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Things to NOT do while participating in an Exhibition

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Things to NOT do while participating in an Exhibition

 Participating in events and exhibitions may seem like a cake-walk, what with exhibition designers and organizers cropping up at a tremendous rate. It might not be as complicated and difficult it was 10 years ago but it definitely needs proper planning and execution.

We bring you 10 tips what you should abstain from while planning and organizing an event or exhibition.


1. Don’t act on a hunch – Before participating in any event, everything needs to be pre-planned. You cannot leave anything for last minute neither can you make decisions based on a hunch, be it picking the right exhibition, or exhibition stand company or booth design or the staff. Make calculated and well thought out decisions to make the best of your event.


2. Keep your options open – The market is flooded with organizers and exhibitions are conducted every other day too. This definitely works in the company’s favor. You can pick and choose where you want to exhibit. There are a variety of options available when it comes to exhibition designers and booth designs. Don’t compromise on anything and settle only for the best. See what works for you and suits the brand image and make your decision accordingly.


3. Check out your competition – A good way to select the event you want to showcase in is by analyzing the brands that are participating. This will give you an idea on what scale the exhibition is conducted on, it will also help you gauge the kind of audience it will attract. Tracking who is participating helps you decide what kind of exhibition stand builder you should contact, what kind of booth design ideas you should come up with and whether you want a portable exhibition display or a pop up exhibition display.


4. Don’t agree on everything – While dealing with organizers and exhibition stand designers don’t hesitate to put across your vision. If what they suggest doesn’t suit your requirements or the company standards, tell them so. Have several meetings until you receive the desired outcome and design. In most cases, designers will customize according to your requirement, all you need to do is brief them accurately.


5. Don’t ignore your exhibition stand – Your stand is the face of your brand and company at the event. Make sure you plan it with utmost care. Ask for customization if you can’t find what you are looking for. Debrief your designers to achieve a product that is practical, eye catching and suits the company’s image.


6. Don’t leave anything for the last minute – A day prior to the event, visit the location and check everything. Make sure you are present during the installation process and see that everything goes as planned. Check the products and keep a stack for brochures and forms ready. Stock up the stand with goodies and refreshments and make sure you are thoroughly prepared for d-day.


7. Don’t act recklessly – On the day of the event, make sure that you have checked everything, from your stand to your products and staff. This is the big day so be alert and foresee anything that could cause a problem. Never leave your stand unattended or take the first day or early hours of the event for granted. Be present and act smartly.


8. Don’t get comfortable – Once you get the show running, don’t get too comfortable. Your staff needs to be perked up every now and then. If you see any potential customers or important client make sure you go and visit them. Networking during exhibitions is very important for your brand and company. Make the most of the event and build your client database.


9. Give strict instruction to your staff – Your staff is going to represent your company at the event. It is important that they are presentable and thorough professionals. Instruct your staff never to talk disrespectfully to anyone that visits your exhibition booth. Staff must also never eat at the exhibition stand. Allot them time for breaks and instruct them not to loiter around the stand during their breaks. They must also never leave the stand absolutely unattended.


10. Don’t undermine appreciation – Your staff needs constant motivation and appreciation. Whenever an employee performs exceedingly well make sure you appreciate and reward him/her. This will encourage them to do better and give them a positive work experience

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Benefits of participating in Events and Exhibitions

Participating In Events And Exhibitions

Benefits of participating in Events and Exhibitions


Ever wondered why every top marketer and marketing blogger recommends participating in exhibitions? Marketing has come a long way since print ads and television commercials were all the rage. Now marketing encompasses various below the line marketing activities such as exhibitions, brand promotions and brand activations. Among the various below the line marketing activities exhibitions have emerged as a clear winner in a past decade. Benefits of exhibitions are many and this is why it is the most preferred marketing platform off late.

Events and exhibitions are resourceful platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses. They give you a stage to showcase your product specifically to your target group and the get their undivided attention. Not just participating but benefits of visiting exhibitions are surplus too. It is a valuable opportunity to meet your potential client or customer and have lucrative two way interaction with them.

Listed Below Are Some Advantages Of Exhibitions And Events.

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Serves As An Excellent Launch Pad For Your Brand Or Product
You can introduce your product in exhibitions or even organize a stand-alone event to launch your product in the market. It is a place thriving with potential clients, sellers and customers; you can not only launch your product but also give live demonstrations and conduct Q and As for your audience. At a stand-alone event, you avoid the pressure of competition and gain the undivided attention of the audience present at your exhibition stand.
Exposure To Interested Customers
When it comes to marketing, mostly the brand reaches out to the consumer. Be it television, email-marketing, tele-marketing or distribution of pamphlets and brochures, it is the brand trying to communicate with the consumer, irrespective of whether the consumer is interested. At events and exhibitions only the audience willing to buy the product visits the event and your exhibition stand This way you cut through the clutter of disinterested consumers and reach out only to eager consumer.
Helps To Gain Feedback And Measure Response
Interaction with your customer can be beneficial to the brand in many ways. One of the most important benefits is customer feedback. You can gauge the audience’ reaction and response to the product personally and immediately at your exhibition stand Even the crowd visiting your exhibition stand will give you an idea about your target group’s background. You can understand and interpret what works and what doesn’t with the customer through events and exhibitions.
Direct Exposure To Target Audience
Only the audience interested in your product category will show up at the exhibition and eventually to your exhibition stand. Basically almost everyone that shows up in the exhibition is your potential customer. It is up to your exhibition stand and the team you employ to attract the customer to your stand.
Helps To Keep Up With What’s New
Exhibitions can be a good place for you to observe and evaluate competition. It gives you opportunity to analyze your competitor and his exhibition stand and market your product accordingly. Events also give you exposure to latest technology available in the market.


Events and exhibitions are a good platform to build your client base and even for networking. Get acquainted with sellers and middleman and grow your contact base. Give your cards to everyone that shows up at your exhibition stand. These contacts may help you to form profitable business alliances in the future.

Off late, events and exhibitions have gained tremendous popularity in the market. Companies and brands are constantly trying to attract consumers to their exhibition stand. There are various kinds of events and exhibitions. You need to understand your product and select exhibitions that your target group might flock to.