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Getting the most out of your product demonstrations

Product Demonstrations

Exhibitions are one of the best forums where companies can display and demonstrate their latest products to an interested public. Where else can any company get the chance to interact face to face with a large number of people at a single space? Most exhibitors count product launches and demonstrations as one of their primary motives to participate in exhibitions.

Although product demonstrations are one of the primary objectives to exhibit, many companies miss the plot and they miss out on the attendance and participation of the visitors at their product demos. Even experienced exhibitors can encounter this problem. Giving a good product demonstration requires skills that have to be learned. In this blog, we try to point you towards a few mistakes that companies make while giving product demonstrations so that you can avoid these mistakes in future and have a product demo that will get the complete attention of the attendees.

Keep it short

Visitors at an exhibition are a busy lot, they really do not have the time in their hands to be in your exhibition stand for a very long time seeing your product demo. The ideal timing of a product demo should not be for more than 3 to 5 minutes. Most visitors are not interested in seeing a long film on your company or get too many details about your products. Visitors want to know if your product can solve their problems or enhance their productivity. Giving out key USPs of your products will keep the audience interested in your demonstration.

A good presenter

Having a presenter who is a good talker and has complete knowledge of your company and your products is a virtual magnet for visitors. The presenter should be able to keep the demo interesting by giving out snippets of valuable information and also have the desired amount of magnetism to hold the interest of the audience. A dull presenter or a presenter without adequate knowledge is a sure shot way to lose the interest of visitors at your exhibition stand.

Learn to give what the audience needs

In a lot of cases, a product demonstration fails because the presentation is all about the company and too many details about the products. If the demonstration is about the pain points of the visitors and their needs and how your product can help them then even the busiest visitor will find the time to listen and see your demonstration. Better still if your demonstration directly involves the visitors it will get the attention it deserves. A hands-on approach or an educative demo session not only gets the attention of visitors, it also gives you the opportunity to have direct interaction with your target audience.

Getting the most out of your product demonstrations at your exhibition stand does not necessarily mean that you have to have expensive props or give out expensive gifts to attendees to get them to see your demonstration. As we have mentioned here, if your demo answers to the needs of the visitors and is interestingly presented without too much chatter then you will have success most of the times.

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The importance of the position of your exhibition space and booth design

exhibition stands

Exhibitors sometimes overlook the importance of the position of their exhibition stands in the exhibition hall. Premium places for the next exhibition are usually booked during the current exhibition itself. Veteran exhibitors know this, so they quickly grab all the available premium spaces well before the next exhibition.

Act early

If you want to book yourself a premium space then timing is of the essence, not necessarily buying power. If the spaces are sold then the organizers cannot give you a prime location even if you are ready to spend a large amount of money. So book your space early.

An island space is what you should try for

The Island space is considered to be the most prime among all spaces on offer at an exhibition. Island spaces are usually located in the busiest areas of the exhibition such as the middle of the exhibition floor. These places get the maximum numbers of footfalls and consist of large areas. Exhibitors who occupy island spaces are considered to be large companies which exude power and dominance, people trust them and their products. Due to the advantage of their position on the show floor, these exhibiting companies attract large numbers of visitors and buyers.

Use the space to your advantage

The advantage of occupying an island space is manifold. Due to their unique position, these spaces are not hemmed in by other exhibition stands. The booth design of an island space can make optimum use of the allocated area and also go for high designs as these areas normally do not have height restrictions. The booth design can incorporate high towers with revolving signs without going through the extra expense of deploying rigging. Such premium spaces can have mezzanine floors with extra meeting and store rooms, so practically an exhibitor can get much more space than what they are paying for.

If you are unable to secure an island space, all is not lost. You can go for an exhibition stand space near activity areas, food courts, seminar areas or the entrance of the hall. Exhibition stands at these front areas of an exhibition also get a lot of traffic and these places are good enough to position your brand and make an impact on visitors, but unlike island spaces, visitors tend to rush through these areas so you must have an astounding booth design along with great interactive activities and attentive staff to get the full attention of the visitors.

