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Tips before you go live

tips for exhibition stands

4 necessary steps to take before your exhibition show goes live


This year’s exhibition season is on a roll and you have decided to participate in a show. There are a lot of things that you have to take care. From selecting turnkey exhibition stands, getting attractive booth design to finalizing on your budget for partnering with the right exhibition stand design company, you have to look after all these elements.

In order to get a successful show, you need to keep the above points in mind and also there are a few things that we have penned down for you. Read on to know the 4 most important steps needed before you get on the exhibition floor.


  1. Set the aims and objectives of your exhibition

The very first and foremost step is to determine and agree upon your set goals and objectives. Know why do you want to have an exhibition show? Who your target audience is and what are you looking at? Do you want to showcase your brand’s products and services or you simply want to launch a new product? Answering these important questions is necessary, which will assist you in getting to the top. As per your goal, you will have to get the exhibition stand and the associated exhibition stand designs will define what your brand is all about. The exhibition stand should always reflect your brand’s identity.


  1. Organize a team with trained booth staff

It is extremely crucial to put up a strong, well trained booth staff for your exhibition stand. Your target audience wants to get informed about your brand at the show and if you are not able to connect with them at the show then they might get away. So have a staff at your exhibition stand who can interact with your visitors and make them feel welcoming. It all depends upon how big is your event and as per that you can appoint different booth staff for handling and supervising your exhibition stand.


  1. Decide on your show budget

Nothing should go overboard when it comes to the budgeting of the exhibition show. You will have a budget of the show in mind. Right from exhibition stands to choosing the right exhibition stand design company and getting the perfect booth design, there is budget planning involved everywhere. If you tend to go over budget then it might affect the entire exhibiting process.

If you are too budget conscious then you can also opt for rental exhibition stand packages from the best exhibition stand design company who would offer comprehensive rental package. This just comes under a competitive price and you get to exhibit in a hassle-free way.


  1. Choose an exhibition show, space and venue

As other points are important, similarly consider choosing the right exhibition show, venue and space is equally vital. First of all, find out which shows are of your brand’s industry or business. See where your target audience is coming and which shows your competitors are participating into. Go through the exhibition show directory to find out these important things.

Secondly, getting the right exhibition space for exhibiting is very crucial. You do not want to lose out on all the limelight. So, you need to choose a space that does justice to your exhibition stand as you have invested a lot of money into the exhibition stands and booth designs.


So, your show is just around the corner and you need to do your best for a worthwhile exhibition show. Keep these 4 tips and tricks handy before going live with your exhibition show.

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Exhibition boosts Business!

exhibition stands

Exhibition shows and their importance: how does it boost your presence!


Exhibitions offer numerous business opportunities to connect with your target audience and other business associates, showcase your brand’s products and services, build relationships with consumers and meet larger client’s base. We all know that exhibitions are also a platform where people buy from people and in the digital world today that we live in, there are better chances of creating unique marketing strategies and promotional activities. Read on to know how to make the most of exhibitions and how to work it in your favour.


Seen as a wider scope that allows big investment, exhibitions are beneficial for every business and industry. Especially the small and medium scale businesses are benefitted from exhibitions. But if you are wondering that how does an investment in the exhibition show, which is a short term activity, offer you benefits in the long term. Well, we usually forget that the visitors who come to your exhibition stands during the show are the prospective buyers and in the long run they turn into sales leads and eventually become your loyal customers. From modular exhibition stands to portable exhibition stands, you will have to choose which one do you want to exhibit with.


Are you wondering how do you get the best returns from the investments in your exhibition?

By choosing the right exhibition show and then getting attractive exhibition stands that will help captivate maximum attention to your booth design, you can reach your target audience. You need to do a thorough research and then see what matches your marketing objectives. The exhibition stands that you pick are important to grasp the target audience during the show. It is vital that you collaborate with best exhibition stand design company who will convert your brand ideas into unique exhibition stand design. Have a dedicated focus and plan your event as per the brand guidelines to get the best results.


Let us look as to how does exhibitions boost your business?


