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Exhibitions and How to make the most of it

Exhibition Stand Dubai

10 Tips to Reap the Benefits of Exhibitions

BTL marketing is gaining tremendous popularity off late. More and more brands are keenly participating in events and exhibitions. It provides brand exposure, brand promotion and helps you to display your product to interested target audience.

To make sure that you invest your money wisely and reap most benefits while exhibiting your product at your exhibition stand, we give you some guidelines to follow before participating in one.

1. Cite your objectives – It is crucial you define your objectives before participating in an exhibition. Based on whether you want to launch a product, make sales or create brand awareness, you need to formulate a plan and decide on how you will approach the event and plan your exhibition stand.

2. Short list your events and exhibitions – Based on the type of brand and product you are selling, pick a suitable event. There are many kinds of exhibitions, you have to shortlist and pick ones that bring-in your target audience or that showcases products from the same category as your brand. This way you not only get to showcase your product to your specific audience but also keep tab on the competition.

3. Invite your audience – Once you have established your objectives, you need to spot your target group. If you are interested in making sale through exhibitions, you need to invite your customers to the exhibition. If you are interested in networking, you need to invite potential clients, sellers and businessmen.

4. Allot a budget – Next step is to allot a budget for the event. To do so, calculate the entire cost of the event, from booking space, buying or renting exhibition stand, to sales force, logistics etc. If you are new to participating and/or conducting events and exhibitions, then consult agents, exhibition stand companies and get a quotation. Calculate your rough profit as well and then decide whether you want to participate and if you do how you want to approach it etc.

5. Space and Design – Once you shortlist the exhibition you want to showcase in, the next step is to book the perfect space for your exhibition stand. Ask the organizers about the prime spots and exhibition stand spot that attracts most of the crowd and get most attention, try to grab these spots at the earliest as they tend to get sold out pretty soon.

6. Exhibition StandsThe success or failure of your event depends on several factors and one of them is your exhibition stand. Once you have a rough idea about how you want your exhibition stand to look like, approach exhibition stand They will provide you with latest stand designs according to your space and budget. Design your exhibitions stand with care and consideration, keeping in mind, the number of people you estimate to be visiting the stand at a given time, to the products you want to showcase and the number of staff you intend to employ.

7. Market your event – Once you are sorted with booking your spot and the exhibition stand, you need to promote and market your event. Promotion involves notifying potential customers and sellers about your event. Start with a press release and send newsletters to your clients, asking them to visit you at the event. Distribute passes to esteemed customers and clients, along with your exhibition stand details, to make sure they attend the exhibition.

8. Organize and equip your exhibition stand – Ask the exhibition stand company to fix the stand a day prior to the main event. This way you won’t be taken aback with unpleasant surprises. Organize the exhibition stand according to your preference and fix what needs fixing. Make sure your stand is well lit, air conditioned and check your supplies like brochures, forms, etc. Serve refreshments if budget permits as it adds a nice touch of hospitality.

9. Prepare your staff – Considering the size of your exhibition stand assign the number of staff. The exhibition stand must not look crowded neither must it be unmanned at any point of the day. The staff must be well trained, must have in-depth knowledge about the brand and the product. They must be well-spoken and courteous. Also instruct them to hand-over brochures to any client that seems even remotely interested in your product.

10. D-Day – On the day of the event, make sure to reach the location early. Make final checks on the exhibition stand, products and the display. Give instructions to your staff and make sure they are prepared in case of overwhelming crowd.

Following these set of guidelines will make sure that your event is a big hit!  

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Jazz Up your Trade Show Booth

