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Choosing an exhibition stand that is just right for you

right exhibition stand

Exhibitions is one place where you can see marvels of design and engineering at one place, at no other single place does one get to see so many different layouts, shapes, configurations or shapes. An exhibition stand can be as simple as a plain wall to complex designs which call for serious architectural and engineering acumen. The thing that really separates exhibition stands apart from other types of construction activity is that an exhibition stand is built to be used for only a few days, after the show the exhibition stand is pulled down and the process of preparing for the next exhibition starts all over again.

This is what makes the jobs of exhibition stand designers and builders so interesting, they get to come up with new designs which throw up fresh challenges to the installation team and at the end of the day the reward is a great buildup and a satisfied client. To be able to do this job correctly and creatively exhibition companies need to have experience in successfully completing complex projects as well as a team that is dedicated and committed to the job, companies that have a solution for every kind of exhibition stand requirement, be it a simple display wall or a 5,000 sqm multi level structure. Expo Display has this kind of experience and commitment to quality of design and execution in the Middle East, in this blog we shall discuss about the many different kinds of exhibition stands that one can get for an exhibition using the knowledge gained by us over years of building stands at exhibitions, you can take advantage of our insights into the many different kinds of exhibition stands you can use, depending on the type of exhibition you decide to participate in and also your timelines and budget.

Three side open exhibition stands

A three side open exhibition stand has one wall and usually is located on the corner of three aisles. The advantage of such a stand is that visitors walking past on all the three aisles get to see your stand and products as they pass through your stand.

These stands normally cover a smaller space and you get to display your graphics on one wall only. So this kind of stand gets more footfalls but due to less display area you must have a good sales team who can talk to and convert buyers.

 Single side open exhibition stands

Single side open exhibition stands are the most common form of exhibition stands that are offered by organizers to exhibitors. These stands have three walls and are open to an aisle. The exhibition stand has three walls on which graphics can be displayed and can also accommodate a small sitting area for meetings. These stands are usually sold by the organizers as a shell scheme and come with carpeting, basic furniture, electric power point and lighting. These stands are the cheapest type of exhibition space and ideal for first time exhibitors or if you are on a budget.

The drawbacks of these exhibition stands are that they are usually one of many similar stands in a row and don’t have individuality to stand apart, they are also small in size and lack floor space. To get the right amount of traction in these stands you must get your graphics designed very well so that they attract visitors to stop and look at them giving you the opportunity to talk to them.

Walk through exhibition stands

Walk through exhibition stands are rare and normally located between two rows of shell scheme stands. These kinds of exhibition stands have more floor space and as visitors actually walk through your stand you get a better chance to speak to them. These stands also are deeper and have two sidewalls which can be used for displays.

The challenge with walk through stands is that they are used as a passageway between two aisles or halls and can be used by visitors as a common space. The graphic displays of these stands must be very vibrant and attractive and it is better still if the exhibition stand designers create innovative design elements and activities for the stand that will compel the visitors to stop to have a look, but stand personnel must be alert enough to ensure that the crowd does not build up too much.

Two side open exhibition stands

A two side open exhibition stand is usually located at the intersection of two aisles giving the stand access to visitors from both the aisles, this means such stands get more traffic and gives you more chances of creating new customers.

Two side open stands have less display space as they have only two walls to place their graphics on, but if your graphics are well designed and products displayed ingeniously these stands get a lot more eyeballs and you can convert a lot of visitors.

Island exhibition stands

Island exhibition stands fall under the space only category, these are large areas of bare exhibition space open from all four sides where you have to get the stand designed and built from scratch. Such stands are perfect for companies that have a large product range to display, have the resources and budget to get a custom designed stand built. With an island exhibition stand you will get the attention of all the visitors who enter the exhibition and gives out the message that you have an eminent brand.

Island exhibition stands take time and effort to design and built, but if you work with professional exhibition stand building companies like Expo Display then the hassles of executing an island stand successfully is a walk in the park.

