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Brand activation creates brand-consumer relation

brand activation

What is brand activation and how does it help create brand-consumer relation?

Every marketer, whether participating in an exhibition, trade show or promoting his brand through distinct brand activation ideas, wants to get his brand to the forefront. Communicating the brand’s key message in an efficient manner is one of the key aspects of brand activation. Many brands across the world spend hundreds and thousands of money in order to promote a product or service through brand activation. But what makes a brand truly competitive is the way it is marketed or promoted. You, as a brand, surely do not want to get sidelined by other brands of the market and hence should incorporate some interesting brand activation ideas that are unique and specific to your brand. In order to get your brand noticed, it is essential to get the right partner to offer you with right ideas and solutions. 

What is Brand Activation?

Brand activation is a powerful way of promoting your brand through interactive and effective mediums. It helps get your brand to the target audience and lets your brand come in direct contact with your consumer. When we consider an exhibition show, exhibitors market their brand through custom modular exhibition stands or portable exhibition stands and integrate things like digital ideas to create a distinct brand experience.

Have you ever thought about what it would be to capture the right target audience at the right time and have a great following of your brand? This is surely very interesting and captivating. But what does it take to get the right target audience? An effective brand activation idea is something that will definitely get your brand to the TG and let them interact with your brand. With a large collection of ideas in the market, you need to pick the one that suits your specific brand needs and demands and bring out your brand in the best possible way.

Some of the best ways to get your brand to a wide base of audience is to implement a number of brand activation ideas. Here are a few ideas that you can implement to your brand activation or BTL activities.

Mall activation for first-hand shopper’s experience

Mall activation is a great way of promoting your brand. A type of BTL activity or brand activation, mall activation does help you garner maximum attention in a shopping mall. Shoppers come into mall to get experiences of shopping, looking around, etc and if you give them your brand’s taste there through activation, you can tap your TG right there. Through effective brand activation solutions like pop up stand and portable stands, you can attract consumers who come to the shopping mall. It is not a rocket science though, but you need to plan your activation right and contact the right partner who could create unique brand activation solutions for you to market with.

Experiential marketing for unique brand experience

Experiential marketing is generally a new term in the market. Through an experiential marketing or promotion, you build and offer unique experiences to your target consumers. Considering brand activation, which is not grand as an exhibition show but can still incorporate digitization and prominent ideas to help market your brand. For instance, you can have magnetic pop up display stands, fabric pop up stands; integrate audio visuals to provide better visual experience. When you are scouting for best brand activation ideas, you need to have a wider view of the scenario and understand your brand to get the right solution in hand.
If you are looking to promote your brand in the best way possible through brand activation and unique solutions then we have the right answer to your queries. From tailor-made pop up stands to flawless execution.

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Tips for Preparing the Presenters

pop up stands

Have a presentation at your exhibition show? Check out these tips for preparing the presenters


Whether you are a newbie in the exhibition industry or a professional who has been exhibiting for a while, there will be an occasion when you will host a presentation during the exhibition show. So when you have a presentation and have pulled off a speaker for the same then make sure that you keep these simple yet effective tips in mind. A prepared presenter will deliver the best of the conference and keep the audience engaged and interested in your presentation. Apart from the fact that you have made the best possible effort to get the best exhibition stands and booth design, it is equally important that the presenter is well-prepared, knowledgeable and can face the audience well. So let us look at some of the tips and tricks for the presenter.

Tip 1: Remember, every speaker is unique

There are different types of speakers. Some speakers are confident, some are scared to face a huge audience, some indulge in interactive sessions while some are really funny. If you are organizing a conference at the show then you should know how to present a speaker. You should be well aware about how the speaker can be trained, if needed. One of the most important aspects of a successful presentation is to come up with a brand new idea and interacting with the audience well. Whether you want to launch a new product at your presentation or teach about your existing products, your speaker should be well aware about those products and should be prepared with his or her own ideas of presentation.

Tip 2: Tell the speaker how important he or she is

This surely helps in boosting one’s confidence a lot. Every element of your exhibition is important. Right from your exhibition stands and exhibition stands designs to your booth staff, everything is special and will contribute to attract maximum leads to your stand. So, why should your presenter feel left alone? Before the show takes off, your presenter should feel his or her need felt. This is also crucial in organizing a great presentation, which makes the overall show a hit.
Whether you are exhibiting with modular exhibition stands or have portable pop up stands for your show, your presenter is an equal contributor in offering a worthwhile show.

Tip 3: Let your presenter be well prepared with the products and services

Last but not the least, the presenter of your presentation should be well -prepared with the products and services. Keeping this in mind is vital because if the presenter is not prepared with what the products and services of your company are then there is a high chance that the audience or prospective leads will lose the interest and trust in your brand. If the presenter is all geared up with the knowledge of the company’s services then there will be high number of sales leads in your exhibition stand.
There are a number of exhibition stand ideas that will make your exhibition stand look captivating and attract a huge lot of visitors, but having a good presenter for your products and services will lead to you a step closer to your profit sales. It is extremely important that your target audience understands what your products are all about. If your presenter does this job properly then your work is half done.
So, next time when you have a show and organizing a presentation then be sure to keep these tips in mind to prepare the presenter and have a successful presentation.