Trade show booth

10 tips to Jazz Up your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to amp up your BTL marketing activities. They increase brand visibility, create brand recall and spread brand awareness.
In a trade fair or an exhibition, hundreds of brands showcase their products. It is a neck-to-neck battle to grab customer’s attention. To stand out in the crowd and garner positive response from your audience, we bring you 10 tips to prep your trade show booth.
1. Add a splash of color – The easiest way to attract attention is by using bright, bold hues to your trade show booth. Bright colours stand out even in the most crowded rooms. Considering your brand’s logo and colours, select hues that resonate with your brand’s image that will attract audience to your trade show booth.
2. Use bold images – Images speak louder than words. Bold and unique images make the audience stop and stare at your trade show booth. Understand your brand and use images accordingly. Carelessly placing images for the heck of it won’t do any good, you need to carefully select the images before printing them and also place them strategically at your trade show booth. Make sure the images you are using are of good quality and are printed in high definition.
3. Use Props – Think out-of-the box and invest in props. A prop will guarantee audience curiosity and give your trade show booth an avant-garde look and feel. Props must be placed tactfully, so that it can spotted even from a distance. The props you use must connect with the brand’s image in some way or the other. Traditionally, companies used the logo as a prop but off late brands are experimenting and even using their mascots as props a their trade show booth.
4. Content is King – The key is to use concise and crisp content on your trade show booth Convey what you need to say in a few words but effectively. Don’t crowd your display with content, as audience will barely stand to read it. Use bold font and shorter sentences to attract the crowd.
5. Stand tall – A platform will magically make the trade show booth attractive and elegant. People tend to notice things quickly when they are placed at a strategic height. A platform will lift the entire stand and give it a store-like feel. Also use tall structures and cut-outs to prop the place.
6. Go Digital – Use latest technology to stand out from the crowd. You can use fancy led installations, digital images or even audio visual aid to enhance the ambience of the exhibition stand. It will make your trade show booth look smarter and futuristic.
7. Light It up – After you have beautified your trade show booth, the next step is to light it up well. A well lit set-up looks fresh and vibrant. Fancy led lights can also be used to liven up the place. It makes the trade show booth look youthful and reenergized.
8. Hire the right people – Generating response from the audience is the responsibility of the staff you employ. Hire confident people that are good communicators. They will bring the whole trade show booth Young, bright staff will pull-in more audience and make the stand look active.
9. Refreshments and Knick-Knacks – Refreshments and goodies are real crowd pleasers. You can keep a jar of candies or cookies on the counter and immediately notice the increase in incoming crowd. Offering refreshments and snacks makes the trade show booth design look more consumer-friendly and hospitable.
10. Keep it lively – Your trade show booth must look alive and bustling with people throughout the day. Key to achieving this is prompt and active staff. Instruct your staff to never leave the trade show booth They may take turn to go on breaks. They must always be warm and courteous even to customers that do not buy the products. Your staff and trade show booth represent your brand hence they must always be attentive and professional.

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Tips for Smooth and Successful Event

exhibition stand

Tips to Ensure a Smooth, Successful Event

Conducting an event or participating in an exhibition is huge commitment and responsibility. There are several things you need to consider before you exhibit.

To ensure that your event is smoothly and successfully executed we bring you some guidelines to follow.  

Pre-defined goals – Before you venture into exhibitions or conduct an event, know and understand the purpose of exhibiting and what you expect from it. Have tangible targets and determine how you are going to measure the success of the event. Having a list of set goals will give you an idea of how to approach and organize the event whether it is networking you are looking for or increasing your client base.


Budget allocation – The next and the most important step is dedicating a budget for the event or exhibition. After you are clear with what you want to achieve, you may allocate a budget for your exhibition stand and planning. Get quotations from exhibition stand companies and pre determine the budget. Also consider ad-hoc expenses and try not to deviate from the budget limit.


Selecting the appropriate exhibition – Considering your goals and objectives, select which exhibition you want to participate in. There are exhibitions conducted for sellers, consumers etc. Select one that suits your requirement and that garners plenty of crowd. In case of organizing your own event, selecting the perfect location and time is crucial. Consult brand activation specialists, exhibition stand companies if you are new at organizing events or need guidance.


Bookings – After you have shortlisted the exhibition you want to participate in, book the venue at the earliest. Booking early will save you cost and also enables you to initiate preparations sooner with regards to your exhibition stand design It will give you the advantage of time and you could use the extra time for exhibition stand planning, promotions and marketing.


In-house team – An efficient way to ensure that everything goes as planned, without any hassles or miscalculations, is to allocate one or more of your employees to oversee and supervise the event and the exhibition stand. This way you will have a trustworthy source handling and managing the entire exhibition stand.


Exhibition Stand – Your exhibition stand is the face of your brand and company at the event. Make sure that you appoint and choose a genuine and reputed company to make or rent your exhibition stand Have meetings and brain storming sessions to determine how you want the exhibition stand to look like. Select designs and colours that compliment your product and brand image.


Marketing – Marketing your event is a very important step. Promoting and advertising about your event will bring in customers and clients. It will spread awareness about your brand and the event you are conducting ensuring that your clientele show up.


Training your employees – Your staff at your exhibition stand will act as company representatives hence select them with caution and care. Instruct your employees to be thorough professionals and courteous at the exhibition stand. Train them about the product and company, so that they may be able to answer any queries and questions thrown at them during the event.