Multi level exhibition stands

Multi level exhibition stands are the most expensive and complex form of exhibition stands. These stands have an extra mezzanine floor thus increasing the usable area of the stand. These stands are designed to impress visitors who identify these stands with the stature of the brand. These stands have large display areas which are used by exhibition stand designers to show large graphics and product displays. The upper floor can be used as a meeting room, hospitality zone or a VIP area adding prestige to the exhibiting company.

These stands have to be designed keeping in mind restrictions regarding height and load, the mezzanine floor has to be constructed with utmost care and precision so that it is structurally sound as scores of people may be using the upper floor at any given time. Due to the size and structural demands these stands can be quite expensive and difficult to build. Expo Display has the experience and the bandwidth to build structurally sound amazingly designed multi level exhibition stands at any exhibition venue in the Middle East.

Choosing the right exhibition stand

Now that you know about the different exhibition stands that are available, you can take a knowledgeable decision about the kind of exhibition stand that suits your exhibition requirements and budgets. We have a whole range of exhibition stand solutions right across various price ranges. We can also help you choose which kind of space to book for an exhibition as many exhibition floor plans are confusing. We offer customized solutions in modular exhibition stands and low cost portable exhibition stands, our modular and portable exhibition stands can also be rented so that you can choose a solution that is just right for you.

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Organizing a seminar in your exhibition stand

a seminar in your exhibition stand

Usually an exhibition gets a large amount of visitors belonging to your industry and is a good opportunity to meet your target audience and generate those all important leads. Your exhibition stand is the focal point where many visitors converge and is an excellent meeting point. You can take advantage of this situation to showcase your products and expertise to a niche market which can do wonders for your sales target and ramping up your reputation in the industry. One of the best ways to get the attention of your targeted customers is by organizing a seminar, addressing a seminar can do wonders for your image and builds up the reputation of your company in the market leading to a greater conversion rate.

A novel way to generate interest

Many companies have been following this model with great success in the past. Inviting prospective customers to the seminars gives you an opportunity to talk to them in detail and convert them. If your seminars are rich in content then you may also be invited to address other industry events as a speaker which boosts your reputation among other industry professionals. Through a seminar you can connect directly to a niche audience who are interested in the subject and more prone to conversion. Keeping an attention-grabbing title for the seminar is important; the title will get the target audience curious when they see the invite in their email in boxes. While handing out the invitations from your stand during the exhibition, the invitees should feel that they have got something of value; if the topic of the seminar is relevant then most of them will make an effort to attend it.

Seminar and meeting rooms at exhibition venues are not exactly ideal for activities such as seminars and talks, usually there is a lot of background noise which diverts the attention of participants. In such situations it is best to make the seminars as interactive as possible, choosing a topic that is currently trending will be popular and greatly helps in getting the attention of the audience. Keeping the seminar short and sweet will keep the audience engaged. Do some basic housekeeping before the talk; book the seminar space well in time to avoid disappointment later if you do not have adequate space in your exhibition stand. If you are hiring the AV equipment, do a dry run before the talk, check that your presentation is running properly, the sound system and projector is working fine and that adequate seating has been provided. You must work out a strategy so that maximum visiting cards can be collected and you can follow up with the audience later by sending them a more detailed write up about the topic, this will also give you the opening to discuss business with them.

Content and form

The way the seminar is presented is crucial. Co-opting a long term client who knows your company and products well to share his experiences about your company can add value to the talk. Potential clients will get a valuable insight into your company and products and may want to come on board as a customer themselves. Another form could be a case study centric presentation, where you can present real case studies and how clients benefited using your products and services, this can be made more interesting by taking some real time interviews of clients, but the interviews should be conducted by a neutral person and not someone directly involved in your company. The seminar can be made more interesting by including some useful tips for the attendees which they will find useful and this can also convert several prospective clients. Launching a new product during the seminar can also create a buzz for your event. Many more useful ideas can be gathered from the internet.

