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EDS Middle East is the place to discover your next best stand design and redefine it for your brand. Our Stand Finder offers over 800 stand designs to pick and personalise to your company needs. But, what distinguishes us is not just our collection, but also our European connection. Courtesy of our parent company, Expo Display Service GmbH in Germany,

we have a catalog of 800 contemporary stand designs curated by our in-house stand experts. These designs represent the best we offer from our collection, which we can customize as per your requirements. So, if you’re looking to exhibit in the Middle East,

you can benefit from our 40 years of stand design experience. We craft exhibition stands personalized to your exhibiting objectives.

How can we streamline your exhibiting experience?

  • Quality Guaranteed – We don’t rely on third-party contractors for production. Our in-house facilities have the machinery specialized for stand fabrication and graphic printing, where we build and personalize your exhibition stand based on your briefing. Our builders adhere to strict production processes that ensure consistent quality and sustainable manufacturing.

  • Inspiring Stand Ideas – Three clicks is all you need to find your next stand design. Use our Stand Finder to discover stands that meet your requirements. Just input your exhibiting venue and stand size to find dozens of stand designs categorized for various budgets.

  • Comprehensive Exhibition Packages – As your exhibiting partner, we provide vital services that simplify your exhibiting experience in the Middle East. We take care of storage, transportation, and installation with dismantling for your exhibition stand. All these services are inclusive of your stand purchase.

  • Project Management –Our project managers in Dubai are quite familiar with exhibiting in the Middle East and can proficiently handle the task of communicating with show organizers. They also oversee your stand logistics to ensure that your exhibition stand is delivered and build on time. We keep you in the loop at every step so that you don’t have to spend time tracking your stand.

  • One-Stop Shop –Our credentials and price-inclusive exhibiting services make us the premier stand builder for exhibitors looking to participate at a trade show in the Middle East. So whether you are a first-time exhibitor or a seasoned one, we provide stand designs to buy or rent for your trade show appearance.

  • Rent & Buy Option – Different exhibitors have different plans for their exhibition stand. So whether you are looking to buy or rent an exhibition stand for your trade show appearance, we’ve got you covered. Our Stand Finder has both rental and purchase options available for our 800 stand designs.

Quality Guaranteed
Exhibition Stands that make a big impression
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  • Faith-Carp-Tackle-Carp-Zwolle-2018-Zwolle-NL
  • Wyma-Fruit-Logistica-2018-Berlin
  • SSI-Schäfer-RAI-Amsterdam-NL
  • Broncus-Medical-Inc
  • DMS -JEC-World-2018

