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Entice even the most jaded visitors to enter your exhibition stand

exhibition stand designed

Visitors attending exhibitions are a harried lot, they have been trudging the exhibition halls since morning and they have been flooded with an unending barrage of sensory signals. Soon the average visitor is too bored and tired to make an effort to enter your exhibition stand and listen to another sales pitch.

As one of the leading exhibition companies in Dubai, we have enjoyed a ringside view of visitor behavior in exhibitions. As one of the exhibition companies in Dubai, we have seen how a majority of visitors get into a stupor after walking the exhibition floor for a while and avoid entering exhibition stands. We have also seen how some exhibitors buck this trend and get visitors all through the exhibiting period.

As an exhibition company in Dubai, we would like to share our observations in this blog, which will help you to exhibit better and get even the most jaded visitor to take an interest in your exhibition stand and visit you so that you can talk to them about your brand and products.


Humans have a tendency to get attracted to motion, this is part of our human instinct. Exhibitors who use motion in the form of films on large video walls, moving signage, product demonstrations, working models, etc. get more visitors compared to other exhibitors.

Use of colour

Exhibition stands that have used bold colours in their designs and large colourful graphics automatically get the attention of visitors. Graphics play a key role, attractively designed graphics with large visuals and catchy slogans make visitors curious enough to enter those exhibition stands.

Useful gifts

Exhibition companies in Dubai always advise clients to handout useful gifts, distributing gifts help get a lot of visitors. Get your exhibition stand staff to talk to these visitors about your products and note down their details before handing out your gift.

Friendly staff

As one of the exhibition companies in Dubai, we have seen that exhibition stands that have friendly staff tend to get more visitors. Train your staff well and keep them motivated. Give your staff adequate rest so that they are always fresh and welcoming to the visitors.

A snack break

Exhibition companies in Dubai know that people of the Middle East are very hospitable, here it is a tradition to offer visitors refreshments and beverages in the exhibition stands, unlike many other regions. If you can offer refreshments to the visitors at your exhibition stand then you will get a lot more visitors.

Comfortable seating

If your exhibition stand has comfortable seating where a weary visitor can take a short break from all that walking, you will get an above average footfall and get more leads.

These are some of the key observations that we have made while helping our clients exhibit successfully as one of the exhibition companies in Dubai. These trends are common worldwide, if you adapt to these exhibiting trends then not only will you get a lot more people to visit your exhibition stand, you will also make a lot more business deals.

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Writing on the wall – Signs to look out for that tells you your exhibition stand needs to be re-vamped.

Writing On The Wall exhibition stands

Anything that we use over a sustained period of time gets worn out due to use and wear and tear. Even the most robustly constructed device needs to be changed after a long period. The same is true of modular exhibition stands. Your modular exhibition stand is constructed using the best available materials but even these exhibition stand need to be changed or a major makeover needs to be carried out after these stands have given you years of hassle free service.

Exhibitors sometimes get so attached to their exhibition stands (after all they have spent a lot of memorable years exhibiting with them) that they fail to see the signs that tell them that their modular exhibition stands need to be changed. In this post, we point out some of the vital signs that tell you that your old modular exhibition stand needs to make way for a brand new exhibition stand.

  • Your exhibition stand is the only one of its kind on the exhibition floor.

Being exclusive can mean one of two things, either your exhibition stand is designed so attractively that the competition is left gasping with awe, or your exhibition stand sports a design that is so retro that visitors don’t give it a second glance. If it’s the latter, then it’s time to change your exhibition stands.

  • The colours of your exhibition stand are faded and out of sync with present trends.

Over a period of time, even the best paints fade and colour trends keep on changing. If you see that the colours of your exhibition stand resemble a faded hoarding, it’s time to go in for a makeover.

  • The pictures on your graphics look like they belong in the last decade.

Over time products change and so does style. Your graphic pictures may have been the latest when they were printed years ago but now they may resemble something out of a museum, time to get a new set of graphics printed.

  • Your exhibition stand staff seems embarrassed to be associated with your stand.

The same team that used to be so enthusiastic when your exhibition stand was new, but now seem reluctant to be on your exhibition team, due to the sniggers from the other stand holders. It’s time to shop for a new modular exhibition stand.

  • The technology belongs to a bygone era.

If the technology in your exhibition stand is old and has not kept up with time, then it’s time to go in for a complete revamp, right from the lighting to the flat screens.

  • The text on your graphics was written years ago.

The world has moved on and so have your products and services. If your graphic text is still the same that you used when you first bought your exhibition stand, then it’s definitely time to get new graphics printed. In fact, your graphics preferably should be updated and changed before every exhibition you attend.