Generating feedback and increasing database – A good way to measure and gauge your performance at the event is through feedback. Ask clients and customers that drop by at your exhibition stand, to fill up a feedback form. Keep the feedback-form short and to the point. Take their names and contact details to increase your database and follow up on the leads at the earliest.

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Compensate for a Cancelled Event

exhibition stand designs

How to Compensate for a Cancelled Event

More often than not things do not go as planned. There could be times when you have to back out or cancel an event or the exhibition you were participating in gets cancelled due to some reason or the other.

It is always recommended that you consider things like exhibition stand planning etc while planning an event. Listed below are some tips to help you damage control, in case of cancellation, whilst maintaining the company’s image and reputation.


Try to salvage the situation – First and foremost avoid cancelling your event, particularly when you have invested your money, conducted exhibition stand planning sessions and sent out invites to potential clients and customers. Cancelling an event, especially in the eleventh hour leaves a negative impact on your audience. It even harms the credibility of the brand.

Try a different venue – In Case the location is not available on the particular date, try other nearby venues. Sellers and clients might have reserved the date to visit you at the event and shuffling up the location, may still enable them to visit you. If you do not find a new venue close by, inform your guests at the earliest while apologizing for the inconvenience.

Rebook and reschedule at the earliest – If you are unable to find a venue on the same date, reschedule at the earliest. Try to reorganize the event as early as possible and try to stick to the same location. Conduct exhibition stand planning meetings and inform them about the change. If you manage to do this as soon as possible, it will help to salvage the crisis, while you are informing your guests about the cancellation.

Notify your guests – After sorting out your new date for rescheduling and location where you intent to organize the event or exhibit, inform your guests. If you are uncertain when and where you are going to exhibit, tell the guests that you will keep them informed about the new date and location, whenever it is finalized. 

Send apologies and invites – Sincerely apologize to your guests in case of cancellation and delays. If possible send an invite to the next exhibition you are participating in. You may even send free passes as compensation. This will ensure that you are in good terms with your clients irrespective of the cancellation.


Cancelling an event is unfortunate but with correct and prompt measures you can rectify your mistake and reinstate your reputation. Therefore it is important that you be prepared for the worst and consider these things during your booking and exhibition stand planning sessions. The key is to not panic and act immediately.

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Creative Effects for Trade Show Booth Rental

trade show booth rentals

Creative Effects for Trade Show Booth Rental

People who have taken part in the creative process of designing a trade show stand knows how challenging it can be. Many marketing executives like to challenge their marketing skills and do design exhibition of trade show booth rentals or trade show exhibit rentals that really reflect their brand and products. Following are some easy steps that will help you design an effective and stunning trade show booth rental and will definitely make you stand out from the competition:


Your trade show booth rental needs to clearly reflect your brand. If your business does not have a strong brand identity, team up with a professional design team that will help you create one. Building your identity is as important as the products you’re promoting and selling at the trade show exhibit rentals. It is the face of your business which will help you gain customer loyalty. Strong brand image ensures that exhibition visitors will find it easier to recognize you. When designing your trade show booth using trade show booth rentals, consider objectives and messages you want to convey. In order to gain brand awareness, let everyone know your core values, it can be by using consistent brand colors,  logo & graphics. Many trade show booth rentals at Dubai used unique trade show designs at their trade show exhibit rentals.

Strategizing a trade show

Strategy plays a crucial role in a trade show success. Make sure you have a list of all trade shows exhibit rental and events you will be attending and floor space you will get at each. This will help you decide which exhibition system is the best for you. Decide if the company needs a custom trade show stand rental or trade show exhibit rental, trade show display rental that is a reusable modular solution or a lightweight portable display. Modular trade show stands rentals are great if you exhibit products at more than two shows a year, they are designed for multi-use and have no refurbishing costs. Most of the trade show booth rentals at Dubai were modular reusable ones.

Graphical layouts matter

Once you have decided which exhibition system, style and size works best for the company, it is time to think about graphical layout. The trade show booth rental needs bold graphics that can catch everyone’s attention. Images should always showcase the latest products and services, so that attendees know what you are offering. The trade show booth rental at Dubai saw attractive booth layouts with very elaborate graphics. Effective layout of your graphics will make people stop by and find they would enquire more about your business. Your trade show exhibit rental shouldn’t look too clumsy and confusing for visitors. It’s also not a good sign if your trade show booth rental is unattractive and says least about your company. If you want to make a good impression, make sure your tradeshow display rental or your trade show exhibit rental reflects your brand. Use stunning, high quality images. Trade show booth rentals at Dubai used this strategy and it helped exhibitors bag more customers at the trade show

Picture in motion

It is not wise to stick to static images when designing your designing your trade show exhibit rental. Using animations and videos to capture attention of visitors is a great strategy. Many exhibitors at trade show booth rental at Dubai used elaborate animations for their product placement which helped them draw attention. Use fun projections, informative slideshows and branded games on Digital peripherals. Interactive displays and moving images will attract more visitors.

