basically, the audience at your competitor’s trade show booth is your potential client base. It is up to you to approach and communicate with them.


  1. To meet new traders and sellers:

    Another reason you must visit trade shows is for networking. Trade shows are thronged by potential sellers and traders. Even if you are not participating, you can talk to these sellers and traders and make profitable alliances.


  1. To understand consumer’s purchasing habits:

    Lastly, trade shows are a great opportunity to understand consumer’s purchasing patterns. At your competitor’s trade show booth, you get first-hand experience about your consumer’s preference. This vital information can then be used to better the product.

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How to Perfect your Exhibition Stand?

exhibition booths

How to perfect your exhibition stand to pull in the crowd?

Exhibitions and events are cramped up with various brands and products. With thousands of brands exhibiting under the same roof, it gets slightly difficult to attract the crowd towards your exhibition booth. To help you with this dilemma, we bring you 10 tips to help you stand out in the crowd and to garner the attention of your audience.

  1. Book the perfect spot – First and foremost it is crucial that you book the perfect spot. Discuss with your exhibitor about which spot will be perfect for your brand and product. Consider prime spots of the event or exhibition and make the decision considering your budget and the size of your exhibition stand.


  1. Approach the right exhibition designers – Your exhibition stand is as good as the exhibition designer you employ. There are a lot of companies that specialize in making exhibition stands. Pick one that is reputed and known for their quality in the market. Enquire about printing, installation, dismantling and logistics with the exhibition stand builder. If you are interested in investing in a reusable, portable exhibition display, specify and enquire about the cost.


  1. The design – The design of your exhibition booths is most crucial. It is going to represent your company at the exhibition. Design the exhibition stand keeping your budget, brand image and the product it mind. If you have ample space, you can experiment with the design; if you have limited space your exhibition booth then needs to be small but it must create the illusion of space. Keep the design clean and classy. Don’t experiment too much with the design since it will take away from the product.


  1. Incorporate your brand image – Your exhibition stand must look like an extension of your brand’s image. Don’t stray away from your brand’s logo and colors. Incorporate your brand’s elements to make your exhibition booths look more like a store and less like a booth.


  1. Utilize space– The space you are allotted at the exhibition must be utilized to its full capacity. If you have a huge space, you need to arrange your accessories and products in such a way that exhibition booth doesn’t look empty. If you have limited space, utilize it such a way that you don’t have to compromise on anything. Go easy on the props and accessories, keep it simple yet functional.


  1. Select the right staff– It is recommended that you select a reliable company employee to oversee the exhibition. He or she can be the incharge of the rest of your staff at the exhibition booth. Select your staff carefully, they must be confident and have good communication skills. They must know the brand and the product extensively.


  1. Add character to your stand– It’s all about accessorizing and propping. Amp up your stand with cut outs and props. It adds character to the exhibition stand and makes it stand out in the crowd. The props you use must resonate with the brand’s image. You could use the mascot of the brand as your prop. Using props synonymous with your brand imprints the brand’s image on the consumer.


  1. Fix it a day in advance– Get your exhibition stand fixed a day before the event or exhibition. This will give you ample to fix anything that needs fixing or change something you don’t like. It will help you to better the look and feel of your exhibition booths.


  1. Freebies and goodies– Stock up your stand with freebies, it will add a nice touch and the customer will have a souvenir to take back home. Make sure your goodies and freebies remind the consumer of your brand and reinforce your brand’s image. It could either be a pen, a mug, keychain or other such accessories just make sure your brand name and logo are printed on it.


  1. Advertise and promote– Last but not the least, let your clients and customers know that you are exhibiting or conducting an event. Send out emails and invites to your clients and requesting to come and visit you at the event. Even at the exhibition itself, put up banners and posters along with your exhibiton booth This will help in pulling the major part of the crowd.
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