These signs can become pretty embarrassing for you and your team, and also reflects badly on your company and brand. Modular exhibition stands are manufactured to last you for a very long time but you also need to keep up with the times and refurbish or buy a new stand every couple of years so that your exhibition stall always remains the talk of the show.

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Tips for first-time exhibitors

tips for exhibition companies in dubai

Many first-time exhibitors feel overwhelmed when they set up their exhibition stands, the presence of large companies and much larger exhibition stand gives them a sort of inferiority complex. As one of the most experienced exhibition companies in Dubai, we can assure them that they need not worry. Even big companies with their super-sized exhibition stands started small when they started exhibiting for the first time. Rather than size, it is the content of the exhibition stand that matters. Being an exhibition companies in Dubai, we have observed that many times first-time exhibitors pull in more prospects than the larger exhibition stands, simply because their ideas were fresh and they had an innovative approach which attracted the visitors.

Exhibition Companies In Dubai

As an exhibition company Dubai, we can tell you that you needn’t be frazzled by the small size of your exhibition stand or be awed by the larger more experienced exhibitors. These few tips that we are sharing today will help even the most inexperienced novice to make a very positive impact on the exhibition floor.

  1. Start Small

Don’t try to copy the big guns by getting a very large exhibition stand when you exhibit for the first time. Test the waters, start small and slowly scale up as time passes and you gain more experience in exhibiting.

  1. Engaging graphics

As a newcomer in exhibitions, let your graphics talk precisely about who you are, how you can help customers and about your products. Avoid too much text, just stick to the salient points. Sell your brand in a big way.

  1. Give an experience

Be creative and innovative, use technology to your advantage and give visitors an experience that they will remember. These same people will flock to your exhibition stand at every subsequent show.

  1. Well trained staff

We can’t emphasise more how important it is that your exhibition stand staff should be well trained and keep your visitors happy and engaged.

  1. Provide a service

Give some sort of service to the visitors so that they spend extra time at your exhibition stand design so that you can interact with them longer. The service can be as small as providing comfortable seating, or some good coffee and refreshments or even a mobile phone charging station.

  1. Don’t skimp on gifts

Give well thought out gifts that can be used by the prospects long after the exhibition is over. The branding on the gifts will keep your company on the top of their minds.

  1. Use videos

Show interesting corporate and product videos which will keep your prospects engaged, you can also show daily video diaries of the show and upload them on social media platforms.

  1. Follow-up

Remember to take notes of what each prospect discussed with you about their particular challenges. Follow each one of them up after the exhibition with solutions, this will help drive your sales.

These simple moves will give you the edge over other first-time exhibitors and ensure that you remain in the minds of visitors the next time you exhibit, you will see that your exhibition stand will also get a large number of interested prospects just as the exhibition stands of much larger exhibition companies Dubai.

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Are you video filming your exhibition booth design participation?

Booth Design

We have talked about how you can make the experience of visitors, clients and prospects more interesting with video filming of your exhibition booth design when they visit your exhibition booth design. You also talk about your exhibition participation on your website and social networking sites, but are you being interesting enough to get the required attention from your visitors?

Most exhibitors spend a lot of time and money on the booth design of their exhibition stands, keeping a keen eye on every detail that will make their booth design a magnet for visitors on the exhibition floor. Despite such planning, exhibitors often forget to use one simple tool that will make their exhibition stands and their online presence more interesting for their visitors, the humble video film.

Making video films of your exhibition stands and what goes on there during exhibitions is one of the cheapest things you can do to make your exhibition presence felt and be more immersive for your exhibition visitors as well as people who visit your company website.

Filming Exhibition Booth Design

Filming a daily video diary of your exhibition stand and also recording the day to day happenings at the exhibition and then posting snippets of it on social media as well as showing the video between corporate film presentations at your exhibition stand is a great way to attract people both during the exhibition and to a bigger audience online.

Taking short candid videos of your clients and giving them the clips in pen drives can be a very interesting gift, which will be cherished by them long after the exhibition is over. Sharing happenings at your exhibition stand and key events of the exhibition online gives people the opportunity to participate in the exhibition remotely, driving online traffic to your company website.

These videos can be uploaded on to your company’s youtube page and also linked on twitter, stills can be shared on Pinterest and other social networking sites which can generate a buzz about your brand in the online space.

Videos can keep people engaged with your brand long after the exhibition is over and will keep them looking out for your next participation so that they can visit your exhibition stands to see what new, exciting videos you have put up for them to enjoy. A simple video film can help you get visitors and prospects as well as generate brand recognition and drive up sales.

