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Exhibitions help save on your sales and marketing budgets

Sales And Marketing Budgets

Exhibitions have always been a preferred medium for companies to promote face to face marketing and the ideal place for them to meet their future customers. Even in times of economic slowdowns companies participate in exhibitions as they find it much cheaper to connect with their customers through exhibitions than by other means of advertising. Studies have shown that it is cheaper to close a deal during exhibitions compared to following up and closing a deal with a client by conventional sales processes. At an exhibition, it is much easier to convince a prospective client about the advantages of your product as to following up and clinching a sale in the field.

On the spot face to face meetings

It takes much less time to convince a future client about your products if you are able to meet them at your exhibition stand during a show. Exhibitions give the opportunity to clients to not only physically see your products but also they get a chance to see the products of your competitors. This way clients can take a knowledgeable decision about their purchases and also they can tell you about their pain points so that you can resolve any issues regarding their requirements. Nothing saves time as much as a face to face meeting with customers who are in any case at the exhibition to decide on their future purchases.

Many prospects at a single place

As an exhibitor, you can save time and money by exhibiting at a show which is most likely to have prospects interested in products that you are dealing with. This can be done by doing some research and attending some shows as a visitor. When you exhibit at an industry specific exhibition where there will be hundreds, maybe thousands of prospective customers, all looking for products and services to buy then it becomes much more convenient for you to reach out to them and if your products are good then convert them into buying your products. The clients, on the other hand, have a chance to see and compare the products of your competitors and know that they are making the right choice when they decide to opt for your products.

Demonstrate new products without dipping into your pockets

Exhibitions are also the ideal ground for demonstrations. Giving demos to individual clients can be time- consuming and expensive. It takes an average of 3 calls before you can get a time slot from a client to show him a demo. If you have to give the demo at the client’s workplace then you have to incur the expense of travelling to the demo site. Whereas at an exhibition you get a chance to demonstrate your products not only to your existing clients but also get the opportunity to demonstrate your products to your prospective customers, all this can be achieved right at your exhibition stand. The biggest advantage of this way of giving demos is that you have a large captive audience of clients and prospects to whom you can give individual demos without much effort or expense.

Gauge your competition without spending big

Many customers use an exhibition as a single point source to make their purchases, as an exhibitor you can take advantage of this moment to convert them to a long term relationship. Your clients can see and feel your products for themselves in real time and you can cater to their needs and also if required adapt your products to fit their requirements there and then. If you are able to meet their requirements then there is a very good chance that these clients will buy your products. At an exhibition, you will also get to see what your competition is doing and can add some features to your products to get the market.

Building your brand image without spending on an expensive campaign

At an exhibition, you can also promote your brand at much lower cost compared to running an ad campaign. Clients and prospects can get a first person experience of what your brand is all about and how your brand is different to other brands in the market. If you have a good product range and can give your customers a good brand experience, then you can be sure of getting repeat business long after the exhibition is over. Sales and marketing teams of companies from all over the world are taking exhibitions seriously and include them as one of their primary modes of market penetration while saving substantially on time and their marketing and sales budgets.

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Give a mesmerizing experience to your prospects

mesmerizing experience

Expo Display has been helping clients in the MENA region to exhibit successfully and giving them many ideas on how to keep their visitors engaged and interested in their products at their exhibition stand. In this blog, we attempt to share some of our experience with you on how to keep your visitors fascinated with your brand and products at your exhibition stand during a busy show.

Companies exhibit their latest and best products at exhibitions, they also use exhibitions as marketing and branding exercise, as exhibitions offer a great chance to meet and interact with customers face to face at a very personal level. But the fact is that many exhibitors seem to forget that they are at an exhibition to meet and engage people. Visitors at your stand are what makes an exhibition a success and gives you the required ROI. Exhibitors do everything possible to get visitors to come to their exhibition stands. These pre-exhibition publicity exercises (both online and offline) usually delivers a large number of visitors to their stands, but are they doing enough retain these visitors in their exhibition stands and more importantly ensure that these prospects remember their brand and products after the show is over, or take a decision to make a purchase at the exhibition itself.

Exhibitors are always on the lookout for new ideas

Exhibitors are an innovative lot, they catch on to new ideas and trends in exhibiting pretty fast, but many times we have noticed that they fail to keep their visitors captivated enough in their stands once the visitor reaches the stand. Visitors at exhibitions are always pressed for time, they have to visit a large number of exhibition stands, meet associates and also take conscious decisions to make purchases of products for their businesses. Typically a visitor stops by a stand for about 20 seconds, so as an exhibitor you have to take advantage of this fleeting window of opportunity, where you can get a visitor to stop by for a longer time so that you can approach them, and most importantly try to get a visitor to take interest in your company and the products that you are promoting.