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How appropriate lighting can help your exhibition stand make a big impact

exhibition stand design light

Exhibitors lay a lot of emphasis on how their exhibition stands should be designed, they want their exhibition stands to bring out the best in their products and brand. In our attempts to nail the best possible designs, we often forget the important role that illumination plays in the ultimate look of our exhibition stands.

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting

No exhibition stand design is complete without proper lighting. The product displays, graphics, branding and the entire look of the exhibition stand depends on how we have lit them up. How we light up our stand depends on what we are trying to say and also the thought that has gone into the design of the stand. Good lighting can be an excellent communicator along with the power to get the attention of visitors in a busy exhibition.

Build in lighting into your exhibition stand design

Good lighting design takes into account all that we want to convey to the visitors, it can give a feeling of welcome to an onlooker and entice them to enter the exhibition stand. Products on display can be highlighted by lighting and you can get visitors to focus on particular products you want to promote by using lighting techniques.

Creating a positive impact

The exhibition stand itself becomes more attractive with the use of appropriate lighting design. Using an illuminated logo, suspended from a height gets the attention of visitors from a long distance away. Using gels with your logo colors on the façade of your exhibition stand gets the attention of visitors, these sorts of colorful lighting effects makes a positive impact on the brains of the viewer and makes them want to take a closer look at your products.

Makes people open up to conduct business

Highlighting graphics with focused lights guides the visitors to read the messages and see the visuals that you want them to see. Giving a wash of colored or bright lights to your exhibition stand brings a touch of flamboyance and elegance to it. Mood lighting in the meeting rooms and lounges relaxes visitors and makes them more forthcoming to discuss business and buy products.

Take advantage of new technologies

With the advent of new lighting technologies such as LED, it is now even easier to use appropriate illumination. These lighting technologies consume less electricity and have a long life making your exhibit more attractive and ecologically responsible. The low consumption of electricity and long lives of these lights mean that you save on your energy and accessory costs in the long run. Appropriately used, lighting can create a positive image of your brand and can be a great mood enhancer, helping you to get the desired results out of your exhibition.

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The importance of a debriefing session after an exhibition

exhibition stand contractor dubai

You know the importance of giving a good brief to your exhibition stand contractor dubai when planning to exhibit in an exhibition. How good your brief is will be reflected in how well your exhibition stand design is executed and also how well your exhibition stand graphics are designed. A lot hangs in the balance of your brief, ultimately leading to whether your participation is a success or a failure.

Similarly, it is equally important how you debrief your team after an exhibition so that you are well prepared for your next exhibition. A debriefing session while the memories of the exhibition is still fresh in your and your team’s mind will help you narrow down on what was right and things that went wrong at the exhibition, this will guide you on what needs to be done to improve your showing at the next exhibition. The debrief needs to be done simultaneously between following up with the prospects and calculating the ROI of the exhibition.

We have drawn up a list of questions that you can ask yourself and your staff after you are back in the office from an exhibition. These questions are meant to be just a framework of the debriefing process and we are sure you will add many more questions as you establish a debriefing process.

  • How was the exhibition stand in terms of design
  • Did the exhibition stand contractor read my brief properly
  • Were the exhibition stand graphic design properly executed
  • Did the attendees get the message my company was trying to say
  • Which were the products most liked by the visitors
  • Which products were not appreciated by the visitors
  • What did the visitors like most about the exhibition stand design
  • Were the visitors asked the right questions
  • What pain points did the clients discuss
  • Did the exhibition stand activities attract the visitors
  • Was the exhibition stand staff trained properly
  • Was the staff courteous
  • Were the customer queries answered satisfactorily
  • Were the contact details of all prospects compiled properly
  • Was the installation and dismantling done in time by the exhibition stand contractor
  • What changes need to be done in the exhibition stand design before the next show
  • What changes need to be done to the exhibition graphic designs before the next show
  • What can be improved in the next exhibition

These suggestions can set you off in the right direction before you participate in your next exhibition and can help you improve continuously in your exhibiting efforts.