Planning of your exhibition show


Planning for your event is indispensable for achieving your target or aim and gives you better returns for the money invested. The more thought and arranging you put in before the exhibition show, the more probable you are to prevail at the event. This pre-planning is essential and go through the round of organizer’s manual to see what are the things that you will be getting at the show. Set goals for the show and set up an exhibition stand as ahead of schedule as could be expected under the circumstances. This ought to incorporate all due dates for getting the exhibition stands and exhibition stand design composed and the data you have to submit to the coordinator.


Maximize your brand presence


Incorporate your marketing promotions and strategies to maximize your brand presence. You can use various types of promotional activities like email marketing, press releases, social media marketing for raising your brand identity at the show. Post the images of your exhibition stands and exhibition stand design on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to grab maximum attention before the show too. You can contact a number of journalists and let them know that you are participating at a show and let them interview you and publish the same on online and offline mediums.


Follow ups after the event


One of the main things to do after the show ends, is to do a thorough follow up. If you do not take care of your leads after the show then it is possible that you will lose out on a large number of exhibition sales leads. You must have invested a lot of money into exhibition stand designs and by partnering with best exhibition stand design company you will get the most attractive booth design and stands to display. But if you do not follow up with your leads then nothing is worth it.

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Why are exhibitions or events important for your business?

exhibition stands

Why are exhibitions or events so important for your business? Did you give it a thought?


Meetings have always been an intricate part of the business world. From conglomerates ton small-sized businesses, every other industry seeks to meet its target audience, business partners and even the competitors to check where one brand stands in the industry.

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was built to be used as an entrance arch to the Exposition Universelle in the year 1889? Well, exhibitions have a long history and come with loads of advantages. Apart from all the facts that other types of marketing activities and promotions are useful for a business, exhibitions have always been a prominent stage for displaying one’s brand. With exhibition stands that flaunt great exhibition stand designs can be a great tool in bringing your brand to the forefront at the show. Moreover, partnering with the right exhibition stand design company can get you your perfect exhibition stands that help you to be the show stopper. But we are on the way to know few things about exhibitions and how it is helpful for your business.


Exhibitions mean Business


Here are some of the interesting facts about exhibitions and events. Take a look!

  • More than 80% of the small business owners or self entrepreneurs say that a direct interaction or events are vital from business point of view
  • Almost 99% of the marketing managers agreed that face-to-face interactions and meetings got them more business and helped them succeed
  • The senior executives of large to medium sized businesses agree that exhibiting in shows with spectacular exhibition stands and attractive exhibition stand designs give them larger opportunity to crack a deal


Platform of meeting profession

One important thing that exhibitions offer is the meeting profession. It is the platform of exhibitions and events offers a grand medium or stage to display one’s brands, products and services. It also offers numerous opportunities to meet people from different segment of the industry. These people are the business agents, suppliers, your target audience, the competitors and the key business experts. Nowhere else can you find such a large chunk of audience and core experts of your industry coming together to see your brand. Exhibitions display a power of showcasing brands to a wider audience base and with complete conviction. The flawlessly made exhibition stands whether modular exhibition stands or portable exhibition stands, do the best to platform your products.


One-to-one interaction

The Above the Line (ATL) activities or marketing promotions like advertising on TV, sales promotions and so on are some of the types of promotional activities that do have a larger audience but the scope of avoiding the brand is more. On the other hand, the exhibitions and events, which are the Below the Line or BTL activities as called, are offer a wide range of possibilities to meet your target audience personally. The opportunities here are larger because there is face-to-face interaction between your brand and the target consumers. Here, not to mention, your consumer can directly meet you and have a brand experience personally. This ensures to build a much stronger connection between the brand and the target audience.


The exhibition industry is ever changing and has seen many developments over the last century. From simple and traditional exhibition stands to implementation of digitization into your exhibition stand designs, exhibitions have come a long way. There have been certain leaps and bounds but changes have always been positive with respect to exhibiting and the entire industry. Just like 2 decades ago, it was merely impossible for exhibitors to showcase the launch of his new product through audio visuals and live demonstrations. But today it is as simple as a cakewalk.
From that era to the times of digital integration, exhibitions have gone places and have provided tremendous business opportunities to almost every segment of the business world. So, next time if you want to display your business in the best possible way then there is nothing better than an exhibition.