Stand staff play a key role

To keep visitors engaged in your stand, the first step is to make them feel welcome, for this to go right, you must make sure that every member of your exhibition stand staff should be well trained as well as motivated. The staff must be made to feel entitled so that they take a personal interest in meeting and engaging with visitors. Every member of the staff should make the visitor feel welcome and comfortable and the visitor should be made to feel that they can freely talk about any issue regarding the products, or make suggestions on how you can improve your products or service which will address the prospect’s needs. The staff should focus on each individual visitor, and in-case you are caught in the middle of a very busy hour, the staff can send the extra visitors to other exhibition stands that would be of interest to them and fix appointments when they can come back later to see your product demos and listen to that all important sales talk. This gives you an insight into what the visitor wants and you can prepare yourself beforehand on how to take the conversation forward.

A good gift is worth its weight in gold

Nothing entices a visitor more than a good giveaway, of course only if the gift is well thought out and not some cheap trash because then your gift will end up where it belongs, the nearest trash can. Gifts given out at your exhibition stand can play an important role in the way your prospects view your brand and the opinion they may form about your products. A good gift may be a bit more expensive than just a key ring or a pen, but you must remember that many prospects tie the quality and value of the gifts they receive with their perception of your brand. A thoughtful gift that can be useful to your customers will also prompt them to not only thank you, but will also get them to think how they can reciprocate you, and they will reciprocate your generosity by staying longer in your stand and giving a lot more attention to your sales talks and they are more likely to recommend your products. So as an exhibitor you must give thought to your giveaways and a good gift will help your customers to remember you long after the exhibition is over.

Use technology to your advantage

The clever use of technology is another innovative way to keep your visitors engaged in your exhibition stand. People love to use and experience technology. If you can put together a really mesmerizing technological experience at your stand then you will have visitors lining up to spend time with you. A normal product demo can turn into the next level of enhanced experience if you use augmented reality to show your product. A virtual tour of your manufacturing facility with 3D effects will keep your visitors transfixed. There are many interactive programs that can be used to enhance the experience of your visitors at your stand. If visitors get to directly engage with the various technological tools at your stand they are much more likely to interact with you and also want to use your products.

There are many ways by which you can keep your visitors engaged at your exhibition stand; combining different ideas can make for a richer visitor experience. If your visitors can be made to have a good time at your stand then they will always be receptive to what you want to tell them and much more likely to try out and buy your products.

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How exhibitions ride the wave of new technology to remain relevant

exhibitions ride the wave of new technology

Exhibitions are growing bigger year by year, I remember a few years ago some doomsday prophets of the exhibition industry predicting that the exhibition industry is dying a slow death, and it is just a matter of time before companies stop exhibiting. The doomsayers based their arguments on the basis that with the advent of new technologies and the growing trend of online trade, people would be reluctant to move out from the comforts of their offices and homes to go to an exhibition and spend hours walking and visiting exhibition stands to see products which anyway, they could find online.

But the damp squibs were wrong, in- fact, the numbers of new exhibitions being launched are growing and older more established exhibitions are seeing record numbers of exhibitors and visitors. Though we can’t discount the impact of online shops but nothing beats the feeling of seeing and touching a product before purchasing it. Who can resist the temptation of comparing products of different manufacturers before taking the decision to buy something? This is true not only for consumer products and white goods, even large companies like to compare and evaluate before they take a decision to go in for new equipment and machinery.

Person to person interactions

Exhibitions have been around for a long time, hundreds of years for sure, so exhibitors must be definitely doing something right. Very early on, companies realized that nothing beats face to face interactions with prospects, they found that it was cheaper to exhibit at a static location where many buyers gathered looking to buy products, and exhibitions are the perfect forums where they not only got to see many products, but they also experienced live demonstrations of products and actually saw how those products could be useful to them. Even now exhibitions provide an ideal platform for companies to launch new products and showcase improvements done on their older product lines. Visitors always like to experience and see innovations that were considered science fiction just a few years ago. No online site can ever give a person this experience of a live demonstration.

Real- time feedbacks

Exhibitions provide the ideal setting for manufacturers and their clients and prospects to meet face to face, here they not only buy and sell products but also this is the best place where companies can get to know their clients more intimately. Further, companies can get direct feedbacks from their clients and prospects on whether their products are fulfilling the needs of the market or if the products need to be improved or if required discarded for a completely new line of goods. Exhibitions play a very important part in the marketing and sales strategy of companies today due to the direct, in the face, nature of these events. Most of the largest companies in the world have elaborate plans and huge budgets for their below the line marketing activities and exhibitions play an important role in these plans.

Embracing new technologies

Exhibitors have adapted very well to the new technologies that are emerging every day. Not only do companies take advantage of online marketing and sales campaigns to sell their products, they also use these online tools to announce their participation in various exhibitions and trade shows. Such campaigns are cheaper to run and they make an impact on a new generation of buyers and decision makers who are very tech savvy. Exhibitors also use immersive technologies in their exhibition stands with interactive kiosks, 3D mapping, laser shows, virtual reality and much more to attract and hold their visitors at their exhibition stand. The impact exhibitions have on the market is still growing, to a large extent, this is due to the use of new technologies and the innovative use of new materials being used to make exhibition stands.