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The logic behind exhibiting – 10 reasons why you should

exhibition stands

Exhibitions are one of the most cost effective ways where you can see hundreds of exhibitors from the same industry vertical, gathering at one place to show their products and flaunt their brands to thousands of interested visitors who have paid entrance fees to be there. Often people say that they just don’t understand the logic behind companies spending large sums of money in exhibitions despite running advertising and other publicity campaigns. We know the reasons why companies participate in exhibitions, there are scores of reasons, but we will list just 10 of them that will convince the skeptics why their companies should also participate in exhibitions.

  1. Reinforcing your brand: Many large and well established companies may not need more dealers or to expand their network, but they still participate in exhibitions in elaborate exhibition stands. These companies know that marking their presence felt in an exhibition helps to strengthen their brand value and build up their brand’s recall factor. This builds trust in the market and visitors know that the company is doing well and their products will be of good quality. The same is true of smaller companies; repeated exhibiting boosts their value among customers, dealers and competitors.
  2. Demonstrating your products: Even if you have elaborate brochures or product films on your website, nothing beats the feeling people will get about your products if they are able to see it actually working or if they can touch and feel it or experience it. Exhibitions are the only place where you can demonstrate your products in a niche market to your target audience.
  3. Building up your leads: Exhibitions give you the unique opportunity to interact face to face with people. You can talk to them and learn about their problems and show them how your products can give them a solution they are looking for. Demonstrate to them how your products are different from your competitors and by doing so, you can build up a long list of prospective customers who are interested in your products and increase your sales and client base.
  4. Free media exposure: Industry and trade media is always eager to cover exhibitions and report on participating companies and new products. Your participation gives you a chance to get the attention of the media, especially if you have a new solution, a new product or get your PR people to get you an interview.
  5. Best place to launch a new product: An exhibition is the best place to launch a new product and get thousands of people to see the product launch. Many senior executives and decision makers make it a point to visit exhibitions and this is your opportunity to impress them without paying a huge price that a formal product launch costs. You get free media coverage too!
  6. Meeting dealers and expanding your network: Many of your dealers will be at the exhibition to look for new products and renew relationships. This is your chance to meet many of your dealers at one place, get them to boost sales and also appoint new dealers to expand your market presence.
  7. Doing a quick market research: At an exhibition, you can meet thousands of interested visitors in a very short span of time. You can take advantage of this by doing a market survey of a very large sample group, which otherwise would take months and cost the sky.
  8. Cheapest, but one of the most effective ways to meet customers: Chance is that a majority of your customers will be attending the exhibition; you can meet and strengthen your relationship with them at the fraction of a cost compared to conventional marketing methods of communicating.
  9. Checking out what your competition is up to: There is no better way than participating in an exhibition to give you a ringside view of what your main competition is doing. What are the new products and innovations they have and how you can compete against them with your own products.
  10. Sell directly: You can sell your products directly to the customer. Most companies send their senior executives and purchase teams to buy products at major exhibitions. The buyers can see and compare the products they want to buy at the exhibition; you can convince them about the quality of your products so that they recommend your products to their companies.

There are many more reasons why exhibitions are one of the most effective market places where you can show and sell your products. So the next time the opportunity arises, it will make sound business sense to book your space and have your own exhibition stand at any of the major exhibitions specific to your industry.

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8 important factors you must consider before participating in an exhibition

What Is 8 Important Factors Before Participating in Exhibition

We Will Help you in Participating In Exhibition

Ask yourself the right questions

Exhibitions are a profitable venture, especially when you have a definite marketing objective. Without a definite objective you end up not making the expected ROI.

You may ask how do I determine my marketing or exhibition objective.Exhibitors must contemplate the purpose behind their decision to participate in the exhibition. Whom do they want to reach out to? Detailed discussions internally about what are the objectives behind their decision to participate in an exhibition with complete clarity helps in gearing up properly for a show and lays out the guidelines whereby they can tangibly calculate their ROI.

Do your homework first :
Before embarking on participating in an exhibition participation , exhibitors must first evaluate the shows they plan to be in. Attending the exhibitions as visitors can get you a lot of information about the exhibition. Studying the visitor patterns, the current participants, past reviews of the exhibition, studying the buying trends.
Now identify the exhibitions :
Once your homework is in place, it becomes easier for you to pick and choose the ones you feel are the right ones for you to be a part of. You now know the exhibitions attended by your target customers and what they are interested in. If you have evaluated the exhibitions properly during your homework, you will also know what products to display and which new products you must demonstrate.