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How Social Media Positively Impacts Your Brand?

brand activation

How social media positively impacts your brand’s presence before and after the show?

When you are participating in an exhibition show, there are a number of things that you plan ahead. From getting the most captivating exhibition stand designs to employing best booth staff, you ensure that everything is right in place. But have you thought of incorporating social media into your exhibition process and give it a new edge over others. With the digitization moving strongly with other elements in the exhibition world, it has become imperative to use social media and reach a larger audience base. So let us see how social media forums can impact your brand’s presence. Here are some tips that will help you use social media to the fullest.

Make a dedicated social media page before the show

It is important that you have a dedicated page on every core social media forums that showcases your brand, products and services and also the purpose of your exhibition show. You can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and also YouTube for creating a website page and dedicated channels respectively.

Your target audience also wants to know about your exhibition stands and the booth design that you are going to exhibit with. You can come up with unique ideas for promoting your exhibition stand on the social media and grab maximum attention before your show begins. Your participation should be known to your customer base and therefore you should have social media pages to create a long lasting and a far reaching brand presence. There might be a case that you are a first-time exhibitor and hence, your audience does not know much about your participation. Create a strong relationship with your audience base right before the show with the help of social media forums.

Whether you have custom modular exhibition stands and portable pop up stands, your audience is keenly waiting to know about you.


Post photos, live videos

After you have created the social media pages, it becomes crucial that you keep them updated and live by posting photos of your exhibition stands. You definitely must have or will be investing a lot of money and time in creating exceptional exhibition stand designs. And your target audience wants to know about your booth design. There is a growing craze for live videos on Facebook and you can definitely use the same to give a live coverage of your exhibition stands and the on-site activities that goes around during the show. It is crucial that the live happenings are brought to the audience who are unable to visit your exhibition stands.

Here are some of the most useful tips for making a grand brand presence through social media:

  • Conduct polls on Twitter for getting a fair idea about your brand popularity. You can also conduct these polls to know whether your target audience will be visiting your exhibition stand or not.
  • Ask your visitors to share photos and videos when they visit your exhibition stand
  • You can encourage your show organizers and partner to post photos and tag you as well
  • There can be a new and unique hashtag representing your brand that can be used during updating tweets or photos
  • Interview the booth attendees and ask relevant questions that might give you a lead
  • It is important to mention your exhibition stand number, hall number and the venue of the exhibition show while you are posting anything on social media. It becomes easy for the attendees to find you amongst a lot of exhibitors.

If you want to explore some amazing exhibition stand ideas then contact us right away or mail us at

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Live-Events Boosts Brand’s Credibility

brand activation

How live-events like exhibitions are a great way of building brand’s credibility?


In a world that is filled with digital marketing and promotional ideas for events and exhibitions, planning for something unique that consumers enjoy is the need of the hour. It is not an unknown fact that exhibition stand designs that have incorporated digital integration lead to more number of visitor’s footfall in your stand. As per a recent survey it is seen that 93% of exhibition visitors claim that live events like product demonstrations or audio visual presentations have more influence on the minds of the visitors. Unlike the Above The Line (ATL) marketing like TV ads and print commercials, Below The Line (BTL) promotions like exhibitions integrate more of the digital stuffs. Although the digital forums like social media and other technologies continue to rule the marketing industry, there are other brand-consumer exchanges as well that help in building a stronger brand presence at an exhibition.  In-person events like exhibitions are not only a key aspect in driving core marketing metrics but they are also an important element that creates a unique brand identity. All-in-all, these marketing activities embody a large number of marketing fundamentals that most of us often forget or miss out on. So exhibiting with exceptional exhibition stands has a strong impact on your consumers and also lets your brand stand apart.    


Let us look at how live events like exhibitions boost your brand’s equity

It is often seen that live events directly and effectively impact the key performance indicators of marketing and promotional activities of your brand. According to a report by a reputed business school, exhibitions and events have a positive influence on the brand’s equity and change any pre-conceived notion of consumers about a specific brand. It is through an exhibition that you showcase your brand through exhibition stand designs and look forward to communicate the key message of your brand. It is through these elements like exhibition stands and booth design that the visitors have a brighter image about your brand and they remember you even after the show ends. Exhibitions are successful in engaging the visitors instantly therefore building a strong brand-consumer association. The exhibition stand designs are successful to captivate the consumers, while the well-trained booth staff helps in interacting with the prospective clients. The people who visit the show are the specific target market of the brand and therefore, it is only through a platform like exhibitions and live tradeshows that you get to personally interact with the buyers.


Integrating technology in your exhibition stands

As event marketers, we should not forget that the technology plays a very crucial role in targeting the right consumer market and then helps in converting the prospects into sales leads. While it is true that live events like exhibitions are vital in building brand identity, it is also necessary to understand that when coupled with the right technology, exhibitions reach a new height. You must have spent a lot of time and money in getting the right exhibition stand design for your show but have you tried to incorporate technologies like Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, project mapping, 360 video, to name a few? These are the technologies that are becoming increasingly popular for exhibitions and lead to a large number of footfalls in your exhibition stand. Whether you are exhibiting with modular exhibition stands or portable exhibition stands, integrating digital technology can have greater impact on your stand visitors.
If you want to get some exciting exhibition stand ideas then give us a call right away or contact us!

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