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Inventive lighting can make a big difference to your exhibition stand

exhibition stand design

While designing your exhibition stand, you must consider lighting as one of the most important factors. Many exhibitors overlook this angle of exhibition stand design. As one of the leading exhibition companies in Dubai, we have seen how appropriate lighting or lack of it, can be the difference between success and failure of your exhibition stand.

As one of the exhibition companies in Dubai, we always advise our clients to give special attention to how to attractively light up their exhibition stand. In this blog, we draw your attention towards how to attractively light up your exhibition stand. Following these simple hints will bring you assured success on the exhibition floor.

Making the best use of lighting

  • Focus on lighting at the exhibition stand design stage:

While you are designing your exhibition stand, you must give appropriate attention to lighting design too.

  • Get your exhibition stand design in 3D format:

Convert your exhibition stand into 3D and get a walkthrough view. See how effective your lighting is. If required, you can make changes in the lighting effects in the design.

  • Decide on the mood you want to convey:

Your lighting design for your exhibition stand should reflect the mood you want to convey to the visitors.

  • Check how lighting effects your messaging:

Lighting plays a big role on how the messaging at your exhibition stand is seen by the visitors. Give attention to this aspect at your exhibition stand. Your messaging is an important factor at your exhibition stand as it helps visitors focus on your brand and products.

  • Decide on lighting effects:

You must also decide on how you want to be seen by the visitors through lighting. Using bright lights at your exhibition stand conveys a sense of energy and movement. Dim, soothing lighting conveys that the visitor can discuss business in a relaxed atmosphere. You can use both these effects. You can light up the exterior of your exhibition stand with bright lights. You can use soothing lighting in the meeting rooms.

  • Highlight your product displays:

Lighting plays an influential part on how your products are seen by visitors at your exhibition stand. Using bright spot lights accentuates all the details of the products. To create a mystery about your premier products, you can use shadow lighting. This effect enhances the curiosity levels of the visitors.

  • Make use of technology:

Lighting technology is changing by leaps and bounds. Latest lighting techniques include lights whose colours can be changed without using gels. There are lights whose focus ranges can be changed as required. Using these improved lighting techniques in your exhibition stand can make your exhibits stand apart from others.

  • Try to be eco-friendly:

There are a lot of energy efficient lighting products on the market like LEDs. Using these kinds of eco-friendly lighting in your exhibition stand is not only beneficial for the environment, they also help save money. Eco-friendly lights consume much less electricity helping you save substantially.

Good lighting equipment can be more expensive compared to conventional lighting products. Good lighting effects that can be derived from modern lighting products can help a big way towards getting the attention of visitors. In the long run, good lighting will get you more business and leads. The low energy consumption of modern lighting products will also help you save big on electricity costs. Your exhibition stand will always shine bright and garner business.

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Planning to buy an exhibition stand? A short guide to first time buyers

New entrants to the world of exhibitions often find the going hard. This is especially true when first time exhibitors are faced with the big decision of buying their own exhibition stand. Till now you may have visited many exhibitions and seen many different kinds of exhibition stands. Now you have decided to participate in exhibitions itself.

Once you have decided to exhibit, you come to the next big decision. What kind of exhibition stand will suit my company best? The type of exhibition stand that may suit your company most is dependent on many factors.

In this blog, we share a few hints which will make choosing an exhibition stand easier.

Don’t get daunted by the process

  • Like any new process, when you decide to buy your exhibition stand you need to get comfortable with the idea. Do not let it daunt you.
  • Check out the different kinds of exhibition stands that are there in the market.
  • Be sure about what you want to achieve at your exhibition stand.
  • Work on your budget.
  • Plan well in advance. Decide on your sales and marketing game plan.

Decide on the exhibition stand most suited for your purpose

  • Once you have decided on what you want to achieve at your exhibition stand, it is time to decide on the kind of exhibition stand you should buy.
  • Explore the many different kinds of exhibition stands available.
  • Decide whether you want a custom built, modular or portable exhibition stand.
  • Exhibition stands are expensive so go through the selection process carefully.
  • Reviewing your marketing goals can help you at this time.
  • Use your budget as a benchmark. Exhibition stands come at many price levels.
  • Decide on the amount of customization required. This will ultimately decide the price of your exhibition stand.
  • Your decision on the kind of exhibition stand to buy also depends on the numbers of exhibitions you want to participate in.