Exhibition Participation

Geographical location of the exhibition is very important:

Prior research has shown that a majority of visitors to any major exhibition comes from around 400 kms radius of the exhibition. This helps you to focus quite accurately on what to expect, the kind of market that the exhibition attracts, the industries that lie around the exhibition city, so you are well prepared to cater to your target market with products and solutions that work in that particular market.

Watch out for rival/competing exhibitions:

You must make sure that no other similar exhibitions are coincidentally taking place at the same time as the exhibition you plan to participate in. If similar exhibitions take place during or very close to the dates of your exhibition, it may affect the numbers of visitors negatively and may impact your marketing and sales plans

Try to avoid first time exhibitions

It is better to avoid exhibitions that are being launched for the first time. The exhibition organizers may be very persuasive with great statistics, attractive advertising, and low prices, but you can never be sure of the kind of attendees and companies that will ultimately come to the show. good and long track record is always the clever thing to do and quite risk-free. Participate in exhibitions that are well known and attract a good number of visitors.

Choose your exhibition stand space carefully:

Before booking your exhibition stand space, you must study the floor plan carefully. Depending upon what you want to achieve in the exhibition, you must see the flow of the traffic, whether you want to be near the entrance or exit of the hall, or do you want to be near the food court or other facilities or do you want to be near a major competitor. Avoiding pillars, blind spots, dead ends and ill-lit areas is always a good thing

Participating In Exhibition

Take the help of an experienced exhibition stand contractor:
Getting the services of a good stand contractor Dubai with a proven track record can be a very clever move. A good exhibition stand contractor will help you in designing your exhibition stand and the graphics. They will also advise you on the kind of shows to attend and will also execute your whole project, right from designing, printing, manufacturing, transporting and installing and dismantling your exhibition stand. A reputed exhibition stand contractor will make sure that you have a completely stress free and at the same time successful,

Exhibition stand design, the right balance is the difference between success and failure

exhibition stands designed

When participating in exhibitions, companies have a very defined purpose, they either want to promote their brand, or sell their products, or want to penetrate into a new market, or they want to engage with their current clients, or they want to meet prospects. Their goals may vary from exhibition to exhibition but one thing remains constant, and that is how they get their exhibition stands designed so that they can tie in their presence in an exhibition with their desired goal for that particular show. A perfect design ensures whether an exhibitor will meet with success or failure at the exhibition.

Striking a right balance

When designing their exhibition stands companies can choose between a unique, flamboyant, visually attractive design or go for a subdued, functional and cost efficient design. The trick is to have a balance between flamboyance and understatement. A visually vibrant design will definitely get a lot of attention but visitors may get lost in all the many visual stimuli and miss out on the products and the specific messaging. A low key minimalistic design, on the other hand, may fail to attract the desired numbers of visitors and the exhibitor may feel frustrated by the lack of attention they get. If the exhibitor can draw a balance between these two types of designs then they can have the attention of visitors as well as get visitors to focus on their products and messaging.

Every element combined to give the full picture

A well-designed exhibition stand should have attractive graphics as well as have the ability to draw the attention of visitors towards the products on display. Properly designed lighting, comfortable furniture and flooring, all add towards an exhibition stand’s overall attractiveness. The graphics should be visually pleasing and not jarring on the eyes, visitors should feel compelled to look at the visuals and read the messages. Many other factors such as multimedia, sound, shape of the exhibition stand, interactive technology, all have to merge together with a central message or theme, easily understood by visitors to create a perfect balance in the exhibition stand design.

If possible, leave it to the professionals

Professional exhibition stand designers and contractors understand the subtleties in exhibition stand design best, due to their constant exposure to exhibitions and exhibition stand designs. As an exhibitor, it always makes sense to leave the complex job of designing to the pros. Expo Display has a team of well trained, internationally exposed professional exhibition stand designers, contact us and our experienced exhibition stand designers will design your stand so that you can leave a big impact on the exhibition floor.