Using sustainable materials

Exhibition stand building methods and technology is also changing, keeping pace with new sensibilities and sustainability, exhibitors are increasingly going for reusable modular exhibition stands. These exhibition stands can be re-used over a long period of time and a company uses these exhibition stands over a course of many shows. These modular exhibition stands are ecologically sustainable and in line with the growing demands for green solutions in exhibitions. Companies using modular exhibition stands are considered more ecologically responsible and visitors view them and their products with trust. These kinds of direct contact and impact cannot be achieved in any other kind of sales or marketing campaigns. Companies participating in exhibitions can influence their customers more easily compared to other Medias. So, even though a whole generation has grown up surrounded by technology, exhibitions still holds its own as an important influencer in the sales cycle.

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How exhibitions can help companies manage their purchases and time better?

exhibition companies in dubai

In the fast paced world of commerce and business every person is pressed for time, this is especially true of senior executives and key decision makers in an organization. Being one of the premier exhibition companies in Dubai, our clients participate in many leading exhibitions in the region and further afield and we have the privilege of building their exhibition stands. Over a span of time we have observed that exhibitions have started playing a key role in the buying cycles of many companies. Another observation that we made was that top level managers’ priorities and that of middle and low level managers were quite different. In this blog we will share some of the vital information we have gathered over many exhibitions and how you as an exhibitor can take advantage of our experience to achieve your goals.

Exhibitions, the perfect shopping place

Since a few years, executives both senior and junior have realized that exhibitions are one of the perfect markets where they can shop for their companies, these purchases can range from supply of office stationary to important plant and machinery. These same shoppers have got on to the idea that exhibitions are also an important place to source for different services and meet people who can be their dealers and distributors and even trade partners. Another significant realization that executives have had over a period is that shopping for their companies at exhibitions is a major time saver and they can significantly reduce the time needed to source, compare, evaluate and buy.

Strategise where to participate

One factor that exhibitors need to keep in their minds while planning their annual exhibiting strategy is that they must attend only those exhibitions which cover their industry and that getting executives with buying power to attend these exhibitions needs to be planned for, keeping their various decision making levels in mind. Top level executives generally attend only those exhibitions that have been recommended to them by their peers and associates and where they have been invited. This gives them the advantage of having prior knowledge about the quality of the exhibition and whether their buying requirements will be fulfilled in that exhibition or not. Only when they are sure that a particular exhibition will help them to achieve what they want (which basically means getting the right products and services at a single platform) and save significant time in doing so do these top level executives bother to visit an exhibition. The reason for this is that they are always pressed for time and cannot afford to waste any of it just moving around in an exhibition without achieving anything. So while targeting top executives you must carefully choose only those exhibitions that are considered the crème de la crème of shows. Although participation costs of such exhibitions may be higher than other exhibitions you can be sure that you will get the key decision makers at your exhibition stand.

Exhibitions help save time

Companies nowadays give a lot of stress on efficient time management and like their executives to achieve more with less manpower. As one of the significant exhibition companies in Dubai, we have seen that mid and junior level executives look at exhibitions as an important place for direct face to face shopping experience and also attending exhibitions for shopping helps them to manage their time and resources much more efficiently. As lesser staff is available to vet and buy required products, exhibitions serve as the ideal hunting ground for these executives to buy without tapping into too much time and assets. At exhibitions they find themselves in a place where spending a day or two meeting people and observing exhibition stands stocked with products gives them a view of what is new in the market and getting products they require at many price points. Most of these mid and junior level executives know exactly what they require and many times find it difficult to find these products in the conventional markets. They know that many serious industry players will have their exhibition stands in the show and are confident that they can complete their shopping in a short span of time while at the same time have the opportunity to compare prices and quality. So while top executives are important, you as an exhibitor also need to pay attention to lower level executives who also play a significant role in the buying patterns of companies. These executives have significant spending budgets and are also major influencers in the buying process, so ignore them at your own peril.

A vital part of the corporate buying process

Exhibitions play an important part in the buying process of many large companies, so as an exhibitor if you are able to meet the demands of the market by offering goods and services that is needed then very few other means of sales can meet the great returns that you can get at exhibitions. The shopping patterns of top level executives may be different compared to the other levels of executives, but each one of these segments contributes greatly to your sales. Knowing how to engage the different levels of executives is vital for your success. Exhibitions go a long way towards helping these shoppers to save their time and this trend will only grow in the future. So if you can engage them with proper communication, that lets them know that you can not only meet their requirements but also save their time while doing so, you will comprehend how participating in exhibitions can help you to realize your targets.

An exhibition stand that gets the buyers

Expo Display helps you get the right attention on the exhibition floor with concepts and designs that bring forth your products and brand to the attention of executives shopping for their companies. Our exhibition stands are designed and built to help you get maximum exposure. As one of the leading exhibition companies in Dubai, we have been a preferred partner for clients in the Middle East and North Africa to build their exhibition stands in every significant exhibition in the MENA region and other important exhibition venues all over the world. We hope this blog will help you exhibit more efficiently in your future exhibitions so that you can exceed your sales targets.

