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These 10 helpful tips will ensure you achieve exhibiting success each time

Exhibition Stand Contractors Dubai

Often we think that getting an engaging exhibition stand designed and built is all we require to get success at an exhibition. Just participating in an exhibition with one’s own exhibition stand is just the beginning of the journey.

You have to make sure that your exhibiting efforts result in the right kind of visitors visiting your exhibition stand. In order to get the maximum out of your exhibition participation, you should be able to get a large number of the niche audience to notice and visit your exhibition stand.

Getting visitors and gaining prospects and business is not an automatic process. Exhibition stand contractors Dubai have seen that just a good booth design may get you visitors but maybe not the prospects you are looking for.

Exhibition companies in Dubai, after studying the patterns of how booth design and visitor behavior are correlated, conclude that if approached methodically your exhibition stand can not only attract visitors but attract the ‘right’ visitors.

These simple hints will help you navigate successfully in exhibitions and exhibition companies in Dubai can vouch for it.

Tips By Exhibition Stand Contractors Dubai

  1. Decide to participate in shows that are attended by your primary market.
  2. Be absolutely sure about your objectives and why you are in a particular exhibition.
  3. Decide before hand if you want to showcase a new product in your exhibition stand.
  4. Your booth design should quickly convey what you are all about.
  5. Do you need to communicate about new developments in your product line?
  6. Let your booth design communicate how your products are superior compared to your competitors.
  7. Make sure your exhibition stand has all the information a visitor is looking for about your company and products.
  8. Decide on incentives that will get people to visit your exhibition stand.
  9. Get your booth design from reputed exhibition companies in Dubai.

Get good exhibition stand contractors Dubai to build your exhibition stand.

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What exhibition stand options are offered by exhibition stand contractors Dubai

exhibition stand contractors Dubai

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai try their best to give their clients design and exhibition stand options to their clients to suit their specific exhibiting requirements. Exhibition stand contractors Dubai try to understand the client’s needs and budget to give them an ideal solution.

Quality exhibition stand contractors Dubai

There are many design options that exhibition stand contractors Dubai have for their clients. The exhibition stand designs can range from very elaborate and expensive exhibition stands to cost effective cheaper designs.

Keeping the clients individual requirements and what they want to achieve at a show, exhibition stand contractors Dubai suggest solutions that fit in with the clients’ specific needs.

If a client wants to make a big impact in an exhibition

In such a scenario exhibition stand contractors Dubai, suggest that the client goes in for a large custom made exhibition stand. As per the clients’ goals, exhibition stand contractors Dubai create standalone designs that meet the clients’ goals. Custom exhibition stand can be very large bespoke exhibition stands that align seamlessly with the company’s marketing objectives. Although custom exhibition stands can be expensive, nothing makes a more positive impact than custom stands on visitors.

If a client wants to participate in multiple exhibitions

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai usually advise their clients to go in for modular and custom modular exhibition stands if they need to exhibit in several exhibitions annually. Modular exhibition stands can be flexible and also incorporate a certain amount of customization. Modular exhibition stands are robust and can be used many times without affecting the finish. The graphics in custom exhibition stands can be easily changed. This gives the exhibitor the freedom to change the look of the stand for each show if required without incurring a big expense.

If a client is on a tight budget

For clients on a small budget, exhibition stand contractors Dubai almost always recommend portable exhibition stands. These stands are light, easy to set up, versatile and the graphics can be changed. Using these stands, the client saves substantially on labour and freight costs. Further these stands can be used over a long period and are priced very reasonably. Portable exhibition stands can also accommodate TV screens and display shelves. For exhibitors on a budget, these portable exhibition stands are an ideal solution.

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What exhibition stand contractors Dubai do to keep their stands unforgettable

Exhibiiton Stand Contractor Dubai

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai, go to great lengths to ensure that visitors who visit their clients’ exhibition stands remember them long after the show is over. In most exhibitions business is concluded after the show, so the recall value of exhibition stands is very important.

In order to get a good recall value exhibition stand contractors Dubai implement several unique ideas. A recent survey in the exhibition industry has thrown up some very interesting facts. It has been seen that over 50% of the respondents recalled the brands if it was displayed prominently. The size of the exhibition stand is also a major factor.