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Personal Checklist before Participate in an Exhibition

Exhibition stands

Your personal checklist before choosing to participate in an exhibition

It is time when you have decided to participate in an exhibition and looking for the perfect exhibition stands and booth design to go ahead with! As exhibitions are an amazing platform to display your brand’s products and services, it is also crucial for you as an exhibitor and marketer to checklist a few things before you get on the floor. Your success at the show will start with a few things such as selecting the right show to participate, choosing perfect exhibition stand designs that complement your brand idea and getting thoroughly prepared before you roll. It is important to know that a right exhibition stand, focused approach and direct communication will assist you in making the most of the exhibition show.

 Here we bring you the personal checklist that you can keep handy once you choose to participate in an exhibition show. Take a look!

Know your aims and objectives :

First and foremost, you should decide on what your exhibiting aims and objectives are. You should know the priorities and have certain purpose for showcasing your brand in an exhibition. Here is a list of few things that you should look upon and give you a fair idea on what can be some of the purposes of your exhibition show participation. Although, your personal reasons may vary but this is just to give you an idea.

  • Promotion of new products and services – as exhibitions offer a platform to showcase your new products and launches at a larger level, this is one of the main objectives of most of the exhibitors.
  • Make new clientele
  • Make direct sales
  • Meet your target audience and carry a face to face direct interaction
  • Get a chance to meet your agents, suppliers, business partners and key industry experts. It also offers a great opportunity for networking.


Exhibition stand designs : Be prepared with the exhibition stand design beforehand to avoid any last minute hassles. Whether you are a first-time exhibitor or frequent one, it is good if you partner with an experienced stand company.For instance, if you have a show in Dubai then it is better to contact the leading exhibition stand design company in Dubai, who will be the best one to offer you a booth design as per the industry standards. The organizers of the show usually offer a shell scheme stand but if you want modular exhibition stands or portable exhibition stands then you must contact the best exhibition stand builders for the same.

Choose the right exhibition show

Once you have decided to participate in a show and also have fixed on the exhibition stands and booth design but you may not have chosen the show. It is best to know what your main aim is and then research on the upcoming shows and their respective visitors. If your target audience is not visiting a particular show then there is no point in spending your money in that show. Also look for the track record of the show you are thinking of participating, like:

  • Get the last year’s catalogue of the exhibition. Know which companies were exhibiting?
  • You can also ask your competitor’s about the post-show benefits that they had
  • As your consumers if they attended the show and how was their personal experience?Know about the day of the exhibition to be prepared with your exhibition stands
  • Know about the cost of participation so that you can take out a budget for your booth design and other requirements

Following are few more important things that you must checklist. These are :

  • Cost of your exhibition participation. Look for unforeseen charges like electricity, fabrication of the exhibition stand, shipment of exhibition stands and so on.
  • Pre-show promotion on various social media sites

Exhibiting Secrets Decoded

Exhibiting Secrets Decoded: Keep these Handy for a Successful Exhibition Show

It is not an unknown fact that exhibitions and trade shows are a great platform for offering numerous opportunities to network with a large number of people. These segments of people include your brand’s target audience, business partners, suppliers, agents and industry experts. Moreover, exhibitions require a focused approach for identifying your target audience and communicating with them the key message of your company. Right from choosing perfect exhibition stands with exceptional exhibition stand designs to partnering with right exhibition stand design company with experienced exhibition stand builders, you should know everything.

Here are our top picks where we have decoded the exhibiting secrets just for you. Captivate your target audience with high-quality exhibition stands and exhibition stand design along with networking with your industry’s key players with the help of these tips.

Read on to know which are the most effective ways to engage your audience and how to choose your exhibition stands and exhibition stand design partner.


    • Studies and reports prove that over 70% of the exhibition visitors are there in the show to buy or plan to buy in the near future. So choose your products and launches carefully before you get on the floor. Get the best exhibition stands and exhibition stand design to attract maximum prospective clients


    • Exhibitions are one of the most cost effective ways of bringing your products and services to the right consumers. Hence, plan before hand as per your budget and have a successful show


    • As exhibitions are the only marketing medium that allows you to interact with such a large consumer base and therefore, you must have a focused approach during the entire exhibiting process. From choosing the best exhibition stand designs to partnering with experienced exhibition stand design company, everything play a crucial part here


    • Keep your aims and objectives of participating in the show clear. Have some measurable targets in mind and work towards it. If you have thought of getting few sales lead on the show then make sure that your team works in order to get those targets done


    • Keep your stand design smart, savvy and attractive. Your exhibition stand design is the first thing that your target audience will look at during the show. That is why, you must keep the exhibition stand design as attractive as possible and it should most importantly, reflect your brand identity


    • Keep a professional exhibition stand staff. Train your exhibition stand staff well and keep them informed about every aspect of the show. Your staff must know about your products and services well enough to communicate the same to your target audience. Know that 80% of the success of your exhibition stand and show depends on your exhibition stand staff!