Promoting the event

If you make the effort of organizing a seminar during an exhibition, then you must ensure that the seminar is attended by as many people as possible. You must focus on spreading the word about your seminar as wide as possible, using whatever means of means possible. You must advertise it on your company website and use the social media and email mailing list to create awareness about the seminar. Advertising the seminar on the exhibition website and on the exhibition brochure will get you a good number of attendees. Make sure that your invitation card for the seminar is creatively designed and mentions the topic, names of speakers, time and location of your seminar very clearly, the card should also mention the location and number of your exhibition stand, so that if required people can come to your stand an pre book their seats for the seminar. Send out a large number of invitations as your ultimate aim should be to have a packed audience, if you are good at advertising the seminar well then you may also have visitors standing at the back of the room due to all the chairs being occupied, that is always a happy sign for a speaker.

Exhibition organizers always look for as many quality visitors as possible, if there is a series of good seminars happening during the show then the exhibition attracts many more visitors and it improves the reputation of the exhibition in the industry. Organizers always encourage people to put together a series of seminars with good content and they advertise these seminars in a big way.

Organizing seminars during an exhibition can take some time and effort but if the seminar is rich in content then it will be well attended and all the extra effort will be worthwhile. You will get a lot more visitors to your stand and will be able to talk about your products to a captive audience who will already be interested in your product after listening to you. You can organize seminars in every exhibition that you exhibit in, as long as the topics are interesting and relevant they will be attended by many people and you can build up your brand and convert many more new clients than you normally would through conventional marketing methods.

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Expo Display Service Middle East Gets a Completely Revamped Website

Expo Display has gone in for major revamping of its website; focus has been on giving enhanced user experience and ease of use. The font used is larger in size for easy reading. We have made sure that our new look website is very easy to navigate, you will find that all the navigation tools are extremely user- friendly with the links to the home page and other pages appearing in all the pages. The site map is thoughtfully put up and any visitor can navigate through the site by using it if so desired. The content is useful to any visitor interested in exhibition stands and services with several instructional videos and text that keeps the visitor engaged. The resources section has details of large exhibitions taking place in the MENA region.

A really interesting feature is that a visitor can get an exhibition design and quote absolutely free without any commitment while browsing our site. If a visitor wants to gain knowledge about the exhibition industry our blog page has lots of interesting blogs where one can get tips and advice on how they can have an enhanced exhibiting experience. An additional feature is the ability to download all our product e-brochures so that you can check out all the product features before deciding to buy. Overall the website is refreshing and very user- friendly. We will be delighted if you send us your feedback and reviews of our site so that we can constantly improve.

Team Expo Display

Posted on January 27, 2016

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Score high on footfalls in your exhibition stand

An exhibition that focuses on your industry is big news in your trade circles. Participating in such an exhibition can be a big advantage for your company and goes a big way towards helping you achieve your sales targets. A great way to reach out to your targeted market and peers in the industry before and during an exhibition can be through a series of video based news items. You can share news about what is taking place in the exhibition and your stand by making a short video which can be shared on the social media and displayed in your exhibition stand.

While you put in a lot of effort and resources into your exhibition stand, you need to focus on the real purpose of your participation, which is to draw attention of visitors towards your stand and make sure that your clients and prospects, as well as industry peers, know about your participation and feel the need to visit your stall. Your targeted audience will always be interested in knowing what the exhibition is all about, which major companies are participating in the exhibition, what new products are being launched, the industry experts who will be speaking in the seminars. If you can build up curiosity so that your targets feel they need to visit the exhibition then half your job is done, as anyone who has got your video news will definitely not miss visiting your stand and walk in visitors can know all the latest news about the exhibition by seeing your news video playing out in your stand, giving you the chance to talk to them about your company and products.