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How lack of communication skills can kill your exhibiting efforts

how lack of communication

Effective Communication for Maximum Roi

Whenever I visit an exhibition, I just can’t help noticing that at many of the exhibition stands, exhibitors don’t approach the visitors very readily. Companies spend large sums of money to participate in exhibitions and consider exhibitions as an important B2B and B2C sales exercise. Adding customers by approaching the hundreds of prospects that visit the exhibitions is the prime reason why companies build large, beautifully designed exhibition stands. If expanding the customer base is one of the primary purposes of exhibiting, then why don’t the staff manning the exhibition stand do their job of approaching and talking to prospects, isn’t that why they are there in the stand in the first place? do their job of approaching and talking to prospects, isn’t that why they are there in the stand in the first place? Isn’t this an considered basic exhibition etiquette?

Are the visitors unimportant?
In most exhibitions the booth design is spot on, the exhibitors leave nothing to chance in their efforts to advertise their participation in a show and on the show floor they make sure that the visitors do not miss out on spotting their stand by using large signage, yet when prospects pass by their stands they do not make the effort of going up to them and starting a conversation. What could be the reason for such a disjoint in their approach? In one exhibition, at the stand of a large electronic goods manufacturer I noticed that even when visitors were stopping by looking at the stand, the booth staff was busy talking among themselves, giving scarce attention to the prospects.
Face to face communications
On delving into this a bit further, I was startled to find out that most companies, despite spending serious amounts of money and time in planning their participations in exhibitions, hardly give any thought on training their staff and teaching them the basics of working in an exhibition floor. Exhibition staffing is not a full- time job, people from the sales and marketing teams are usually picked to man the stands during shows. Due to the temporary nature of these assignments, most staff members do not take these jobs seriously. The exhibition managers, on the other hand, consider their jobs well done as long as the exhibition stand is designed and built to perfection. Most companies seem to forget that the very basic function of participating in the exhibition is to cultivate face to face communications with clients and prospects.
Managers need to be proactive
The intrinsic problem behind this lack of communication on behalf of the booth staff is that of under or no training whatsoever. Most of the companies I talked to do not follow a pre- exhibition training program. Sales and brand managers need to focus on pre- exhibition training of booth staff, they need to inculcate into their teams the importance of walking out of their booths to talk to any visitor who seems even a little interested in their products. The staff needs to adapt a friendly body language and etiquette so that visitors feel welcome; this means no lounging around and talking among themselves or on their phones. The booth staff must be made aware that the exhibition is only a short window of opportunity open to them to further establish their products in the market and they must not leave anything to chance, even if they represent a well known brand.
Training and the art of asking questions
The booth staff needs to ask the right questions and should also be in a position to educate visitors about their company and its products. Asking the right questions is an art, the visitors should never be made to feel intimidated or the staff should not have a condescending attitude while asking and answering questions, even if they seem mundane. The best way of seeing to it that the exhibition stand staff adapt the right manners and ask the right questions is to give them a list of basic questions and answers, as well as conduct a series of test runs before the exhibition, either at the exhibition stand or at the workplace.Getting the stand staff to be friendly and forthcoming is not rocket science, all you need to do is train them and inculcate a feeling of pride in them, that they are the lucky few who have been chosen by the company to represent it at an important event like an exhibition at the corporate exhibition stand.

Help keep visitors engaged In Exhibition stands

exhibition stand

Recently, a colleague of mine visited an exhibition meant for the construction machinery industry. The participation was good and all the leading construction equipment manufacturers and dealers had their exhibition stands at the exhibition. Understandably almost all the exhibitors had their equipment on display at their stands, which the visiting public (all of whom were from the industry and were there on invitation only) could see and many of them were also giving live demonstrations of their products. Interestingly most of the visitors had a lukewarm response to these exhibits as the majority of products were just machines and the visitors knew how each of them functions. Some stands were serving refreshments and these had some visitors, though they were more interested in the snacks. The exhibition had a very good turnout and despite a record number of visitors, the exhibitors were complaining that business was slow and they were getting very few genuine leads which could be followed up by their sales teams. The exhibitors had spared no expense in building impressive exhibition stands and had their best products on display, yet the visiting public was not getting engaged.

What are they doing that is different from others

Among all these stands, my colleague noticed that one particular exhibition stand stood apart from the rest. Yes, this one was a very large well designed exhibition stand, they were also serving refreshments but what got his attention was the long queue of people waiting to enter the stand, there were easily around fifty people in that queue. Another thing that took him by surprise was that this particular stand did not have a single piece of equipment on display. He was curious to know what was attracting crowds to this particular stand even though it did not seem to have any visible exhibits in sight. On approaching one of the senior managers of the company who happened to be in the stand at that moment, after exchanging in the usual niceties and the customary handing around of visiting cards, they got chatting.