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Modular Exhibition Stands – The trendy face of smart exhibiting

Participating in exhibitions is considered as one of the essentials of doing business. Due to the face to face marketing opportunities that exhibitions bring to the table, participating in exhibitions commands a large chunk of a company’s B2B marketing budget. As the global economy recovers, the numbers of new exhibitions launched is also increasing. Most companies (even small ones) cannot ignore these exhibitions and they are finding ways whereby they can maximize the numbers of exhibitions they can attend without spending large amounts of cash.

With a need to participate in exhibitions grows, many companies are abandoning the older custom made exhibition stands and moving on to using modular and custom modular exhibition stands. This clever move has not only enabled exhibitors to participate in more exhibitions but also saved them money while doing so.

Customised stands are still used by many large companies who have deep pockets, although, even among them the trend is slowly shifting towards using large custom modular exhibition stands. Modular exhibition stands give users the flexibility to change the shape of the designs for different exhibitions and at the same time, these stands can be used for a long period of time. Custom modular stands give the exhibitors the freedom to increase the size of the stands as the need arises and can also be made into multi-level mezzanine stands with meeting rooms, lounges, stores and pantries built into them.

Modular exhibition stands are easier to install compared to conventional stands and are also much lighter in weight and easy to pack and transport. This quality helps exhibitors to save both on labour, drayage and transportation costs. The graphics are printed on lightweight reusable fabrics, which can be washed and reused several times if the messaging remains constant. As and when the design of the graphics needs to be changed, all the exhibitor has to do is order a new set of graphics which get mounted onto the existing modular frames. These modular systems do not occupy a lot of space in storage and in case the exhibitor does not have the required space, all leading exhibition stand contractors in dubai have warehouses where their exhibits can be stored safely. Because of their reusable qualities, these stands are also rented out by some of the top exhibition companies at very reasonable prices, so exhibitors on a tight budget can exhibit in style without worrying about the costs.

No exhibition stand is complete without flat screens and great lighting, modular exhibition stands have built-in facilities where screens can be mounted and they have great LED lighting to highlight graphics and displays. If bought or rented from a good exhibition stand building company, then the stands can have platform flooring, carpets, and many more accessories to add to the looks of the stand.

Another reason why modular stands are making quick inroads into the exhibiting world is that these stands are considered much more eco-friendly and being constructed out of metal they are almost wholly recyclable.

Great to look at, easy to build and transport, awesome fabric graphics, reusable, reconfigurable, easy to store and maintain, eco-friendly, these are just a few of the unique characteristics of the modern modular exhibition stands. These stands can have unique designs that look completely customized; hence, it’s a no brainer why more and more smart exhibitors are going in for these stands, all over the world. If you need to buy or rent a modular exhibition stand perfect for you, all you need to do is contact Expo Display and a modular exhibition stand expert will get back to you with a great solution.

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5 tips on the right way of messaging that can help nail your marketing goals in an exhibition

exhibition stand tips

Exhibitions are all about spreading awareness about your brand, company and products to a niche audience. Visitors at an exhibition are there to see and buy the latest products or services that an industry has to offer, an exhibitor is there to fulfill the needs of the visitors. Exhibition floors are full of your competitors trying to get the attention of the attendees and you have to get their attention despite all the many distractions that are a part of any exhibition. On top of this, the marketing team has targets to achieve and get back their investments made on the exhibiting effort. Giveaways and many other expenses that crop up while exhibiting can cost a pretty penny.

One of the best ways to get the attention of visitors is how you design your exhibition stand and the graphics that go with it. Many times we forget how graphic design plays a crucial role in making marketing efforts a success. We at Expo Display have been helping our clients from the Middle East to reach their marketing goals during exhibitions by designing graphics for their exhibition stands that ties in seamlessly with what they want to communicate. In this blog, we shall share the knowledge we have gained on how properly designed graphics can play a very important role in achieving marketing targets in an exhibition.