Make a series of short videos of the exhibition

You can make a series of short 2 minute plus news videos of the exhibition focusing more on the events and activities going on in the trade show. The videos must be shot in the second half of the day so that people can see them on the morning of the next day, so you must see to it that the content is relevant on the day the video is viewed. Talking less about your own products can actually be a good move, if the content if relevant to the industry it is likely to be picked up by journalists and your company will be given credit for the film and a much larger audience will come to know about you. Remember to include your own stand in every video by taking a few short interviews of visitors in your stand but on topics pertaining to the exhibition and the industry.

Spreading the news successfully

The final outcome of your efforts in making news videos of the show lies in the outreach that you can generate by distributing the videos to a wider audience and also attracting visitors to visit your stand to see the updated videos. If you have updated videos as the show progresses then plenty of interest will be generated. The videos must be uploaded on social media platforms like Youtube where a much larger audience can view them and share them via Twitter. Sharing the videos with the show organizers is also a good idea. Organizers generally do not make videos so your videos will be welcomed by them and they will definitely email them on to all the other participants and visitors, these videos should be formatted so that they can be easily seen on iPads, smart phones, and other devices.

A few tips to ensure that your video reaches a wider audience and generates a buzz about your stand

  1. Start a buzz about your videos by making them from the very first day of the show.
  2. Record the happening moments of the morning and show the video in your stand in the second half of the day.
  3. Give a journalistic flavor to the images, content and style of reporting.
  4. Use Youtube as the social media platform, good videos get a lot of followers and are shared on other platforms.
  5. Send the videos to journalists and the show organizers so that they can distribute the videos.
  6. Upload the videos on to your company website.
  7. It is always advisable to get the videos made by professionals.
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Six Easy steps for a successful exhibition

Over the last thirty five years we have gained a lot of experience in not only exhibition stand building but also how you can carry off a successful exhibition and achieve your goals. We want to share some of the insights and knowledge we have gained in the exhibition business so that you can exhibit like a pro each time you set up an exhibition stand.

  • Set your goals

It is important to understand your goals for attending the exhibition and prepare accordingly, if you are clear about your objectives it becomes easy to decide on the path you will take. You should be clear on why do you want to exhibit, what will be your target audience and what activities you want to carry out in your exhibition stand such as product launch, lead generation, meeting your customers.

  • Once you identify your goals, focus on how to achieve them

How do you get the most out of your participation in an exhibition? Just follow these simple suggestions and your exhibiting experience will be spot on. Participating in an exhibition is a unique marketing tool to help you achieve your business objectives; it helps you to generate leads, meet with your clients and gives you a chance to show new products and services to an interested audience.

  • Offer something different

Research shows that a large proportion of visitors in an exhibition are information seekers. They get attracted to exhibition stands where there is a fair amount of activity and gathering. To satiate the curiosity of visitors, organizing product launches and demos is a sure shot crowd puller; try to organize small seminars, discussing the developments in your industry and how it can help them. Exhibition stands that organize entertainment and music also attract people. What about Swag? Everybody loves a giveaway, plan handouts that tie in with your product or service.

  • Engage a professional exhibition service provider

It is advisable to appoint a good professional exhibition service provider while planning to participate in an exhibition. Having someone to take care of organizing all the activities before, during and after the exhibition and also to take care of staffing and running the stand and various activities you plan will go a long way towards a successful appearance and meeting your targets.

  • Organize a pre-show meeting

Ensure that all stakeholders are briefed and know what is expected from whom in the exhibition stand, believe us once the show starts you will not have any time to fine tune your approach. Draw up a plan and follow it.

  • Have your exhibition stand built on time

Having an efficient professional exhibition service provider ensures that your exhibition stand gets completed on time; they will assist you right from the concept stage to design, build and dismantling of your stand. This helps you save time, money and makes your exhibition stress free so that you can focus on the important job of getting more business. The experienced team from EDS ME is just a phone call away, call us and we will help you have a stress free exhibiting experience.