Some of Our Valued Customers

Some of Our Valued Customers

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Faqs on Exhibitions Stands

Does EDS Middle East have its own design studio with professional designers who can help me design my stand?
EDS Middle East has its own design studio, as well as a trained design team. Our designers are gathered from some of the best design institutes and they are adept in working on the latest design software. Our design studio has next generation computers and software required to generate high quality 3D CAD designs.Our team of experienced professional designers, are conversant with every nuance of design and they will develop a unique design that will bring the best out of your branding and products in any event.Our designers will take a detailed brief from you and guide you throughout the design process. We will support you at every step of your stand building project and make sure that you only get the best in concept and design.
What should I look for when designing my exhibition stand or modular stand?
First you must be sure of your purpose for participating in a particular exhibition.The intention of your participation in an exhibition must be absolutely clear; this will then need to be conveyed visually through design and concept on to your exhibition stand. If the purpose of your participation is to meet prospects and convert them into your clients, then the design of your exhibition stand should distinctly showcase your brand and your products USPs. Remember an attractive exhibition stand helps you stand apart from the crowd in an exhibition.A few pointers for great exhibition stand design:The exhibition stand must be distinct and neat and clean The exhibition stand graphics must portray the company’s brand and core slogan conspicuously The exhibition stand must be designed in a way that its build up is achievable within the stipulated deadline Every detail right from colour scheme, product display, signage and furniture must be in sync in the exhibition stand The position of the exhibition stand on the show floor is important; a good position assures you of attracting a lot more visitors The exhibition stand design must include space for storage and if possible a pantry
Does EDS Middle East have its own image/photo bank? Can I use these pictures in my stand design?
EDS Middle East has its own image/photo bank, where we have thousands of images for hundreds of situations and topics. Our images are very helpful if you do not have a certain kind of image required for your exhibition stand graphic design and do not want to get into the hassle and expense of organizing a photo shoot. We also buy stock photos on behalf of our clients, every picture sourced from our photo bank or stock photo source are copyright paid so you never have to face any copyright issues ever.Advantage of using images from EDS Middle East’s Photo BankVery large collection of images from all over the worldMany search options, themes and activitiesVery economical, much cheaper than organizing a photo shootHigh resolution images, ideal for large blow upsReady to use, saves you time and money Warning!! Using copyrighted images from the internet without buying the rights is illegal.
Can EDS Middle East create the design and layout of my stand?
We shall gladly design your exhibition stand; in fact this is our forte. All you need to do is give us a detailed brief and we shall handle the rest. Based on your brief and particular needs we will get our designers to generate a detailed 3D design and give you a presentation. Based on your feedbacks we will fine tune the design to your complete satisfaction and on your go ahead we will convert the design to reality by manufacturing your modular or custom modular exhibition stand.To create a design and convert it into a fabulous exhibition stand please contact ExpoDisplayService
What is the normal turnaround time between finalizing a design and getting the delivery of stand?
It is difficult to put an exact number of days required to manufacture your exhibition stand once you finalise the design. The timeframe depends on many factors such as complexity of design, the number elements, the size of the stand, the type of material used in the exhibition stand etc. We can safely say that to manufacture and deliver a simple modular exhibition stand we need a turnaround time of 10 days at a minimum.For more exact turnaround times, please talk to your dedicated project manager, our project managers are trained and have the experience to give you exact time frames for delivery of your exhibition stands depending on the design opted for.
Can EDS Middle East prepare a detailed 3D presentation of my exhibition stand before I place the final order? What will be the fee charged for this?
Our professional designers using cutting edge software will create a detailed 3D design of your exhibition stand and we give this service absolutely free! This, no strings attached service, does not require you to give any commitment till you are completely satisfied with the design. How we go about it:One of our client servicing experts will get in touch with you and take a detailed brief which shall cover points such as what exhibition you plan to exhibit in, what do you plan to achieve in this exhibition, any special requirements that you may have etc. Based on your brief our designers will design your exhibition stand and give you a 3D presentation. Our projects team will walk you through the design including the various elements and graphics. Once we get your final approval we will start the exhibition stand manufacturing process, so that you are delighted with the end product.
If I posses an existing display graphic which I want to change, can I get a new set of graphics with a new design?
All our modular exhibition stand graphics can be changed, re-designed and re-printed. We give you the flexibility and freedom to change your exhibition stand looks as per your evolving marketing campaigns or revamped corporate identity.Just changing your graphics save you a lot of money compared to buying a new modular system. Please contact EDS Middle East Service  for more exciting and cost saving solutions.
Is it possible to reprint a few graphic panels after an exhibition without changing the design and colours that were there on the original panels?
Reprinting a few graphic panels individually based on the original design and colour scheme is possible but not advisable. There are certain technical reasons for it. The ink deposits of each print run varies and is not exactly the same as a previous run, minute differences in colour will always be there.Colours fade on exposure to sunlight, UV rays and artificial lights. If by chance the colours on the new panel are matched a 100%, there will be some colour variation between the new panel and the existing older panels. The substrate used for the graphics as well as the laminates used in the finishing process vary in each production run, this leads to minute colour variations on different batches of graphics. Our digital printing machines are regularly refurbished and software is upgraded, sometimes older printers are replaced with new ones, this also leads to colour variations in different print runs. If you want to reprint a few panels all these factors must be kept in mind, we advise that you go in for a flexible design that can use different colours. Our designers and project managers are ever willing to advise you on this.
Can we get flooring, carpets, lights, AV equipment, furniture and other accessories from EDS Middle East for my exhibition stand?