Using technology to your advantage

What my colleague learnt was a complete eye opener on how an exhibitor can innovatively engage their customers and prospects so that they get large numbers of footfalls and keep their visitors engaged, allowing their sales teams to interact with the customers. In this case the exhibitor had created a movie theater where visitors could see a ten minute long laser show where the audience could see the products and learn what the company was up to in the field of construction equipment and how their products were positively impacting projects all over the world. The 3D laser models of the machinery were so lifelike that the audience could almost reach out and touch them. The show displayed how the different machines worked and how they could use them to their advantage, thus not only demonstrating how their machines worked but also how these machines were used in different ways in the field.

Easily replicable solutions

The best thing about this kind of approach was that the exhibitor got the unwavering attention of their prospects for a period of ten minutes (unheard of in exhibitions) and the prospects got an inside view of the products, and couldn’t wait to speak to the sales teams to fix appointments so that they could further explore and probably buy the products. All this was achieved without displaying a single equipment, though the visitors got a better idea about the products without looking at live models. The recall value of the show was such, that word about the show spread like wildfire and by the end of the exhibition over 5,000 people had seen it! People recalled the brand and happily listened to the sales teams after the show and all this without the expense of distributing pricy giveaways or elaborately printed brochures. Generating so much genuine attention in an exhibition is indeed a commendable job. The company is now planning to take this concept all over the world to all the major shows that they participate in.

The concept, design and execution of this project were done by one of our associate companies, with active participation and inputs from us. At Expo Display we have been consistently helping our clients to think out of the box and in bringing disruptive technologies into the realm of exhibitions, so that they can achieve their goals beyond expectations. As one of the foremost exhibition companies in Dubai we are always happy to enhance and enrich your exhibiting experience so that you can touch new heights.

A short guide to effective Booth Design

exhibition stand

The main purpose of participating in any exhibition or trade show is to showcase your brand and meet customers face to face so that you can answer their queries, demonstrate new products, get feedback, target new customers and increase market share. Companies make every effort to let their clients and prospective customers know about their presence in an exhibition through various channels such as advertising, on their websites, sending e-mails, making one to one calls, sending mailers and also using social media to announce their participation and location of their booth. They pay a lot of attention on their booth design trying to make sure that visitors to the exhibition stop by their exhibition stand.


But what about those clients and prospects who may have fallen through the cracks, what about those promising prospects whom you don’t know about, but who are interested in the products or services sold by you? A large percentage of visitors to a trade fair may not be on your mailing list or may not be aware of your brand but may be definitely interested in the kind of products sold by you. How do you reach those people? How do you ensure that all visitors who enter your exhibition hall are able to see where your stand is located and what are the products you have on offer and also about your brand. You also need to consider the factors that will make a visitor step into your exhibition stand once they have located it and have made the effort of reaching it passing by several other exhibition stands belonging to your competitors.


This is where important factors like booth design and signage come in. A lot depends on how you have designed your booth and also how you have positioned your signage because these factors will ultimately play an important part in how visitors who are unaware of your brand and products perceive you and have the urge to check you out. We at Expo Display have years of experience behind us in enabling clients from the Middle East to exhibit very successfully in the many shows that take place every year in the MENA region and beyond. We would like to share our knowledge on what makes an exhibition booth stand out among others in a show based on our understanding of the exhibition business.


In an exhibition, there may be hundreds of booths vying for the attention of visitors, one element of booth design that many exhibitors miss is the colour scheme used in the booth. Humans as whole get attracted to certain colours, these colours are known as ‘Archetypes’, these basic colours are Red, Blue and Green (RGB), these basic colours are combined to form eight primary colours that we subconsciously get attracted to in addition there are two more colours (black and gold) that we also prefer. The eight primary colours are a combination of the three archetypical colours RGB. Preferences for certain colours are also dependent on cultural sensibilities and childhood conditioning. Different cultures, regions and countries can prefer different shades of the eight primary colours, but at the end of the day all of us are subconsciously attracted to these eight plus two colours.


Continuing on the choice of colours that can be used in booth design to make the booth attractive and welcome to visitors we have seen that Red and various shades of it attracts people all over the world, also different shades of blue and green have a positive effect. Variations of Yellow, orange, brown and purple are also preferred at many places. Black and gold can be used as highlights in the booth. Another thing that you must keep in mind about colours to be used in your exhibition stand is staff uniforms. The booth staff should also be preferably dressed in colours conforming to the booth design. This way you establish certain hygiene to your booth design and this helps in making your exhibition stand to look different and more welcoming compared to other exhibition stands in the hall.


Another aspect of booth design that we want to touch upon is signage. An exhibition stand needs to be visible on the show floor. If the location of a stand can be seen from a distance, especially from all angles of the hall it is a sure thing that the stand will get visitors and prospects who do not have prior information about your participation. One way of making your stand more visible is if you increase the height of the walls, but this can be done normally if you have a custom made exhibition stand or a stand large enough where you can have a pillar with an illuminated sign on top.