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Seven Activities to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

Seven Activities To Attract Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

Seven Activities to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Participating in a trade show is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. Exhibitions add tremendous value to business and that’s why many B2B companies participate in exhibitions.Although booking a stall at exhibitions isn’t a difficult task but coming up with engaging activities for exhibitions is!

Visitors, however, do not just walk into your booth, you need to attract them towards your booth and then engage them to ensure they spend decent amount of time in your booth. these Here are some simple yet effective seven activities for exhibitions that can help you attract and keep visitors in your trade show booth and help you achieve your goals.


1. Caricature Artists
Everyone knows about the popularity of caricature artists from the Place du Tertre in Paris, but an exhibition stand can also be an unexpected but welcome attraction in an exhibition. People will be thrilled to get their caricatures made giving you the opportunity to talk to them and conduct business. Now you can get caricatures made on tablets and notebooks, these digital pictures can be instantly shared by the person whose portrait has been drawn in social media, remember to include your company logo, product name and contact details on these pictures, social media will get you extra attention and added recall value.This is why it is among the popular activities for exhibitions.
2. Play a round of golf on a golf simulator
You always wanted to hit a ball, but never got a chance to visit a Golf course, likewise many visitors to an exhibition will have the same yearning; you can fulfill their wish by installing a golf simulator in your exhibition booth. See how many people throng in to try a round of golf, giving you all the people you need to meet and discuss your products. Golf simulators are easy to rent and come in many versions, to increase the competitive edge you can give out prizes to people who can hit a hole in one.
3. Touch-screen puzzle
Another sporting element that is very popular and attracts visitors are touch screen puzzles. People always like to try out new technology and games, put up a touch screen puzzle game on a large screen and see the stream of visitors entering your stand to try the game, a great time to talk to them. You can make it more interesting by handing out prizes to players who can complete the game within a stipulated time.
4. How about a relaxing massage
An exhibition can be a tiring business for exhibitors and visitors both place a massage chair in your stand and give your clients and prospect a relaxing massage, this is one thing they won’t forget in a hurry. Massage chairs can be rented online and come with a chair and an operator, so its quite easy to get one at an exhibition.
5. Install a virtual race track
Among the many activities for exhibitions, this is perhaps the most uncommon. No matter what your age racing is always fun, put up a virtual race track in your exhibition stand, this can be done even if you have limited space and see how easily you can get the attention of even the most serious visitor.
6. Hand out treats
One thing that people crave during a busy exhibition is a cup of hot beverage or a snack. You can attract a large number of visitors by offering a hot or cold drink or a snack, and while people are having a sip or a bite you can engage them in conversation, believe me they will be interested because you are the host.
7. Hire a fairground attraction
Everyone likes fairground attractions like trying to grab a goodie from a grabbing machine. These machines are easy to rent with lots of companies offering them at good prices on the internet. You can announce your attraction in the exhibition ground and the goodie can be a sample of your product.With interesting activities you can ensure that visitors will not simply walk past your exhibition stand, the seven activities suggested in this blog is just a small sample of the many possibilities that exist to get more visitors into your exhibition stand, and you can be as inventive as want without being too quirky.

A personalized invitation pays off with more visitors to your exhibition stand

exhibition stand

An inciting invitation that draws attendees to your exhibition stand

You are planning to participate in an exhibition show in a month’s time, now you want to invite your customers and probable leads to your exhibition stand. Are you faced with questions like “How to set up an exhibition stand?”, “How to execute your exhibition booth setup?’’?  Your CRM system tells you that there are around 500 people whom you can invite to your exhibition stand design at the show.You compose a simple general letter for invitation beginning with “Dear Sir/Maam, welcoming them to your exhibition stand and mention your exhibition stand number,

you feel the job is done and wait expectantly for your clients to visit your exhibition stand at the exhibition show, while you get busy with your booth setup for exhibition, at the end of the fair you realize that very few of the invitees have responded to your invitation to the exhibition show, you have no choice but to leave disappointed, you have hardly met any of your clients.Is this scenario familiar? Maybe the above example is a bit too harsh, but many business owners use a very impersonal approach.

