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Exhibitions and Events

exhibition stands

An Overview of Exhibitions and Events


We all have heard of exhibitions and events at some point of time. But we hardly know the importance of these platforms. There might have been cases where we have ourselves visited few of these exhibition shows but we might not have observed the intricacies of the exhibition stands and the booth design that are incorporated in these shows that brings the brands into life. So let us take you through the world of exhibitions and events.

What are exhibitions and events?

Exhibitions and events are an exceptional way of communicating your brand’s key message through exhibition stands. Being a valuable platform or stage for showcasing your brand’s products and services, exhibitions and events offer numerous possibilities for unlocking business opportunities and provide a wide scope for networking. As it allows face to face communication, there is a high chance of building stronger brand consumer relationships and brings the customer closer to the brand.

Also, exhibitions and events enable you to meet your target audience who visit the show. These are the people who matter to your business and are your prospective clients and include people like you existing customers, suppliers, business partners, advisors, investors, new prospects and some key figures or industry experts.

Coming in all sizes and shapes, exhibitions and events have two most crucial and important types which are trade fairs and consumer shows. There are shows for every sector, industry and profession which might include small or big businesses and for much such business these are crucial from their promotions and marketing strategies. So, brands from across industries exhibit in the trade fairs with turnkey exhibition stands that flaunt exceptional booth design, capturing the essence of individual brands. Thus, the stands and its booth design help the show visitors to identify a brand through its brand colours, logos on the stand and so on. Hence, it becomes vital that the exhibition stands are of high quality and made from best exhibition stand design companies.

Now that we have had a fair idea on what exhibitions and events truly are and how do they promote a business and help in communicating on a personal basis, let us further see the benefits of exhibiting.

What are the advantages of exhibiting?

There are a number of BTL activities or marketing strategies that the brands adopt in order to reach to its target audience. These promotional activities include advertisements or ATL advertising, Email marketing, Telesales and so on, which the customers can easily resent or let go. But this is not the case with exhibitions. Customers visit the trade shows with the intention of going there and take out their respective time and attention to give it to the show. They are also often prepared to make a purchase at the exhibition show. As exhibitions offer a face-to-face interaction, which simply means that you have a direct conversation with target audience and know what their preferences, likes and dislikes are. Exhibitions are therefore a platform that keeps your brand, you and your target audience on the same stage to communicate effectively. This is the point where your exhibition stands can come into picture. Once you have an alluring exhibition stands with attractive booth design, your target audience automatically gets captivated towards your stand and then you can begin your conversation.

Exhibitions are also a great way of carrying out your market research. As you have a huge number of visitors coming into the show, which may or may not be your target audience but you still carry out your research by talking to the show visitors.

Creating networking opportunities is another way of making your show a successful hit. This is one of the prime benefits of exhibiting and hence makes the participation a must.

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