Decide where to buy your exhibition stand from

  • There are many exhibition companies in the market.
  • Base your decision by checking their backgrounds.
  • A company with a good track record is your safest bet.
  • Check exhibition stands manufactured by the companies shortlisted by you.
  • Don’t get swayed by price alone. Check the quality of the exhibition stands also.
  • Try to buy your exhibition stand from a company that has its own manufacturing units.
  • Look for an exhibition company that has all facilities right from design, manufacturing to graphic production in-house.
  • Look for as much value addition as possible. Good exhibition companies often give end to end service. Try to get support, installation and dismantling in your deal.
  • Once you have decided on the exhibition stand and the company from which to buy it, remember to have a contract in writing.

Buying your first exhibition stand can seem a big task when you set on it. After you go through our hints, the task should be a lot easier. Buying your exhibition stand from a company which has its own manufacturing facilities and a long successful track record is a safer bet compared to buying it from a company that gets its products from outside resources. Now that you know the nuances of choosing and buying your own exhibition stand, just plan your exhibition calendar and light up the exhibition floor.

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How to get inspiration for exhibition booth designs

booth designs

Get inspiration for exhibition booth designs

In the exhibition industry, you need to keep on changing your booth designs so that you remain relevant and in sync with the prevailing trends in the industry. This poses a particular challenge to exhibition booth designers. In this post, we give a few tips for exhibition booth designers on how to keep their creative juices flowing so that they can come up with excellent booth design ideas.

Walk through exhibitions

Exhibitions usually have some very trendy booth designs on display, a designer can draw inspiration from these designs and improve on them for their own designs. The best way to research is to walk the aisles in exhibitions as a visitor. Try to visit as many design exhibitions as possible.

Keep an open mind

Don’t get stuck in a rut. What was a great design last season may seem jaded and irrelevant in the new exhibiting season. Keep an open mind and play with new ideas for inspired booth designs, don’t shy away from being bold.

Embrace new technologies

Keep up to date with the latest improvements in booth building technologies, graphic design and printing trends. Technology is always changing, use it to your advantage.

Learn and use the latest designing tools

Designing software keeps on improving, learn the new tricks available in the latest software and use it to come up with some really creative booth design.

Research and read

Visit booth design blogs, exhibition booth sites and subscribe to designing magazines. You can also get a lot of new ideas by reading books about great designers and how they trail blaze new design trends.

Recognise new trends

Keep alert to spot new trends in the designing industry and try to adapt these into your own booth design.

Interact closely with clients

Clients know their brands and products best. Talking to them and listening carefully to what they think and want can help you come up with some trend setting booth designs.

As a designer you have already proven that you are a creative person, by keeping yourself in sync with the latest trends and thoughts in booth design will help you to become a great booth designer and clients will look forward to work with you whenever they plan to exhibit.

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Tips on exhibition stand budgeting in Dubai

Exhibition stand

Being one of the exhibition companies in Dubai, we have noticed that quite a few of our clients struggle while working out an accurate budget for their exhibition stands while preparing for the exhibition season. As one of the experienced exhibition companies in Dubai, we have seen that exhibitors, who have worked out a near accurate budget for their exhibition stand, follow a certain pattern or formula while working on their exhibition stand budgets.

In this blog, we share some of the ways by which you can work out a reasonably accurate budget for your exhibition stand. As one of the exhibition companies in Dubai, we have many clients who seek our advice while formulating their budget for an exhibition stand. We hope these tips will help you to arrive at a correct budget which will help to save your money and cut down on wastage of funds as well as efficiently get business from clients and prospects.

      1. Working out the size of your exhibition stand.

You must try to work out the exact size of the space required for each exhibition that you participate in. The exhibition stand area will vary from exhibition to exhibition depending on the numbers of visitors you expect on each day. As one of the exhibition companies in Dubai, we have noticed that the space required can be worked out if you can calculate the numbers of qualified visitors most likely to visit your exhibition stand

       2. Calculating the numbers of qualified visitors.

Each exhibition attracts thousands of visitors, though you would like to have each and every visitor to come to your exhibition stand that is not a realistic wish. Most exhibition organizers have data on the profiles of visitors who attend the exhibition. You must study this data carefully so that you can calculate the numbers of qualified visitors likely to visit your exhibition stand. As an exhibition company in Dubai, we have observed that generally 15% of total exhibition visitors enter one exhibition stand.

