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How exhibition companies in Dubai can help you save money

Exhibition companies in Dubai

Exhibitions are an expensive business. We also know that participating in exhibitions can play a crucial part in your face to face marketing process. So naturally despite the expenses involved you have to go along and exhibit whenever possible.

But it does not need to be this way. Exhibition companies in Dubai can help you to exhibit at a budget you are comfortable with. Taking the help of good exhibition stand contractors Dubai can be your first step. Exhibition companies in Dubai always keep your best interests in mind. These exhibition companies in Dubai guide you with booth design in a way which gets you a great exhibition stand.

In this blog, we will share with you some hints which will help you to achieve your exhibition stand dreams without burning a hole in your pocket.

Look around:

All reputed exhibition companies in Dubai will suggest that you first look around in the market when purchasing an exhibition stand. There are many options available to choose from. Depending on your budget you can choose the exhibition stand best suited for your purpose. Once you freeze on the kind of exhibition stand required, exhibition stand contractors Dubai will efficiently build it for you at a comfortable budget.

To stand apart:

If you want to stand apart from your competition and leave an individual stamp on the exhibition, then a customized exhibition stand is the answer. Although custom exhibition stands can be expensive, exhibition companies in Dubai can have a solution for it. Using fabric and pre-fabricated components can bring down costs. Using lighting in a creative way can also make your exhibition stand exclusive without costing the sky.

Going modular:

Using a modular exhibition stand can get you the best of both worlds. Exhibition stand contractors Dubai can help you with a large array of modular options. You can also augment your modular exhibition stand by renting additions from exhibition companies in Dubai. A modular exhibition stand saves on labour and transportation costs while at the same time giving your exhibition stand that unique customized look.

Exhibition companies in Dubai can help you save money by giving you many solutions. They can come up with a booth design that is high on reusable parts. You can also save big by renting additional parts or by using portable or modular exhibition stands. The choices are many, all you have to do is take the advice of exhibition stand contractors Dubai and have an exclusive exhibition stand within a budget you are most comfortable with.

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The importance of colour in booth design, part II

Booth Design

In the first part of this blog, we discussed how colour and its use affect booth design. Continuing on that theme we will reveal how colour in booth design affects your branding and also reflects cultural sensibilities.

Previously we discussed how exhibition companies in Dubai creatively use colour in their booth design. They use colour to highlight product displays and also make their exhibition stand more attractive to visitors.

In this part, we shall delve into how exhibition companies in Dubai use colour in their booth design to showcase and popularise corporate branding.

All corporate brands follow a distinctive colour scheme. These corporate colours help to further differentiate a particular brand from its competitors. Many brands are instantly identified by their corporate colours without even the logo being visible.

Using the corporate colours in the booth design helps visitors to relate positively with that particular brand. Visitors can identify the exhibition stand of that corporate from among the many other brands vying for their attention.

Having a common colour scheme between corporate colours and the main colour of the exhibition stand, helps to enhance the brand identity. Exhibitors can cleverly use their corporate or logo colours in their exhibition stand. This will easily make their products identifiable to the most casual visitor.

As these colours become identifiable with a certain brand, visitors soon become familiar with the products, logo, and name of the company. Exhibition companies in Dubai try to repeatedly use corporate colours in their booth design over a period of time.

This repeated use of the corporate colours in the exhibition stand ensures that the brand builds familiarity among visitors and a sense of trust and dependability in the market.

Colour also plays a crucial role in different countries and cultures across the globe. A colour that symbolizes happiness in one culture may symbolize mourning in another. Exhibition companies in Dubai go to great lengths learning about such sensibilities while choosing colours in their booth design.

While planning your exhibition stand for exhibitions in other countries across the world, you must keep the cultural sensibilities in mind. Working with exhibition companies in Dubai who have an international footprint will ensure that you always get the colour schemes of your exhibition stand bang on.

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The importance of colour in booth design, part I

Booth Design

Experienced exhibition companies in Dubai know how important colour is in booth design. As an exhibitor, you should also see to it that the right kinds of colour themes are used during booth design.

Many exhibitors do not understand how colour plays a crucial function in getting the attention of exhibition visitors. Exhibition companies in Dubai realize that choosing the right colours for booth design goes beyond just cool or warm colour themes.

In order to focus the attention of visitors in the exhibition stand, exhibition companies in Dubai stress on using colours in the booth design that will highlight the products displayed. The colour scheme in the exhibition stand must be used to make the products the hero.

 Attractive Booth Designs

Products that are not very visually attractive can capture the imagination of visitors with the help of vibrant, bold colours in the booth design. Exhibition companies in Dubai use the exhibition stand as a palette with bright colours that help offset the dull products on display (such as machinery parts, motors etc.). Such a booth design ensures that the products get the attention of visitors due to the attractive colours of the exhibition stand. Instead of diverting the focus of visitors from the displayed products, a bright colour scheme
in the booth design helps visitors to focus on the products displayed.

For products which are bright and colourful in themselves such as clothes, accessories etc., exhibition companies in Dubai, suggest a different approach while using colour in the booth design. In such cases the exhibition stand should be used as a canvas that brings out the colours of the products.

The booth design should incorporate subtle hues when the products a colourful. Using subdued colours in the exhibition stand helps bring out the products on display and helps the visitor to focus completely on the products and its quality.

Colour if chosen thoughtfully can help create a harmony between the exhibition stand and the products on display. In the next part of this blog, we will discuss how exhibition companies in Dubai use colours in booth design to bring out brand awareness and also cultural nuances in the exhibition stand.

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