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Exhibition Stands Tips

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Buying a modular exhibition stand? Take a look at these questions!


As an exhibitor, the most important element of exhibiting is to grab maximum visitors during the show. Your exhibition show might last for one or even three days and it is crucial that a good amount of visitor’s footfall is witnessed at your exhibition stand. A unique exhibition stand and appealing exhibition stand design help in attracting more visitors to your stand. Hence, choosing the right exhibition stand becomes a vital task. As per your specific brand need, you can either opt for custom designed modular exhibition stands or if you are looking for easy to carry displays stands then portable exhibition stands are the right choice.

But if you are wondering how to go about selecting the best exhibition stand then read on to know the questions to ask before picking your perfect pick.

Let us take a closer look and browse through some of the FAQs that may be asked by a first-time or an experienced exhibitor.

What if a first-time exhibitor?

If you are exhibiting for the first time and do not want to risk by investing to buy exhibition stands then the best option is to rent exhibition stands. Get in touch with the best exhibition stand contractors who would help you in selecting the best exhibition stands rental package for your show. Have a hassle-free show experience by partnering with leading exhibition stand builders and if you want to then you can also buy the same stand for multiple shows. But if you are international exhibitor then going in for exhibition stand hire is a safer and the best choice.

How to pick an exhibition stand if a veteran?

As a veteran exhibitor, you are quite a professional to understand what makes or breaks your brand presence. So in order to make a larger impression get an exhibition stand that defines your brand better. Look for best exhibition stand builders who designs and builds a stand that suits your specific needs. If you are a frequent exhibitor then go with modular exhibition stands that are custom designed and also offers great portability and are easy to transport. On the other hand, if you are looking for a reusable solution with stunning graphics then opt for pop up stands.

Is the exhibition stand cost effective?

Getting a higher return on investment is one of the main motto of every exhibitor. You must get an exhibition stand that qualifies a stunning exhibition stand design and also ensures higher ROI. This can happen only when you get a modular or portable exhibition stand that guarantees re-usability. Pop up stands and banner stands are comparatively economical, portable and can be reused a multiple times as well, making it the perfect pick for earning a high return on investment.

Is the graphics made of vinyl substrate?

Vinyl substrates are perhaps the most cost-effective materials used for the graphics of your exhibition stands. These substrates are appropriately used for indoor as well as outdoor shows. Also, vinyl aptly harmonizes with a number of surfaces and textures. They also complement best with convex and concave surfaces, offering a reliable and stunning look.

Is graphic available with backlit displays?

Backlit displays on exhibition stands offer a distinctive and unique look to your entire stand. The visitor automatically gets attracted to a bright and compelling looking exhibition stand design. A backlit display will not only enhance the look of your exhibition stand design but also communicate the brand’s key message effectively.

Is your exhibition stand visible enough?

Make your brand visible through extraordinary exhibition stands. This does not mean that you always have to spend a fortune on your exhibition stand design. Even a modular exhibition stand that has pre-engineered parts can be customized as per the desired need. Be smart while picking the text of the display and graphics. You can also go with stand designs featuring mezzanines for giving an amplified look.

So the next time when you are buying or even thinking of renting an exhibition stand, ask these questions before fixing on the exhibition stand

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