      3. Numbers of exhibition stand staff required.

In order to engage visitors efficiently in your exhibition stand, each of your stand staff will need space and undisturbed time to talk to the attendee. As one of the exhibition companies in Dubai, we have seen that usually one exhibition stand staff can fruitfully engage with around five visitors per hour. The exhibition stand staff will be able to do his job properly if he has around 4 sqm of free space around him. The free space should be free of displays and furniture, so you need to account for the area required for displays too, if done properly, this will tell you how many staff and how much space you actually need.


Calculating the number of qualified visitors likely to enter your exhibition stand, the number of exhibition stand staff required who can efficiently deal with the visitors, extra space required for display areas and furniture will give you a fair idea of how much space has to be booked for your exhibition stand. If you can work out the space required accurately then you will know what should be the perfect size of your exhibition stand and how much you will need to spend on the two most expensive elements on your exhibition budget which is space rental and exhibition stand construction, you will also know how many exhibition stand staff will be needed to run everything smoothly. If you can be sure of your budget and the knowledge that the money will be spent efficiently, then you will end up not only saving money on your exhibition stand but also get a better ROI.

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How to save money on your exhibition stand without compromising on quality

In your quest for the perfect exhibition stand, you also have to consider the money that you have to spend to get a good exhibition stand. As one of the leading exhibition companies in Dubai, we have many clients who like to have a good exhibition stand but are confused by the many different price levels that they get from various suppliers of exhibition stands in Dubai. Good exhibition stands should not be judged merely on its price, there are many more factors that you should look for in exhibition stands. You must remember that these factors can mean that your exhibition stand though initially expensive, will prove much cheaper than its cheaper competitors.

As one of the experienced exhibition companies in Dubai, we will share some factors that you must look for in an exhibition stand before deciding to invest in one.

Beware of cheap exhibition stands that promise the sky.

There are many fly by night exhibition companies in Dubai who sell cheap imported exhibition stands at very low prices, you must look into the antecedents of such companies. These cheap exhibition stands are usually made of very low quality materials and may not last even a single exhibition season, you will most probably not get service and bad design. In the long run, you end up spending a lot more money in service, spares and getting a good design made.

Check the source of your exhibition stand.

Many exhibition companies in Dubai do not have their own manufacturing set up. Before investing in an exhibition stand you must find out whether your exhibition stand has been manufactured in-house by the exhibition company. By buying an exhibition stand from a company with its own manufacturing facilities guarantees that the product will be of superior quality, you will get good after sales service and these exhibition stands will be cheaper as there will be no middlemen adding to the price.

Always look for quality.

Exhibition stands purchased from reputed exhibition companies in Dubai will come with a guarantee and a promise of giving you many years of hassle free service. You will realize soon enough that though you paid a bit more initially, your high quality exhibition stand will help you recover your investment many times over as you spend many happy exhibition seasons using your exhibition stand.

Buy an exhibition stand that’s appropriate for you.

Many times exhibitors end up buying an exhibition stand that is either too small or too large for their exhibiting purpose. By doing so they end up spending extra money either by buying extensions for their stands or paying more for an exhibition stand that is larger than what they need. You save money by being a 100% sure on the size of your exhibition stand. You must also consider that you will be using the stand for several exhibition seasons, so the exhibition stand size should be future proof.

Consider quality over price while getting your graphics printed.

The graphics that you buy for your exhibition stand can come in many price ranges. While choosing your graphics you must keep its quality in mind. A good quality graphic will have perfect colour matching and the pictures will be vibrant. A cheap graphic will not last for more than a couple of shows and the print quality will be a compromise. Whereas a high quality graphic will last for an entire busy exhibition season without any wear and tear and colour fading. A cheap graphic may cost less but a high quality graphic will last a long time without losing its vibrancy, ultimately leading to your saving substantially on graphic printing costs.

While buying an exhibition stand you must keep in mind all these factors that we have pointed out. Buying your exhibition stand from one of the reputed exhibition companies in Dubai will help you keep your expenses in check and see to it the you get a very good return on your investment.

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How to make your brand the hero of your exhibition stand

Hero - Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions are considered to be a major part of below the line marketing and a dominant contributor to sales. Though exhibitions play such an important role in the sales circle, it is surprising that many companies fail to communicate properly from their exhibition stands. Being one of the exhibition companies in Dubai, we have seen exhibitions and exhibition stand from the point of view of a visitor as well as an exhibitor.