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Attracting Customers to your Trade Show Booth

trade show booth

Attracting Customers to your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows and exhibitions around the world are incredibly competitive environments, as, you are mostly surrounded by your greatest industry competitors in large spaces with their convincing trade show booth designs. Trade show booth at Abu Dhabi saw maximum crowd due to efficient marketing and crowd attracting strategies.
When you’re marketing your business at a trade show booth or exhibition with an exceptional trade show booth design, it’s important to grab customer’s attention from a distance so that they themselves visit your trade show booth with keen interest. Let us go through some key points that will ensure that your appearance at a trade show is a complete success. Here are some useful tips for attracting customers to your trade show booth from all the way across the hall. Trade show booth in Abu Dhabi saw some unique booth designs which attracted customers from all sectors.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is still a highly effective marketing tool when you to attract customers at your trade show booth, and if you’re doing something extra special at a trade show or if you have unique trade show booth design, word will spread sooner.
Of course, you have to ensure that you get the most out of word of mouth. What you need to do is, first engage those in your trade show booth with something extraordinary. This could be anything from a branded game to a giveaway. This will spread sooner. Trade show booth at Abu Dhabi saw maximum trade show booths offering giveaways to interested customers who were willing to share their contact information for further business dealings.
Make your marketing techniques as unique and different as possible and, once people hear about what you are offering, you will soon find that your trade show booth is flocked with customers.

Social Media

In this world of social media that we live in, distance is no longer a restriction or a barrier when it comes to communication. By using social media, we can engage with our customers and make them aware of our presence at a trade show. Being active on social media will help you attract plenty of attention. Almost every trade show at Abu Dhabi has their own website or a blog to say the least, which provides information about their product and details about the exhibition. They share the same information on other social media pages in order to attract more customers.
Before the exhibition begins, check if there are any live feeds on social media websites like Twitter or Facebook shown at the event. If yes, ensure that you take full advantage of it. If your company or your product appears on the feed with something distinctive and appealing, such as a photo of a giveaway or a live demo of the product, then people all over the exhibition will be able to see it and will soon come flocking to your trade show booth. Trade show booths at Abu Dhabi posted their live feeds from the exhibition which actually helped them gather more crowd. Having attractive trade show booth design is of great help when your trade show booth gets aired live on social media. Hence make sure you do everything right
Interfacing social media into your trade show booth design will also attract more people to your trade show booth, as you can encourage visitors provide feedback about your company and message so that other people know, encouraging them to visit your trade show booth.


Many exhibitions hand out pamphlets which contains all the information about the trade show booth and the product. Almost every trade show booth at Abu Dhabi distributed such pamphlets that helped the customers know more about the exhibition before-hand.

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Unique Brand Activation Idea at a Marketing Fair

brand activation idea

8 Unique Brand Activation Idea at a Marketing Fair

Brand establishment through creative brand activation ideas have become a mainstay at live events. It enables sponsors to engage directly with target audiences in a simple and accessible way. With BTL activities, pop up stand, and portable exhibition displays, the event sponsorship is gaining more and more importance. Organizers and brand managers are tasked with delivering innovative activation concepts to help achieve brand objectives. Let’s have a look at brand activation ideas in marketing and on how to integrate new and existing sponsors in a sponsoring event. Some of the popular favorite brand activation ideas that featured at marketing fair were all equipped with portable exhibition display and pop up stands and exhibition displays.

These are some unique activation ideas in marketing that you could implement in your next marketing strategy to yield considerable ROI.

6 Cool Ideas for Brand Activation

Brand Activation

6 Cool Brand Activation Ideas

Below the line marketing (BTL) activities, be it brand promotions, exhibitions or brand activation work effectively. They yield comparatively better results and hence many brand and companies opt for BTL activities like brand activation.

The problem with these platforms however is you need to constantly come up with new and engaging ideas. Ideas get obsolete quickly in this competitive day and age and hence reinventing cool brand activation ideas is the only option if you want to stay ahead in the race.