  1. A proper brief is a must. You must make sure that your marketing team members give a detailed brief to the exhibition graphic designers which will allow them to know the market in detail including the brand, the business goals of the company, product and service details, brand image and the communication they want to convey.
  2. Know the goals you want to achieve. You must be absolutely clear about the particular goals you want to reach in the exhibition such as do you want to meet existing clients, do you want to generate sales, do you want to raise the brand awareness of your company, do you want to generate leads etc. This information will play a very important role in building up the messaging on the graphics in your exhibition stand. These goals will change from exhibition to exhibition and must be conveyed to the design team every time you exhibit so that they come up with the right design and messages.
  3. Don’t forget your USPs. The graphics must reflect the unique selling points of your products and services vis a vis your competitors through imagery and text.
  4. Communicate clearly to your target audience. Tell your target audience how your product is different from the many similar products on the exhibition floor. Instead of telling about technical details, point out in your graphics how your products can benefit them and fulfill their needs. You can also point out the price competitiveness or superior quality of your products.
  5. Keep it simple, visually attractive and at a personal level. The messages on your graphics must be short and sweet, try to give the messages a personal touch which will connect with that particular audience. Using large graphic walls with high-quality images that show how your products can actually be used by the users and crisp text will prompt visitors to interact with you as they will feel welcome and comfortable in your exhibition stand.

Along with graphics, many exhibitors also take the help of interactive technology such as video walls, augmented reality, apps and more. The crux of the matter is that whichever form of communication you use during an exhibition, the messaging should short, uncomplicated, visually appealing and easily accessible so that nothing intimidates your intended target group. To get the right advice and access to professional exhibition graphic designers, all you have to do is contact us and one of our experienced designers will get back to you promptly with the perfect exhibition graphic design solution that’s just right for you.

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20 tips every exhibitor should follow

exhibition stand helpful tips

Companies spend large sums of money and tie up vital resources to participate in exhibitions, despite such outlays many exhibitors are left at a loss at the end of the show, wondering why they were unable to meet targets or get as many visitors as they would have liked. Over the years, we have helped many companies to exhibit successfully in some of the largest exhibitions in the world. In this blog, we attempt to share some of the insights we have gained on what goes into exhibiting successfully.

  1. Pay attention to the design of your exhibition stand. Focus on the detailing of your stand and you can create a 4D experience out of your 3D space.
  2. Do a realistic calculation of the time it will take to design your exhibition stand and graphics.
  3. Use colours that tie in with your brand.
  4. Use lighting to your advantage. Remember, in lighting more is not necessarily better, highlighting your products and graphics are what you should try to achieve.
  5. Make your premium product the hero of your exhibition stand.
  6. Make technology your friend, use of technology such as augmented reality draws in the visitors.
  7. Try setting up interesting demonstrations, this too is a crowd puller.
  8. Avoid cluttering up your exhibition stand with too many products or staff, this confuses and puts off visitors.
  9. Nor should your exhibition stand look empty and forlorn, use the allotted space imaginatively.
  10. Make the visitors experience at your stand a fun one; they will remember your company and products long after the exhibition are over.
  11. Be personal and welcoming to visitors, providing seating and refreshments to tired visitors is a great way to converse with them and build up business.
  12. Train your staff well before the start of the exhibition.
  13. Avoid unidirectional displays of products; visitors should be able to explore your products from multiple angles.
  14. Avoid too much text on your graphics; visitors don’t have the time to read elaborate descriptions.
  15. Large visual graphics get the attention of even the most harried visitor.
  16. More people in your exhibition stand will attract further visitors.
  17. Organising competitions and giving away useful prizes are always a good crowd puller.
  18. Try participating in important exhibitions repeatedly, this will ensure that visitors recall your brand and products easily and get you repeat business.
  19. Always follow up on your leads after the exhibition.
  20. Use a reliable and experienced exhibition stand contractors dubai; they will never let you down.

Following these tips will help ensure that you have a successful exhibiting experience whether you are a veteran exhibitor or a first timer. If you want to have a completely hassle free exhibition experience then all you have to do is fill the simple form below or give us a call, one of our exhibition experts will get back to you shortly with the perfect exhibition solution for you.