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Tips to help you get the most while attending exhibitions

Help Full Tips

We usually discuss the various issues faced by exhibitors preparing for exhibitions and their exhibition stands, we try to give them solutions to the problems they may face while exhibiting. Many times we forget that visitors are very important in an exhibition. No exhibition can be successfully held without visitors attending them. Even the best preparations of exhibitors can fall flat without adequate numbers of visitors attending the show and visiting their exhibition stands.

In this blog, we try to give some tips to visitors, especially first-time exhibition attendees so that they are prepared and have a good experience while attending exhibitions.

  • Pre-registration:

Pre-registering for an exhibition saves you time, you can avoid the long lines waiting at the registration counters. Often pre-registration can fetch you a discount on the registration fees too.

  • Plan for travel and accommodation:

If you are planning to attend an exhibition being held out of town, arranging your travel and accommodation beforehand can save you money on tickets and hotel rates. Exhibitions attract a lot of visitors and exhibitors, as the dates of the exhibition get nearer, airfares and hotel rates tend to become more expensive.

  • Do some research:

Visit the exhibition website and see the list of exhibitors. You should also study the floor plan of the exhibition. By doing this you will know the layouts of the various halls as well as identify the exhibition stands that you would want to visit. You can target the companies you want to do business with or explore new products on a priority basis, saving you time and energy.

  • Make a list of the events and launches:

Making a list of the events, workshops and product launches you would like to attend at various exhibition stands and the timings of these events beforehand, will help you keep a tab on all the things you would like to get done during the exhibition without missing out on any key activities.

  • Don’t miss the smaller exhibition stands:

While you are walking the show floor you must also take time out to visit the smaller exhibition stands. Many smaller companies may have very innovative products and services on offer, visiting these exhibition stands can give you the opportunity to source new products that you didn’t know existed.

  • Dress smartly but comfortably:

You are in the exhibition to do business and make new contacts; you need to impress the people you will be interacting with. But exhibitions mean you will need to walk a lot to cover the exhibition stands on your list, so wearing smart and comfortable clothes and shoes will make the experience better.

  • Networking:

Attending seminars, workshops and product launches in exhibition stands will give you the chance to meet and interact with representative of many companies and can open up many business opportunities for you.

  • Be systematic

While visiting an exhibition try to carry a smart device in which you can make notes about the products you would like to buy or the companies you would like to visit, as you will be on the move most of the time, these notes will help you follow up after the exhibition. Many companies will give out literature, important product brochures and gifts from their exhibition stands that you would like to carry back with you, keeping space for these things in your baggage will be a good move.

Exhibitions have a lot to offer to visitors, visiting many exhibition stands and talking to key representatives of the many companies that attend the shows will throw up many opportunities that you can use to your advantage. Following these tips will help you get the most out of your visit and help you enjoy the experience despite a hectic schedule.

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Keep your exhibition stand relevant

exhibition companies in Dubai

Being a veteran exhibitor can be a big advantage. After exhibiting successfully in a series of exhibitions over a period of time makes you a pro exhibitor, you can now market your products, forge relationships, get a lot of leads and generally get maximum ROI from your face to face marketing efforts. The flip side of this is that many of us tend to get complacent about our exhibition participation. The exhibition stand design can look the same at every show if the graphics and designs are not changed periodically, the staff may get bored and jaded by talking about the same products year in and year out and visitors may stop entering your exhibition stand knowing that you will be talking about the same things that you did in the last exhibition. You may be dangerously close to becoming irrelevant among your competition on the exhibition floor.

To keep away from this pitfall, it is always a good move to keep on evolving so that your brand and your exhibition stand remains relevant to attendees at every appearance that you make. To remain relevant all you have to do is keep your mind, eyes and ears open at all the exhibitions that you attend, so that you remain up to date with all the latest developments and innovations that take place in the exhibition world so that you too can emulate changes in your exhibition stand design from time to time. As one of the leading exhibition companies in Dubai we have observed that by following some simple steps your exhibition stand will always be on the top of the minds of attendees.

  • Remain curious.

By remaining curious and questioning everything you will always be on top of all the developments taking place at each exhibition.

  • Walk around the exhibition floor.

Take several rounds of the exhibition floor, note what your competitors are doing and what new competition you may face and change your strategies accordingly.

  • Which exhibition stands are attracting the most visitors and keeping them.

See for yourself which exhibition stands have the largest crowds and find out the reason behind it, see why they are retaining visitors for a longer time so that you can adapt and change.

  • Check out the exhibition stand staff.

See how the staffs at other exhibition stands are interacting with the attendees, see if your staff is doing everything necessary to attract and retain visitors. If not then evolve a new training strategy based on your observations.

  • Happening activities.

See what activities are getting maximum attention from the attendees, what new technologies are being used by other exhibitors to keep the crowds engaged, then adapt accordingly for your next exhibition.

  • Observe the visitors.