Best Exhibition stand contractors Dubai

The survey has shown that about 67% people remembered the products if displayed properly. Over 45% remembered product demonstrations and around 24% people remembered in stand activities and behavior of the staff. 21% respondents remembered exhibition stand design and colour and 15% remembered the giveaways and literature.

Going by such in depth surveys exhibition stand contractors Dubai advise their clients on how to build up the recall factor of their exhibition stands. In this blog, we discuss what can be done to get a good recall value of your exhibition stands dubai.


Exhibition stand contractors Dubai advise their clients to go for fairly large exhibition stands. Larger exhibition stands are remembered more frequently by visitors.


Exhibition stand contractors Dubai display stands the brands of their clients in a fashion that gets instant recall. Clients are advised to create signage that makes their brands the hero of their stands.

Repeat Participation:

Companies that exhibit more often compared to their peers have a much stronger impact on visitors. Exhibition stand contractors Dubai often advise their clients to exhibit frequently.

Product Display:

An attractive product display with products that fulfill the participants wish list is a very effective way to create recall. Exhibition stand contractors Dubai help their clients to choose and display the right products that will get the attention of participants.

Product Demos:

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai help their clients to come up with interesting product demos so that any visitor who sees the demos will remember the brand and the product for a long time.

In stand Activities:

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai urge their clients to organize interactive and highly participatory activities and games in their exhibition booth design. Such activities gets undivided attention from visitors and almost a quarter of them remember the company and its products after the show.

Design and Colour:

As over 20% of participants remember the design and colour of the exhibition stands after the show, exhibition stand contractors Dubai try their best to create eye catching designs for their clients.

Stand Staff and Giveaways:

The behavior of in stand staff plays a large role on how visitors recall a particular stand. Great care should be taken on training of stand staffers. A thoughtful and utilitarian gift can also play a part on how a visitor recalls a brand and the products associated with it.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai try their best to ensure that their clients follow this advice while participating in exhibitions. These simple moves can make a difference between success and failure in an exhibition.

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How exhibition stand contractors Dubai can create perfectly balanced designs

Exhibition Stand Contractors Dubai

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai all too often face a daunting task while visualizing a perfect exhibition stand design for their clients. When working on a design for their exhibition stands, exhibition stands Dubai must keep some key elements in mind.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai have to maintain a fine balance while designing the exhibition stand of their clients. In this blog, we give few tips on how to create designs that meet all the expectations of the clients.

  • Take a central approach.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai must maintain a central, balanced approach while designing exhibition stands. The designs must not be too garish or too somber.

  • Choose your design carefully.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai must consider both the attractiveness that gets attention and simplicity that helps visitors focus.

  • A design that can sell.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai should also consider whether the design will help boost sales. The exhibition stands should help their clients to increase sales.

  • A design that helps visitors to focus on the key elements.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai should think of designs that will help visitors to focus on the key products or services.

  • Get as immersive as possible.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai should try to make their exhibition stands as immersive as possible. Using technology and cleverly placed VR exhibits can help.

  • Using lighting to full potential.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai should use innovative lighting. This will not only attract visitors but also help in highlighting products and messaging.

  • Exploiting the senses.

Using the power of the senses is a great way to attract visitors. Playing on the senses of touch, smell, sight, sound in the design is a must.

  • Getting the messaging right.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai must make sure that the messaging on the graphics is short and informative. The focus must be on the brand and product USPs. Minimum text can make maximum impact.

  • Follow the principle of design hygiene.

While designing the booth design, it is important that the logo and branding follows the corporate strategy. Deviating from corporate colours and branding can be disastrous.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai are professional and they use experienced designers to design their exhibition stands. These tips can help both clients and contractors to evolve a hassle free design regimen. Adhering to some basic guidelines can help in coming up with a brilliant design each time for exhibition stands.

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How Exhibition stand contractors Dubai use innovation to increase footfalls

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai constantly work on new innovative ways to help their clients get more footfalls in their exhibition stands. More footfalls mean more business and lead conversions for exhibitors. One exhibiting strategy that exhibition stand contractors Dubai have evolved is using the perception of the 5 senses in their exhibition stand design.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai give a lot of attention to the visual appeal of their exhibition stands dubai. They have also worked on ways by which the exhibition stand uses other subtle methods to attract visitors. Exhibition stand contractors Dubai add elements that enrich visitor experience at their exhibition stand.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai use the power of the senses.