Smaller exhibition stands and inline stands have a problem, in most of the cases such stands do not have the space or the budgets or permission from the organizers to go higher than the stipulated height, nor do they have space to accommodate a pillar. There is an easy cost effective way to get around this problem; the booth design can include hanging signs. Most exhibition centres have facilities whereby signs can be suspended from overhead beams or columns. These signs come in various forms such as fabric, flex etc. and can be framed or unframed. Subtle lighting can be focused on these signs from the stand below and these signs can be seen from a distance, giving visitors the location of the stand and also information about products and the brand. These hanging banners are quite inexpensive and you can suspend them from the ceiling for a small fee. The best thing about these banners is that they can be suspended even on top of smaller exhibition stands. These overhead signage is an effective and low cost solution to advertise the location, products and your brand in an economical manner. While making the booth design you need to keep in mind that the colour of these overhead banners stand out and the text is visible from a distance, so that visitors can see them from a distance.


These couple of pointers can help you get a booth design that is attractive and at the same time effective enough so that your exhibition stand gets more visitors so that you can achieve your exhibiting goals.

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Secrets for Success in Exhibiting Abroad Revealed

exhibition abroad

Planning to participate in an exhibition abroad can be a mind bogglingly challenging task, especially for companies who don’t have offices in the country where the exhibition is taking place and also for people exhibiting in a foreign country for the first time. Another tough task is the time taken to organize and plan everything for the exhibition and most importantly the large amount of funds required to cover all the various costs involved.

In this blog, we look into the many ways that can help you to exhibit with style in a foreign location and make inroads into new markets. As one of the foremost exhibition companies in Dubai we have been helping our clients all over the Middle East and North Africa to exhibit successfully in Europe, USA and India for the past eight years. Very few exhibition companies in Dubai have the kind of outreach like we do. Being a part of the Insta Worldwide Group gives us access to the worldwide exhibition scene thanks to our associate companies in Europe, USA, and India.

One major hurdle faced by companies who want to foray into exhibitions abroad is a lack of in-depth knowledge of the exhibitions that are right for them and awareness about the markets there. One way of gathering info about this is to attend several exhibitions as visitors so that you get to experience the exhibitions as well as to see whether a particular exhibition meets up to your marketing goals. As one of the preferred exhibition companies in Dubai we have complete in-depth knowledge about exhibitions and markets in foreign countries and we can guide and help you at every step leading up to your participation in an exhibition overseas.

As a company planning to exhibit for the first time in a foreign land there are four basic ways to go about it, we will take you through the various ways that can help you in your venture so read on.

  1. Stand alone

You can opt to participate in an exhibition in your own stand alone exhibition stand. This way you have your individual stand which will also bring out the individuality of your brand and products to the forefront. A stand alone stand acts as a major advertisement in the exhibition announcing to the visitors and competitors that you have arrived and are ready to do business in that country. These stands give a boost to your brand and product value. To participate directly you need to do a lot of detailed planning and use up a lot of resources, or else you can get a professional exhibition company like Expo Display to handle your project. We will take care of all the nuances that go into participating in a foreign exhibition without you going through any stress and unnecessary expenses, all you have to do is be present in your stand during the exhibition and establish your brand and products in that market.

  1. Country or State Pavilions

Many countries participate in exhibitions abroad with their trade pavilions, if your country participates with a pavilion then you can book a stand in that pavilion. The advantage of such participation is that the pavilion organizers set up the stands and as these stands are usually shell scheme stands you also get to save some money. The flipside of this is that you lose your individuality and your product will be one of many that will be on display, you may lose out on establishing your product in that market as the pavilion may be located in a part of the exhibition that is not focused on your particular product category. You also need to decide if it suits your brand to be identified with your country or be counted as a global entity.

  1. Trade Council or Industry Association Pavilion

Often your countries export promotion council or your industry association may participate in an exhibition abroad with their own industry pavilion. Exhibiting from such kind of industry pavilions give you the advantage of being part of an industry and product collective and your stand will be built by the association so you do not have to bother about any planning, further it is cheaper to be a part of such pavilions. The drawback to such kind of participation is that usually the stand sizes in such pavilions are extremely small and most importantly you lose your individuality completely in these set ups. Normally you end up just displaying some graphics and will not be able to demonstrate your products. So even though you may save money you may lose out on the actual purpose of your participation which is establishing your brand and products in that market.

  1. Co-participation with a partner

You can participate in a foreign exhibition with a partner if you are comfortable with it. That way you can share the costs and support each other to plan and execute the stand. In such a scenario, you must keep in mind that your brand value may get diluted and you will also be competing with your partner if they are selling a product similar to yours though you can have a bigger stand as the costs involved will be less. It will be best if you can get a partner whose brand value is lesser than yours and products are different from what you are offering.