EDS Middle East has very high quality flooring material, carpets, platforms, lighting, furniture and audio video equipment as well as other accessories such as tea/coffee machines, drinking water dispenser etc. on rent.Please check with us for a list of equipment available on rent.
Does EDS Middle East have a presence abroad? Can they help us install and dismantle our exhibition stands at foreign venues?
EDS Middle East has a truly global presence. We can help you with complete exhibition solutions all over the world. We are a part of the Insta Worldwide Group, this association gives us a global footprint and we have exhibition stand manufacturing facilities in India, Europe and the USA. We have expert I&D teams in all the major cities of India and Europe and a large set up in USA, so we can be your natural exhibition stand partners anywhere in the world.Contact us for 360° service at any exhibition venue in the world.
If my modular exhibition stand gets damaged, can EDS Middle East help me with replacement parts?
Although our modular exhibition stands are engineered to give you years of trouble free service, in the rare eventuality of any one of our exhibition stands getting damaged we will supply you with replacement parts at short notice. We always maintain a large inventory of all crucial spare parts at our facilities all over the world, so if you need a spare part in the Middle East or at a foreign location, just contact us and we will ship your spares at the earliest.
Does EDS Middle East have adequate stocks of modular exhibition stands?
EDS Middle East always maintains a large reserve of modular exhibition stands, so if you need a modular exhibition stand at anytime, we are ever ready to comply.
Can EDS Middle East give me a presentation and advise me on the modular exhibition stand most suitable for my purpose?
EDS Middle East is always glad to give a presentation of its products, what’s better is that this presentation is absolutely free! We will also advise you on the right modular exhibition stand that is most appropriate and suits your objectives.For a free presentation and demonstration please contact EDS Middle East
Can we get training on how to install and dismantle our modular exhibition stand?
Modular exhibition stands manufactured by EDS Middle East are designed in a manner that it is very easy to install, dismantle and pack our modular exhibition stands. Our I&D experts will train you and your colleagues on how to expertly install and dismantle our modular exhibition stand and graphics and this training is absolutely free.For free training session please contact EDS Middle East.
Where are your modular exhibition stands manufactured?
EDS Middle East manufactures its modular exhibition stands at its own integrated manufacturing units in Dubai, UAE, India, Germany and USA.
What are custom modular exhibition stands?
Custom modular exhibition stands are designed and built as per the individual needs and specifications of clients. These stands are customized and have different layouts, custom exhibition stands are usually larger in size compared to normal modular exhibition stands.
What are shell scheme exhibition stands?
Shell scheme exhibition stands are the least expensive among exhibition stands. A shell scheme exhibition stand comprises of basic partition walls, a fascia and basic furniture and lighting. These stands do not have any individuality and are part of rows of identical exhibition stands.
What are Modular Exhibition Stands?
Modular exhibition stands are pre-engineered exhibition stands which also have collapsible roofs, walls and panels. Modular exhibition stands are very lightweight, portable and re-usable. These stands can re-configured to many different layouts and are extremely easy to pack and transport. Modular exhibition stands are manufactured to last for a very long time and are most suitable for multiple exhibition appearances. The graphics of modular exhibition stands can be changed at any time with a completely new batch of graphics.
What are exhibition brief forms?
Exhibition brief forms are the first set of paper that is exchanged between a client and an exhibition stand building contractor. In the brief form the client mentions in detail the company profile, objective of attending the exhibition, target audience, what are expectations from the exhibition, wish list of how the exhibition stand should look and feel. The brief form can be updated and changed over the course of the stand building process and is a crucial input that assists the exhibition stand building contractor to understand the client’s specific requirements so that they can design and build an appropriate exhibition stand.
Are any documents required from the client before starting the exhibition stand fabrication work at the exhibition site?
The exhibition stand contractor has to be given a power of attorney stating that they are authorized to occupy and build the exhibition stand at the site on behalf of the client.
What is the dimension of a video wall in an exhibition stand?
Video walls in an exhibition stand do not have any specific dimensions and they vary as per the design requirements, but generally video walls are common in the 4’x7’ (HxW) size.
In what format is the video input required to play it on the video wall in an exhibition stand?
The usual formats for videos to be displayed on a video wall are Mpeg 4, Avi, and wmv.
How is the video wall mounted in an exhibition stand?
A video wall can be self standing on its own base or it can be mounted on to the wall of the exhibition stand, provided the panel is strong enough to support the weight of the video wall.
Is the laptop required to run the visuals on a video wall provided by the vendor during exhibitions?
Normally all exhibition service providers give the laptop required to run the visuals on a video wall.
What is the usefulness of Auto Cad designs in exhibition stand design process?
Auto Cad designs use a CAD (computer aided design) program which focuses on creating a scale-perfect technical design for exhibition stand fabrication. These tools focus on scale, measurements, and precision to create computerised 3D models which have to be absolutely accurate and as per scale because these models will eventually be used in the production, construction, or even in physical simulations of the exhibition stand.
How are 3D designs used in exhibitions?
3D designs are virtual representations of an exhibition stand, the software is used to virtually build an exhibition stand from the ground up. The software allows the creation of animations around multiple objects interacting with their environments. 3D designs are used as presentation tool with clients so that they can effectively visualize their exhibition stand before the stand is fabricated and built.
What are pillars in an exhibition stand? What can be done to them?
Pillars are part of the exhibition hall structure, they support the ceiling of the exhibition hall. Pillars can be a major hindrance if some of them are located within your exhibition stand area. Exhibition stand designers must consider the presence of pillars in a client’s stand area and create a design that incorporates the pillar as part of the exhibition stand design, so that the pillar adds to the design elements of the exhibition stand rather than detract it.
What is a truss
Trusses are collapsible metallic structures that are usually used in large custom exhibition stands to support heavy walls or large roof spans. Sometimes trusses are also used to support mezzanine floors in an exhibition stand, however this is not recommended.