  • Exhibition stand builders dubai use the sense of TOUCH to enliven their exhibition stand. They make sure that their clients display their latest products in their exhibition stand. Visitors get to actually touch and feel the exhibits. This gives them a unique perspective into the look and use of the products. Exhibition stand contractors Dubai also ensure that their clients give live product demonstrations.
  • Exhibition stand contractors Dubai play on the sense of SMELL to advertise their exhibition stand. They encourage their clients to have scented candles or perfume that tie in with their brand image. The scent of coffee brewing can be a powerful olfactory stimulant to get visitors to folk to an exhibition stand.
  • Exhibition stand contractors Dubai use the sense of SOUND in their stands. Using sound that reflects the brand image or products of the client gives the visitor an immersive effect. Playing popular music and using a great sounding voice in the videos can hold the attention of visitors for a longer time.
  • Exhibition stand contractors Dubai exploit the sense of TASTE to tempt visitors into their exhibition stand. Offering tasty snacks at the booth design is one of the easiest ways to attract visitors. A visitor who stops to have a snack is always much more open to hearing about the company and its products.
  • Exhibition stand contractors Dubai bank on the sense of SIGHT to keep the visitors engaged. The visual effects in an exhibition stand create an all encompassing effect. Using lighting, visuals, virtual reality and video mapping makes for an unforgettable spectacle.

Exhibition stand contractors Dubai know what it takes to create a truly immersive experience for the visitor at the exhibition stand. Cleverly using our senses, they create an exhibition experience that is memorable and  conducive to conduct business.

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Optimising Wi-Fi experience in your exhibition stand

Exhibition stand

In a connected world, it is not surprising that the demands for Wi-Fi connectivity are on the rise in exhibition stands. Exhibitors and visitors alike like their devices to be connected all the time. As demand grows, exhibition stands try to give the service for free to their visitors. Exhibition stand staffers also need to be connected to their office mail and other services.

Exhibitors face a problem when they set up a Wi-Fi network in their exhibition stands. The main problem faced in exhibition stands is when demands increase and their networks are not able to cope up with the demand.

Networks in exhibition stands can be unreliable, but there are solutions available today to take care of this problem. By making a few changes, exhibitors can get excellent connectivity even when demand is high. Providing good speed to users in exhibition stands is easy and can make your exhibition stand an excellent gathering point for visitors.

Check your spectrum band.

If you are using the older 2.4 GHz band then it is advisable to move on to the newer 5.0 GHz band in your exhibition stand network.

What about devices?

Most devices available nowadays are compatible to the 5.0 GHz band. New versions of laptops, smart phones or other hand held devices used in your exhibition stand can connect to the new spectrum.

The 5 GHz hotspot has more channels.

Compared to the 3 channels available on the 2.4 GHz hotspot normally used in your exhibition stand. The 5.0 GHz spectrum has 21 channels and can handle a lot more traffic at your exhibition stand.

Check the Wi-Fi access point.

The Wi-Fi access point provided for your exhibition stand should be broadcasting in the 5.0 GHz band.

Take help of a technically competent person.

Many exhibitors may not be aware of what can make their exhibition stand a high speed Wi-Fi hotspot. In such a case taking technical help from a professional is your best bet.

Purchase your bandwidth from a reliable service provider.

You must buy your bandwidth from a reliable source. Preferably use service provided by the show organizers for your exhibition stand. If sourced from an unreliable source you and your visitors can be open to data theft or hacking.

Proximity to the access point.

Wi-Fi signals can get affected by physical barriers. While setting up a personal Wi-Fi hotspot in your exhibition stand, be sure that the access point is as close as possible to your exhibition stand. The closer your exhibition stand is to the access point, the higher the speed of your personal network.

Providing a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network at your exhibition stand can help you attract more visitors to your exhibition stand. It can also help your team to access data and mails more efficiently. Knowing the right devices and bandwidth to use is essential. A High speed browsing experience in an exhibition can go a long way in achieving exhibiting success.

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