Reinventing best Brand activation ideas, event marketing and sponsorship can be very tedious There are ample things that you can sponsor numerous ideas and ways to reorder an event sponsorship proposal. The typical stuff that we do at a pop up exhibition display, such as logo placement, public speaking opportunities and product giveaways holds an important value. Keeping this in mind, let us take a look at some cool activation ideas event marketing and brand activation ideas that can be used today to make the process more interesting which can be dull for you as a presenter otherwise.

Photo booth at a pop up exhibition display?

A photo booth with completely fake props seems very hilarious at first, then sort of annoying and now these booths just kind of blend into the background. But this classic brand activation event ideas are still widely popular and used for cool exhibition stands.

A photo booth as an exclusively pop-up stand with commercial-grade, Hollywood-quality superhero outfit is a great idea for a pop up exhibition display. Youngsters love it, but so do adults. Especially if their friends can participate as well, you can even extend it further and other add cool brand activation ideas such as running a selfie contest with your brand being the Hashtag or you could add it post show at your landing page to continue the marketing buzz with regard your company.

Complete with portable exhibition display, the sponsor can be on the hook for all the three, the cost of photographer, insurance and costumes, and the sponsorship fee. In one such instance an insurance company came up with this idea of doing the above with a pop-up exhibition display of a man cosplaying as one of the superheroes from the comics. So, in order to get your get your picture taken with the superhero, you had to fill out a request for quote card from the insurance company. This could be one of the brand activation event ideas.

Fire dance, a fiery brand activation ideas

You tend to get tired of banners and sign everywhere, with nothing different to bring on the table. There is always a limitation of what cool exhibition stands and portable exhibition displays can have to keep the visitors entertained. With options like virtual reality,

mascots, mini funhouses and casino game machines.Give your brand activation idea a different angle. Make things interesting. Hire a group of fire breathers and fire dancers. They, through their fire dancing skills can spell out each sponsors name and company logo in flames, while you can wait at the pop up stand to answer any queries. Now this is one of those really bold activation ideas so be sure to consult your show sponsors to know if it’s allowed and make sure you plan it

during the peak hours of the exhibition show.Ideally this should be conducted outside where there is less risk of the fire catching and hurting bystanders. If you do plan to use this bold idea make sure you take the responsibility of handling security and safety since otherwise if anything goes wrong it will your reputation that will go up in flames.

Social Media to the rescue

When social media first came into the picture, people hardly realize that it would explode in the manner that it did. Now it has become a solid avenue for connect and solicitate feedback from with interested customers in cost-effective and rapid manner. Social media plays an important role in brand activation ideas and event marketing, there have been sponsors that had a separate pop up stands (and separate portable exhibition displays to advertise the contest) that ran selfie contests. The task involved the contestants to seek out the sponsors, take a selfie with them and tweet it using a hashtag, best selfies with catchy hashtags would win the contest. But that’s just one idea out of several social media activation ideas, often it can even work as a facilitator for bringing attendees into your exhibition stand. One novel idea to pull this off is to run a contest on your social media page and pick winners who will then have to attend your exhibition stand to retrieve their prize. But make sure that the prize is more than worth the cost of going to an exhibition show.

Free Headshots!

Often when you start thinking beyond tie a freebie to your company’s service or product you can come up with unique and deceptively simple brand activation ideas that are not only require little investment but also give the most returns.

Giving away free headshots is one of those unconventional event activation ideas but, a pop up stand for free headshots is a great opportunity for the sponsor looking to build their e-mail database. People usually dress their best for conferences so what better time to update your LinkedIn profile photo while you are at your portable exhibition display? The sponsor e-mails the headshot to the participant, capturing their contact information when at a pop up stand.

Prize distribution for social media participation

Smart phones are of ubiquitous nature. You can use these tools to add the brand activation idea for sponsors at pop up display stand. What you can do is ask your audience to answer questions through social media. Create a separate pop up stand and assign your colleague to handle the social media buzz. Connect on social media and interact with their brand in exchange for a cool prize. The buzz so created will only add crowd to the pop up stand.

Lounge Style Seating for Attendees

Exhibitions can be a tiresome affair for attendees since they have to walk from one location to another during the whole day. Such standing around and walking with no respite is a welcome opportunity for you to have a lounge-style seating at your exhibition stand. This is a great relief for any weary attendee looking to cool their heels and relax. The benefit of lounge-style cool exhibition stands is two-fold first it makes them receptive to your branding since they are relaxing. Secondly, it can be easier to engage attendees with product presentation and even ask them a slew of questions and execute your event activation ideas.