Why participating in a foreign exhibition can be beneficial for you business:

  1. Completely new set of visitors interested in your products
  2. Build up new contacts, meet new prospects build up dealer, distributor and partner networks
  3. Tap a hereby untapped market
  4. Great way to test the market
  5. Establish your brand in a virgin market
  6. Display and demonstrate your products to a completely new set of clients
  7. Just participating in the exhibition builds up your brand value and helps establish it
  8. Opens up new possibilities and chances of increasing business

Some valuable hints to make your experience even better:

  1. Do your research; get to learn about the country, its culture, and the preferences of the market. Make it a point to learn about the customs and of the people to save you from making any possible faux pax. Educate yourself about the various laws and conditions of the exhibition grounds to avoid any nasty surprises later.
  2. Keep some cash; it is advisable to keep some local currency on yourself as many times you may not be able to access a bank, ATM or pay by credit or debit cards at the exhibition ground and you will definitely need to make some last minute purchases.
  3. Engage a well reputed professional exhibition company to design and build your exhibition stand. Expo Display can help you with this at any location in Europe, USA, and India.
  4. Carefully select your team for the exhibition and remember to book their tickets, accommodation and buy insurance well in advance to save money.
  5. Consider the local cultural sensibilities and customs so that you can design graphics which will not offend anyone, also see to it that you and your team dress and behave appropriately so as not to upset people.
  6. Be adventurous and enjoy the sights, sounds and culture of your new surroundings.

Exhibiting in a foreign land comes with many benefits and if you are able to do it successfully it can mean substantial business rewards. As one of the leading exhibition companies in Dubai, we can help you achieve exhibition success without you ever facing any botheration.

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50 tips to increase your ROI at exhibitions and helps you gain maximum exposure

50 Tips to increase your ROI

Are you an exhibitor? Are you speculating how to make sales in exhibition? Wondering how to increase your ROI at exhibitions? Worry not! These are some of the few questions every exhibitor faces before and during his exhibition participation. Exhibitors are often on the lookout for strategies that help them to generate more leads at exhibitions. Exhibitions are a competitive platform and hence to yield maximum ROI you need to outdo your competitors. In this article we bring you 50 tips to increase your ROI at exhibitions.

Selection is crucial –

Choose exhibitions carefully before participating in them. This will help you to conserve resources and manage your team’s time more efficiently. The trick is to target exhibitions that are more focused on your industry so that you meet the right customers.

Book Early –

Book your exhibition space well in advance so that you get to pick the spot of your choice on the exhibition floor.

Visit more exhibitions –

Try to attend more exhibitions outside your territory and country, this way you can tap new markets and reach new customer bases.

Research is imperative –

Do your research and go to exhibitions where your competitors get more leads, invest your time and money on these shows.

Invest wisely –

It is wise to invest fewer exhibitions, rather than exhibiting in more shows and dissipating your money and energy.

Pick your show wisely –

Interact with your visitors and try to know about the exhibitions they visit, try to exhibit in those exhibitions.

Commit to a bigger exhibition stand –

One sure shot way of establishing your brand and increasing its prestige among potential customers is to exhibit from a large exhibition stand. An unique stand ideas is sure to stand out. Boost your exhibition stand with creative booth design ideas that are in sync with your marketing strategy

Advertise your exhibition participation -

Mention that you are participating in the exhibition and also publish your exhibition stand number on your company website and other details about your booth.

Keep your marketing message crisp and catchy –

Keep your sales slogans short and sweet. Short copy helps you to print your slogans in large font sizes, getting the attention of visitors from a distance.

Bolder graphics, bigger profits –

Try to have larger than life graphics, these attract visitors and help your sales team to talk to more people which could lead to quantitative exhibition sales.

Use your resources –

Use all the advertising opportunities given by the exhibition organizers, you can get to advertise free or at a nominal charge on the exhibition website, manual etc.

Exhibitions helps you gain maximum exposure.

The primary concern of a company is to establish its brand and products in the market and exhibition sales. Other than conventional marketing strategies, participating in exhibitions is a major marketing and sales opportunity open to companies to not only meet their customers face to face but also helps in converting potential customers to come on board as new clients and also generate leads through branding of your products.

You can get more leads and convert the fence sitters, this can lead to increased exhibition sales, especially if you have a well trained dedicated sales team at your stand and if you prepare yourself well in advance internally and follow a plan.

Follow these easy implement steps to increase leads and sales

At Expo Display, we have been helping our clients make inroads and increase their sales in the Middle East and North African markets for the last eight years by providing them with suitable exhibition stand ideas and exhibition services. Today we are among the dominant exhibition companies in Dubai and by being closely involved with our clients,we have gained a lot of insight on what you can do to increase leads and sales

We are happy to share our knowledge with you and hope it helps you to get more leads and generate more sales the next time you participate in an exhibition.

Advertise and promote –

Advertise your brand, products and position of your exhibition stand in trade magazines.

Make your stand look inviting –

Make the entrance of your exhibition stand as welcoming as possible to get more footfalls.

Customize to please your TG –

Learn about the types of visitors likely to be at the exhibition, this will help you customize the design and the messaging in your stand, so that you can maximize visits to your stand.

Cleanliness is never outdated -

Pay attention to housekeeping, keeping your exhibition stand neat and clean even during rush hours tell a lot about your products and brand.