    • You must invite people to your exhibition stand through various means and techniques. Make use of social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and let your audience know that you are participating


    • Plan your follow ups. Remember, if you do not follow up then your competitors will


    • Keep your conversations with clients and consumers concise and short. Do not ask closed questions and encourage the prospects to talk about their brands and companies, their issues and requirements


    • Arrange for product launches if you have an upcoming product on its way. Build your exhibition stand and exhibition stand design as per a particular theme that flaunts the launch and product. You can also make arrangements for product demos using audio visual techniques


    • Participating in the next year’s show? Then book your exhibition stand space early to save any last-minute hassles

So when you are planning for the show of the year and have everything in place, exhibition stand design, exhibition stand design company, costing of the show and so on, keep these secrets handy as well.

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Convert Boring Exhibition Stands into Exciting ones!

exhibition stand designs

5 Ways to Convert Boring Exhibition Stands into Exciting ones!

Boring, shoddy and unappealing exhibition stands bring a bad name to your brand identity. For any exhibitor, the quality and look of his exhibition stand and booth design is far more important in a show. This is because; these exhibition stand designs will ensure that more and more show visitors visit the stand. To make the exhibition stands more amazing and eye catching, it is important to add few elements to that. If you are wondering what are these vital elements, then read on to know the 5 ways of turning your boring exhibition stands into attention-grabbing ones!

Striking images and alluring content

Studies prove that pictures are 80% more attractive than mere words. Use your exhibition stands images and pictures that are sharp, clear, intriguing and absolute relevant to your brand’s products and services. If you want to give your booth design an edge then ensure to also implement graphs and charts to your exhibition stand. Whether you choose modular exhibition stands or portable exhibition stands, making use of attractive images and content make your brand shine. Use words that are enticing to your target audience. Before giving your exhibition stand these design effects, do a thorough research as to what your consumer is exactly looking for! If you get that right then you can implement the same into your exhibition stand design. Mix and match words and pictures to give a striking effect and attract more sales leads.

Make use of lighting

Light boxes are an interesting element that adds more life to your exhibition stand. Partner with the best exhibition stand Design Company who would offer customized pop up stand or displays with light boxes. This helps in offering a welcoming environment to your stand visitors. Light up the graphics and the showcases of product displays, which will instantly attract your target audience. As we know that LED lightings have become a perfect choice and rather an inexpensive one, so you can have lightings of these lights for a better outcome.

Apart from these elements, you can also have alluring pre- and post-show promotions for making your presence in the show count. Add these 5 much needed vital add-ons to your booth design to make it more exciting and your exhibition stands worth a visit.

Use of bold colours into your booth design

Colour in your exhibition stand design is a very important factor. A visitor’s eyes are drawn towards bold and attractive colours. Once you implement hues like bright reds, vibrant yellows and organs, blue and purple, it is definitely going to attract your target audience. As a brand you can make a big impression through exhibition stand designs that flaunt bright and bold colours. But make sure that you smartly use the brand colours so that the visitor recognizes your brand.

Add video and audio-visual technology

Digital integration into the booth design is something that is evolving daily. The technology of audio visual presentation during product launches and demonstrations give your audience a better understanding of your brand’s products. Go beyond PowerPoint presentations and indulge in digital integration through Smartphone’s, Tablets and audio visuals. This not only makes your exhibition stand a show stopper but also triggers consumer interactions.

Booth staff
your booth staff is a team that can help you get maximum leads even when your exhibition stand design fails to do it. This happens because booth staff can start a conversation with your visitors who are passing by your exhibition stand and can indulge in a healthy interaction, offering more brand proximity to the consumers. Train your booth staff well and let them know each and everything about your brand and its products and services.