when it comes to sending invitation letter to visit their stall exhibition. This means that at the end of the day after spending a fair amount in an exhibition stand you have lost the opportunity to interact with your clients in informal surroundings where you could have updated them about your new products and booked new orders as well as further bond with your existing clients and met some new ones, and you know for fact that your exhibition stand design is not to blame

Talk about the quality of the exhibition show and about your presence in it.

Most people have busy schedules and attending exhibitions is not on the top of their priority list. Be sure to mention how attending the exhibition could be beneficial for their business and how the exhibits can be of help to them. Most importantly mention how visiting your exhibition stand will help them do better in what they are doing and give them a peek at the new products you plan to launch during the course of the exhibition show. Frame the benefit they gain when sending out your invitation to the exhibition show.

Use a personal landing page to keep track of invitees who visit your stand during the exhibition.

Personal landing pages are often simple pages which can be filled up like a form, get your invitees to sign up for the exhibition show on this page, give an incentive to fill the form like a free sample or a gift, mention this registration link clearly in your invitation letter. If you want to bolster your attempts to get invitees to provide their details, your landing page can utilize social media plug-ins to get users to sync their contact information to reduce effort on their part to get them to fill a form and provide their contact details.

Be Personal

It does not need to be like this, many companies use CRMs and the data is used to send letters and several repetitive exhibition invitation to their list of people in the data bank, the key to these letters and invites is that each one of them should be personalized and addressed to each recipient by his or her name. It is not easy to send personalized letters to each person on the list but it is worth the effort, people react positively to personal mails, remember people are not numbers on a mailing list but real people who all want to be treated with respect. Consider this when sending your exhibition invite.

Take some extra care and personalize your correspondence it will make a big difference at your next exhibition. Following these simple tips will help you get the right people to your exhibition stand.

Personalize the first line

Send your invitation to an individual and not to a group. When you send an exhibition invite try your best to keep that individual’s perceptions in mind. If it’s an existing client be sure to mention the last positive interaction you’ve had with this client in the first line itself, since this will help build rapport with them and personalize your exhibition invitation even more. If you’ve never met this client or if it’s a new client than it is wise to remain honest and tell them that you’ve never met them. But you do think that they might find your exhibition stand interesting and that you would like to extend an invitation to them.

Conclude your invite on a personal note

While concluding the exhibition invite make it more personal by mentioning how you are looking forward to meeting the client in person at the exhibition. It is best to also specify your agenda with them on a personal level. Everyone who gets mails is well aware of spam mails and template mails. Go an extra mile and mention why you want to meet a particular client. Mention how you hope to collaborate with them. After all if several people from the same company are planning to visit the exhibition, work on your personal relationship with each of them and invite them individually. That can make all the difference.

Pay attention to the design of the invite

Design your exhibition invite in such a way that it stands out and is on top of the invitees mind, always include your corporate identity in your invitation to exhibition show like the company logo, product slogan and other catch words. Make sure to proof-read it at least five times before you decide to send it for printing. Better yet, take a sample print of your exhibition invite, so that you can physically check it. What might look good on screen might not look the same in print.

Send reminders

Be repetitive, sending reminders to people on your mailing list, this will help them remember to acknowledge and visit your exhibition stand design despite a busy work day. But don’t overdo it because otherwise it can be quite infuriating for the receiver. Have a mailing calendar ready where you mail your customers at specific dates prior to when your exhibition stand is ready to get on the floor. If you are sending your invitations through email than make sure that you always include the link to your form in these mails.

These simple tips should provide you with road map that you need to help you increase footfalls that can add to success of your exhibition stand.