Placement is important –

Remember the floor is meant for carpets and coverings, not for branding, do not have messages printed on the floor of your stand, most of the visitors will miss it.

Display your products smartly -

Always display your most popular products at the stand.

Don’t undermine exhibition graphics –

Use large graphics to convey your brand and message loud and clear.

Use bold hues –

Use colours in your graphic designs, colours help your messages to appeal to the visitors and make your exhibition stands more attractive.

Invest in the latest gadgets –

Use multimedia tools to your advantage, films and other multimedia applications get the attention of visitors as they pass by your stand, tweaking their curiosity.

Do your homework –

Get your sales and marketing teams to schedule appointments with present and potential clients before the exhibition.

Newsletters and notifications –

Run an e-mail campaign about your participation in the exhibition among all your clients and contacts on your mailing list.

Social media is your best friend –

Use social media to advertise your participation in the exhibition; you can also connect to potential clients this way.

Do your homework –

Get your sales and marketing teams to schedule appointments with present and potential clients before the exhibition.

Newsletters and notifications –

Run an e-mail campaign about your participation in the exhibition among all your clients and contacts on your mailing list.

Social media is your best friend –

Use social media to advertise your participation in the exhibition; you can also connect to potential clients this way.

Publish in magazines

Announce the presence of your company in the exhibition to trade journals.

Timing is essential –

Clients and potential customers attending exhibitions are normally free compared to normal work days, this is the ideal time to invite them out for lunch or dinner to strengthen relationships with them.

Invest in your own website -

You can set up a website specially focused on the exhibition, you can give news and other interesting facts about the exhibition on this site.

Invitations are not outdated –

Send smartly designed invitation cards to your prospects, you can also mention about a good gift to be collected from your stand when they visit the stand.

Launch your latest products at the show –

You can always attract a larger number of visitors to your stand if you announce a product launch during the exhibition.

Refreshments are always a big hit –

Serving food and drinks at your exhibition stand is a great way to invite and talk to your customers and potential clients.

Health drinks and snacks –

Serving healthy snacks, fruits and drinks acts as a potential crowd puller.

Maintain uniformity and decorum –

Ensure that your team in the exhibition stand wears a standardized uniform during the show, this is a good way to advertise your products.

Giveaways are a must –

Giving visitors a small but useful gift adds to recall value of your brand.

Discounts ensure sales –

Giving special discount offers on products bought or booked during the exhibition has great potential to boost sales.

Sweepstakes are all time favorites –

Organizing a lucky draw or a competition where visitors can win prizes can also be a great way to convert potential clients.

Press conferences can help your brand –

Organizing a press conference during the exhibition goes a long way towards spreading the word about your exhibition stand as well as your products and brand.

Workshops and seminars –

Organising seminars and workshops in your exhibition stand or at a venue in the exhibition can add value to your company’s brand value and convert prospective clients.Fun and games -Setting up gaming consoles, entertainment pods or other activities at your exhibition stands always acts as a good crowd puller.

Celebrity endorsement –

Getting a celebrity to inaugurate your stand is great for publicity and getting the attention of visitors.

Give your visitors a live experience –

Let visitors touch and feel your products to increase customer experience and increase sales.

LED screens for the win –

Telecast product demos and corporate films from large screens at your exhibition stands.

Keep your marketing collaterals interactive –

Don’t just distribute sales brochures and leaflets at your exhibition stands, take the mailing address of visitors and tell them you shall mail them more details about the products after the exhibition.

Be involved at your exhibition stand –

Senior executives of the company must visit the stand for some time so that their presence attracts more clients.

Keep your booth environment friendly –

Train your stand staff to use their charm and skills to keep the visitors engaged, a happy smile ensures that visitors feel welcome and makes them more open to buy your products.

Make good use of technology –

Use technology to your advantage, card scanners are a quick way to build up your mailing list and helps you fix appointments in the future.

Train your staff to engage visitors –

Make your exhibition stand as interactive as possible so that visitors spend more time at your stand and give your sales team the opportunity to sell your products.

Be alert and proactive –

Try not to sit or lounge in your stand, this puts off visitors and makes them feel unwelcome.

Thorough training to reap maximum benefits –

Your sales team should be well trained and completely familiar with all your products.

Invest in your sales team wisely –

Train your sales team on methods of communicating and holding the attention of a visitor.

Listen and provide appropriate solutions to clients –

Always give solutions to your clients and prospects, allow them to have the final say on the sales, this gives them a sense of empowerment and they
feel they must take a positive decision.As one of the premier exhibition companies in Dubai,we have helped our clients to exhibit successfully and
increase their ROI not only in the Middle East but in other regions of the world. These tips have helped our clients to meet their targets consistently
in the past, remember the first impression that you have on your visitors in the exhibition is also a lasting impression on them
about your company and your products.

Our exhibition stand solutions can also be rented if that suits your
purpose. Choose from a wide variety of over 800 exhibition stand designs and make a powerful impact on your target audience. Contact us for
integrated exhibition stand solutions for your next show in the Middle East.