Doing our job on the exhibition floor we have noticed that many companies do not give a serious thoughts towards their exhibition stands, considering that the exhibition stand is a silent but very visible sales force in an exhibition.

The main focus while designing an exhibition stand should be that of communicating clearly about your brand and send across your theme message in such a way that every visitor can understand what you are trying to say the moment they see your exhibition stand. In a way, your exhibition stand should be a very important member of your sales team in an exhibition.

Well Designed Exhibition stand In Dubai

A well designed exhibition stand should exude what you are and how your products can help clients. If designed properly your exhibition stand and branding should remain on the top of a client’s mind once he is back in office, so that he gets in touch with you the moment he has a requirement for your product.

Like a member of your sales team, your exhibition stand must be as interactive as possible, something like an actual sales person. Your exhibition stand should be able to immerse the visitor into your brand and products. The experience of each visitor to your exhibition stand should be memorable so that they remember your brand and products long after the exhibition is over.

Like a friendly sales person, your exhibition stand must be open and inviting, a well lit, clutter free exhibition stand with graphics that are well designed and informative always makes an impact on the visitors. The text on your graphics inside your exhibition stand should read well, a visitor should be able to grasp what you are all about in less than a minute.

The size of your exhibition stand also matters. If you have to show the size of your company and the market share of your products, then you must decide on the size of your exhibition stand very carefully. Too small, then the perception will be that your company is a bit player, or worse still that your company is going through a bad patch financially.

To be able to get your branding and exhibition stand design just right, it helps if you observe your exhibition stand from the point of view of a visitor. If you are able to see your exhibition stand from a neutral position, you will know what elements you need to incorporate into your exhibition stand so that your brand always remains the hero.

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How exhibition companies in Dubai help international exhibitors

exhibition companies in Dubai

International exhibitors who fly into Dubai from countries across the world often face unique problems. As one of the exhibition companies in Dubai, we understand the hurdles they may face while exhibiting in a destination in the Middle East. Exhibition companies in Dubai are always available to help these exhibitors to participate in the many large exhibitions that take place here without any complications that may arise in a foreign market.

As one of the foremost exhibition companies in Dubai, we reveal in this blog, how exhibition companies in Dubai can help international exhibitors have a painless experience while exhibiting in the Middle East.

Plan for your exhibition well in advance:  

It is always advisable that you plan to participate in an exhibition in the Middle East long before the start of the show, this is especially true for first time exhibitors. You will have to plan for travel, hotel bookings etc., in this case if you tie up with one of the local exhibition companies in Dubai, they will guide you so that all your preparations are complete in time and you can concentrate on building up business in the Middle East.

Do some research beforehand:

Do a thorough research about the venue and also possible local exhibition companies in Dubai who can help you immensely in setting up your exhibition stand. Sourcing locally will help you save a lot on shipping costs, also, a local source will help you tackle any issues that you may face in an unknown city.

Visit the exhibition venue before the show:

We always advise foreign exhibitors to visit the venue of the exhibition well before the installation of their exhibition stands. This way they can get acclimatized to the layouts of the exhibition center as well as get to know the exhibition city in advance. This will help them later during the actual process of exhibiting.

Get to know the local customs and laws:

Local customs and sensibilities in the Middle East can be quite different from other regions of the world. If you have one of the exhibition companies in Dubai as your local partner, they will guide you about these. Or else, getting to know about the local laws and customs will come in handy when you arrive to participate in an exhibition.

Learn about the local transportation network:

Many exhibition venues can be quite far off from the hotels, so you may have to commute some distance every day before and during the exhibition. If you have one of the exhibition companies in Dubai as your fulfillment partner, they will help you get the best, most efficient and value for money transport option. On the other hand, if you are planning to exhibit independently, then know what means of transportation will be most efficient for you to use, you can look at several options such as metro, buses or cabs, if you have the money you can also hire chauffer driven cars. Transportation in the Middle East is comparatively cheaper than Europe or the USA.

As you can see, exhibiting in the Middle East is not as difficult as you may think, especially if you plan ahead and take into account all the tasks that need to be done. If you involve a local partner, your task will be much easier and you will be able to exhibit without facing any hassles or unforeseen hurdles.

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