See what exhibition stands and graphics get instant attention from the visitors and which exhibition stands are being completely ignored. Observe and note the differences between these two kinds of exhibition stands and make changes in your exhibition stand if necessary.

By simply walking around the exhibition floor you can get many insights on what are the things that are keeping the visitors attention levels ticking. After you have seen the other exhibition stands you can easily make any changes in your exhibition stand design or strategy, so that you remain constantly relevant to most of the visitors who attend the exhibitions you participate in.

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Giving that perfect gift

perfect gift

Sometimes while planning on participating in an exhibition we spend a lot of time, thought and money on the designing and construction of our exhibition stand, the messaging we want to carry, the exhibition stand graphics, planning logistics etc. that we often forget how important it is to give the right gifts to the attendees who visit our exhibition stand..

Giving a gift to visitors makes them want to reciprocate our gesture by placing orders and agreeing to follow up meetings that may ultimately result in sales. A good corporate gift helps us to connect with our target customers and also boosts the value of our brand.

A corporate gift handed out at an exhibition stand should be able to connect our brand and products and ultimately be of high recall value to the recipients. The idea is not to overwhelm the visitor with the value of the gift but to create a bonding with your customers and your leads to your brand and products. Mobileum a cell phone technology firm handed out high-quality blue tooth selfie sticks at their exhibition stand at the Mobile World Congress, this gift instantly tied the brand with mobile phone technology and the large branding space on the device kept on reminding the recipients about the company ultimately leading to high-value lead generation.

Although there is no sure shot formula to what makes a perfect gift to be given out at an exhibition stand, we would like to share a few tips on what can make a gift a great brand ambassador for your company and brand.

  • Think quality:

A high-quality product does not necessarily have to be very expensive, a good T-shirt or a multi charger can be a gift that is valued by the recipient as these products have practical value and ample branding space for you to send out a clear message.

  • Long lasting:

Your gift should last long so that the recipient uses it for a period of time, it should not fall apart in a couple of weeks or worse still end up in their trash can the moment they reach their office.

  • Brand visibility:

Your gifts should have a sufficient amount of branding space so that you can have a clear message on it, remember if you give a gift that will be valued along with a very visible corporate message you will be on top of your customers recall list.

  • Know your customers:

You must have a clear idea of what your clients need and plan your gifts accordingly. Putzmeister a German construction machinery manufacturer hands out toolkits to its visitors at their exhibition stands, while Google hands out smartly designed T-shirts as they deal with young techies.

  • Think practicality:

Gifts that are practical and used almost on a daily basis by the recipients bring the biggest value. A satchel, a good quality penknife, anything that people like to use every day at their office or homes makes a perfect gift.

You must try to give out gifts that will speak of your brand value and usefulness of your products. Gifts that are valued by their receivers, given out from your exhibition stand should be a practical representative of your company and be able to create a bond between them and your company.

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5 Things you should never do in your exhibition stand

Exhibition Stand

You must have noticed these things happening in exhibition stands at every exhibition that you have visited. We are sure that you did not enter those exhibition stands and these exhibitors did not do a lot of business at these shows. It is very easy to avoid these lapses so that you don’t fail to meet your exhibition goals, just following these points will ensure that you succeed as an exhibitor each time you participate in an exhibition.

  1. Over enthusiastic approach:

No one likes to be approached by an overenthusiastic sales person; sometimes they even address the visitor by name (by seeing their name tags), this sort of over familiarity by a stranger puts people off. Just be friendly and approach them with a smile, visitors feel comfortable if they are met by calm friendly sales persons.

  1. Clear messaging:

Your exhibition stand graphics should clearly spell out what your company does and what sort of products you sell. This way you get focused visitors who know that they would like to meet you and discuss your products.

  1. Keep that phone in your pocket:

Keep your phone in your pocket and laptop in its bag. If exhibition stand staff is busy texting, talking on the phone or typing on the laptop, it’s a sure shot sign that they do not want to interact with visitors and even the keenest visitor will simply walk away to the next exhibition stand.

  1. Be well groomed:

If you are dressed or groomed shabbily, it reflects on the image of your brand and quality of your products. Always be well groomed and keep your exhibition stand neat, clean and clutter free. This sends out the signal that you represent a professional company that deals in quality products.

  1. Follow up:

Many exhibitors miss out on following up on their leads and chances are those same people are attending the exhibition again the following year. If you have not followed up on your leads generated in the last exhibition then not only have you lost business but those visitors will tell others not to bother spending time in your exhibition stand as you will never follow up with their queries.

Though you may not be one of those exhibitors we have discussed here, but it is always a good idea to keep these points in mind so that you don’t end up losing business. Just avoiding these mistakes will lead to you having a very successful exhibiting experience.

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