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Best Location For Your Exhibition Stand

exhibition stand

What is the best location for your exhibition stand?


Worried on selecting the right exhibition stand location for your upcoming show? Get these ideas handy for a successful stand selection and unique show experience.

Choosing perfect location for your exhibition stands might sound easy but in reality it is not. Firstly picking the right exhibition show to participate in and then to get an exact stand location in the hall, everything needs to be planned. Finding the location of your exhibition stand and booking a space for the same should be the first priority before fixing on the exhibition stand design. Take a look at these tips that help you determine the strategic location for your stand. It is crucial that:

  • There is maximum visitor’s footfall at the stand location
  • Your exhibition stand is not next to your competitor
  • The exhibition stand ideas is appealing to grab more attention


Attractions at the exhibition hall

We must always be aware that special attractions at the exhibition hall are where most of the visitor’s footfall is attracted to. The organizers arrange for few special attractions to generate extra traffic to that space. One of the most important things that make the visitors look for your stand is your exhibition stand design. But if you have a space that is somewhere close by to the show’s attractions like promotional games, jugglers and an orchestra band to name a few, your exhibition stand automatically comes among the talks. You might benefit from such visitor’s traffic and hence find a place close to these show attractions.


Routing of visitors

It is crucial to anticipate the routing of the visitors. This is because if you have a corner stand then your brand invariably comes in the eyesight of the visitors when they are turning around the corner in the hall. This is a basic implication and should be considered while choosing your stand space. Even when you have worked with the best of exhibition stand designers to offer the most attractive exhibition stand designs, these tricks of stand location can win the game for you. Whether you have a custom exhibition stand or modular exhibition stand, your booth design should be complemented by the stand space.


Look for your competitor’s exhibition stand

Where is your competitor brand placed in the hall? Make sure to clutch this information. Most of the time, the organizers try to pull all the companies of the same industry in the same exhibition space or hall. Know what your opinion is? If you do not mind and prefer to be situated near your competitor then go ahead. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable for the same, request for another stand location. This does not hold true for specialist exhibitions where your exhibition stand is surrounded by your competitors but be swift to sign up as soon as possible. Or else your exhibition stand will be left with only a handful of location options.

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Advantages of Exhibiting

exhibition stand

Advantages of participating in an exhibition show


Have you ever wondered what makes exhibitions the perfect platform for promoting your brand?


An exhibition show, unlike other promotional activities of the ATL marketing, offers an excellent stage for showcasing a brand and communicates the key message. For instance, cold calling is used by many companies to promote their brand but one forgets that such an activity can annoy your target consumers and lead you to a big trouble. We are sure that you do not want to get there of course. Branding your company and its products and services in a show offers you greater exposure than your competitors. Wherever your target audience is, grabbing them through appealing exhibition stand designs is vital. For instance, if you have a show in Dubai, contact one of the best exhibition stand builders in Dubai who would offer you all-inclusive solutions with stunning stand design for a hassle-free show.


Let us go through top advantages of participating in an exhibition show!


Personal interaction

An exhibition is a part of BTL marketing activities and an organized form of showcasing your brand, products and services. When you have a specified target audience then a personal contact or personal interaction is the best way to promote your brand. Unlike ATL marketing activities, which foster a more informal contact, an exhibition is a straightforward way of communicating with your consumers. It is this platform that offers an opportunity to your brand and target audience to interact. In an exhibition show you get an upper hand to contact your consumers; your exhibition stands are your brand identity that demands the TG’s attention. The first step is to get your consumers to your exhibition stall and then connect with them through your products. So no matter where you have a show, it is imperative to get the best exhibition stand that helps your display your brand and build a personal interaction with your consumer.


Builds brand-consumer relationship

A perfect way to boost your consumer interaction and get your brand straight to your TG is to build a good relationship. Exhibition shows offer a great chance to your brand for doing so. One of the most crucial features of participating in a tradeshow is that it helps to create brand proximity. Your booth design may or may not be attractive but your sheer talent of acquiring the visitors by building a strong relation is a must. Only when your TG will develop a sense of brand closeness will your brand become popular and worth a notice. Connecting with your audience is important in understanding them as well and shows help you do that in an organized way.


Better promotional platform than cold calling

Irksome cold calling are never an option for promoting your brand. It usually is a common phenomenon that you are occupied in a tiresome work and get startled by a telephone call. What’s more, if that call ends up being from a sales representative then you lose your focus and it makes an awful brand impression too. Cold calling appears to be a pushy advertising system that can make you lose your potential client as well, unlike an exhibition show that creates powerful brand image. That is the reason; participating in an exhibition show is a superior choice as well as rather the most ideal approach to get your specific target audience on board.

From choosing perfect exhibition stands from best exhibition stand designers to building strong brand-consumer relationships, it is best to participate in a tradeshow than getting into any other marketing activities.

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