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10 Tried-and-Tested Tips – Perfecting your exhibition stands for International Exhibiting


Whether you have an international show to participate in or domestic ones with visitors from overseas, it is crucial that you know your target audience well. Exhibitions are a face-to-face platform for marketing your brand’s products and services. You will have foreign consumers who may be sensitive to few gestures and words. Hence, assuming the incorrect postures, wearing an off beam attire or even greeting wrong concerned person can land you in great trouble, even before you can realize it! However, it becomes extremely difficult to avoid these mistakes without knowing what these are.

Right from getting the best exhibition stands to extending a reliable partnership with exhibition stand companies for a long term goal prospects, every step is crucial. For instance, if you are participating in Dubai, you need to be aware of the psyche of your consumer in order to grab their attention instantly during the show. So, get your stand from best exhibition stand companies in Dubai who understand the market as well as the target audience.


Master the art of international exhibiting and getting perfect exhibition stands for the show by keeping these 10 tried-and-tested tips for your upcoming show.

  1. International exhibiting calls for more planning and efficient time management. While exhibitors from USA and Europe are strict on timely start of the task, it is different for Indian audience and can cause a cultural hurdle.
  2. Do an in-depth research before you takeoff for exhibiting. It is imperative to know the rules and regulations of the country you are exhibiting at.
  3. Conduct a first-hand research about the country you are visiting for the exhibition. Learn about the culture, city, people and few local greetings to have a friendly communication with the visitors.
  4. Know about the cultural and political differences to avoid any politically incorrect sentences or phrases. Make sure that even when you pre market your exhibition stands, do not indulge in any kind of trouble related to this. Play safe.
  5. Language is another vital part of international exhibiting. Communication plays a key role in winning over your prospective clients. Different cultures and countries have their respective phrases. So, if you are exhibiting in the USA, it is better to write “will you please…” in your e-mailers. Get your flyers, business cards, brochures and pamphlets printed in the local language to spread a sense of proximity to the exhibition visitors.
  6. Some countries have costlier exhibiting than home country. Know the intricacies beforehand to avoid any last-minute rush. For example, exhibiting in the USA is 5 times costlier than Europe.
  7. Few countries do not accept cash for show services. So, be sure to carry your credit card along.
  8. International shipping is harder and if your exhibition materials are heavy and need to be shipped then plan your shipment accordingly.
  9. Hire local persons as booth staffs. It is advisable to do so as the local person is well-versed with the native language and can make sure that your visitors are not moved away.
  10. Getting your exhibition stands through customs security is a scary task. Hence it is better to opt for exhibition stands rental solutions for a stress-free international show. For instance, if you are exhibiting in Dubai, make sure to partner with leading exhibition stand companies in Dubai and gave your stand rented from them.
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4 Inspiring Booth Design Ideas For Your Next Show

Booth Design Ideas

4 Inspiring Booth Design Ideas for Your Next Show

If you have been attending exhibition shows, you will know that one of the essential elements of attracting more audience is your booth design. Booth design is an extremely important element of exhibition presentation. It represents your brands and hence it needs to embody your brand personality and highlight your marketing message. By partnering with exhibition stand builders and contractors you can get the best looking stand but might miss out on innovative booth design ideas. Once you have creative exhibition stand ideas, your audience is sure to get attracted to your stand. Maximize your booth traffic by incorporating few cutting edge booth design ideas!
Are you eyeing on few stunning, innovative and inspiring booth design ideas? If yes then read on to get some first-hand instances.

1. Integrate QR code

Give your traditional exhibition stand graphics a boost by integrating QR codes. As we know that QR codes are bar-code style images which the visitors can scan using their smartphones. By scanning these QR codes, the Smartphone’s web browser redirects to a page for instance a website, interactive experience, YouTube video and the like. If you have uploaded a latest marketing video, or you have few product demonstrations to showcase, use QR codes to generate the bar code images and integrate the same on your exhibition stand. You need to ensure that the experience you are sharing through the QR codes are of high impact and offer long lasting experience.

2. Make the text comprehensive

The ‘text’ is this context refers to your graphics and banner content which is mainly your marketing message. Unless and until your text is readable and understandable, your stand design will not get recognized even if you put in a lot of effort. Although Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica are most easily read, your brand’s font style guide must have few dictated font decisions too. It is advisable to not to use more than 2 to 3 different font styles. Also, keep your text properly aligned between the graphics and images so that your target audience can easily read the message on your exhibition stands graphics. Along with this, it is essential to have a clear copy to attract traffic to your exhibition stand.

3. Use of digital graphics with focused messaging

Unlike the traditional printed graphics that are vibrant and lively, digital exhibition stand graphics shown on display screens are not very pervasive. But digital graphics can do justice to your booth design by attracting more visitors simply by showing changing images. Not only are they eye-catching but they also instantly make your booth design look trendier.  You can also show your company profile, products or demonstrations. Due to digitization, we know that on-screen actions are powerful tools of marketing and one of the great booth design ideas. Keep your focus intact by communicating a sole message of your brand.

4. Product displays on the back wall

You may find a number of booth design ideas but it is up to you which one to pick for your exhibition stand. Likewise, getting your product displays on the back wall of your stand is a simple yet an effective idea. We know that the back wall is the prime point of a small or medium exhibition stand. Whether you are getting a pop up stand or a large booth, you must use the back wall well to convey the brand’s message to your target audience. So in order that your products are well displayed and immediately grab the attention of your visitor, make sure to use the back wall of your exhibition stand wisely.

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